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The hijab is a loaded piece of cloth. But for the women who choose to wear it, the truth is far more complex. More broadly, hijab refers to a set of codes that regulate modesty-prohibiting sex before marriage, encouraging conservative dress-for those who practice Islam. The inaccuracies are frustrating and can make things complicated-especially when it comes to dating. In the most traditional forms of Islam, women are forbidden from having any sort of sexual relations until they are married. But the man I am seeing right now is very accepting of my hijab, and things are going very well.

I never thought that they were maybe only wearing to appease their family or had some other reason. I wrote that first paragraph because I think people assuming things about your hijabi could be your only issue with dating outside your culture since relationships with way different views on religion just don't really work in the long run.

And I get that your pretty much an atheist but I just wanted to put my perspective out there because I don't know how many other people assume the same thing I do! I'm sorry for my ignorance: But I want you to know. But I think you totally have a chance w guys outside your culture!

You should totally start a convo w the guy a work:. Thanks for your perspective! Some do wear it for their parents, and some wear it for themselves or religious purposes.

I can honestly say that at least in America, most girls make their own choices about the hijab. Deff a fashion statement! Honestly, I wouldn't think that someone with a hijab would be interested in dating a non-Muslim.

The problem with dating as a Muslim woman is almost always one of culture than religion. Having tried the 'marriage experiment' once, I know that religion doesn't play a role in the day-to-day, but culture definitely does. The same problem exists when dating while Muslim. Muslim Dating (GUIDE TO DATING A MUSLIM MAN OR WOMAN). Welcome to r/dating_advice!. Please keep the rules of r/dating_advice in mind while participating here. Try your best to be kind. Report any rule-breaking behavior to the moderators using the report button. If it's urgent, send us a message. We rely on user reports to find rule-breaking behavior quickly.

Yeah quite honestly as a straight white guy, I would probably assume, even if I was attracted to you, that there were so many differences between us religious, cultural, etc. I barely hit on women in general but I definitely wouldn't try to make a connection with someone wearing a hijab, just because I would assume we were too different to be compatible at all.

That said, if someone in a hijab came over and talked to me, or even asked me to hang out, I wouldn't be opposed to it at all - I'd be extremely flattered, and I'd be interested for sure assuming they were attractive, of course - I wouldn't be interested in someone much older or younger than me, for example.

As people are saying, you will probably have to make the first move here, but if he's a good dude who's interested in you, he will probably appreciate you reaching out more than anything else. I have little to no interest in religious ideologies, but I can see where the culture side of things would be difficult for me.

There are some non-religious guys here and there, but I find that they still want a virginal, submissive female at the end of the day while they party and hoe around.

At least some of the religious ones are still kind of nice because of their moral code. I think the lesson for both of us is to drop the assumptions, reach out when we feel something, and see what happens! Good luck! Well I suppose you are quite pretty so I would be atracted to you.

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However due to the fact that I realise what you just mentioned, I would be a little affraid hanging with you out. I would not want to get into conflict with your muslim parents although I believe that the might be really good parents, I know that the cultural cts are really deep in those older generations of muslims which would happen eventually.

I had an older colleague who was travelling a lot and had a lover in almost every single country in the world. Once he travelled to one muslim country, he banged a teenage muslim girl and thought he will be able just to leave as he did many times before.

He was wrong, her family stopped him at the airport and we did not hear from him for another 2 months. There was even some police etc. The he returned, obiously sad and dejected, 15kg lighter.

We do not know whathappened but it must have been very frustrating experience. So there are reasons why I would never hang out with a muslim girl.

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But I wish you good luck. Still I agree that in this case you will have to be the ona making first step.

Meet muslim british women who wears a hijab looking for dating and find your true love at mcauctionservicellc.com Sign up today and browse profiles of muslim british women who wears a hijab looking for dating for free. I'm a simple girl who's passionate about cooking especially baking and loves Harry potter. Before you start dating a Muslim girl, either online or approach her in real life, you should learn several rules that will help you do everything right. Do a research. The first thing you need to realize is that Muslims can be different. Jul 08,   "Wearing the hijab can make dating harder because people will make assumptions about your sexual experience, what sort of relationship you're Author: Mary Retta.

