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Image courtesy of Psychology Comedy. I just thought I heard something. Just one more evidence of either delusions, disorganized thinking, abnormal motor behavior, or negative symptoms and I am referring this person for probable schizophrenia. What did you do this time, eh? Did you cheat on me?!?

Many sales employers recruit through collegesso be sure to inquire about options through your campus career office. Salary Information and Job Outlook: Sales salaries vary greatly from industry to industry and by sales function.

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The BLS expects sales jobs as a whole to show little or no change between and Fundraisers, like salespeople, need to be savvy with people. Psych majors are often good readers of people and have a sense of when to ask for a donation.

Dating psychology majors

They have the interviewing skills to draw out the interests that prospective donors have related to their organization and the communication skills to explain to donors how their contributions would advance the mission of their charity. Psychology majors should pursue on-campus positions such as annual fund caller in their college's development and alumni office to demonstrate their fundraising acumen. Also, consider coordinating campus fundraising campaigns for local charities or student organizations.

Psychology majors are trained to conduct research in a scientific manner. They have the ability to design studies, gather and analyze data, and summarize their conclusions. Psych majors gain knowledge in motivation and social psychology, which helps them understand how preferences for and attachments to products are formed by consumers.

Interviewing skills, which psych majors develop while working with subjects for human studies, can help them structure and carry out effective focus groups. Psych majors who aspire to be market researchers should consider a minor in business or economics and choose psych projects with a business orientation.

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Complete internships related to marketing to further your chances of being hired for positions in the field. Public relations PR professionals need the psychology major's interpersonal skills to establish rapport with the media and convince them to publish stories about their organization or their client's organization.

Psychology majors possess the interviewing skills used by PR professionals to gather information from staff to form the basis of press releases. They have the writing skills necessary to compose compelling stories in order to convince editors and reporters to cover developments with their client.

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PR professionals often have to intervene to resolve emerging image issues with an organization. Psych majors have the knowledge of how attitudes are formed through social psychology and the problem-solving skills to devise effective strategies to build or repair a corporate image.

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Experience organizing events on campus is also useful. Try to complete at least a few courses in business and marketing, as well.

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A solid understanding of abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, and psychology of personality enable psychiatric aides to understand the conditions afflicting their patients and the instructions for care provided by psychiatrists. Interpersonal and communication skills help psych majors establish a rapport with patients and support treatment.

Psych majors who hope to work as psychiatric aides after graduation should volunteer to work with clients or patients with psychological issues. Students should complete internships in a clinical setting as they advance to their junior year.

The closest I got was dating a guy with an undergrad degree in psychology. It was the worst. THE WORST. He knew everything about everything and totally . Best Jobs for Graduates With a Psychology Degree. Jan 12, This entry was posted in Psychology/Mental Health and tagged Dating, Dating a psychology major, Dating a psychology student, Defense mechanisms, Humor, Love, Psychology humor, Psychology major, Psychology student, Psychology/Mental Health, Relationships. Bookmark the permalink. Post navigation .

Working as a peer counselor is another way to gain related experience. Litigators draw heavily on social psychology when they are involved with appraising the suitability and attitudes of potential jurors.

Knowledge of motivation is essential when analyzing crime scenarios and selecting witnesses.

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Verbal, presentation, and persuasive skills are essential in presenting cases and influencing judges, jurors, and opposing attorneys. Psych majors will benefit from taking some undergraduate law courses prior to law school to test their interest in and aptitude for legal analysis. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Part-Time Jobs. Job Searching Job Listings. These career options might initially appear to have little to do with the field of psychology. However, undergraduate education in psychology helps students develop skills that are important in a variety of careers. Whether you plan to earn an undergraduate degree in the subject or just have a casual interest in learning more about psychology, having a good understanding of the human mind and behavior can help you excel in a wide variety of career paths.

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As you can see, many of the top fields of employment are not closely aligned with psychology. Instead, these career options utilize communication, interpersonal, and human behavior knowledge that psychology majors acquire during their undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate psychology programs help students acquire a wide range of interpersonal skills, which can then be put to use in different sales and marketing positions. According to the College Majors Handbooksales positions represent the second largest area of employment for those with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Employers value skills such as the ability to speak well and communicate effectively.

Ok, I haven't actually dated a psychology major, but considering that I am one and am currently in a relationship and also know many other psych majors who are, I have a couple things to say. First off, the portrayal of psychologists in the media.

If you are interested in working in this field, take classes that will improve your understanding of people and human behavior. Courses in social psychology, personality, and communications can be especially beneficial.

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The art and science of persuasion is a major topic in psychology, which is why advertising is often an ideal career choice for people with a bachelor's degree in psychology. If you are interested in a career in this field, look for ways that you can gain practical experience now.

