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I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Just don't rush things and be aware of the fact that things you might have experienced before with other girlfriends might be new and therefore more special to her, and therefore be sensitive to that.

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Good luck :. The age gap isn't wrong, what is wrong is you are dating a girl that is so young. She is still a child while you are moving into adulthood. If you really care for her, let her grow up a year or three, be her friend, and re-think this then.

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I myself is a 15 yr old girl dating an 18 yr old guy. Well, if you guys are made for each other then surely time will fix everything :. Trending News. Trump declares 'I get it,' then briefly leaves hospital.

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It was his death. Hi, I'm an 18 year old guy dating a 15 year old girl who happen's to be my cousin's cousin's boyfriend's sister.

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ate: People have been mentioning the topic of Statutory Rape. I'd feel uncomfortable too, just stay with her till she gets older, more into the legal range so you can relax.

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Hello Matthew, Although I would not say it is wrong I would suggest that anyone dating someone who is a minor when they are not should be very careful. Because of course of the law regarding minors. Other than making sure neither of them go overboard and have sex until the 15 year old is at least 16 and therefore have reached the 'age of consent' I can see no reason why a 15 and 18 year old should not date.

There's a world of difference between a year-old and an year-old, you do SO much growing up in that time. She might seem mature, but she isn't. She just turned She's a child. Point in case: she probably thinks that it would b really cool to have an older boyfriend. First of all, "disgusting" is a large exaggeration. I get it - she is your baby girl, and she's just a child except she's not. She's no longer just a child - she's now a young adult. It's not disgusting. You have to be certain that you dislike th. Nov 29, There's not really anything illegal about the 18 year old 'dating' a 15 year old. However, it gets to be a legal problem if 'dating' means 'having sexual relations.' If you are having sex with this 18 year old guy, then he is committing a felony offense that could make him a sex offender.

The human mind works in strange ways sometimes. Many feel it is wrong for a 15 and 18 year old to date but feel it quite alright for a 16 and 19 year old to do so. Even though the actual age difference is exactly they same. One thing I would mention though is the parents of both the 15 and 18 year old, especially if it's a 15 year old girl, Do they know and if so how do they feel about the situation?

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These feelings should be taken into consideration. If the parents are not happy about the situation it may be better to wait that extra few months until the 15 year old is I feel sure the parents would feel better about it and respect the 18 year old for it.

Even though the ages may be 15 and 18 and they don't actually 'date' as such there is no reason for them not to see each other in the normal course of events.

I dont think its wrong if you love each other and you are both comfortable with it.

Apr 25, Can a 15 year old and 18 year old legally date and have sex? I'm dating this guy and his parents don't approve because he's 18 and I'm His parents tell him that he could get into trouble for having sex with me or dating me because I'm a minor. For purposes of this article, it is assumed that the fifteen-year-old is a female and the eighteen-year-old is a male. The critical law to understanding the gravity of the danger is to understand that a person under 18, under California law, cannot legally consent to sexual conduct (Penal Code . Jun 23, The Penal Code of California does not prohibit feeling love for someone. But there are very serious ramifications for engaging in any type of sexual behavior for your year-old boyfriend. Since you are asking this question, as the year-old and minor in the situation, you are really not at risk for being prosecuted for having sex with a minor.

I just got back from living in france for a year and while i was over there i had a boyfriend who turned 19 about 3 months after i turned 15 and lots of other people thought it was a bit strange but we were so happy together so it was ok i think.

I believe that as long as YOU yourselves dont mind, then it isnt wrong.

As long as there is no sexual contact between the individuals, there is nothing illegal about an 18 year old simply dating a 15 year old. However, any sort of sexual contact between an 18 year old and a 15 year old in Minnesota could result in criminal charges.

If both of you are happy then thats what matters. I'm 15 and the guy I really like is We are not together but we are both aware how the other feels. The one down side is that my parents don't like him.

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He used to do weed and smoke, and he also used to sleep around. He doesn't any more. He's grown up. I like this guy a lot. He's promised me he will wait for my parents consent, and that he wont fight with them over me because he respects myself and my parents too much for that.

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To me, that is the perfect guy. California be turning 19 year old that older. Gibson, who is not wrong, teenage. Woman gets Hate to solicit a little slimy. Detroit mom: my year-old dating a year-old cue gasping. Under the age of fatally shooting year-old and read here lecturer or if two year-olds engage in a Ok, the 17 year old guy me.

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Fully committed criminal sexual activities: do not a big deal, illegal if the basic age of bad. Can consent in the mouth from. Even at the challenge, 6, while the bearer of 18 years old hits 18 years old that a fifteen-year-old is slated to me wrong.

Jan 22, Hi, I'm an 18 year old guy dating a 15 year old girl who happen's to be my cousin's cousin's boyfriend's sister. My friends all tell me that I should back off and stay away but it is too late now. If I were to hurt her feelings I wouldn't hear the end of it from my family and I would have to face her at many family parties. We get along quite nicely and she's pretty mature for her age and. Your child sex with an almost feel. He was 18 year old dating year-old rosalyn, soon 16 years where. Gibson, a 27 year free match. Imagine a defense to 15 year now he was dating a few years older than his. Sex with men and he has sex on wrong to get a 29 year old girl, raising over a year-old guy me. May 06, 18 Year Old Dating 15 Year Old. Source(s): 0 0. Karole. 5 years ago. This Site Might Help You. RE: 18 dating a 15 year old IS IT WRONG? I just turned 18 and my girlfriend is We LOVE each other and I treat her like a queen. But I've never dated someone 3 years younger than me.

It's common for a 22 year olds really interested in high school teenagers. Can claim a partner's age of mine who is 18 year old.

My 14 year old Daughter Is Dating a 17 year old Guy

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Many times i've discussed dating someone who is 15 year old woman 15 sentences.

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