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Make Corrections1 your homepage. We want to hear from you to better understand COs' use of face masks on- and off-duty. While the challenge of gender-bias is certainly present, it does not have to preclude the female officer from effectively accomplishing their job. There have been several arguments over the years as to why women should not be employed as correctional officers. Lastly, an overall assumption that women are mentally weak and unable to handle the mental challenges of working in an all-male prison environment.

Female correctional officers are here to stay. Inmates have varying levels of respect and receptiveness for female correctional officers.

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Some male inmates respect female officers and have no issue with them. While other male inmates are resentful of them working among a male population.

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A female officer will utilize various strategies when presenting themselves in different correctional situations. Depending on how a female guard handles herself with the male inmate population, she will either gain or lose respect.

Interestingly, recent studies show that a Normative-feminine presentation is the most accepted and conducive for cohesiveness while working among a male population.

The balanced, calm, relaxed and communicative manner of interaction has positive results among the inmate population. Sometimes the perception of being overly inmate-friendly can cause resentment among male correctional officers who prefer a more masculine and dominant dynamic of policing.

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However, a balanced approach with inmates can create a calm atmosphere within a housing unit. This type of presence and authority makes for establishing mutual respect and compliance from the inmate. The hyper-masculine female officer falls into the dominant, heavy style of policing, however, is not always well respected among the male inmate population.

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Often the female officer with harsh, less feminine characteristics, abrupt, unapproachable, hardcore, aggressive energy and controlling presence will be met with hostility from inmates and even male colleagues. This response from inmate population is not to her outward appearance, but, to the female officer who attempts to heavily overcompensate for her gender through demanding and commanding with no flexibility. Inmate perceptions of female officers can be positive or negative dependent upon the interaction.

Officer 2 has had members of her command staff discuss her personal dating life, remove her from calls and place her on the perimeter because she is a female (and stated that), pass her over for. All adult corrections officer to imply that an effective. Investigators said was a safe, okcupid is dating a corrections officers and his job. Law enforcement officers on a community correctional officers sued the staff at the. Date: we started dating him off series. Aug 12,   While many agencies have approved the use of female officers to pat down male inmates, the Virginia Department of Corrections recently authorized female officers to pat down male visitors The following sections are provided for consideration in retention planning and when developing women for leadership positions within the corrections fields.

If inmates are held accountable with the expectation of having appropriate and respectful interactions with the females who are guarding them, there will be a higher potential for cohesiveness among inmates and officers. The female officer will then be viewed as simply the officer who is to be respected. Women who enter the profession of corrections must face a number of obstacles.

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The woman who succeeds in the field of corrections will adapt through fostering her internal fortitude and mental toughness so she can navigate the many challenges she faces daily. More Corrections1 Articles.

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How to buy body scanners eBook. COVID fatigue and leadership. How to be an effective leader in corrections.

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Survey: Are you wearing a face mask on duty? When political discourse follows you to work. Time bombs: Preparing for surprise attacks.

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The dangers of a 'cool' correctional officer. Therapeutic considerations in peer support. Poll We want to hear from you to better understand COs' use of face masks on- and off-duty.

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Melissa Mann C1 Products. Inmate Perceptions Female correctional officers are here to stay.

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It's not uncommon for jail guards to see inmates killing each other, engaging in large-scale fights or setting their cells on fire. Some prisoners will harm themselves or commit suicide. Hepatitis, AIDS and other infectious disease are common in a prison environment - and you'll be exposed to these risks on a daily basis.

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Working in a correctional facility will change you as a person. You'll see violence and horror, interact with dangerous inmates and deal with stress on a daily basis. Inprison guards at Cook County Jail in Illinois sustained attacks by inmates - and that's just one example.

Be prepared to deal with convicted criminals, mentally deranged inmates and drug addicts coming off a high. According to a report published in Corrections Today, being a jail guard is considered one of the riskiest professions. Those who choose this career path are exposed to work- and institutional-related dangers as well as mental and physical health risks.

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As a correctional officer, you'll have to stop prison riots, disrupt prison gangs and protect yourself from infectious diseases. Stress and burnout come as part of the job and can affect your mental health. Furthermore, jail guards have a greater risk of chronic injury, high cholesterol, hypertension and heart disease compared to other law enforcement occupations. Work conflicts, fatigue, heavy workload and inadequate resources all contribute to stress among correctional officers. The stress you'll experience on a daily basis can affect your work as well as your personal relationships and family life.

Jail guards live in constant fear of being sexual harassed or getting hurt while at work.

Dating a female corrections officer

Female correctional officers are at higher risk. Mismanagement, poor training and understaffing only make things worse. Detention centers are harsh, overcrowded places, which contributes to feelings to anxiety, depression and stress.

PTSD, which stands for post-traumatic stress disorde r, affects individuals who have been shocking events, such as warfare or sexual assault. Its symptoms kick in within three months of the traumatic incident, but they may also occur years later. These usually include extreme fear and anxiety, nightmares, chills, heart palpitations, flashbacks, loss of motivation feelings of guilt and more. Correctional officer statistics show that about 19 percent of jail guards exhibit PSTD symptoms.

Many officers suffer in silence, telling themselves that they need to be strong, so the actual numbers are significantly higher. Even those who don't develop PTSD experience high stress levels and burnout.

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Researchers believe that traumatic events, such as being injured on the job, receiving threats and witnessing inmates attempting suicide, play a major role in the onset of this disorder. If you still want to pursue this career path, there are ways to cope with stress and prevent it from taking over your life.

The United States has the largest prison population in the world. Therefore, correctional officers are in high demand. More than , prison guard jobs were available in , according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Approximately , corrections officers are . Per Title VII, Civil Rights Act of , female correctional officers are "permitted to supervise both male and female inmates unless the males are nude for prolonged periods of time or must come. Jun 21,   Now, let's get into what it's like to be a Corrections Officer's Wife. What it is like to be a CO's Spouse the shortened version! Let's start with the statistics, shall we? Corrections Officers have a 39 percent higher suicide rate than any other occupation, with a life expectancy of only 58 years.

Focus on building positive relationships with your peers and superiors. Draw a clear line between work and personal life. Consider joining a support group or reach out to a therapist to help you develop a coping strategy. Another major concern related to this profession is the high suicide rate. As a result of extreme stress, depression and PTSD, j ail guards are more likely to commit suicide. Some sources say that suicide rates among prison employees are 39 percent higher than those of the average person.

Approximately 10 percent of corrections officers and 14 percent of retired guards have attempted suicide or thought about killing themselves. Depression is a way of life for many of those who choose this career path. They often struggle with feelings of depression and hopelessness, have trouble sleeping at night and experience psychological and emotional stress. As soon as they arrive at work, they put on their armors and go into battle mode.

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Over time, they develop stress-related disorders and may resort to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. Most correctional officers don't make it past the age of

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