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Detective Rosalita "Rosa" Diaz is a main character of the show. She is considered "the tough guy" and the "badass" in the Precinct. Rosa is scary, smart, secretive, and difficult to read. Most of the members of the precinct are frightened and a little disturbed by her. Rosa takes pride in the fact that no one knows much about her. Jake only knows three facts about her, one of which is that she won't let people crash at her place, despite the fact that Rosa refers to him as her "closest friend".

She has since revealed that she found it hard to cope with the fame of being in such a high-profile soap, and in a interview with the Daily Mirror it was reported that she "hated" her time in the soap so much, that she had no qualms about turning down a long-term contract: "I resented being a 'star' and I resented acting like one.

It is cliquey, and once you are in a soap, that is it. The soap just clings on to you. People say: 'Everything you do before a soap and after does not matter. EE made me odd. I was bobbing along happily as a jobbing actress, and then EE came along. I found it strange to lose my anonymity. People really believe they own you. They grab you, scream at you.

I did not cope well. I became introverted and I stayed in a lot.

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I felt a bit depressed, too. I felt I had lost something. In the end I just had to get out. I lost the point as to why I was doing the job, and to be perfectly frank it just got messy. I love watching it. Jim Branning is fab. On her decision to return, Parish said, " EastEnders was different back then. There was a spotlight on anyone in it - some actors were akin to pop stars. It's calmer now. He soon moves to Albert Square with the rest of his family.

Beppe is his family's pride and joy, so it is a big shock to them when he is fired from the police force for attempting to frame his sworn enemy and Peggy's youngest son Grant Mitchell Ross Kemp for GBH on his long-suffering wife Tiffany Raymond Martine McCutcheon. The character Beppe is ta heart-throb and he becomes involved in numerous relationships, which of all ended in disaster. Bruno di Marcoplayed by Leon Lissekis the patriarch of the di Marco family.

He moves to Albert Square with his family after the death of his son. She recovers but remains frail and in December Bruno and Luisa decide to take a trip to Italy, before it is too late.

When they get there they like it so much that they decided to stay. He works as a chef in the family restaurant, and later becomes manager of the business. Gianni has relationships with several women in Walfor and backs Beppe in various run-ins with Grant and Phil Mitchell Ross Kemp and Steve McFaddenas the two groups of brothers often have conflicts over several interests.

She is often troubled by the antics of her grandchildren, and when she sees her youngest granddaughter Nicky Carly Hillman kissing Martin Fowler James Alexandrouthe shock is too much and she suffers a stroke. She recovers but remains frail and in December Luisa and Bruno decide to take a trip to Italy before it was too late.

When they get there they liked it so much that they decide to stay. Inher mother Rosa arranges for some home maths lessons to help with Nicky's exams. Her tutor is Rod Morris Forbes Massonwhom she falls in love with.

Nicky makes the first move on her tutor and he initially reciprocates, but then takes things too far and sexually assaults Nicky, who then tells her family what has happened, but doesn't reveal she is partly to blame. This leads to her overprotective brother Gianni attacking Rod. Gianni is charged with assault but the charges are dropped when Nicky admits that she has not told the whole truth.

Nicky then admits that she was afraid that her family wouldn't have believed that she had been molested if she had admitted she'd made the first move. When she realises her family have doubts of her innocence, she decides to leave home, and is last seen explaining that she has received the address for a hostel. Most of the di Marco family leave Walford soon after for a new life in Leicester in August The charges on Rod are also dropped.

Rosa di Marcoplayed by Louise Jameson. After the death of her husband, she moves to Walford along with the rest of her family, and she soon sets up her own restaurant with the help of her old friend, George Palmer Paul Moriarty.

It is later revealed that Rosa and George had a fling many years ago during the time her husband was in prison. This leads George to believe that Rosa's son Gianni could be his son. Teresa di Marcoplayed by Leila Birchis Rosa di Marco Louise Jameson 's eldest daughter and a wild child, despite the fact she has her overprotective, big brothers Beppe and Gianni Michael Greco and Marc Bannerman looking out for her. She first appears at her father's funeral in Januaryand had recently failed her A-level exams, making her mother suspicious that she had done this on purpose, so she can stay as a waitress in the family restaurant.

