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I don't have my books with me so I'm not sure of the exact date Lionel stopped making the earlier version and started making the late series. This is what makes collecting fun. You start noticing differences in the details, and then you learn that the differences are not arbitrary.

There are two different sets of these early 4-wheel freights to collect; it can be a little difficult to locate all of them, but a fun hunt!

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As Pappy suggests, pick up a copy of Greenberg's guide to prewar Lionel O Gauge, it is the authoritative guide. Train collecting without Greenberg guides is like going to another country without your travel guide book; you'll miss a lot! I have the Greenberg's Pocket price guide and it don't tell you what kind of couplers are on what. What you are probably looking for is the Greenberg's Parts or repair guide for Lionel and these cost more then the price guide.

If you can find it Doyle's price guide is much better then Greenberg's guide. Doyles has photos and Greenberg's just gives a description. From what I have found out about Lionel pre war numbers for freight and passenger cars; the 3 digit numbers are regular couplers, and the four digit are electric solenoid equipped.

I do not want to create any problems or cause confusion. You will find photos and complete descriptions of each type and variation.

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Once you look through this book you will see why it is still in high demand today by collectors. Depending on the series, engine and car couplers evolved at different times. The simple inverted "T" type hook coupler could be found on a variety of O gauge Lionel from The was made between and Anything made in would also be labeled as Lionel Manufacturing, later labeled Lionel Corporation. Pappy has it right Skip to main content.

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Lee Fritz. Thank you all for the great information. Lionel's designers and production supervisors refused to cut back in the face of adversity.

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The best of the new operating cars Turning to the back of the consumer catalog forkids and their parents discovered an enormous array of separate-sale items. First came five transformers, with the no. Next were listed the different pieces of O and O track and switches for sale, followed with an eye-opening assortment of Super O items. If the young owners of a Lionel train impatiently skipped from the sets to the two pages crammed with pictures of freight and passenger cars available for separate sale, well, who could blame them?

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The diversity and quantity of these models was enough to overwhelm even the most jaded boys and girls. Page 42 of the consumer catalog showed, under the heading "Operating Action-Cars," 13 exciting models.

Five of them had been part of Lionel's product line for at least a year already: the nos. The remaining eight entered the line in All but one of them was a component of at least one cataloged outfit.

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Two other new action cars can be seen as ated versions of the popular operating boxcar, namely, the nos. By the way, it's difficult to find a with an original blue mailbag, which suggests that Lionel equipped fewer cars with the combination of a gray figure and a blue bag than it did with the blue figure and gray bag mix.

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Novel in their design and animation were Lionel's nos. Both are favorites today.

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The no. However, the eighth new action car stands out because it was not a component of any cataloged outfit. New separate-sale freight cars If you can believe it, Lionel illustrated or mentioned 40 freight cars on page 43 of its consumer catalog. Sixteen of those models were brand new, making them a testament to the creativity of Lionel's designers and the determination of the company's sales force to present a broad and diverse product line in Several of these newcomers were intended to reinforce the space and military orientation that Lionel's marketing had started to take.

We can begin with the no. The should be paired with the no. Three other new cars carried forward the military and space theme.

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All of them were flatcars that featured specialized loads: the nos. Also noteworthy because they provided additional play value for kids were the nos.

Jul 17,   A box for the "LIONEL LINES" whistling tender that was sold in Photo. Whereas the WX box from and specified whether the tender came in an "O" gauge set or an "" set, the box is non-committal as to gauge and has 'No. WX / WHISTLE TENDER / FOR GAUGE TRACK' printed on the end flaps. Another view. Apr 02,   I think I found a complete Lionel s train set from It is a low end set with a , with smoke but no whistle T tender, a red baby ruth box car, yellow sunoco tank car, black Lionel gondola & caboose, I do not have any of the original boxes just the cars. Lionel ordered the Plasticville components, including those making up the no. school set, from Bachmann Bros., a Philadelphia manufacturer. Then it packaged them in its own boxes. Collectors have uncovered some rare and unusual models dating from

The latter can be considered a work caboose with a neat paint scheme and removable details. This willingness to ate earlier models led to the introduction in of the no. Lionel's connection to Allis-Chalmers, which had led to the development of the no.

