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I go to concerts, out to eat, we sometimes have sex. We listen to music, curse like sailors and sometimes drink like themand we stay up all night if we want to. A couple who consciously decides on having a kid although vastly more challenging is like a couple getting a pet. They have this thing which they plan on raising and are prepared to face the challenge together.

The same thing goes for a single mom and child who decide to introduce a new male role model. Although the mother is the one who ultimately makes the decision, the child will be just as much a participant in the relationship as the mother. Assuming the kids are yours, then you were at some point, number one in her life.

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The parent poster has a valid point in that it would be far more difficult to come into someones life if they already have a kid and you are the new factor.

Wow, so I'm already living the life of a man dating a single mom-just missing the part where I'm not alone. But you're still willing to come baby sit now and then, right? I just put in a new hitching post in the backyard The question was: "Would you date a single Mom? On the music and swearing, lighten up. Let the kids listen to it, they do anyway when you're not around.

Teach the to be responsible with their language and that their emotion holds the power not the words they use. Teach them what it means to offend people and appropriate uses of words. Please stop the madness that is peoples over reactions to words that are perceived to be dirty. The constant censorship of radio and tv needs to stop. We all know the words and they don't hurt you.

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If male chimpanzees even THINK that there is a possibility that an offspring is not from them or their "tribe", they will kill them and the whole tribe will eat them. No one will read this because it is at the bottom of comments.

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It just doesn't seem right to help raise another mans child. However, I could see a divorced older man with kids being OK with this. I'm dating a single mom with two kids We are both 30 yrs old. Her son is shy but is warming up to me She's out of control and I wish mom dealt with her differently. I don't like not having control of what she does with them.

The screaming shit you mean?

I know exactly what you're talking about. The 4 year old does the same to an extent because she has figured out she can get her way by doing that sometimes. The 4 year old is also getting a little too mouthy for me BUT sometimes I want to jump off our 3rd story balcony. I guess it helps that we have a garage and I can go build these for hours!

Grandparent here: "time out", "the naughty step" and firm consistency have worked wonders with our grandchild. If things and it happens rarely now get out of hand, our grandchild is told once "if the behavior continues then you'll get a time out.

One time, when his parents were visiting, he was starting to act up and daddy said "If you do that again then the toy will be taken away.

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He did so I took the toy away. He whined about "it was an accident" and dad and I reminded him that he was told "if it happens again" what would happen. That type of problem has not recurred at our house. Because girls my age who have kids and are single to me are a HUGE indicator of who not to go out with.

To me it seems like they don't have their act together. If they did, they most likely wouldn't be single with kid s. No - kids are a pain in the ass, and I would never put myself in a situation where I would have to deal with the little shits on a frequent basis.

My ex was a bit of a mommas boy. In her eyes, he could do no wrong. He can't hold a job, doesn't take responsibility for himself and finds a way to make his problems someone else's fault. When we were dating, she would try to tell me ways i can make his life easier by cleaning and cooking for him, making sure he wasn't late for work ect. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support . get premium. u/MarianneAnnonymous follow unfollow. created by MarianneAnnonymous a community for 5 hours. about moderation team discussions in u/MarianneAnnonymous X. I'm dating a MAMA'S boy! 1. I'm dating a MAMA'S boy! Welcome to , the front. Dating/dated a mommas boy. I broke up with my EX because I didn't feel like I was dating a man. His family enables him, he is not responsible for any bills except his car note and insurance, Has no desire to move out on his own or with roommates (at least he was being honest) & his mother encourages him that he doesn't have to, on top of.

If you're under 30, the only scenario that gets a "yes" is if you're a widow. Teenage oopsies and quick divorces are severe turn-offs.

I wouldn't, as I'd have no genetic interest in raising another man's children. Before you downvote me, consider that that's what this thread is really about. I came here looking to post this answer. I think of this situation as similar to Idiocracy. You could have some jackass who has kids and then bolts, and now you come in and care for his children!? No thanks. Even if I could think of the kids as awesome etc, they still wouldn't be my kids. I think I would feel like a permanent babysitter, not a father.

I want to be a father eventually, not a babysitter. I don't want to eat your kids, so I'm not gonna seek out partners where I need to. I'd think about it a little more carefully, but if I thought you were worth it it certainly wouldn't stop me.

I don't think I'm emotionally mature enough never been in a relationship to handle something like that just yet. A single mom wants a relationship where it's okay for the needs of her kid to supercede those of her man. Men willing to put up with this are few and far between, but we do exist. Most men just dislike sharing attention like that. I have two kids from a previous marriage, and she has one. The three of them get along incredibly well and are happy in the situation.

We are able to do "family" things as far as that word applies to us as well as "couple" things. It can be a strain sometimes but most of the time it works out fine.