However, Teresa has higher aspirations than working in the family business, and so gets her own stall on the market. Teresa also knows how to find trouble. She is caught with drugs by the police, finds out that her bisexual boyfriend Tony Hills Mark Homer had an affair with his ex-boyfriend Simon Raymond Andrew Lynford.

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Teresa then runs away with her then boyfriend, Matthew Rose Joe Absolomwho is suspected of murdering Saskia Duncan. When they are finally found, Matthew is found guilty and Teresa is crushed.

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She campaigns to get him freed, and when he is the two are reunited, but his desire for revenge on the real murderer Steve Owen Martin Kemp scares her and they break up. Following her sister Nicky Carly Hillman 's accusations of assault, most of the di Marcos decide to leave for Leicester and, after a heart to heart with brother Beppe, makes Teresa realise she needs a new start.

She then joins her family and heads out of Walford. Joe di Marco is played by Jake Kyprianou between and Joe's most notable storyline is being "the focus of a tug-of-love" between his mother and father. The Italian di Marco family were introduced early in by executive producer Jane Harris. The di Marcos "landed with an almighty thud in Januaryturning out in force for the funeral of patriarch Giuseppe", Joe's grandfather. She vows to take Beppe to court for custody of Joe, but after a lengthy battle, and a tug-of-love that leads to Joe getting injured, this does not occur.

In the storyline, Joe remains with his father after Beppe agrees to give Sandra visitation rights. The majority of the di Marcos stayed in EastEnders untilwhen a new executive producer, John Yorkedecided to cull them all, except Joe, Beppe and his estranged wife Sandra though she was also written out early in when the custody battle storyline ended.

This was due to Beppe's actor Michael Greco, who requested to be released early from his contract. Sandra abandoned Joe when he was young due to Beppe's interfering family.

Gina and rosa dating

Sandra comes back into Joe's life in He bonds with his mother, and despite initial hostilities Beppe also welcomes Sandra back into his life. She and Jack plan to abscond with Joe, however Beppe catches her in the act. Beppe and Sandra are then involved in a custody battle for Joe. The constant rowing has a negative effect on Joe and he finds it difficult to choose between his warring parents.

This culminates in him getting hit by a car when he disobeys his father and runs across the road to be with his mother. Joe is not seriously hurt, but the accident makes his parents rethink their behaviour. Beppe eventually allows Sandra visitation rights and Joe remains with his father. Beppe's serial womanising has a negative effect on Joe inwhen he walks in on his father being seduced by his teacher, Kay Bradshaw Vanessa Earl.

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Joe is so unsettled that he refuses to go to school the following day. InJoe leaves with his father to live in Leicester following Rosa's death. Nicole Moore is played by Sara Stephens. Nicole was in prison, and asks her solicitor if she can see her daughter Jessie whilst in prison. Mark and Ruth initially refuse, but Nicole was granted her wish. Mark and Ruth later hear from their solicitor that Nicole will be released in a couple of weeks time, and will be granted permission to see Jessie once a fortnight.

Mark and Ruth are devastated by this, and are forced to face the fact that Jessie may not be with them for much longer. Nicole turns up at the party, leaving Mark and Ruth furious. However, Jessie is over the moon to see her mother.

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Mark later asks his solicitor if Nicole was allowed to walk in like that, and his solicitor explains that this should have been done through social services first.

Ruth later takes pity on Nicole the next time she visits, when she explains that she is getting herself together and cannot wait to be reconciled with her daughter.

Ruth allows her to visit whenever she likes, but Mark is furious at this. Ruth reminds Mark that he should not be getting emotionally attached to Jessie, and this causes them to argue. Nicole gains custody of Jessie, and they both move back in together in April Eliot is angry about Julie taking Josh to live in Scotland.

Josh is initially opposed to this, as he is not remotely interested in religion. He starts missing his Bar Mitzvah tutorials, which does not please Eliot who says he and his family will not support Josh in his life if he does not go through with it. Josh ultimately decides to go ahead with the Bar Mitzvah. It takes place in March Hayley Edwardsplayed by Karin Diamond, is the sister of Huw Richard Eliswho tries to contact her brother in February to tell him that their father has died.

In season two, Diaz believed she was pregnant with Marcus ' child, until it is revealed she was not. It is presumed that she and Tom broke up some time between The Swedes and Cheddarwhere she gets together with Adrian Pimento. She and Pimento break it off eventually, and she starts dating an unnamed woman.