These red flatcars carried models of an Allis-Chalmers tractor dozer and a motor scraper, respectively. Scarce versions featured black flatcars.

Get the best deals on lionel empty box when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Louis Caruso filed a patent, assigned to Lionel, for an automatic coupler on May 22, The patent # was granted on Nov. 23, Lionel was trying to compete with the Ives patented automatic couplers of that period. This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from until During this period Lionel produced a wide variety of engines, rolling stock, accessories, track and transformers. We are listing those engines, cars and accessories that Lionel produced in O Scale.

Even more desirable are separate-sale models with the suffix "" in special Allis-Chalmers boxes. Still not done with "accessorizing" its flatcars, Lionel brought out the no. The center section of the animated gondola was used to make up the no.

Remember the way Lionel capitalized on the admission of Alaska to the Union? Besides the no. A long open hopper, the no. Collectors have wondered for many years why Lionel's decision makers decided against including either of these excellent cars in the Including either car as an extra or replacement would have worked against that original assessment.

Naturally, Lionel's sales executives were also free to sell these two Alaska RR cars as extra purchases to set owners, not to mention any buyer of its trains.

The final new entry into Lionel's enormous list of freight cars was about as elementary as could be.

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Although shown as a red model in the consumer catalog, this car actually was unpainted black plastic. Some notable veterans As noted previously, 24 other freight cars were either illustrated or listed on page 43 of the consumer catalog.

All of these had been cataloged for at least one year prior to Rather than describing all of them, we'll concentrate on those models that merit attention and make an outstanding year at Lionel.

To start, all six of the red flatcars that had plastic military vehicles as their loads returned nos.

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Lionel had bought these gray plastic tanks, trucks, and more from Pyro Plastics and introduced them in Enough of these items were left in stock for Lionel to offer them in ' Still other flatcars carrying unique loads were available again in These included the nos. Nor can we overlook the nos.

That year also saw the debut of the nos. Going back farther in time were the nos. That year also heralded the first appearance of the no. Older yet in were two other cabooses: nos. The General gets an addition Lionel had proudly announced its first old-time train when it heralded the General O and Super O outfits in its catalogs. Available for separate sale were the no. In addition, the nos. Not pictured amid the separate-sale items but noted all the same was a General passenger car not offered as a set component.

By the way, Lionel continued to designate its Lionel Lines extruded aluminum streamlined passenger cars as models that could be purchased alone. The same was true with the brand-new blue-striped silver plastic cars lettered for the Santa Fe nos. Missing, of course, were the three extruded aluminum streamlined cars that Lionel decorated with red stripes and Santa Fe nameplates. The roster of motorized units grows Kids and adults alike would have been captivated by the pictures of new models crowding pages 42 and They couldn't have missed the section devoted to new and returning motorized units.

Since the no. The 50 remained part of the line foras did the nos. Both of the latter motorized units dated from Next came a trio of motorized units introduced the following year: the nos.

What caught the eyes of all Lionel enthusiasts were three new units. First off was the no.

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Army mobile missile launcher, a model combining the elements of an accessory with those of a small diesel and led Super O set no. Next up were the nos.

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Room for some new accessories Page 41 overflowed with new and old operating accessories. Even a casual look would have prompted youngsters to pause when they saw a few of the big items showing up again.

These prominent mainstays included the nos. Then the boys and girls perusing the catalog would have spied the three largest and most interesting newcomers for Accompanying the as the "recipient" of its missiles was the new no. However, Lionel suggested a second new item, the no.

The brand-new no. This animated accessory might fit in a space or military setting.

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