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I've been looking up the various ways to try and determine tobacco age from tin dates. Many tins are completely undated, and I go by the date I put it into my cellar. Hermit wrote: Escudo has a date code. I want to find out for sure. The Dunhill stuff is strikingly similar. All of my tins of both that I've bought recently have "10s" or "11s" on them in the first two digits.

This question was asked in the MacBaren Facebook group today.

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A response was posted based on a letter one member had sent to MacBaren. Here it is for those interested: To the right of the bar code are two sets of numbers, as follows: Here is their response: Thank you for your e-mail.

That means day in The number is as follows on my tin.

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A little digging shows me it was tinned on September 26, Think I might hold it back for another 11 months and hit 10 years.

I intend to dig around to see if I have a tin that has already hit 10 years. Reactions: hymnchimney.

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Nov 13, 2, 9 NY. Thanks for posting the info.

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I'm sure that tin of Mature Virginia will be delicious 11 months from now. Mar 3, 2, 10 Kennesaw, GA.

Jan 08,   I have had a lot of questions about how to date a Mac Baren tobacco. The picture below shows the production code which is on all pouches and tins, except form USA where we write the month and year. You can read the code like this: 33 is the machine no. which packed the tobacco, 17 is the last two digits in the year, is the day no. Oct 28,   Dating MacBaren tins. Thread starter judcole; Start date Oct 25, PipesMagazine Approved Sponsor I applied this to a tin of HH Mature Virginia that I was planning on opening in the next couple of weeks. The number is as follows on my tin. I got this tin in March of A little digging shows me it was tinned on September Jul 31,   Today we're going to show you a few tricks for dating Orlik-produced blends like Golden Sliced, Erinmore, Escudo, and even some older Dunhill tins. Much like the Dunhill blends, you have to look to the manufacturer's code for details. On this particular tin .

I thought MacBaren put dates on their tins? Month and year tinned that is. Briar Patch Town Square.

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Reply General Dating Tobacco Tins. Hi I know this topic comes up from time to time in many forums. Still it would be nice to have one thread where we pull our collective knowledge to help each other date tobacco tins;a place to put forward and respectfully correct information.

For now I will start with two links; A.

Dating mac baren tins

December present Samuel Gawith Tin Codes: www. PS Personally I date every tobacco with an arrival time and note the date of manufacture as well, that is if I can find or decode the manufacturer's date. Thanks for the tips Pistol Pete Pro Member. Sept 26, GMT -5 qmechanics said:. PistolPete "Young fella, if you're looking for trouble I'll accommodate ya.

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When there is no code to discern, all we have are subtle differences to help us determine a general age. Do you have any thoughts on blends like this? PS Props to antb for adding a few solid links I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, though I hope others will add to this thread before I do.

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This is commonly known but for thoroughness sake I have added the information. Sept 27, GMT -5 antb said:. Can anyone confirm?

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McClelland tins with 6 digit code First 2 digits Legend Lover Moderator "Paddy". Production numbers, batch numbers and whatnot may follow I'm a little skeptical about the relevance of the tin dating. Sure it's nice be able to identify the batch for the manufacturer when we're discussing it with them but do the dates really matter beyond that?

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Yes, there are changes with age but the interval between noticeable differences gets longer and longer. Plus there are batch to batch differences with many that obscure the effects of age.

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Plus with some we don't have a clue as to their age with the manufacturer before the tinned date stamp is applied. Take McClelland's for example.

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I always thought it was odd that the bulk tobaccos really change over the first little while but the contents of tins don't. When Mike McNeil explained that bulk isn't held to age but tinned blends are held to age that explained it for me.

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The tinned blends are further down the aging curve when they are released. So it takes longer before there is definite change. The interval between noticeable differences seems to run something like a Fibonacci sequence. So with tins or jars 1 yo, 2 yo, 3 yo 5 yo, 8 yo, 13 yo, 21 yo And I presume that there are going to be batch differences that frustrate the effort to notice changes.

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But it also means that the differences between a 5 yo, 6 yo and maybe 7 yo are not noticeable and it gets worse with more age. So if you notice differences they're probably attributable to batch-to-batch variations or the tin experience. So it's sufficient to know that it's current stock and mark the date purchased with new stock. The rest is a level of precision that really doesn't matter.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/S is the largest privately-owned tobacco company in the Nordic Region, a leader in the pipe tobacco sector, present with its products in over 80 countries. ADDRESS. Porthusvej , DK Svendborg +45 63 E-mail. FOLLOW US. Linkedin. YouTube. Dec 19,   Subject: Dating Mac Baren Wed Dec 19, I recently bought a few Mac Baren tins and was getting ready to input the info into my tobacco cellar. I noticed that there wasn't a date on the tins, so I emailed the company and asked how to decipher the codes that were present. Mac Baren has the month and year, no silly code to decipher. Same goes for Cornell & Diehl. McClelland will have batch number, month and year on most tins and a few with just batch and year I believe. Orlik and Escudo have a 10 digit code (not the bar code) that can be read as YYHHMMMMDD so would have been tinned AM on August.

If you're buying aged tins precision matters even less. That they are approx. Whether they're 9, or 10, 11, 12, doesn't matter.

Apr 12,   Not to be confused with archival/artist tin dating, but more concerned with the contents. So far I have- McClelland - 1st 2 digits = product ID th digits = batch code 5th - 6th digits = year tinned. Mac Baren (old method) - AABBCCCD (A = Machine) (B = Year) (CCC = Calendar Day linear number) (D = Shift) Mac Baren (new method.

I would guess that their experience as tins ie how they were stored is probably more relevant than a precise age. As with taste and style, everyone's perception is different. Me, a relative newcomer, might very well not be able to tell one stitch of difference between a four year old tin of Virginia Flake and a Six year old tin of the same variety.

Jun 01,   According to this dating method, I have a tin of Royal Yacht produced on November 0th, (!). That was not a typo; it says 0 on the day digit. And like OFFICER, I wonder why there are no tins produced on any later day in the month than dates (or , as Dunhill seems to operate with). Dec 20,   Subject: Dating Mac Baren Wed Dec 19, I recently bought a few Mac Baren tins and was getting ready to input the info into my tobacco cellar. I noticed that there wasn't a date on the tins, so I emailed the company and asked how to decipher the codes that were present. Feb 24,   Can someone clue me in on the years cans of Mac Baren were imported by Swisher? I seem to remember the Swisher label being indicative of a date range, but can't recall. I have a 9oz can of Virginia #1 and am just curious as to its age. Thanks in advance. -PST.

However, some might. The point further, if you have a cellared a number of tins of the same tobacco, it'd be nice to differentiate between the generations.

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