May 23,   Schedules allowing, we would love to have Gina Rodriguez back [in Season 6] and explore Rosa and Alicia's relationship, and how it [affects] Rosa's relationship with her parents.

Her family comes from Bensonhurst and her father is a teacher. She has two sisters and a niece named Diana. She has curly, dark hair and often wears a leather jacket and black jeans or 'badass' clothes. Throughout season seven, her hair is brown with highlights in it.

She has dark, revengeful eyes and also has a thin cut in her right eyebrow from when Beatriz tripped on a Lego brick when she was She often has an offensive stance, with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. In PilotRosa is introduced as tough, smart, hard to read, and really scary. It is also revealed that Charles Boyle has a crush on her, despite not being her type at all. Rosa and Charles are sent to check in with the coroner.

She agrees, but when he suggests watching Citizen Kane, she shows dislike for the film and suggests he finds something better for them to watch.

She and Charles go to the coroner but get no clues from him. Later, Rosa approaches Charles to ask him about the film they will be seeing. He claims to have bought tickets for several different films, insinuating that she would be difficult to please if he was left to make the decision himself. This angers Rosa and she cancels the plan altogether.

Later, Rosa and Charles sit in a different vehicle. Rosa offers Charles money to pay him back for all the movie tickets he had sadly purchased. She refuses to watch a film with him, but admits she enjoys his company. In The TaggerAmy, Rosa and Charles are assigned to a drug bust and Gina introduces her friend Carlene, a psychic who offers to help them with their case.

Charles is told by Carlene that Rosa will never love him back and become upset by this. Later, Amy, Rosa and Charles weigh their confiscated drugs in the evidence room as Gina watches.

When Amy steps out, Rosa and Charles discuss their plans for the evening, discovering they are both free. However Charles doesn't ask her out due to Carlene's warning. Rosa discovers Charles rolling around the office in his chair and he informs her of the psychics new prediction.

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She tells him to ignore the hack psychic and make his own destiny. Rosa fails and they even make a remix of her voice saying: "Throwin' you in jail, throwin' you in jail, got it, got it? Amy and Rosa are forced to turn to their last hope: Gina. She had previously asked them if she could help, but they had turned her down. Gina manages to convince a few to join and tells Rosa and Amy as she leaves that the programme doesn't work as she was in it. TimeRosa and Jake are assigned to be Charles' secondaries on a case he's working on.

Jake tried to take lead and Rosa tells him that he needs to be take a step back. Later Jake tells her and Amy that he had sex with Dr. Rosa is shown to be disgusted by Jake's date with Dr. Rossi and thinks her corpse fetish is gross. Later when Rosa and Charles go to find Jake after he went to get the autopsy and they find him in a body locker and Dr.

Rossi half dressed. In The VultureRosa is shown to hate the Vulture but also be attracted to him much to Charles's annoyance. She goes with Jake and the others to the crime scene and helps to solve their current case. Jake later takes the blame for going onto the crime scene illegally and Rosa doesn't get into trouble. In HalloweenRosa helps Jake to steal Holt's medal of valour by picking the lock of his cabinet whilst Jake created the distraction of Herman the Janitor.

Jun 28,   The same night in that Brooklyn Nine-Nine won the award for Best Television Series-Musical or Comedy in the middle of its first season, cast member Stephanie Beatriz (Det. Rosa . Gina Williams, played by Nicola Cowper, is the sister of Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) and first appears for Cindy's funeral in She refuses to let Cindy's former husband Ian (Adam Woodyatt) have custody of Cindy's newborn daughter, Cindy Jnr, whose father is Nick Holland (Dominic Taylor). Gina and Ian later reminisce about Cindy and kiss. Imagine if Chelsea Peretti had stayed in B99 as a regular just imagine Gina and Rosa dating. the power. we could have had it all. #b99 #gina x rosa #dianetti #yeah they are most definitely my fav #gina makes me laugh so much #tbh i am such a boyle #amy may be my dream girl too #but gina! the power! the g hive is real.

In 48 HoursRosa and Gina have a domestic about whose pie is better. Rosa's pie is actually disgusting, but as Charles has feelings for her, he lies and says hers is better when asked to judge. Rosa is annoyed when it is revealed that Charles lied, but her and Gina are impressed by the pie that Charles brings in. In Old SchoolTerry and Charles give Rosa a crash course in how to be appropriate in court after several bad past experiences. They teach her phrases and find her some appropriate clothes for court.

