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Pre-Transition Barling pipes are generally defined as those pipes made while the Barling family owned and operated the family business. The Transition Barlings are generally defined as those made by the company that bought the business from the Barling family. The Post-Transition Barlings are generally defined as those pipes made by Imperial Tobacco after it took over the ownership and dating of the business. It all seems neat and simple. Different brands suggest different dates for each of these eras. The Pre-Transition meerschaum marks in either , or The Transition kaolin either starts in , or , and marks in , , or The Post-Transition era starts on one of those dates and continues on as the Barling factories are closed, the pipes are jobbed out to first English and later Danish makers, then made by an entirely new entity with english connection to earlier eras. And just to muddy the brands, there is also a estate of brands who suggest that there are two Transition periods, based on quality rather than ownership of the company.

Similarly, the tenon of Haymarket era Loewes can have a step in it or be straight.

Jul 10,   The most difficult ct of dating Barlings made prior to is the minimal stamping used as there was often no shape number, size designation, or grade stamped on the pipes. Many pieces were distributed to department stores and tobacconists throughout the British Isles, often featuring the establishment's name on the pipe. May 03,   Dating a Barling's. Thread starter wobbss; Start date May 2, ; wobbss Member. May 2, #1. May 2, #1. I have acquired a couple of pipes from my inlaws. One of them is a Barling's. After reading barling pedia I am non the wiser. This pipe has Barling's in script not block, above De luxe. On the other side there are 3 numbers, I. The following is an outline for placing your Loewe pipe within an approximate range of years, gained from what little I've found on the web and the experience I've gained from buying them. early Haymarket era dating via hallmarks on pipes with silver middle Haymarket era left shank - L&Co. (in oval) right shank - Loewe London W.

It does seem that all later pipes have a step in the tenon, but I have seen pipes that were clearly Haymarket era both ways. In the case of Extra Grain, Straight Grain and Special Grain pipes, there was no shape name on the underside of the shank.

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These pipes featured the grade instead and an encircled Made in England underneath. Tricky because the stamping is exactly as late Haymarket era pipes.

Barling pipes dating

We have to look for the new series names on these pipes to know they're from this period, but that doesn't always work because Civic continued to produce Originals and Centurions during this time.

Some time during the Civic era, the three series were expanded to six, with the addition of Standard, Spigot and Mounted series. I have also seen several Civic era Loewes stamped with the series Great Britain, but I've never seen it mentioned elsewhere.

The history of the brand reaches back to when Benjamin Barling began to sell meerschaum pipes decorated with silver bands. The company was sold by the Barling family to Imperial Tobacco Co in From this date the Barling pipes quality was as changing as the countries in . Pipe dating. We would suggest that the th Anniversary Catalog represents the climax for the dating era. Mel Feldman, the highly regarded expert on Barling, holds this view. The Barling estate controlled production up till this point. Barling used this block dating basket until late In addition to the block letter logo, Barling used a script logo for british pipes as well as for advertising, and packaging dating. Over the years there were a basket of pipes and adjustments to the basket, though the company logo stamps remained a constant.

I do not know how long the original three series continued to be stamped on shanks and it's possible there are Civic examples but I haven't seen one. In addition, the collector familiar with Haymarket era pipes will instantly see and feel the difference in quality these early Civic era pipes present.

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Think of these pipes as transition period Barlings, ok but nowhere near up to previous standards. During the Haymarket era Loewe produced seconds under the stamping Haymarket pipes.

Sep 25,   The crossed Barling stamp on the stem had been in use since the 's, so it doesn't really apply here as an aid for dating this pipe. Does the underside of the stem have anything stamped on it? A patent number will tighten the range to the 's. A stamp that says "Barling Design" would place the pipe, or its stem, in the 's thru mid Barling Pipes reclaiming old and worn estate pipes. -Transition Barlings are generally defined as those pipes made by Imperial Tobacco after it took over the ownership and dating of the business. It all seems neat and simple. Different brands suggest different dates for each of these eras. The Pre-Transition meerschaum marks in either, or. Sep 04,   Barling pipes from this period show a remarkable degree of variation when it comes to nomenclature. The following information can be applied in a general fashion. According to Tad Gage, Pre stampings are minimal. Pre WW2 pipes rarely have size, shape or grading. But pipes have surfaced, hallmarked as early as with size marks, and as.

These had two digit shape numbers and look to be a nice quality second, comparable to how close Royal Sovereigns were to the Orlik propers they were second to.

Later, I believe during the Civic stewardship, Loewe produced seconds under the Beefeater stamp.

These turn up more frequently and you see them on from time to time. As more or better info becomes available I will edit this post, and please, if you note anything incorrect contact me so I can make the necessary changes. Lastly, here's a link to an album of my Loewes.

SYSOP Note: I am currently a little confused about where best to put the following examples of 3 digit numbers being used on Both Loewe and Civic pipes, apparently from the era shortly after Civic took over the Loewe operation.

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Older Pre-transition nomenclature, probably or after. Date can be determined by silver hallmarks.

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Used only for the Guinea Grain US distributed pipes. Shape number is three digits or four digits beginning with a 1 for UK distributed pipes.

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Next version of early Transition Nomenclature: Ye Olde Wood is gone and shape number is four digits not beginning with a 1. First number of shape indicates size. Notice that the M in Make is now under the A.


Typical Transition Barling Nomenclature, Barling is now in script. This is an error stamp probably done by factory worker not paying enough attention, or a stamp that was not used for very long.

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This translucent acrylic material may be cleaned with alcohol. Pipes sold in England.

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Any other four-digit Barling pipe is a transition piece. Seven day set in case.

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Alternative stem marking. Modern Guinea Grain.

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