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Thank you so much for this information! It would have taken me a very long time to locate all this information, if indeed I was ever able to. Hi Shane! First of all, great chronology. Second, there are three stamp variations missing from your timeline.

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Green Leaf. Red Circus. Family Flair: Pink Petal. Turquoise Blue. Emerald Green Band.

Aqua Sprayed Borders. Ruby Scroll. Blue Trains.

Sponsored by Corelle is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. Corning Museum of Glass. Sep 11, Corning Ware Marks and Mayhem - General Dating of Corning Ware Back Stamps I think it's time to touch on the dates associated with certain marks. I have avoided this subject, primarily because with Corning Ware, it is not an exact science. Dating Pyrex Kitchenware Estimating the age of Pyrex opal glass kitchenware can most often be done by observing a few basic characteristics. While colors and styles of decoration reflected consumer tastes at the time of production, the first thing to look at is the backstamp.

Corning Crown. Lime Green.

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Ruby Maroon Band. Platinum Sprayed Borders. Copper Filigree.

By , the Pyrex line featured 22 different pieces that served various purposes. Many Pyrex collectors love changing their displays with the seasons, like this one for Halloween. Pyrex Colors. But the colored vintage Pyrex bowls, which debuted in and lasted well into . Some dates of availability have been ated since the original release of PYREX Passion. Flamingo Lime Opal / Winter Frost White Opal with Gold Trim ca late s. Desert Dawn (Yellow) Desert Dawn (Pink) Pink Turquoise Yellow (Pale). English Pyrex is common in Australia, as JAJ was Agee Pyrex's main competitor for decades. Most JAJ Pyrex is clearly marked ENGLAND or MADE IN ENGLAND, although some dishes only have the JAJ crown, or the JAJ crown with the word PYREX. JAJ did not use the name "Crown" - the company's products were always marketed under the brand name "Pyrex".

White Opal. Many restaurants and hotel chains ordered customized dinnerware patterns directly from Corning Glass Works. Bradford House Restaurant. GSI on Ebony. Jiffy Drive In. Palmer House or Hilton Hotel.

Hospital for Joint Diseases. Grants: The Skillet. Northern Illinois University. Hilton Hotel.

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Waffle House. Omelet Shoppe. Hotel Texas. Rodger Young Auditorium. GSI Restaurant. Kent State. La Salle Hotel. Alaskan Air Command. Naval Hospital. Strategic Air Command. Pacific Air Forces. Submarine Warfare Division. My Mother has a bit of the Cornflower and still uses their dishes for everyday, mix of the blue and the plain white. What if there is no stamp at all? We bought an old house and it is full of dishes.

I have several pieces of the blue cornflower, but I have not been successful in locating any stamps. Does this mean it is not authentic?

I would have to see them My first instinct is that they are the Hologram stamps; which are virtually impossible to see. I would actually have to see the pieces to know for sure.

Dating english pyrex

If you have a chance, you can email photos to corningware gmail. Ok, thank you for replying! I will get pictures and send them to you : Thanks, Amanda. I concur with Shane.

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I have one that was my grandmother's, and the "lack" of a stamp left me wondering. My grandmother would NEVER buy a fake, it was new in box, and given where it was buried in the house, it had to be from decades before her death she died in I finally caught it in the right light, and saw the hologram stamp. Nice to find this site and confirm its era! I know they were produced by Corningware but I'm having a hard time getting much info on them. Any info you have would be appreciated.

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Not really sure about the canisters in particular, but most Merry Mushroom was available through Sears from ish. Do you have any information on Corning Ware made in Australia?

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I have quite a few items, so wondering if the codes mean the same wherever they were made, and that they would be pyroceram and not stoneware. You have a fabulous knowledge base here. Thank you for sharing via your blog. Great information. I have a Cornflower Blue 6-cup teapot. No other information noted, but the bottom has a swirly appearance in the center.

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Shane - Thank you for this very thorough overview. Of course, I have something that I can't quite pinpoint. Any ideas about this piece as I can't find anything on the net with a D 35 and yours is the only site that shows the exact embossed stamp. Thanks for any insights.

On both sides of the teapot at the lower right outside of the pattern is the 24 with a wavy line underneath the 24 laser etched into the teapot.

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What does that mean or refer to? Super helpful. I just came into some corningwear and I'm trying to figure out what is safe to use where. The items I'm most concerned about are an amazing set of Centura dishes in the "Graffia" pattern.

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I have some plain white that came with it that specifically say no microwave, and I've been reading that for a lot of Centura that is certainly true. But the Graffia ones do not say, and I'm having trouble dating them to figure out if they're pyroceram or not.

Thank you so much, hope someone may help!

This also includes most items marked "pyroceram tableware" as well. Both are embossed rather than printed, the first matches your first example with the stamp c, the second is the stylized snowflake with the mold number c Both have interesting lids, instead of the "knob" handles like my mom had when I was growing up, both pieces have "fin" lids.

Would this lid style denote any particular year they were made or was the lid style just a different option.

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The style of lids you are referring to fin lids were produced during the 1st and 2nd generation marks. So they are the proper lids for your 1st Gen pieces. Hello Shane!

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Is that something that is on all SOL that I have not noticed before or is it significant of something? Great info! I was wondering when the Corningware I inherited from my grandmother was manufactured, and now I know! Two are theand the third is Inherited stuff is the best! I also have her Griswold cast iron that was probably a wedding gift based on the stamp; she was married inbut didn't really buy household stuff for herself until they bought a house in I have two Cornflower meat platters, both marked P However, one has the traditional light blue flowers while other has cornflowers in a darker blue gray.

Where there two shades or is the darker version a production mistake? Thank you. There is a lot of variation in the shade of blue used for the design. Usually the greyer blue is older and the pastel-ish blue is the oldest.

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I've just started collecting Cornflower pieces and your page is wonderful. I read somewhere that as long as it is the Cornflower pattern and it's true stamped Corningware, it is stovetop safe. Is that accurate?

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I'm currently too scared to try any of it on the range, but boy would it simplify things if I could. What about AB on a 3 qt? Those are the model numbers assigned to individual sized pieces in the line They don't always make sense. Post them in the comments below!

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