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So I know I shouldn't start another multi-chaptered fic, but I couldn't resist. I'd love to hear what you think. Oh god. He is so lost. He is never going to find his way out of this castle of a boarding school. A tall, thin, boy in a red and blue blazer and matching tie is staring down at him, a smirk on his face.

Blaine's first few classes went by as usual. His non glee club friends were happy to have him back and even one of his teachers welcomed him. Besides that no one seemed to notice his absence.

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He met up with Kurt and the girls of New Directions for lunch. He sat next to Kurt who seemed a little stand offish. Better yet he seemed downright pissed. Kurt then turned to Mercedes to talk about her newest dilemma with Sam and Shane.

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Blaine licked his lips and furrowed his eyebrows together. The guys of New Directions usually ate on the bleachers during lunch, sometimes Blaine joined them. He got up from the bench and Kurt grabbed his arm. He had a worried look on his face. Blaine froze taken aback by Kurt's panic. Kurt released him arm, " Sorry, Rachel was just being annoying earlier. Even Blaine was taken aback. It's so complicated!

Kurt takes a drink of his coffee and watches Sebastian. He may very well be the most smug, pain in the ass Kurt has ever met, but there's something about him that's engaging, and Kurt hates himself, but the thinks me might just have a little crush blooming on the cocky blond with striking green eyes.

Kurt eyed him suspiciously. It's your first day back and you're going to go home after glee? We always have coffee on Wednesdays. Blaine cursed himself quietly forgetting this was their coffee day. The bell rang ending lunch. As he walked away he breathed a sigh of relief, at least he didn't lie to Kurt. The rest of the day passed quickly and besides a few elbows from Kurt glee club flowed smoothly too.

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Kurt caught up with Blaine after, "Are you coming over at least tonight? I barely saw you at lunch today and glee club we sang most of the time. I miss you. The bus is filthy! Hello Finn will drop you off.

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Kurt sighed. They kissed and Blaine started walking towards the bus stop. Thirty minutes later he arrived at Dalton greeted by all his old friends. The Warblers and Sebastian sang him a song apologizing. They all were sincere about it, Blaine couldn't help but feel at ease.

Kurt and sebastian dating fanfiction

Just around five fifteen most of the Warblers had cleared out. Before Blaine realized it was just him and Sebastian. Blaine frowned. Sebastian took a cautious step forwar "You're afraid that you might actually feel something for me. Sebastian cut him off, "And yet you didn't tell him you were here, and you haven't left". Blaine was too shocked to answer so Sebastian continued. Now I'm here and its different. Sebastian came closer so that they were only inches apart.

And before Blaine could register, Sebastian's mouth found his. It was unfamiliar and didn't feel right. Seconds passed before he realized he was kissing Sebastian back. Blaine snapped back to reality and pushed Sebastian hard.

He was angry"Whatiswrongwithyou! Sebastian smirked, "Hey buddy I'm just trying to help clear things up for you. And just to let you know it was kind of a letdown, For once I feel bad for Kurt he doesn't have much to work with.

Sebastian looked at Blaine again, "Well that slushy incident was meant for Kurt, and you got in the way.

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So I have my friend James over here," he motioned to the freshman. Before Blaine could believe it, Sebastian took the phone. He fiddled with it for a moment. Blaine felt lightheaded and sick.

Sebastian. Blaine's stomach dropped a little. He had not thought about Sebastian in the past week at all. Kurt had filled him in on the last day of Michael week, and the Warblers joining in with the New Directions in song. He was proud that Kurt had taken the high road, knowing that Kurt wanted to get even with Sebastian. Sebastian leaned into Kurt. "Leave me alone." Kurt tried to move away, but he was pinned to the wall by Sebastian's body. Sebastian pressed against Kurt, his hands finding Kurt's hips and grasping firmly. "I'm right, Kurt, and I know it," Sebastian purred, his lips directly next to Kurt's ear. "You know I'm right too." Kurt squirmed. Convinced Sebastian knows nothing about dates, Kurt challenges him to do better. Pretty soon, they're seeing each other every week, trying to prove who can come up with the best date. But they're not actually dating or anything.