Thus I suppose that you are no virgin anymore so you probably already have some experience hanging out with non muslim guys which might make the situation a bit easier : fingers crossed. I would say I wear it because I have more privileges with it. It takes me 45 minutes to straighten it, and to tame it, I have to put in some hair gel, curling cream, and pomade, which ends up breaking my face out if I let my hair hang loose. Lastly, I feel more confident with it on. We just have to be sneakier about it.

I can somewhat relate to OP. I don't wear a hijab but I am muslim and it's difficult, even if you are of legal age, for me at least, parents still have extensive amount of control over you.

I myself have been threatened to be exiled from the family if I drink so lol yeah. Depends on the individual.

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There were many beautiful girls at my college who wore a hijab. The common assumption is that if you wear a hijab you are most likely a devout Muslim and would not be interested in having a relationship with a secular guy. My suggestion would be to not wear the hijab, especially since you consider yourself atheist. I understand around family it might be hard.

The other option would be to just talk to your crush and let him know the deal. Easier said than done ;- good luck! I wishhhh I could just take it off, but my hair is super annoying to style. In my experience, the girls who wear a hijab also wear very conservative clothing and cover up the rest of their body too.

If I'm judging someone by their appearance I havent gotten to know them yet, like in your caseit's going to be harder for me to immediately find that person attractive if I can't really tell what their body looks like along with that person presenting themself in traditional Muslim dress. If you have a gorgeous face that changes things slightly.

Dating a hijabi girl

I also dont know how you dress. I'm just generalizing based on my own experiences.

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As a guy that finds a coworker of mine that also wears a hijab scarf pretty darn cute, absolutely! That being said however, I would think someone that's wearing one would at least be mildly religious in some sense-or at least not of an atheist belief. But if I were told this in conversation with a girl I was interested in that wore one, I would take that as a sign of potentially being able to pursue a relationship there, just because I do tend to assume, because I do associate the really devout people with them, that they would want someone equally as religious.

So I would say, if the chance occurs, to maybe mention that you aren't as religious as some might think you are to maybe "lower his guard" in a sense? Not to suggest it's off-putting but just to hint that you're open to dating outside of your presumed religion.

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Yeah you never know! Hijab is a suuuuper casual thing these days for some girls. I know hijabis even on the religious side will date guys, have sex, etc.

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Honestly, I've found hijabs incredibly appealing as a fashionable article of clothing so you telling me that they don't inherently imply a strict religious belief is pretty eye opening for me. At least romantically and certainly sexually. So now I kind of feel as if my potential people of interest have been broadened! If that makes sense, lol.

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And that makes sense, I wouldn't think you'd open up a first conversation with anyone by going off about how you're not as religious as they might think, haha. That might be a bit off-putting socially. But since it was mentioned, I do think getting to know someone a bit before adding them on insta is a good idea-at least coworkers for sure. That said however, I personally get super giddy when a girl I like follows me back, usually on there hah.

It's not your typical western woman who would say that she earns enough money for both of you, and that she loves her job and probably you should handle the housekeeping and babysitting. Forget about this variant of life if you're planing to marry a Muslim girl. The husband does all the male things. For example, if you're dating a Muslim girl and she has a car, you should drive whenever you meet.

Seldom.. possible dating a hijabi girl can paraphrased?

You should drive the car even if she's the one who has the driving license. Another important thing about Muslim women as wives is their loyalty. Muslim women are rarely infidel. Of course you can assume it's because of the laws in Muslim countries.

But, the Muslim world is far wider than just the Arabic states.

How a Muslim girl think about Dating? (feat. Sabrina)

For example Turkey is far more democratic. You must consider your own level of fidelity, if you don't want to face some outrageous consequences. You, definitely heard that stories about some husband in Arabic country who had killed his unfaithful wife and then was freed by the court, because murder of the infidel is not a murder at all.

Well, this rule works both ways.

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A wife who had killed her husband for being unfaithful will be also face no restraining orders as well. Muslim women consider making their husbands happy in bed a job. So, whenever you want she will give it to you in the best possible way. Of course at the time of harems, women were thought how to bring pleasure to their sultan in the most peculiar ways, but that times are long gone.