However, Rosa is nervous and messes up which makes her seem like a 'psycho'. Charles tells Rosa to go to her happy place which she does and they find the suspect guilty.

Summary: Gina Rosa's birthday is 05/25/ and is 30 years old. Gina's current home is located at Reno, NV. Other names that Gina uses includes Gina M Rosa and Gina Marie Rosa. Gina's ethnicity is Hispanic American, whose political affiliation is currently a . Sep 05,   STEPHANIE BEATRIZ AND CHELSEA PERETTI BOTH WANT ROSA/GINA GIVE IT TO US @Brooklyn99FOX. AM - 05 Sep Reply . Charles Boyle and Gina Linetti are colleagues, formerly in a friends with benefits relationship after a strange turn of events and step siblings. The two have a complicated relationship as although Gina seems to find Charles unattractive she is willing to help him in times of need and the two previously has a casual relationship. 1 Overview Season One Pilot The Tagger

Amy continually tries to get to the bottom of why Rosa was offered the promotion and not her which annoyed Rosa. Rosa then drives her over to Ropesburg where it is revealed to be very boring. Rosa tells Amy they need to work together as they are the only female detectives in the precinct.

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In ThanksgivingRosa goes to Amy's thanksgiving party as she is tired of 'perfect' thanksgivings with her sister and wants the holiday to be train wreck. As the dinner gets worse and worse, Rosa enjoys herself, being amused by the misfortune.

Later, Rosa says she was having a great thanksgiving until Charles saved it. Rosa doesn't smile when Hitchcock tries to tickle her, instead she attacks him. Later Amy and Gina attempt to make her smile but they mess up and Rosa smiles but they don't have a camera. Later, Rosa comes with Jake and the others to find the man who is attempting to kill Holt. Whilst there Holt's attacker sees her and tries to kill her.

Charles jumps in front which saves her life.

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In Pontiac BanditRosa introduces Jake to her perp. Doug Judy after he asks to speak to Jake about the Pontiac Bandit. Doug Judy is shown to have a thing for Rosa as he sings her a song.

Rosa and Jake agree to work with him to catch the Pontiac Bandit. Later when a meeting goes wrong, Rosa tells Jake that something doesn't seem right and they shouldn't let him go in alone. Jake assures it's okay and she begrudgingly goes along with it.

Rosa gets annoyed when Doug Judy escapes as Jake should have trusted her. Later Jake officially adds her to the case and Rosa makes him do push ups as way of apology.

In The BetRosa feels obligated to be nice to Charles as he saved her life. Gina helps her avoid him when he has too much pain medication as she thinks he's going to tell her he loves her or propose and she doesn't know how to handle it which makes Gina want to cry.

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Later he finds her and tells her that when he saved her life, he didn't know it was her. He only did what any good officer would do and if she goes out with him, he wants it to be because of something only he would do. Although they initially make fun of her for overreacting, they later realise she is scared and they help her make her apartment safer.

In Operation: Broken FeatherRosa and the others are controlled by Terry and Holt to make them work more effectively. Rosa is deliberately made angry so that people won't go past her and bathroom breaks will be cut down on. Rosa is later shown to be annoyed about them especially as they called her "Mount Diaz". In The PartyRosa is invited with the others to Holt's party.

She is given the task of babysitting Gina to make sure she doesn't steal anything.

The Best Of Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa introduces Gina to some psychologists and they are very intrigued by her. Later they are annoyed that they are removed from the case and ask Terry why. He explains that they were rude to Dan and he won't work with them.

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He also reveals that Dan has a lot of evidence that would be crucial to the case. They apologise to Dan and he agrees to work with them. In The ApartmentRosa is annoyed that her weekend deskmate, Lohank keep shaving on her desk especially as her "R" key is jammed with stubble.

She and Charles seek revenge and fill his locker with shaving cream and hair. They have a nice time together and enjoying hanging out now that Charles is not in love with her. Late after hearing Lohank's sad story they run off to clean up his locker.

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In Tactical VillageRosa is annoyed when she finds out that Charles didn't give her a save the date for his wedding as she thought they were friends. Throughout the training, she attacks Charles with numerous weapons.

Later, after she nearly "dies" in the simulation, she decides to tell Charles that is mad. Charles reveals that Vivian thought it would be awkward but he later gives her an invite. She later speaks to Vivian who reveals that it was Charles that thought it would be awkward and didn't invite her.