Dec 10,   I'm dating a momma's boy right now. For our Thanksgiving potluck (at his mom's house) his dish was ravioli. Frozen ravioli. That his mom had picked up from the grocery store. his mom even put the water on for him. My mom had this problem throughout most of my childhood. She'd meet a guy, and as soon as they found out she had kids, they'd bail. This was after dating for a while, after several successful dates. Mind you, my mom wasn't looking for me to have a dad-I had a pretty decent, albeit completely female, support network growing up. Not a "mama's boy", but I did date a "daddy's boy". It was awful. We came from different cultural backgrounds, which wasn't a problem between us until his dad made complaints that I wasn't meeting his standards of a proper woman. His father would control his life constantly, including his entertainment, education, and where/when we could hang out.

Most dads are raising their own children or children they believe to be theirs When it does happen it is usually because the kid and mother are an all or nothing deal. A single mom is going to find a more understanding partner in a single dad because he will understand where her priorities lie, because his will be the same. It is hard to do, but in my relationship, it has got to the point where I feel the same way, I will cancel plans if my girls daughter is sick or anything like that without a second thought, they have totally become my first priority.

It just took some time to get there. Oh I know what you mean about the yell-at-and-jerk-around kids thing. Its an instant turn off. I would strongly hesitate, but only because of anecdotal evidence. I've seen too many times where the single mom was just looking for someone to take care of her and the kid, and don't really care about the dude. I'll just leave a disclaimer now about how I don't think all women are like that, just too many for me to trust their intentions initially.

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As long as she's willing to have more with me. I'd treat that kid as my own flesh and blood. I generally agree with you. Same goes for anyone who got married that young and are now divorced and looking for a new husband. I believe that people can change, but so far, everyone I know that had a kid that young is still stupid now that they are older, most actually got married that young as well, and all but 1 are either in horrible relationships or divorced.

When i'm looking for someone to date, i generally look at the prospects for the future. Unfortunately, I am strongly opposed to committing time and resources to raising another man's kids. I want to pass on my genetic material, not someone elses. I'm 29, she's 38, her kid is 15, and I now live with them. I get along great with her kid, she's totally awesome and we geek out about a lot of stuff together.

She's a huge fan of Scrubs, so when I was first dating my gf one of the first things I did was get caught up on 8 seasons of it. She calls me Vanilla Bear and we're always doing The Todd-style high-fives.

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I met one my senior year in college. We were together for about 2 years before i legally adopted the daughter, then we got married about a year later. Marriage lasted about 4 years, but the adoption was a great decision. She's still my daughter and I'm still her dad. My life decisions up to this point havent been the best, but the initial decision to date a single mom lead to the best decision of my life so far.

When I'm dating, I'm game to date almost anyone. However, the exception to my rule is single mothers. You see, I enjoy sex, but I do not enjoy having children. Don't get me wrong, I rather enjoy children. I have many younger cousins and they make me smile and sometimes make me feel more important than I am when they ask me for advice.

However, my favorite part of children is that I am not their parent.

My sister told me she would not date a guy with mommy issues but IDK what she meant. Me and my mom come from different worlds since she is Nigerian born and raised and I was mostly raised in the western world. So I just avoid talking to her about certain issues or . Nov 14,   Here's a list of the daily struggles you might face while dating a mama's boy: 1. He will never truly be independent. No matter how old he is, she will always come over I agree about mom coming first. My dad was always a mommas the family from Michigan to Alabama to be close to his momma. Once we all had the flue thought it so important he go see his mother,he left all three of us sick abed cause he HAD to be with his mother on xmas or the world would just come to an end.

I enjoy socializing and interacting with children, but not disciplining, worrying about their well being or providing for them. I don't want to be a parent.

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This is a lifestyle choice. I don't want children. How does this figure into dating a single mother? I religiously practice safe sex. A condom, every time all the time. No condom, no fucking. Single mothers are already in a situation with children.

Be it through a marriage or an accident, they have their child and love them. And good for them! Being a parent is not an easy thing to do and being a good one is worthy of honor. My situation is such that I do not desire this position, honor or no. Basically, my problem with dating a single mother is that I KNOW what will happen in case of an "accident".

If the birth control fails, the single mother will, without a doubt, keep the baby and I will be in a situation I do not want to be in.

That's pretty much all it is. In my opinion, children are for married couples that both agree they want to put themselves third priority in a relationship behind the child first, and their spouse second.

I am not in such a position and therefore, I don't desire to date a single mother. Not a knock on moms at all, but my life's desires are not parallel with dating a single mother.

To those that DO date single moms do not take this as an offense.

Dating a mommas boy reddit

Please take it as "Hey, this guy doesn't want them, more for me! Kids are, generally speaking, fucking retarded and annoying. At this point in my life 25the only way I think I could stand being around a kid during my free time is that if it were mine.

At least then I'd have the somewhat-pride of knowing that I've 'sewn my oats', so to speak. I'm glad things are working for you but "They're my kids and I'll decide what's best for them! I think I could handle the kids not respecting my opinions but having my SO make all the rules on how the kids are being raise would not work for me.

Getting into a relationship where you're kind of forced to be a parent and then not having having a say in how parenting should happen is no good.