Internships are an excellent way to get experience, find professional mentors, and build networking relationships in your chosen field. While many people with a bachelor's degree in psychology find work in other unrelated areas, some choose to work directly in the field of mental health and human services.

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A few potential job titles in this area include:. In most cases, these individuals work directly under the supervision and guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist or social worker.

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Job duties involve helping patients with basic daily needs, teaching life skills, conducting applied therapy sessions, and performing related case management tasks. If you enjoy helping people discover their potential, then working as a career counselor can be a fulfilling choice.

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This job often involves helping people select a career, assisting those in the process of changing careers, or providing vocational rehabilitation to individuals returning to the workforce. Some individuals choose to work with disabled adults who may need skills training, job search help, on-the-job training, and regular workplace supervision. If you are interested in working in the field of criminal justice, you might want to consider a career as a probation or parole officer.

Typically hired by local or state governments, probation and parole officers work directly with individuals who have been convicted of criminal offenses. These professionals supervise offenders at home, work, and school settings to track behaviors, make recommendations to the courts, and coordinate with drug treatment professionals or therapists. Earning a bachelor's degree in psychology generally requires a great deal of writing. After graduation, put those communication skills to work in a writing-related career.

Some potential job titles in this area include technical writers, advertising copywriters, and newspaper reporters. People working in the field of market research perform a variety of tasks, including conducting interviews, performing opinion polls, collecting data, and interpreting results. Another way to utilize your bachelor's degree in psychology is to become a childcare worker.

If are interested in working in an area related directly to psychology, then you might want to consider becoming a partial care worker in a mental health setting. These individuals aid clients in outpatient settings to cope with a variety of mental health concerns.

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Other options include working in a daycare or after-school program or even opening up your own child care center.

If you have an interest in research and experimental psychologyworking as a psychology laboratory assistant could be a great way to put your bachelor's degree to work. Some settings that might employ psychology lab assistants include university psychology programs, government agencies, and businesses that study human behavior.

Jun 19, Psychology majors are trained to conduct research in a scientific manner. They have the ability to design studies, gather and analyze data, and summarize their conclusions. Psych majors gain knowledge in motivation and social psychology, which helps them understand how preferences for and attachments to products are formed by consumers. Dating psychology majors - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing. Jan 22, Psychology is one of the top five most popular college majors ? ? and is a field that fascinates many people But what can you do with your psychology degree once you graduate from a bachelor's program?. While those with an undergraduate degree in psychology do not have all of the job options available as those with a master's or doctorate in psychology, there are many entry-level jobs .

Get a leg up on the competition by gaining valuable research experience today. Individuals with a bachelor's degree in psychology can also find career opportunities working in the social services sector for government agencies or non-profits. These positions might entail helping individuals locate psychological resources in their community, providing counseling services directly to clients, and other types of case management services. Some important skills for those working in the social service field include the ability to assess client needs, keep thorough and accurate records, express care and empathyand to act as advocates for clients.

Students who also earn a teaching certificate along with their bachelor's degree in psychology can also become teachers. Some graduates may opt to apply their knowledge of psychology indirectly as an elementary or middle-school teacher, while others may choose to teach psychology at the high school level.

If you already hold a bachelor's degree in psychology, you might be able to enroll in an accredited teacher education program in order to earn a teaching certificate in your state. Contact your state's board of education to learn more about the requirements and any alternative routes to becoming a credentialed teacher that might be available.

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Psychology degrees are actually one of the most popular options at colleges and universities throughout the world. Generally speaking, a Bachelor of Arts degree focuses on more liberal arts general education courses.

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The B. A Bachelor of Science degree will focus on more science and mathematics courses. Students pursuing a B. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that job opportunities for bachelor's degree holders are limited.

Instead, many find work in areas that are indirectly related such as social work or market research. While the opportunities that are available to those with a bachelor's degree in psychology may be more limited, there are things that you can do to maximize your potential and get the most out of your psychology degree.

During your undergraduate years, focus on taking courses that will help you later in the job market.

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Classes that increase your communication and writing skills, enhance your understanding of human behavior, and provide knowledge about organizational behavior can all be extremely useful later on during your job search. As you enter the job market, consider jobs that require the skills you obtained during your psychology education.

Psychology is one of the most popular college majors throughout the world. Despite the popularity of the degree, many people wonder exactly how to make a living after majoring in psychology. The degree can lead to an almost endless array of career paths, which some students can find intimidating and even a little frightening. Psychology ranks among the top three majors at the undergraduate level. Psychology jobs are expected to soar between , at a rate of 19 percent - which is much faster than average. This is driven in part by the need for trained psychologists in mental health centers, schools, social service agencies, mental health centers, and in business. Jan 30, The Psychology of Modern Dating How online dating is changing our fundamental interpersonal processes. Posted Jan 30,

These abilities include:.

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