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Cavanagh-Dobbs, Inc. John Cavanagh, Ltd. Hat Corporation of America. Champ Hats. Sunfast Hats. Dobbs Fifth Avenue.

So I decided to be "politicly incorrect" with the hat and let it stay in my Knox box. Dec 26, 5. That actually helped out a lot thank you! It's still tough to get any information on Knox Hats or their history so this is a nice ate of information. Thank you kindly.

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M Hatman likes this. Dec 26, 6. Your most certainly welcome. I, to have a hard time finding anything on Knox hats but i did find this site to whom I know the owner that posted a little bit of history of Knox hats and sells them from time to time. But welcome to the lounge!

Dating knox hats

Dec 26, 7. Thanks, I was very, disheartened to find them out of business. It's a shame that the times have changed for fashion. But on a lighter note, I'm glad to have found the lounge!

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Dec 26, 8. Amen to that! Dec 26, 9.

Jan 04,   Well back in the day Fedoras had different styles and costs. So Knox created the Knox 15 and 20 series hats. The Knox 15 cost 15 USD this it was average simple hat, but the Knox 20 series was made a bit better and more costly. I have mine as my avatar and they are wonderfull hats, but it looks like yours is a simple Knox 20, mine has more. New Listing Vintage Mens Dress Knox 5th Avenue Brown Hat, Premier Quality by Knox New York. $ 0 bids. $ shipping. Ending Jun 28 at PM PDT 6d 22h. Watch. Brand: HaT Color: Brown *Amazing* KNOX Fifteen Two-tone brim with patterned ribbon size 7. $ 0 bids. $ shipping. Vintage Knox Fedora FREE Ship to USA Brown Hat In The British Manner Knox The Hatters New York Sold At Spokane WA The Crescent Store For Men TeaRoseCottage2 5 out of 5 stars $ $ $ (25off).

Knox One of the premiere hat-makers in the day, along with Dobbs and Cavanagh, Knox positioned their hats as being the best money could buy, and had a knack for exploiting a market with slick advertising. Dec 26, Funny because I was just about to post this. His aim was to make the finest hat in the city. He succeeded and by he had the largest hat shop in the city. Famous customers included abe lincoln, henery clay and horace greely. That was during a reorganization period following the retirement of Colonel Edward M.

Knox, son of Founder Charles Knox, and before the arrival of the present management, which, under the leadership of President F. The felt hat, as everyone knows, is made from rabbit fur. According to ancient Chinese legend, the discovery of the felt hat resulted from the aching feet of a tired Chinaman. This Chinaman, rabbit hunting, had caught several rabbits.

In catching the rabbits, however, he had tramped many a mile, and sore and painful were his feet. So he skinned two of his rabbits, put their fur in his shoes, and quickly eased his throbs and burnings.

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How this experience resulted in felt hats rather than in felt shoes, legend does not relate, but it is undeniably true that the raw material for felt hats is the little animal with the long ears and the reputation for timidity and fertility. The hatter deals with heads as much as with hats, and many a famed head, including the heads of 23 U. S Presidents, has been protected and ornamented with Knox hats.

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The hatter, of course, takes a bird's-eye view of heads and in the Knox files are thousands of outlines technically known as "conforms" of heads as they appear when looked straight down at. Long and narrow were the heads of Theodore Roosevelt, Robert G.

Ingersoll, Victor Herbert. Short and pear-shaped were the heads of Ulysses S. Calvin Coolidge's cranium shows a distinct bump on the left side and William Howard Taft's has bumps on both sides.

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Manhattan's Jimmy Walker has the narrow oval head; Pittsburgh's Andrew Mellon is pronouncedly among the pear-heads. Knox men say that judges and generals have usually the same shaped heads. Among average size takers are Calvin Coolidge and Al Jolson.

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JFK's Hat Legacy. Dobbs changed the Roundel by moving the Dobbs name and curving it along the top. It became more elegant and ornate by prominently featuring the lions.

It was offered in several color schemes. This is also when the first oilskin tip protectors show up. Hat Corporation of America standardized their factory labels across all of the lines right around This standardized label continued for the rest of the decade until about One difference on some s labels is the inclusion of the patent number for a new finishing process, patented October 25,by John Garvan Cavanagh, son of John J.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Hats

They also feature the descriptors for each number, unlike the previous examples. The descriptors may mark a distinction in time and be used for dating purposes, but I need to collect more data.

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Both examples are show below. Hat Corporation of America did their part in the war effort by manufacturing uniforms caps for the U. Evidence suggests the possibility that at some point during World War II Dobbs changed from the Roundel and went back to the standard Dobbs crest.

The easiest method to date early Dobbs hats is through the Dobbs crest on the liner tips. Dobbs included the address in the crest, and because we know the dates and locations of their shops, we can be fairly certain on dating these hats to within a few years of accuracy. KNOX Hats AD Print Wall Art Vintage Hat Designs Decor Vintage Advertisement Original TailorUponIt. From shop TailorUponIt. 5 out of 5 stars reviews $ Favorite Add to. Knox built their reputation on the quality of their hats and genius for promoting the business which spent huge sums in the newspapers. The financial accounts of show that Knox Hat Co., Inc operated 62 retail stores and distributed through 2, agencies across .

