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Contact Ron Nakao at consult-ssds lists. Rosenfeld, Michael J. Thomas, and Maja Falcon. Thanks, and sorry for any difficulties. I acknowledge core funding support from the U.

The study will provide answers to the following research questions: Do traditional couples and nontraditional couples meet in the same way? What kinds of couples are more likely to have met online?

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Have the most recent marriage cohorts especially the traditional heterosexual same-race married couples met in the same way their parents and grandparents did?

Does meeting online lead to greater or less couple stability?

during the speed-dating event? expnum: Out of the 20 people you will meet, how many do you expect will be interested in dating you? We want to know what you look for in the opposite sex. Waves Please rate the importance of the following attributes in a potential date on a scale of (1=not at all important, 10=extremely important). Sep 26,   The dating app has pages of information on me, and probably on you too if you are also one of its 50 million users. In March I asked Tinder to grant me access to my personal data. The dataset also includes questionnaire data gathered from participants at different points in the process. These fields include: demographics, dating habits, self-perception across key attributes, beliefs on what others find valuable in a mate, and lifestyle information.

How do the couple dissolution rates of nontraditional couples compare to the couple dissolution rates of more traditional same-race heterosexual couples? How does the availability of civil union, domestic partnership or same-sex marriage rights affect couple stability for same-sex couples?

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This study will provide the first nationally representative data on the couple dissolution rates of same-sex couples. Principal Investigator:. Funding Agency:.

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How to Cite this Dataset:. Contact Email:. Unit of Analysis:.

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Type of data collection:. Time of data collection:. Wave I, the main survey, was fielded between February 21 and April 2, Wave 2 was fielded March 12, to June 8, Wave 3 was fielded March 22, to August 29, Wave 4 was fielded between March and November of Wave 5 was fielded between November, and March, Dates for the background demographic surveys are described in the User's Guide, under documentation below.

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Geographic coverage:. Smallest geographic unit:.

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Sample description:. Sample response rate:.

A totally new survey, HCMST , fielded in the summer of , with a fresh sample of 3, American adults, with lots of new questions about phone dating apps and other ways of meeting and dating. This new dataset is available on a separate page: Exploring the Speed Dating dataset Rmarkdown script using data from Speed Dating Experiment 10, views 4y ago. 6. Copy and Edit. Version 16 of Report. Exploring Speed Dating. 1 Introduction 2 Initialisations 3 Clean the data 4 Analyse the data 5 Create data to feed Gephi 6 Create data to feed Neo4J. What attributes influence the selection of a romantic partner?

If we include the the prior initial Random Digit Dialing phone contact and agreement to join the Knowledge Networks panel participation rate For further information on the calculation of response rates, and relevant citations, see the Note on Response Rates in the documentation. Response rates for the subsequent waves of the HCMST survey are simpler, using the denominator of people who completed wave 1 and who were eligible for follow-up.

Response to wave 2 was Response rate to wave 3 was Response rate to wave 4 was Response to wave 6 was See "Notes on the Weights" in the Documentation section. Web site or document download link s :. User's Guide with basic information about data sources and variable layout, version 5, June 16, Codebook with frequencies Waves 1, 2, and 3, data version 3. Notes on the coding of open text Q24, ated for version 3 "How did you meet. Wave 2 first follow-up survey instrument Date Oct 24, Wave 3 second follow-up survey instrument Date July 30, Codebook for wave 4 supplment version 1.

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Questionnaire instrument for wave 5 supplement version 1. Codebook for wave 5 supplement, version 1. Questionnaire instrument for wave 6 supplement version 1. Codebook for wave 6, version 1. To view data file link splease agree to the following conditions:.

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The data I download from the Data Archive will not be used to identify individuals. I will not charge a fee for the data if I distribute it to others. I will inform the contact person for each dataset about work I do using their dataset.

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This helps us keep an accurate bibliography. See each data page for its contact email.

Nov 03,   A very large dataset (N=68, 2, variables) from the dating site OKCupid is presented and made publicly available for use by others. As an example of the analyses one can do with the dataset, a cognitive ability test is constructed from 14 suitable items. To validate the dataset and the test, the relationship of cognitive ability to religious beliefs and political interest/participation Cited by: Jan 19,   Here is a dataset from a czech dating site - LibimSeTi: Collaborative filtering dataset - dating agency Here's a private-entry Kaggle contest using this data: Stat / Online Dating Profile Recommender Some of the challenges of profile matchi. Learn more about including your datasets in Dataset Search. ????????? ?Deutsch? ?English? ?Espanol (Espana)? ?Espanol (Latinoamerica)? ?Francais? ?Italiano? ????? ????? ?Nederlands? Polski? ?Portugues? ?? ????? ?Turkce? ?????? ???(??)? ??????.

I will cite the data appropriately. See each data page for its bibliographic citation.

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Data file link s :. HCMST version 3.

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HCMST wave 4 supplement, version 1. HCMST wave 5 supplement, ver 1. HCMST wave 6 supplement, ver 1.

Dating dataset

We are physical creatures. We need materiality. Tinder knows me so well.

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It knows how often you connect and at which times; the percentage of white men, black men, Asian men you have matched; which kinds of people are interested in you; which words you use the most; how much time people spend on your picture before swiping you, and so on. Personal data is the fuel of the economy.

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What will happen if this treasure trove of data gets hacked, is made public or simply bought by another company? I can almost feel the shame I would experience. The thought that, before sending me these pages, someone at Tinder might have read them already makes me cringe.

The data is still out there. So why does Tinder need all that information on you?

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Unfortunately when asked how those matches are personalised using my information, and which kinds of profiles I will be shown as a result, Tinder was less than forthcoming. The trouble is these pages of my most intimate data are actually just the tip of the iceberg.

Eventually, your whole existence will be affected.

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As a typical millennial constantly glued to my phone, my virtual life has fully merged with my real life. There is no difference any more. Tinder is how I meet people, so this is my reality. It is a reality that is constantly being shaped by others - but good luck trying to find out how.

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