In Fancy BrudgomRosa offends an officer after he misfiles a weapon. She humiliates him but agrees to drop the complaint if she apologizes to him. She does but it's not sincere and he doesn't accept it. Later she goes and sincerely apologizes as well as offering to show him how to file the weapons correctly. In UnsolvableRosa finds Charles in the storage cabinet calling Vivian as there is no privacy there. Rosa shows him her and Gina's secret bathroom called "Babylon".

Charles is grateful but is threatened by Hitchcock and Scully and tells them where it is. Although Gina is cross, Rosa stands up for Charles saying that he needed it and also his life is falling apart.

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She shows him her technique of setting things on fire to help ease grief but it just ends up burning him. Whilst testifying for Jake, she is told to stall and speaks very slowly with large pauses between each word. Later at the bar Charles is still upset and she reveals that the reason she never cared for her breakups is that they were all jerks, not like Charles. When Jake is sent undercover, he leaves Rosa his locker before leaving.

In UndercoverRosa is happy to see Jake back and welcomes him back to the precinct. Rosa is shown to be annoyed by the continuous drills that Captain Holt is making them do. Rosa and Amy take Terry who is pretending to be a little boy onto a bouncy castle. Holt gets annoyed with them and tells them to stop.

After Rosa goes out she calls Jake over and asks if he wants to call off the bet. He dismisses this claim and she tells him to prove it by not flirting with Amy at all. When Holt comes in and asks what is going on, she tells him the truth. He manages to but loses. Later she is asked to run the drug task force.

In The MoleRosa and Terry visit a silent disco as they believe there will be drugs as they haven't found any major drug dealers yet. Whilst there they meet a girl called Ava Watson who claims to not drink nor drugs. Rosa is annoyed that Terry is preoccupied with his daughter's school rather than the case. They then see Ava dealing drugs. The interrogation brings about very little and Rosa is annoyed. Later she is happy when Terry finds out that Ava is actually called Rebecca Lubbock and they now have leads on a possible supplier.

Amy is annoyed at her but eventually decides to run and Rosa is proud of Amy's speech. In Lockdownwhilst in lockdown, Rosa relentlessly teases Gina about her fear of dying due to the suspicious package.

Jake later tells her that he needs Rosa to help Gina instead of teasing her and making her feel worse. In The Road TripRosa is sick from her cold but refuses to admit it. Terry and Gina try and help her but she won't let them and continues to want to carry on with her case.

Rosa takes too much cough medicine and becomes dazed. Terry then gets Gina to distract Rosa whilst he interrogates her perp. Rosa is annoyed that Gina locked her inbut then sees that they're trying to help and accepts it. After he says that he can take them to a major drug leader, Tito Ruiz, they cut a deal with him.

Whilst in Doug Judy's hotel room, Judy flirts with Rosa and she is forced to be nice due to him helping them. While the role of Jake Peralta seems tailor-made for Andy Samberg, creators Michael Schur and Dan Goor didn't have anyone in particular in mind when they conceived the character.

While Hawkeye was a little cocky and cracked a lot of jokes, he was also a very skilled surgeon that genuinely cared about people.

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That's the vibe Goor and Schur wanted for Jake Peralta: an amiable guy who goofs off a lot, but who's actually an amazing cop. While searching for the right actor, they got word that Andy Samberg was willing to commit to a weekly TV series.

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Chelsea Peretti had written for Michael Schur's Parks and Recreation, but she really wanted to be in the cast of Schur's cop comedy-so when Schur and Goor learned Peretti was available, they created the character of Gina just for her.

Rosa wasn't around in the earlier stages either. Stephanie Beatriz auditioned for the show, although for the part of Detective Amy Santiago which went to Melissa Fumeroas well as for a character named Megan.

Megan was renamed Rosa, and Beatriz got the gig. While some characters evolved from idea to screen, one who was part of the show from the beginning was the physically tough but emotionally sensitive Sergeant Terry Jeffords.

Schur and Goor wrote the part specifically with Crews in mind-even naming him "Terry"-before they'd signed Crews to do the pilot. The writers have also taken moments from Crews' life and made them part of the show.

For example, in the episode "M. Time," the regular police sketch artist falls ill, and Terry has to fill in. When he was a pro football player, he sold his art to help pay the bills.

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