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You have of store credit. To use it, simply place your order and you will be able to choose store credit as the payment method when it comes time to pay for your order. Copyright Old Phone Shop Store. All Rights Reserved. Please wait Shopping Cart. Home Antique Telephones Western Electric.

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We have introduced a guestbook. Please visit and sign the guestbook. Like old phones? There might be a telephone show at a town near you.

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Check out the Antique Telephone Collectors Association website for upcoming telephone shows on the events page. Writing platforms vary slightly in size and slant from model to model and maker to maker just as with Plain Front phones.

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Values vary depending on the cosmetic condition and whether or not the phone is in operating order. Collectors also value phones that are as original as possible with few reproduction parts used when they are restored.

The oak cabinet has the original paper wiring diagram inside. Collectors refer to these as Plain Front telephones because of their flat front devoid of decorative routing in the wood surrounding the mouthpiece.

We sell Western Electric telephones tahat have been restored to like new condition. These are to include phones from the early s to the s. They are either bakelite or metals which are sometime brass. All our telephones are original antiques which will go up in value. We also do telephone repair and restoration to your Westerrn Electric telephones. Dating old telephones. Stromberg Carlson. Dating old telephones Rating: 8,8/10 reviews Antique Telephone History Website. Telegraph wires sometimes appear on photographs of country towns and the date of erection was sometimes known to the Telecom Historical Officer. How they did it Americans who were to encounter the problem of 7-digit 88%. While antique wall telephones may appear to be alike at first glance, and many of them do have the same components within their wooden cases, there are variations from phone to phone that can make a big difference in how much they are learning about the different details and styles of early wall units made between the late s and the early s, you will be able to determine their.

These phones are local battery phones. Many companies made Plain Front wall phones including American Electric, Western Electric, Kellogg, and Stromberg-Carlson through the s when phone styles began to shift dramatically to more modern-looking designs.

A rotary dial is a component of a telephone or a telephone switchboard that implements a signaling technology in telecommunications known as pulse is used when initiating a telephone call to transmit the destination telephone number to a telephone exchange. On the rotary phone dial, the digits are arranged in a circular layout so that a finger wheel may be rotated against spring. Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Telephones. People started collecting phones shortly after Alexander Graham Bell patented them in Some of. Western Electric Telephones. Western Electric telephones made prior to the breakup of the Bell System (January 1, ) were designed and built to last for decades. If a Western Electric phone ever quit working your local Bell Operating company would send out the "telephone man" to your house and fix it .

Most Plain Fronts are made of oak, but they can occasionally be found crafted of other woods. Standard pony receivers, which were often black, are commonly found with these phones.

Transmitters can be either long or short and have marked or unmarked faceplates. Writing platforms vary slightly in size and slant from model to model and maker to maker.

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Values vary depending on condition, whether or not the phone is in working order, and unusual components that may be present like coin boxes, and of course, having good provenance can help. If a phone came from a historic building, for instance, that can add to the value.

This American Electric Plain Front telephone was made around After forming the clip in this fashion, the twisted ends can be soldered to electric light drop cord, the joint taped and the attachment made to a magneto test set of the type ordinarily used for testing line trouble.

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The earliest wires erected were for telegraphs which started in New South Wales in ref 1 with lines from a telegraph office in the Royal Exchange to South Head and Melbourne.

The choice of original plastic curly cord or braided handset cords is down to individual preference and only has a very small impact on the collectable value of the antique telephone. The condenser provided continuity through the phone.

Each snap is made from a piece of wire 12 in. The radios were half-duplex, this is to say, you could talk or listen, one or the other.

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Be sure to bend over the strain relief! In they left Chicago Bell and formed a partnership whose goal was clearly stated - to build a better telephone.

The uniqueness of the old telephones has become very attractive and many people have found these to be interesting collectable's. The pages on this site will provide links to the history of the telephone and the histories of a number of current telephone companies. In addition, information about antique telephones. Pay telephones. Gray #1 cabinet-Gray #2 silver dollar-Gray bell collector-Gray 10A shield-Gray Gray 23d-Gray WE g; North Electric phones. tandem-two-box-early stick-potbelly-H6-Ericofon; S.H. Couch phones. figure eight intercom-candlestick Autophone-'Mickey Mouse' Autophone station wall Autophone; Other interesting or unusual. Antique Phones by Oldphoneworks. Non-Dial and Auto Dial Phones. Northern Electric Uniphones.

The Spike is used to connect to aerial drop wire by going through the heavy insulation to the wire. Step by Step System Step by Step is the oldest and simplest dialing system.

Best Vintage Decorative Telephones - Top 10 Vintage Decorative Telephones For 2020 - Top Rated

Panel Connector Frame The panel system is partly a common control switching machine. Kenealy was more than kind - she was excited. Most sections that have been scanned have been removed from this table of contents and placed with the specific web page for that model like the.

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All parties on the same line shared the same numericals however. It became the backbone of the network with pole routes branching off at every cross street.

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Full words were used in order to help customers remember the telephone exchange name, and because they were easy to understand, especially for switchboard operators. The lack of a separating character is sorely felt in the phone book of a mobile phone when you have to screw up your eyes to pick each of the 10 figures melted together.

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However, if treated with due caution, changes in telephone numbers can be useful dating aids. We do not remove any old component unless it is necessary.

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I like to use Styrofoam, Double box, Styrofoam peanuts, Unused diapers or anything light. If they need parts we add them. The yellow wire in the old line cords are no longer used for party identification.

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