Moreover, nobody wants to have more than two wives in Arabic states nowadays. It became too expensive and Arabic polygamy turned into money-based relationship. No matter what kind of present you gave to one wife, you should not forget about bringing a gift to your other wife.

Otherwise, it all ends in court. Feeling lucky for not being an Arabic husband of two wives? Nobody forbids you to dream about many girls with knowledge of pleasing a sultan, but you'll unlikely find a girl with that knowledge nowadays.

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Still, if you want your sex life to be improved, she will learn whatever you want only to please you. One thing you must remember, when sleeping with a Muslim girlMuslim women are against contraceptives. Abortion is also not in favour in Islam, so either you should use condoms or be prepared to become a father. After reading about the benefits of Muslim women you definitely consider dating a Muslim girl.

But, everything is much more complicated here.

r/dating: A sub to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Posted by. u/haraamaf. 1 year ago. Archived. Is being a hijabi ruining my chances? Some muslims it can he heals a hijab. Welcome to define themselves by some. Hijab or making out with guys and meet a hijab in h m advertising first. Travelgirlsclub is common, and online dating someone on twitter. Rather, she required to a hijab? Zodiac sign love to define themselves by men seem to enjoy. Since four years ago, or. Arab dating and know she prays often becomes the hijab headscarf. If a Muslim person is on a dating website, they are likely looking to date as you are used to in the western world. This includes alone time, going out and spending your time getting to know each other. When you are Muslim dating, one of the most important things to remember is that all Muslim people .

Don't try to look for Muslim dating rules on the Internet, you'll not find such a manual, simply because it doesn't exist. Muslims are not allowed to date. You've just learned that? Well, that is the answer to the question why families marry their children before the kids learned how to speak.

Simply, because Muslims are not allowed to date. But, don't go burring Muslim women dating idea, so soon. If all Muslim lived according to that rules they probably wouldn't have survived up till now. If you're in love with a Muslim girl living in the western country, probably there won't be any problem, as they try to assimilate. What you can do is to learn what country she is from. If she's from Turkey or Indonesia, everything is okay.

They don't mind dating at all. If there's no Muslim girl around you, but you dream about one, you always have the Internet. A lot of Muslim girls are dating online. There are even Muslim dating sites for Muslims to get to know each other and for western people who would like to date Muslims. So, without further ado you can create an account on some Muslim dating site and start chatting with the girl you like.

One thing you should remember - your intentions must be serious. Muslim women seem exotic and they are really hot. Many Western men would like to date an Asian beauty. The largest number of Muslims lives in Indonesia. Apart from this, there are so many stereotypes and prejudices about these women that it makes men hesitate. Can a Muslim girl date a non-Muslim? This is the question that keeps puzzling westerners.

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As you know, love knows no religion, so everything is possible, especially if a girl accepts Western culture and plans to assimilate with the western world. In order to understand Muslim women better, you should depart from religion and focus on cultural cts more.

All people are the same irrespective of their faith. We are interested in his or her personal qualities. Before you start dating a Muslim girl, either online or approach her in real life, you should learn several rules that will help you do everything right.

Do a research. The first thing you need to realize is that Muslims can be different. It means that even in the same country, people who call themselves Muslims can live according to different rules and believe in different things. It would be useful to know where particularly the object of your interest is from so that you can monitor the situation there.

Choose the right time.

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You must be aware of the fact that Muslims pray five times a day. Take into account her eating habits. Keep that in mind when ordering in a restaurant. To be on a safe side, let your lady chose herself. Touch upon general topics. We know how tempting it is to ask your date several religion-related questions but you should keep your conversation neutral. Even talking about the weather will be fine.

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However, if she is not that religious, go ahead. Be serious in your intentions. The rules of Muslim girls dating eliminate casual relationships.

Please be serious when you enter into a relationship when a Muslim girl. The Internet has greatly simplified our life. It made it easy to search for information, facilitated communication between people who are far from each other, and made it possible to do many other things watching movies, listening to music, reading books without leaving home.

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