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Just ask anyone on social media which truck is the best, and a war of words will ensue. Handgun manufacturers have a strong following with gun owners, too, although we tend to be a little more civil with each other. One of the best known handgun manufacturers in the industry is Ruger. Over the years, Ruger has developed and sold several handguns that have made a huge impact on the gun world. Some of these iconic firearms have a design that sets them apart from everything else on the market. Others have made a mark in history with how they were marketed. Here are five Ruger handguns that have changed the world.

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Mark III pistols also have a loaded chamber indicator, internal lock, magazine disconnect, and recontoured sights and ejection port. A variant of the Target Model series, the Competition model was introduced in Weight is 45 ounces.

The newest variation of this popular model introduced in with a 4. Weight is approximately 23 ounces. When Bill Ruger rolled out his Standard Model.

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It seemed everyone in America wanted the cheap. The Standard Model would eventually beget a brood of variants that would cover everything from backyard plinking and small game hunting to target models. They were plagued through the Mark III evolution with difficult disassembly and reassembly.

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The Ruger Mark IV now features an easy push-button takedown, which snaps back together after cleaning. A bipod is included. An accessory rail is mounted on top of the receiver. The Charger was in production from through This model was introduced in With its polymer grip frame and aluminum slide, the gun weighs only The barrel length is 3.

Magazine capacity is 10 rounds. The three-dot style sights are adjustable and there is a Picatinny rail for lights or other accessories.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost variations of more than 40 product lines. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Mar 09, Ruger hit a grand slam with its first Ruger 22 pistol, introduced to the shooting public in Here are Gun Digest's top picks of Ruger rimfire handguns. When an advertisement for the " Ruger pistol" appeared in the August issue of the National Rifle Association's American Rifleman magazine, firearms history was made. Sep 06, BTW the Ruger website does not show any official recall on the SR Others who have had front site failure have sent the pistol in and new front sites installed as part of standard Ruger CS. If yours does in fact fail I'm sure they'll take care of it .

Other features include an external hammer, a loaded chamber indicator, and ergonomic rubber grips that come in two interchangeable styles. Finish is black matte on the frame and either a black or silver anodized slide. A threaded barrel is an available option.

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The Single Six could also be used with. As the name suggested, the cylinder held six rounds but, as noted above, the original model could only be safely carried with the hammer over an empty chamber. Grips were checkered hard rubber with a black eagle medallion inlay on each side. Varnished walnut or stag grips were available as an option with true ivory grips added in The standard model had a blued barrel and cylinder with an anodized aluminum grip frame. The earliest Single Sixes featured a flat loading gate and rounded profile front sight and are referred to by collectors and Ruger aficionados as Flat Loading Gate models.

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In a version was introduced chambered for the. The Convertible model with interchangeable. The Super Single Six model was introduced in with upgraded features including an adjustable rear sight, a ramp front, and an integral sight rib.

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Most Super Single Sixes came with interchangeable cylinders for. This old favorite was reintroduced in as the Super Bearcat with a four-inch barrel, fixed sights, rosewood grips and interchangeable cylinders in.

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Features included smooth rosewood grips, fixed sights, and the transfer bar hammer-block safety. There was a factory recall of the. About Bearcats were sold with the WMR cylinders, between serial numbers and The rarity of samples with both.

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As stated on the Ruger website: Firing a. This can result in personal injury to the shooter or bystanders from pieces of cartridge case brass.

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Current production revolvers are available only in. This article is an excerpt from the Standard Catalog of Ruger Firearms.

Ruger Single SixLR single action revolver, dated to This Ruger "Old Model" Single Six pistol features the classic Single Six single action design, meant to emulate a Colt sin Click for more info. Jul 06, Ruger Single Action Revolver Grips By Model. July 6, Bearcat. Bearcat & Super (XR3) Para Ordnance Para P Pistol Grips Ruger Ruger 22/45 S&W J Frame S&W J Frame Round Butt S&W J Frame Round Butt Boot Cut S&W K-L Frame S&W N Frame S&W N Frame Square Butt Target Schofield Sig Sig Sig Sig Sauer Sig Sauer Smith . Sep 03, Like other Ruger revolvers, the Single-Six also led the way in safety, though not right off the bat. In , the company introduced the transfer bar safety, which prevented the gun from firing until the trigger was pulled. The New Model Single-Six could be carried safely with all chambers loaded, not the case with old SAA revolvers.

Although both were nicely made good quality pistols, they bot had the same issue. Both were very picky about what ammo they would feed and eject properly. I traded in the MK-1 for something which is lost in time at this age. It feeds whatever I put in it and ejects it no problems. Log in to leave a comment.

Gun Cleaning and Refinishing Ruger Guns Filter By Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. Clear All Filter. Clear All Availability. Availability In Stock at Springfield,MO Change Store. standard model mark ii ruger 22/45 model single six engraved series hawkeye series muzzleloaders. by model mark iii caliber pistol specifications old model single-action revolvers (pre-transfer bar) single six revolver flat gate model. Aug 27, In , Ruger jumped into the single-action business with, as you would expect from Ruger, a rimfire - the Single Six. The Single Six got its name by being a single-action, six-shot revolver that looked just like the sidearms of the old west, but chambered in the cheap and fun to shoot

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Whether searching for self-defense, competition, or a big game hunting sidearm, Ruger has a handgun for every need. The first pistol produced by Ruger was the highly popular caliber Ruger Standard, but today the company manufactures 12 pistols and 10 revolvers, all with a number of variations and in a wide range of calibers. These handguns are compact, easy to carry, and easy to shoot.

This American-made revolver features a patented polymer fire-control housing that helps to reduce weight and felt recoil. The Ruger GP is also a popular option for self-defense, while the Ruger SP and the Ruger Redhawk are revolvers that offer a larger caliber on a relatively small frame, making them suitable for home defense or a hunting sidearm.

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For those seeking a more classic, cowboy-style revolver, the Ruger Blackhawk has remained a favorite for over 60 years. All of these Ruger handguns can be found for sale at Guns.

We offer several options for the online gun buyer, as well as used guns for those who are on a tighter budget.

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And with the Guns. Likewise, Ruger revolvers can be purchased used from Guns.

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Ruger this month announced a four-pack of new color schemes for their EC9S micro-compact 9mm pistols to include FDE, grey, purple and turquoise. Built in America for blue-collar Americans, the new Ruger Wrangler stirs nostalgic dreams of western flicks and gunslingers.

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