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David commits adultery with Bathshebawho becomes pregnant. When her husband, Uriah the Hittite returns from battle, David encourages him to go home and see his wife but Uriah declines in case David might need him. David thus deliberately sends Uriah on a suicide mission; and for this, Yahweh sends disasters against his house. Nathan tells David that the sword shall never depart from his house. For the remainder of his reign there are problems. Amnon one of David's sons rapes his half-sister Tamar one of David's daughters.

Absalom another son of David kills Amnon, rebels against his father, and David flees from Jerusalem. Absalom is killed following the Battle of the Wood of EphraimDavid is restored as king, and he returns to his palace.

Finally only two contenders for the succession remain, Adonijahson of David and Haggith, and Solomonson of David and Bathsheba. The Second Book of Samuel concludes with four chapters chapters 21 to 24 which lie outside the chronological narrative of Saul and David.

The narrative is resumed with the first Book of Kingswhich relates how, as David lies dying, Bathsheba and Nathan ensure Solomon's elevation to the throne. The four supplementary [8] chapters cover a great famine during David's reign, [9] the execution of seven of Saul's remaining descendants, only Mephibosheth being saved, [10] David's song of thanksgiving[11] which is almost identical to Psalm 18his last words, [12] a list of David's " mighty warriors ", [13] an offering made by David using water from the well of Bethlehem, [14] David's sinful census[15] a plague over Israel which David opted for as preferable to either famine or oppression, [16] and the construction of an altar on land he purchased from Araunah the Jebusite.

What it is now commonly known as 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel are called by the Vulgatein imitation of the Septuagint1 Kings and 2 Kings respectively.

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Some Bibles still preserve the old denomination, for example, the Douay-Rheims Bible. According to passages 14b and 15a of the Bava Basra tractate of the Talmu the book was written by Samuel up until 1 Samuel 25, which notes the death of Samuel, and the remainder by the prophets Gad and Nathan. However, even prior to this, the medieval Jewish commentator Isaac Abarbanel noted that the presence of anachronistic expressions such as "to this day" and "in the past" indicated that there must have been a later editor such as Jeremiah or Ezra.

The Deuteronomistic view is that an early version of the history was composed in the time of king Hezekiah 8th century BC ; the bulk of the first edition dates from his grandson Josiah at the end of the 7th BC, with further sections added during the Babylonian exile 6th century BC and the work was substantially complete by about BC.

Further editing was apparently done even after then.

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For example, A. Graeme Auld, Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Edinburgh, contends that the silver quarter-shekel which Saul's servant offers to Samuel in 1 Samuel 9 "almost certainly fixes the date of this story in the Persian or Hellenistic period " because a quarter-shekel was known to exist in Hasmonean times. The 6th century BC authors and editors responsible for the bulk of the history drew on many earlier sources, including but not limited to an "ark narrative" 1 Samuel - and perhaps part of 2 Samuel 6a "Saul cycle" parts of 1 Samuel andthe "history of David's rise" 1 Samuel -2 Samueland the "succession narrative" 2 Samuel and 1 Kings This view of late compilation for Samuel has faced serious scholarly opposition on the basis that evidence for the Deuteronimistic history is scant, and that Deuteronimistic advocates are not in consensus as to the origin and extent of the History.

Secondly, the basic theological concerns identified with the Deuteronimistic school are tenets central to Hebrew theology in texts that are widely regarded as predating Josiah. Thirdly, there are notable differences in style and thematic emphasis between Deuteronomy and Samuel. Finally, there are widely acknowledged structural parallels between the Hittite suzerain treaty of the second millennium BC and the Book of Deuteronomy itself, far before the time of Josiah.

The alternative view is that it is difficult to determine when the events of Samuel were recorded: "There are no particularly persuasive reasons to date the sources used by the compiler later than the early tenth century events themselves, and good reason to believe that contemporary records were kept cf. The sources used to construct 1 and 2 Samuel are believed to include the following: [33].

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The Book of Samuel is a theological evaluation of kingship in general and of dynastic kingship and David in particular. Samuel answers the description of the "prophet like Moses" predicted in Deuteronomy - like Moses, he has direct contact with Yahwehacts as a judge, and is a perfect leader who never makes mistakes.

But the king they are given is Yahweh's gift, and Samuel explains that kingship can be a blessing rather than a curse if they remain faithful to their God. On the other hand, total destruction of both king and people will result if they turn to wickedness. Saul is the chosen one, tall, handsome and "goodly", [44] a king appointed by Yahweh, and anointed by Samuel, Yahweh's prophet, and yet he is ultimately rejected. One of the main units within Samuel is the "History of David's Rise", the purpose of which is to justify David as the legitimate successor to Saul.

Saul and never taking any of his numerous chances to seize the throne by violence.

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Its editors note that "the text has suffered considerably and reconstructions are conjectural". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book of the Bible. Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy.

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David, son of Jesse and Israel's second king, began a family dynasty that ultimately produced the Savior of the Worl Jesus Christ. In 1 Samuel, God commands obedience from Israel's kings. When they follow his orders, the country prospers. When they disobey, the country suffers. In the companion book, 2 Samuelwe see a further unfolding of this theme. Within this book occur the inspiring story of Hannahthe battle of David and Goliaththe friendship of David and Jonathan, and the bizarre seance with the witch of Endor.

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Birth of Samuel: 1 Samuel 1: BC: Hannah's Song: 1 Samuel 2: BC: Battle of Shiloh: 1 Samuel 3: BC: Philistines Take the Ark: 1 Samuel 4, 5: BC: Philistines Return the Ark to Israel: 1 Samuel 6: BC: Ark brought to Abinadab's House: 1 Samuel 7: BC: Israelites Repent at Mizpeh: 1 Samuel BC: Saul Becomes King. 1 Samuel Commentary > Study Guide. 1 Samuel: a study guide About the Book of 1 Samuel - its author, date and purpose. Although they are separate books in modern Bibles, the Books of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel were originally one mcauctionservicellc.come separated it into these two parts in order to make it more convenient to copy.

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Feb 15,   Outline of 1 Samuel: The rise of Samuel, capture of the Ark of the Covenant, Samuel's work as judge (1 Samuel ) People of Israel demand a king (1 Samuel ) Saul becomes king, battles Israel's enemies, God rejects Saul (1 Samuel ). Samuel serves as Judge: BC - BC (1 Samuel -) The Timeline of the Old Testament shows the Israelites were in Egypt for about years and then were ruled by judges for about years. They then demanded a king. The Unified Monarchy Saul Reigns: BC 1 Samuel 3: BC: Philistines Take the Ark: 1 Samuel 4, 5: BC: Philistines Return the Ark to Israel: 1 Samuel 6: BC: Ark brought to Abinadab's House: 1 Samuel 7: BC: Israelites Repent at Mizpeh: 1 Samuel BC: Saul Becomes King: 1 Samuel 8 - BC: Saul Defeats the Ammonites: 1 Samuel 11, BC: Saul's War.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more. Probable Occasion When Each Psalm Was Composed contains the Psalm, the scripture it was written after, the occasion on which it was composed, and the year. May 02,   Date of Writing: Originally, the books of 1 and 2 Samuel were one book. The translators of the Septuagint separated them, and we have retained that separation ever since. The events of 1 Samuel span approximately years, from c. B.C. to c. B.C. The events of 2 Samuel cover another 40 years. The date of writing, then, would be sometime after B.C.

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