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Every so often, as a twentysomething in New York City, I'd meet people at parties who seemed to have it all-great jobs, full bank accounts, satisfying relationships. Inevitably we'd fall into a conversation about where we lived. How chic, I'd think, picturing a loft in Tribeca and a casita in the Hollywood Hills. Maybe there was a photographer boyfriend who could also live in two places, and a cat small enough to carry on the plane. It sounded like a dream life-see Etruscan art at the Met, then fly 3, miles to bike through lush parks filled with rose bushes. I fantasized about joining their ranks, even though their glamorous lives seemed more than a little out of reach. Boyfriend and dog in tow, I showed up in a moving van stuffed with everything I owned.

Utilize technology, particularly video calls and texting to your advantage.

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Consider sending little messages throughout the day to remind your partner that you care for them, but do so in moderation. All of this will promote a healthy relationship through the intimacy that is created when you spend time with your significant other.

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However, remember that you do not have to spend all day talking to each other to compensate for the lack of proximity - in fact, this can be detrimental to your relationship. Communication is essential, but do not go overboard.

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Always Have Your Next Meet Up Planned It is important to at least have an idea of when you will get to see your significant other next.

This gives both couples something to look forward to, which is paramount to be able to cope with the time apart. Keep in mind that you always want to be working toward the future, which means considering the ultimate end to your long distance relationship.


It is important to discuss this with your partner so that your relationship continues to progress. We exchanged texts for a bit and when he found out I was only in town for the week, we decided to meet up the next evening for drinks.

After the somewhat complicated logistical dance of sorting out where to meet, and by the way, can I say how annoying it must be to always have to figure out how to get to and from drinks when no one can drink and drive!

We met and he was every bit as cute as his pictures. The conversation flowed as did the drinks. It felt liberating to meet someone and not be preoccupied with making a good impression.

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I went in assuming there was a high chance I'd never see this person again so I could completely and thoroughly be myself.

As I sort of anticipated based on my brunch that past weekend, within the first twenty minutes, money came up. He'd mentioned before we met that he had a trust fund and worked because he wanted to - not needed to - and he elaborated on his situation in person.

It felt odd to me to discuss finances with a complete stranger and even though you're probably thinking to yourself, that sounds pretentious, it actually came up naturally and was glossed over quickly.

Dating Women and their Red Flags

It was just standard LA small talk. We had drinks and chatted for a few hours at a divey bar in Hollywood and the evening ended with promises to get in touch the next time either of us was in town. When I came back to NYC and relayed my experiences to another girlfriend, she disagreed that money didn't play as much of a role in New York dating.

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Maybe it's just the nature of the dates I'm having or the people I'm dating that proves this to be the case but I honestly can't even imagine a scenario where money would come up. Then again, I also am the type of woman who always offers to split the bill - even on a first date so I suppose I'm putting my cards out that I don't expect to be doted on.

Either way, It was fun to step out of your comfort zone and to experience dating outside of New York.

It's also nice to know that our access to public transportation apparently levels the dating playing field.

Yet one more reason to love NYC.

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Associate creative director, animal lover, reader, runner and a Brooklyn girl by birth-and at heart. News U.

seems impossible. think Personal Video Horoscopes. I was taking a break from my life and felt like I could finally relax.

Bicoastal dating

I went swimming in clear rivers, ate yogurt topped with locally grown marionberries and sampled Pinot Noirs from the nearby Willamette Valley. When I got home a week later, I felt as if I had a coping mechanism for all my problems-and its name was Portland.

I was calmer there.

- David Lida After conducting a bicoastal relationship, Kevin and Linda married in - Toby Kahn also: living or working on both the east and west coasts of the U.S. Similarly, one now sees frequent references to "bicoastal" people who go back and forth between New York and Los Angeles. For the first year Beeston lived bicoastal, she had a home in L.A. and stayed in hotels in New York. It was difficult. Just renting an apartment in New York after a year made a huge difference. Once the apartment was stocked, Beeston no longer had to worry about clothing, toiletries, and other necessities.

It was familiar, with its open landscape and friendly, Patagonia-clad crowds, but without being a too-safe retreat back to the California of my childhood. Energized by the prospect of living there, I hatched a plan.

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Instead of impulsively moving across the country, I would rent an apartment in Portland and shuttle between both cities for a year. I could just barely afford the endeavor, but I rationalized that a tryout period posed less of a risk. At the same time, I could give living the bicoastal dream a shot. Six weeks later, I pulled up to my new light-filled studio in southeast Portland.

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I went grocery shopping at a natural-foods store and carried home organic apples, herbed goat cheese and fresh-picked flowers. I went to a yoga class packed with tattooed twentysomethings, where a live band serenaded us while we did our Vinyasas.

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I went to sleep in a bed covered in white organic cotton sheets I'd picked out to suit my wholesome new life. It all felt like a triumph-and in terms of escapism, it worked.

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For one week a month, I lived in Portland, where I could put my anxieties on hold. I stayed busy-and fit-with what I called "the Portland biathlon": biking two miles to Laurelhurst Park to jog, then biking back to my favorite breakfast spot for a tofu scramble with friends.

I even started sleeping with an ex-boyfriend who lived in the city.

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I was able to put aside any worries I would typically have-What were we doing? What did it all mean? I was becoming the ultimate compartmentalizer. After a couple of months, though, the excitement of living on two coasts wore off, and my anxieties returned.

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Just as in New York, I'd lie awake in Portland worrying about the future. Plus, I was still lonely-just now on two coasts.

Though I knew a lot of people in Portland, I wasn't spending enough time there to forge deep connections.


Back in New York, invites to parties stopped coming because, friends told me, I was always out of town. I simply wasn't living in one city long enough for anyone to remember I was there, or to engage with its rhythms and rituals.

May 11,   Dating Bicoastal Love at first slightly drunk. Tag: bicoastaldating # The Rower. May 11, May 11, datingbicoastal Leave a comment. When: Spring Where: San Francisco Met through: Tinder. When I first moved back to California a little over a month ago, I was excited to explore the new pool of datable men in the Bay Area. After. Subject: Re: bicoastal marriage - seeking practical advice. jongen wrote: Technically, I don't have to live in Brooklyn, but moving to LA right now would mean leaving behind a lot of stuff I really really care about and a community I've been waiting all my life to find. I can't do it quite yet. I feel guilty about that, but I can't. Maybe someday. At the same time, I could give living the bicoastal dream a shot. Six weeks later, I pulled up to my new light-filled studio in southeast Portland. I went grocery shopping at a natural-foods store Author: Marisa Meltzer.

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