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Life is short. You should date a guy who smokes, because that shows that he really knows how to enjoy his life. He knows that following his impulses is something worthwhile - who cares about the banalities of life? Why even think at all? Sometimes it is better to just act in the heat of the moment, or your dreams might go up in smoke, and you can be sure that your man knows how important this is.

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It depends on when he started smoking? Before or after the relationship started? If he was smoking before?

For many men and women, smoking is a deal breaker in any potential date. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 18 percent of adults smoke cigarettes. If you rule out people who don't smoke, the reality is that you are ruling out thousands - no, millions - of people! Yet the .

This is unreasonable, you accepted him through your actions, ie: starting a relationship for who he was. If he started smoking during?

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This is a reasonable request. If he's doing it for her, he's not doing it out of love; he's doing it out of compliance he knows for a fact she will leave.

Dating a guy who smokes

That doesn't erase the urge. What removes the urge is his love for himself.

Feb 25,   Don't stereotype your date for being a stoner. The stigma of smoking weed is fading as time goes on (at least in the United States), but many people still assume stoners are lazy, have bad personal hygiene, or only care about getting high. However, these generalizations simply do not apply to all stoners and going into a relationship with one having preconceived notions about them just Views: K. Jul 02,   You will have to determine if you can be around a person who smokes and drinks without hassling him or critcizing him about it. If you can stand the smoke and his desire to have a drink or wanting to do things like going to bars or wine tastings o. Apr 02,   To help you figure out if your relationship is healthy, or needs to be ditched, fast, we've asked the experts the top 21 dating red flags that might suggest your partner - sorry to say it.

No matter what, you have to understand actions speak. Through her actions, she has proved to him, that he can keep smoking and still keep that woman. So through her actions her words on this topic are useless at this pointshe has to let him know that this is no longer the case: He can't have smoking AND her.

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She only has leverage if she's prepared to leave and her actions show it. Because truth be told, she can find a guy down the street that doesn't smoke.

If she's not ready to end the relationship over smoking, she should get used to it. I hope I provided some insight. Yikes that's a tough question good one tho.

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Because it is true you should be able to accept the person you love even there bad things, but it is also true that he wouldn't want to do stuff to upset you.

Normally you have to find the middle ground on this stuff or just one eventually stops or accepts it due to there unselfish love.

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Personally in that case i would give up cigs and only smoke weed every now and then that way i have cut it down a lot and made her happier but she can also accept that i like to do that from time to time. Oh for sure then i wouldn't smoke weed at all that would be pretty dumb.

I smoke weed nd if a guy told me to give it up or he's leaving then he fuck ryt off outta hea Yu shouldn't hv to change fr anyone, yu give it up cz yu wnt to.

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They either take yu as yu are or move on. It's that simple.

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Guys get with girls hoping they'll never change. And as you might've guessed, smoking is a pretty big turn-off. Don't believe me?

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Check out the results for yourself below. About 64 percent of both non-smoker men and women agree that smoking is a serious deal breaker for them.

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As someone who doesn't smoke, I see where they're coming from. There is truly nothing worse than having to inhale that scent when you're out and about, let along having to freaking stick your tongue in it.

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Well, in the literal sense, yes. Hah, get it? Because you're smoking? And that's fire? And fire's hot?

Date a guy who smokes, because he will offer you what he gives himself all the time - a fresh start to every day. That intensity and masculinity of burning tobacco, that whiff of coolness, seriousness and maturity is something nothing can mimic. Sure, alcohol can make you do stupid things, drugs can mess with your life, quitting school could. Jun 26,   A new study conducted by Halo surveyed over Americans to see how they felt about cigarette smoking when it came to their dating lives. And as you might've guessed, smoking . thats the beginings of manipulation/trying to change someone. if you have such a problem with smoking then dont date a guy that smokes or compromise on where the smoker can smoke. the reason it can be manipulation is things like how you said "give it up because it makes her unhappy" and equating it to loving her or not. you were happy enough to start dating him knowing he smokes.

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