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Ayla Newhouse is a designer, social entrepreneur and creative consultant. Dating by Design is her first self-published book that aims to help the reader navigate the complexities of modern love to improve the quality, health and durability of their relationships. So, hi, I'm Ayla. I'm an interaction designer and visual designer. And three years ago, I started a block called Dating By Design. Um, today, you know, talk to you about that. It's all about using the terms, tools and techniques of design and applying them to modern relationships so we can understand both a little bit better.

So this is Ahh, sort of initial, um, list that I made of all the letters and different words. So there's everything from a four Dent's to attractiveness, bias, expectation, maps.

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Too bad breaks Kern ing to objectivity. So I'm going to share with you the 1st 6 letters of my alphabet. A is for alignment.

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So alignment is the foundation of really great design, a visual design and also of relationships where we should look for alignment on things like values, morals and goals. Ah, and design.

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We use the grid and then break it perhaps has a good idea. Ah, in relationships as well. B is for body storming, kind of like brain storing.

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But instead of using a pencil, you use your whole body. So one example of that in design is to use, you know, cardboard or paper prototypes and act out a scenario. There's probably lots of ways you could do that in relationships as well. Ah si is for constraints, so complete creative control sounds like fun, but it's definitely more interesting and creatively rewarding with constraints.

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It's tempting to stay free and unattached in our relationships, but that can make them cheap, insignificant or boring. There's this sort of exploratory and narrowing process that we go through as designers, um, with dating. It starts with socializing and the narrowing in on potential partners.

The second half of the Double Diamond is about refining, building and testing, but few designs last forever. The flecks of our lives and the world mean that we might need a re designer, perhaps a few design ates over the years. And there's nothing wrong with going through this cycle multiple times, not just ending at the end.

So use for empathy, our innate ability to sense what another person is feeling. As Dan Pink says.

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It's about standing in someone shoes, seeing with their eyes or feeling with their hearts. Um, it's not about sympathy. It's about really feeling what another person is feeling. And I think that's a good tool not only for designers but also for people in relationships.

Ah, office for feedback, which can be hard as a client, a designer or a data, but you can't avoid it.

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It's unhealthy. Ah, feedback has to be positive, constructive, specific and timely. And when you're getting it right, you should tell someone that as well. I'm not sure what she is for yet.

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If you have other ideas, let me know. Um, I'll be writing the next one on my block very soon. Um, so aside from writing in the block, I've also been doing a few services for, uh, people in the dating by design realm I've helped people create there are of pee or request for proposals dating personas to help you understand who you're looking for, who you have been dating and maybe shouldn't be, Ah, relationship audits.

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And I'd really love to do a Charette to help some people design a weekend tio to work together. I can be it be found at the design Walk in clinic from January 22nd 2 26 during design week at the Gladstone being a design doctor and residents. So stop by for a consultation then and also fall along with my blogged at dating by design dot c a.

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Being both practical and flexible, Dating by Design is a dynamic model guiding you to enjoy sexual relationships while having no drama, less hurt and heartbreak, less stress, less confusion, but way more pleasure and fun! In other words, more emotional balance, physical health & vitality, greater peace of mind, a clear head and conscience. The Design Patterns Conspiracy: How It All Happened When the Gang, as well as Grady, Christopher, and the Fifth member of the Gang of Four, Steve Swillvellis, were in college, they invented the ultimate reusable set of patterns for the most complex system of interactions available: dating.5/5(5).

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Ayla Newhouse is a designer, social entrepreneur and creative consultant. Blending humour with practical advice and wisdom, she applies the tools, strategies, methods and ideas of some of history's greatest designers to the often-challenging realm of human relationships.://">Dating by Design is her first self-published book that aims to help the reader navigate the. His Personal Relationship Manager (Dating by Design #1), Statistically Improbable (Dating by Design #2), and Narcissistic Tendencies (Dating by Design #3)Author: Jennifer Peel. Matchmakers and dating service companies have the specific mission to help individuals connect and find friendship and love. Quality branding for a dating app, matchmaking company, networking or relationship consultants should speak to your target audience and let them know that your services will help them find the connection they are seeking.

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