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While you may not like to argue with your significant other, it probably happens sometimes. But there are several reasons why arguing may be good for your relationship. The study was conducted by David Maxfield and Joseph Grenny. The key to a successful relationship is how you handle the inevitable disagreements. Though it may be easier said - or argued - than done.

Oct 26,   Relationships are not a competition. After an argument, no one should feel the need to retreat to their corner and lick their wounds. You have not won a . Feb 22,   In the short-term, while it may be easier to not argue and just ignore whatever issue is happening, arguing actually helps you and your partner evolve Apr 18,   To help define the difference between an argument and a fight, I turned to the experts: Dr. Gary Brown, a prominent couples therapist in Los Angeles, and Diana Dorell, intuitive dating coach and Author: Rachel Shatto.

The key to a successful relationship is how you handle the inevitable disagreements. Though it may be easier said - or argued - than done.

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In their study, Maxfield and Grenny found that four out of five people said poor communication played a role in their last failed relationship, and half of respondents also cited poor communication as a significant cause of the failed relationship. Furthermore, those who blamed their partner for poor communication were more likely to be dissatisfied with the relationship.

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It also seemed many people did not take the blame when a conversation went poorly: fewer than one in five believed they were usually to blame. So you may be wondering how and why arguing is good for your relationshipand below, several experts weigh in.

If you want to learn how to not argue in a relationship you need to take responsibility for what you desire. STOP arguing and START asking for what you need. Arguments happen when relationship needs aren't being met. Find out what you need and talk to your partner about it in a sincere loving way. Mar 14,   The goal, of course, is not to have petty fights for the sake of arguing but to be able to work through an emotional, heated discussion with your partner without one of you giving up altogether.

As you may know from your romantic relationship, past or present, arguments come in all shapes and sizes. Arguing does not have to be malicious or cruel - you can have loving and compassionate conflict.

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Anger is a natural emotionand it alerts us, letting us know that something doesn't feel good for us, and that is good to let your partner know. The solution is to talk it out in an honest, frank, and respectful way. Dialogue is the solution.

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Silence causes the problem to continue. If you can do that, then you and your partner will learn more about each other and be able to find ways to compromise and resolve conflict that bolsters the relationship.

Feb 04,   One of the biggest mistakes that friends and couples face is arguing when emotions are too raw or if they are not open to listening to the other person's side of an issue. When Is It Normal To Have Your First Fight? Experts Say. Sep 19,   I wouldn't look much into this sort of relationship, unless I have an intention to date that someone I'm always having an argument with. Let's say that I'm looking at the prospect of dating this "someone," then I'll divide this into two categories.

Over time, having actually resolved conflicts of interest in this way gives you both a greater base of knowledge about each other, making future conflicts less frequent and less damaging to the relationship. Tessina, Ph.

Arguing but not dating

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But why? What separates two things that can outwardly appear similar, but are, in reality, so very different?

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As it turns out, if you feel like fighting and arguing aren't the same thing, you're right. One definitely bodes better for the health and longevity of your relationship, so knowing the difference is really important if you want your relationship to both last, and be a healthy one for both you and your partner.

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To help define the difference between an argument and a fight, I turned to the experts: Dr. Gary Browna prominent couples therapist in Los Angeles, and Diana Dorellintuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Againto get their take on how to tell a fight and an argument apart. They also explained what it means for your relationship if you fight more frequently than you argue, and what you can do to change it.

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Here's what they had to say. When it comes to fighting and arguing, Dr. Brown explains.

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Dorell adds that how couples deal with conflict is also a reflection of how each party feels about the other. If you are unclear about whether or not you and your partner are fighting or arguing, Dr.

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Brown says the key is to ask yourself what your agenda is.

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