He blindly got his bag and hurried out the room. Luckily Gerard was early. Gerard sensed the panic in the boy's voice and did not think twice before starting the car. Blaine checked his phone, nothing.

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They soon arrived at Kurt's house before he knew it. Blaine practically ran to the front door. He knocked twice. Kurt opened the door. He had tears in his eyes. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Glee. What happens when Blaine and Sebastain kiss, and there's picture proof?

Includes Finn, Kurt and Burt.

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Blaine stared at himself in the mirror adjusting his yellow polka dot bowtie. Blaine turned to face him, " Morning Gerard, Thanks for the offer but" He reached for his own station wagon keys, "I thought I would drive myself to school today.

He picked up his phone and sent a quick text to Kurt, Gerard taking me to school today be there at Love you. Sebastian Blaine's stomach dropped a little.

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He got in the back seat of the car. Gerard adjusted the rearview mirror and chuckled. Blaine Blaine hesitated, then hit send. Kurt was frustrated.

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I get it What would I be afraid of. Blaine was late.

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He had waited outside for 15 minutes, in the cold, before finally entering the restaurant. I'm waiting for someone. Kurt tapped his foot. Blaine was never this late, but maybe he got held up at home. Twenty minutes later, Kurt was still waiting in his booth, alone.

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Kurt glared up at her and she scuttled off to the kitchen. Sighing, Kurt rose and collected his things. He'd just stop by Blaine's house. I'll let him know you came by.

He turned up his collar, protecting his neck from the bitter winds.

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He turned and headed back to his car. If Blaine wasn't at home, where was he?

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They hadn't had any extra glee rehearsals, so he wasn't there. It was a Saturday, so he definitely wasn't at school. He turned on the heat before taking out his cell phone to text Blaine. Kurt waited for Blaine to text back. After a few minutes, he pulled out of Blaine's driveway and set his course for Dalton.

"I'm confused," Kurt added in. "Isn't Sebastian gay?" "Although it is nobody's business, I will explain the situation to clear up the air. Yes, Sebastian and I are dating," Rachel began. "He is not gay, Kurt. He is bisexual. And I really like him. He's witty, confident, intellectual and handsome." Finn clenched his fists. Kurt, Blaine and Sebastian have been best friends since high school, but that changed after they moved to New York to live together when Blaine and Sebastian became boyfriends. Now, two years later they were still best friends, dealing with their lives and sharing an apartment. But then, a drunk sex night changes everything between them. Kurt licks his lips and Sebastian pounces. Kurt finds himself being pushed backward as his tongue is sucked into the Dalton boy's mouth and wow that felt better than he thought it would. He must have let out a groan because he can feel Sebastian chuckling and Kurt has a sudden need to slap him.

Maybe Blaine was sitting in on a rehearsal there. As he walked through the corridors of his former school, Kurt felt slightly nostalgic and out of place. Few students were around on a Saturday afternoon, but the few that walked the halls were dressed in their full uniform. Kurt headed for the practice room. He pulled on the door, but found it locked.

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Kurt sighed in frustration and jiggled the door. If Blaine wasn't here, where was he?

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He stood up straighter, noting the definitive height difference between Sebastian and himself. Sebastian smirked. Kurt whirled around. You have no idea what you're talking about!

They're having a private session. You see, Kurt, I think the reason you're so concerned about Blaine's whereabouts has to do with your own insecurities. You know Blaine is too good for you, and you're worried he's going to figure that out and leave you. Sebastian pressed against Kurt, his hands finding Kurt's hips and grasping firmly.

His words were cut off as Sebastian's lips pressed firmly against his own, swallowing him in. Kurt resisted at first, but slowly and unsurely found he was falling into the kiss. Sebastian pulled away all too quickly, his signature smirk back on his satisfied face.

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