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Yes, I'm dating a single mom with two daughters who I have grown to love very much as if they where my own. I can say it makes it ruff at times, but it is completely worth it, just because of the simple fact, all those ladies make me very happy.

Most guys I know, myself included when I was single, were never adverse to dating a single Mom. The problem however, is when we start being looked or feel we are being evaluated at in terms of potential Fatherhood. It can be rather off-putting to say the least. The thing about single moms is, they know how shitty it can be thus, why they're single Now I'm 35 and dating another single mom and we've been together almost a year so far and I'm starting to get pretty attached to her girls as she is to my boys, having two different schedules with kids makes life interesting at times, but I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Single mom's I found are a bit more grounded, something I liked, and more responsible than most women of the same age. Would and have a couple of times. It was not enjoyable though. At the time the kids were a pain in the ass. No way. The younger the girls the more likely I'd want to stay away, and I couldn't bring myself to raise another man's children.

There were some difficulties but nothing too hard. There were some issues with the kid, like for a while, whenever I'd hug the girl, the kid would try to push us apart, but that went away after a while when the kid started to like me more.

I think the hardest part of the whole kid-ct was her style of discipline wasn't what I thought child discipline should be.

But, again, we worked that out as well. We don't date anymore, but I'm still good friends with her and her daughter who's 8 now and a great kid. Edit: To clarify, the kid wasn't the reason we broke up, there were other issues, and I would have no problem dating a woman with a kid again. I did when I was about 28 or Best sex ever. Don't tell my wife I still think about that. She had two daughters, about 7 and 3. I liked them a lot, and they liked me a lot.

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It was a little uncomfortable when the younger one started calling me "daddy" after I'd met her two or three times. I think she didn't really know the definition of "daddy", and just thought it meant any male. But I've always liked kids who weren't my own. I think this is pretty uncommon among men, especially men who don't have kids. I'm a happily married man, but I'll throw my hypothetical two cents in since the "No, my wife would kill me" comment is taken.

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Like anything, it depends on the circumstances, and most of that comes with age. There's a major stigma against single Moms as evidenced by the OP's questionand some of it is deserved. Things get FAR more complicated when a child is involved, even when you're married. It all comes down to her situation and your ability to be okay with helping to possibly raise someone else's child.

You'll become the breadwinner, the sole childcare provider, or both. Don't enter someone else's mess unless you're ready to assume the responsibility that they lack. I dated a single mom for 5 years and raised her daughter as my own during that time.

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I'm not looking for a date Edit: If not, say why. If you already are - some insight into how you feel about her kid s. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment!

What Is It Like To Date A Mama's Boy? We Asked A Dating Coach - Pillow Talk

Create an account. I guess it's none of my business who she dates, actually. Sorry to sound like a douche. So anyway, that was a tangent. And I'm still laughing. I already have a playroom set up. Isn't the mom supposed to be the one to go? I will soon reach a point where single mums are the more viable options.

This graph represents my position on the issue. I can't do any of those things with kids. And feelings. Fuck no. A 31 year old single mom? Why not? Maybe the one you dated was the problem? To turn it around, female ors: would you date a single dad? Really they do it because baby chimpanzees are delicious.

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I'm not sure if I'll ever want kids, let alone someone else's. They are called dads. You know they put out. Hopefully one day I see different. Hell, I bet I could date moms.

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I'm not raising some other dude's kid. His mom is his entire world and he'll see any joke made at her dispense, a personal dig and will not be able to let it go - no matter how much you reassure him you like her. It's just not worth it. Keep your mouth shut and send it to the girls chat instead; they'll give you the laughs you deserve. Ever get home from work and wonder why you've hardly heard from your SO all day? Only for him to tell you he's been "crazy busy" and hasn't had chance to look at his phone all day?

Haven't we all. But of course if you saw his inbox you would see that he's not been "too busy" to respond to his mom earlier this afternoon. My advice, don't even bother confronting him about it, he'll just look at you blankly and say, "but that's my mom, that doesn't count.

If you ever ask him to do any household task, he'll make at least five phone calls to his mom to make sure he is doing it right - that's if she doesn't just come over and do it for him.

It's only natural for somebody who has had things handed to them their whole life to struggle to understand the importance of hard work. It isn't necessarily his fault, but then again it isn't yours either, so why should you suffer because of it?

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The best way to get him out of this bad habit is try to guide him in the right direction with support and encouragement. There is nothing more infuriating than someone who just expects good things to happen for them with no effort. He needs to get out of this awful habit in order to succeed in life - and to keep hold of your relationship. We all know that man flu is a very real thing, but when he's a mama's boy, it's so much worse. And no matter how much you try and make him feel better, you won't be doing it right.

It won't be long until his mother is over making soup and complaining about the lack of housework you seem to do. The best thing to do when man flu strikes is leave them to it. That way, you don't have to deal with him whining about being sick and he gets his "mom time" without you having to take the brunt of her judgment. And that's something special to hold on to. By Danielle Harrod. However, you definitely deserve a little more credit for dealing with an overbearing mother.

Here's a list of the daily struggles you might face while dating a mama's boy: 1.

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