Officer caps from this period feature both crests. There may be some overlap, though seems a reasonable point to give to the end of the Roundel. Here are two U. Army officer caps with different crests. It was designed to create price ceilings for similar products among various manufacturers within an industry. So, Hat Corporation of America, Stetson, Lee, and other hat manufacturers would agree on which hats among their various lines were similar, and abide by a fixed-price ceiling for these hats.

Sep 21,   A Knox hat company Twenty from the s. A Lee hat company White Label quality fedora from the s. Other interesting sites on logos and liners: Adam Hat Company Liners. For detailed info about Dobbs, Knox, Cavanagh, and Crofut and Knapp hat companies and dating of same, see the The Hatted Professor. More Hat Related Posts. So. -ish OPA Labels. Office of Price Administration labels can be used to date a hat to the World War II period. The OPA used the General Maximum Price Regulation from May 18, , when the GMPR took effect, until May 29, , when the Office of Price Administration was abolished. Vintage Knox Cornhill Hat Hand Creased K Size 6 3/4 Murphy Fraser Men's Shop. $ Free shipping. Make Offer - Vintage Knox Cornhill Hat Hand Creased K Size 6 3/4 Murphy Fraser Men's Shop. Vintage Hallmark Series by Knox Brown Hat. $ +$ shipping.

XX Sec. Many manufacturers declined to followed the OPA recommendations, and dropped the use of the label by Here are two examples, one a label from a Dobbs Boater note the standard crest and the other the remnants of a label from a s Dobbs Derby with a Roundel tip sticker that has the Price Ceiling listed.

There appears to have once been a consumer-removable portion with the pertinent OPA information, and was removed long ago. Kind of like mattress tags, in a way. By the late s the Dobbs name could be debossed in gold, typically on a textured sweatband, and this lasted until the early s. It was usually associated with a hat model with some longevity, and thus featured the model name below the Dobbs imprint.

The debossed Dobbs Coach made its sweatband debut right around the lates. Originally it was a plain debossing, like most Dobbs hats.

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Also note the Guild Edge debossment. Guild Edge was the name Dobbs eventually settled on for a Cavanagh Edge, and was first used on hats in By the time of the Korean War in the earlys, Dobbs debossed the Coach in gold. The later logos do not feature as deep of a debossment as the earlier ones, nor the crisp gold edges. The s era Imperial Stetson.

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As noted above, Stetson replaced the star shield logo with the maple leaf shield logo. Here are a few of those s era liner logos. This is a post Korean War development. After Stetson and other hat manufacturers began to place clear plastic over their logos in crown liners. One reason for this was because men were using a lot of heavy hair creams and these hair treatments often badly stained hat liners. The clear plastic was an attempt to make liners stay stain free for a longer period of time.

The s era Royal Stetson Whippet. The s era Stetson No.

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The s era Stetson Twenty-Five. The s era Stetson One Hundred. An early s era Stetson 3X Quality liner. A s era Stetson logo. An early s era Stetson Twenty-Five Liner. But by the s and 80s the company moved to a screen printed style to save production costs. A mid to late s or early 70s Stetson liner logo. The liner from a Stetson Nostalgia model hat from the late s. The liner from a Stetson Stratoliner model hat from It should be noted that Stetson did not always include a liner in its hats.

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In some cases the company only glued a paper sticker or a cloth label into the crown of a hat. This was usually done only when the hat was supposed to be a summer hat or a light weight hat. Often it was deemed that putting in a full liner added too much weight to the hat or would make it too hot for summer wear. Regardless, Stetson still wanted to have its advertisement inside the hat, so a sticker or cloth label was glued into the crown to serve that purpose.

In other instances the logo was actually printed right onto the felt instead of onto a liner or label that was glued inside the crown. A cloth label glued into the crown of a made Stetson bowler. A tip-in from the early s bearing the Stetson Stratoliner logo. A tip-in from a s Playboy model. Below you can see the air holes drilled through the felt of the crown denoting that this was a summer weight hat. And here is an example of the logo being actually printed right onto the felt.

This in a s era Stratoliner. A high derby from the s.

Liner from a Penn Craft derby from the s. Notice the fancy pleats in the silk in the two liners above? This sort of flourish started to go away as time moved on, as the hat industry became more invested in systems of mass production, and as the industry sought ways to cut costs. By the mid s, liners were a little more utilitarian in many ways, but one thing that began to show up around this period is some sort of protective film over the company logo in the top of the crown. This was added by many hat makers to keep their company logos clean and readable as more and more men began to use hair treatments that often discolored hat liners.

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On the Stetson Whippet below, for instance, you can see a translucent, yellow covering made of a sort of oil cloth material. It was opaque, not clear but you could still see the company logo through it.

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