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A Libra man and Cancer woman are a mixed combination by zodiac sign. There is a great deal of chemistry between them, but this is also a rather volatile combination. The reason this combination can become volatile is that both of these signs tend to hold back their feelings and communicate indirectly. This can lead to conflict due to pent up anger and frustration. On the other hand, relationships are very important to both of these signs, so they will be motivated to work on their differences in order to make their relationship successful. A Libra man is charming and dashing. He has good social skills and is an excellent conversationalist.

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This is a pair that is sure to succeed without too many compromises. The communication between them is something that should be noted, because it goes on greatly and without any incidents.

Nov 04,   The Cancer man will be fascinated by the Libra woman's femininity and openness. They will like each other from the first date, and it won't take long until they get married. Marriage will seem like a great idea for the Libra woman, but the Cancer man . Want in-depth guidance on a Cancer Cancer match? Get more insight into this pairing with a Love Compatibility report. Cancer is a Water Sign. Instinct and emotion drive this relationship. With these deep, intense intuitive powers comes a fragility, as Cancer's feelings are brittle and easily hurt. Cancer appreciates Libra's charm and tact, and Libra's calm, cool diplomacy skills can tame even the wildest pouting fit a Cancer can muster up. Also, Libra, lover of aesthetic beauty and harmony, will appreciate their Cancer mate's nurturing instinct for a comfortable home and .

She will always be the one who makes things right again. They could even have a long-distance relationship and they would still be very happy. These two will love each other very much. Everything they promise one another will be fulfilled.

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It can be interesting to watch the Cancer man Libra woman relationship being built, because you can see how they will struggle to make everything harmonious. Cancers are the introverts of the zodiac, while Libras are the complete opposite.

If you're part of a Libra/Cancer pairing, whether it's at the office, in your family, or with the person you're dating, you might feel discouraged by all the differences the two of you have. And it's true that Cancers and Libras can have very different personalities, interests, and ways of interacting with others.

The fact that she has an extravagant lifestyle will make him feel insecure, and this can cause further problems. It would be good if they could quickly forget about any problem they have and live in the moment without thinking about the past.

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This is the only way for them to remain happy and to overcome their differences. It may seem like they have many things in common in the beginning, but in time they will reveal everything that makes them different.

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And they will be continuously tested for compatibility. First of all, the Cancer man filters his emotions. The Libra woman is more the type that prefers to think.

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He wants an emotional connection, she wants to have an intellectual bond. She wants to go out and meet new people, he prefers staying in and watching a movie.

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This couple is faithful and caring, helpful and sympathetic of individual needs and very oriented toward making a home and creating a sense of family - especially when they can get over their brooding, manipulative and self-pitying habits. If they can find a way to keep their fluid and moody emotions in check, this relationship will nurture both lovers. This attitude carries over into relationships: Like their cherished possessions and material comforts, Cancer never hesitates to defend a loved one if threatened.

Libra holds friendship as one of their main life values. If the Cancer and Libra relationship launches from friendship first, the connection intensifies. Cancer values family above all else, but loyalty too. When Libra shows Cancer loyalty through friendship, Cancer feels safer falling in love. Cancer can be one of the most trusting zodiac signs, but there is an irritating side to Libra's nature that they rarely stay immune to. While Cancer wants a quiet family life with no interference from other people, Libra can't seem to stay away from other people, seeking their affection and approval day after day. But whereas Libra is sexually turned on mainly by a meeting of minds, what Cancer needs most is a strong heart connection - and while the watery Crab may find Libra a bit too sexually detached and matter of fact, to Libra, Cancer can seem unreasonably insecure and clingy.

The energy of this instinct creates a warm, secure home environment, a perfect love nest for the growing and cultivation of a healthy relationship. Cancer is a Water Sign.

Instinct and emotion drive this relationship.

Hence, that Crabby shell in which they hide themselves when frightened or overwhelmed. As two cardinal signs, Cancer and Libra go after what they want in very different ways.

Cancer dating a libra

Cancer feels out new people emotionally, and may not sense a safe harbor with airy Libra. Libra builds trust through the give and take, starting with light conversation.

Apr 01,   Libra thrives with a lively give and take in conversation. But something can be missing for the Crab - the Libra sense of detachment raises alarms because Cancer can't sense the feeling currents there. Cancer is sending messages through waves, and a sonar is needed to get the full meaning. Feb 18,   Libra man, Cancer woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. There will be a natural attraction between a Libra man and Cancer woman. Libra and Cancer are in an ct with each other known as a square. Squares create friction between signs, but Author: Cynthia Thinnes. Feb 11,   Cancer man, Libra woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. A Cancer man and a Libra woman will be attracted to each other from the start. It will be a strange sort of attraction for them because they will also find each other annoying. He will think that she is flirtatious and shallow. She will be annoyed with what she sees as bad Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

But keep in mind, the Moonchild is aloof at first, and very emotionally self-protective. The first few dates could be awkward, though Libra knows how to put others at ease. The friction could go either way - with extreme irritation or with edgy love tension. Much depends on the other harmonies in the birth chart.

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Cancer in Love feels easily "rejected," and goes into retreat mode. Libra in Love wants togetherness and is watchful for reactions and attitudes.

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Libra's initial love strategy is to be talkative and observing, and Cancer may find this too risky. The Moonchild might feel they're being pressed to share more than is comfortable.

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