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He was born on Thursday, July 25, Is Jaafar Jackson married or single, and who is he dating now? His father and extended family were all a part of the mega popular musical group the Jackson 5 before each going on to pursue varying solo careers. Jaafar Jackson is single. He is not dating anyone currently.

Alibaba notes that Ja'far doesn't seem to have aged despite three years passing, something he seemed to take a bit sadly before displaying a smile to the prince. He reverts to his original appearance at the start of the series at the end of the series.

Image Gallery. Ja'far is a serious person, who gets angry easily. He is most often the voice of reason when Sinbad is doing something outrageous. He tends to scold Sinbad a lot, despite Sinbad being his King, older, and stronger than him. When provoked or angered, Ja'far shows a whole different side to himself. He was easily willing to kill Cassim when the latter opposed Sinbad.

Enraged, Ja'far was going to use his Household VesselBararaq Sei with his full strength, but was stopped by Sinbad before he could do so. However, despite his short-tempered nature Ja'far is shown to be mostly kind and polite towards others except for those he sees as an enemy. He cares deeply about the people he loves and is shown to have a soft spot for children, as he treats them almost like a mother would. He is also a workaholic, to the point that he would still be working even when he's asleep.

Ja'far was born into Parthevia's undercover unit, the assassins Sham Lash, and at one point became its leader.

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At the age of six, he was forced into killing both of his parents. After the dungeon of Baal was conquered by Sinba Parthevia 's Emperor ordered his troupe to track down and capture Sinbad and take out Drakon if he became troublesome. He failed in the assassination and decided to serve him as a vassal.

Little is known about Ja'far's history, but it is evident that, from a young age, he was under intensely abusive treatment, which would have most likely warped his ethical reasoning and his physical body.

Since his assassin days, Ja'far has apparently become quite tame and serious. Sinbad remarked that Ja'far's eyes were always rogue when they'd first met. Over the course of their acquaintance, Ja'far has apparently grown very close to his King, to the point where he is the only character to have nicknamed Sinbad, calling him always by "Sin.

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The meeting is about why Balbadd has broken off trade with Sindria. They hear about the Fog Troupe from the two, and soon Sinbad declares that he will, by himself, destroy the Fog Troupe.

Ja'far then has lunch with Masrur, Sinbad, Aladdin and Morgiana. Sinbad formally introduces Masrur and Ja'far. Aladdin introduces himself and summons Ugowhich surprises Ja'far. Sinbad is also surprised and states that Aladdin is a Magi. Knowing the power that Aladdin wields, Sinbad asks Aladdin to lend them his power in capturing the Fog Troupe. Sinbad says that age doesn't matter, but what matters is the capability of facing the Fog Troupe.

Ja'far eventually submits and proceeds to explain the plans to everyone. He explains that the Troupe's are seen when there are fogs and targets the country's treasury and rich citizens. He also tells Aladdin and Morgiana about the new recruit to the Troupe that everyone calls, 'Wonderman Alibaba '. Ja'far is next seen with Aladdin and Morgiana, helping them in fighting the fog troupe.

He along with Aladdin and Morgiana, are attacked by the Fog Troupe. Ja'far uses his wires to attack the troupe and states that he is not from Balbadd, but he has reasons to capture them. However, Ja'far was binded by Cassim 's weapon, Kokubaku Mutou.

When they went back to the hotel, Ja'far explains to Sinbad about the economic problems in Balbadd and that it was caused by paper money called "Juan" that were issued by the Kou Empire.

Later he is present when Sinbad is listening in on Alibaba's story and when the Fog Troupe attacks their room. Ja'far attacks back using his wires. On the roof Ja'far shows disbelief and confusion when Sinbad offers to join the Fog Troupe after defeating Alibaba.

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He protests that it would make matters more complicated, in which Sinbad replied whether Ja'far was "not human", leaving him completely speechless and defeated.

When Cassim bad-mouths Sinbad, Ja'far is enraged and attacks him with his wires. He states that Cassim has no idea what Sinbad had been through, and is prepared to kill him. However Sinbad stops him by grabbing his blades, which injured his hand. Ja'far is shocked and immediately apologizes for injuring Sinbad, in which he replied that it was "Ok". Ja'far then looks after Aladdin when he is unconscious. When Black Rukh is taking over Balbadd, Ja'far wants to help Sinbad in the castle, however, as he says to Masrur, he cannot abandon the people that are in panic.

He is next seen attacking Banker with Bararaq Sei after Masrur knocked him down, allowing Sinbad to finish him off. Ja'far is first seen as he greets Alibaba who is enraged that he was taken away from Balbadd.

When Alibaba asks whether Sinbad had any rights to confront the Kou Empire, he states that Sinbad had "none whatsoever", but that won't stop him from trying to help Alibaba and Balbadd. After the 6 months time skip, Ja'far is next seen as he greets Sinbad after his return from the Kou Empire.

She reveals the reason to be because she wants Jafar to change the Laws of Magic in order to go back in time and stay with Will. Alice reluctantly orders White Rabbit to dig, though a lightning bolt rebounds from the Red Queen's genie bottle and injures the Knave. Because of Alice's first wish, she temporarily dies in Cyrus' arms, until the Knave makes Alice's final wish by wishing for her suffering to stop.

Alice awakens and learns that the Knave has freed Cyrus from his genie status, though the Knave trades his place within the bottle. Jafar later claims the bottle from the Red Queen and prepares to use his magic to tap into the genie magic. When he is unable to, Jafar finds out that the Knave of Hearts doesn't have his heart in him after it was removed by Cora and plans to claim it.

Even though Jafar manages to claim the Knave of Hearts' heart, his staff suddenly works against him causing Jafar to retreat. When Jafar invokes the ritual with the three bottles, he gains the ability to change the laws of magic. His first act was to make his father love him like he should've been loved before making the water appear in his father's lungs. After pinning the Jabberwocky to the wall with the Vorpal Blade, Jafar raises an army of previously dead soldiers to help in his conquest of Wonderland.

When it came to the fight at the Well of Wishes, Jafar dissolved Amara into the water she planned to return to Nyx. When Alice makes her attempt to return the water in order to break Nyx's genie curse, Jafar steals the water from Alice.

This results in Nyx evoking the genie curse on Jafar and sending his bottle to another location. Once that was done, Jafar's change on the laws of magic was undone. Here, he is the father of one of the film's primary protagonists, Jayand he is portrayed by Maz Jobrani.

Jafar has Jay steal from the other residents to keep the store stocked. When Jafar notices that one of the stolen objects is a lamp Jay had brought him, he eagerly and excitedly tries to rub it; hoping for it to be a magic one in which he can supposedly get three wishes from a genie again but when his son tells him that he already tried that himself and it didn't work, he throws it away in anger.

This mockery later led all four villains to squabble in embarrassment in front of their kids. Jafar appears in the sixth season of Once Upon a Time as an antagonist. Jafar appears as the main antagonist of the Guy Ritchie re-imagining of the classic film, portrayed by Marwan Kenzari. Jafar and Iago are first seen standing outside the Cave of Wonders during the musical number "Arabian Nights" waiting for their pawn to go in and retrieve a treasure, but the Cave rejects all those that it finds unworthy by burying them deep into the sand until it has found the "diamond in the rough".

Jafar is later seen examining prisoners to find the "diamond in the rough" the cave speaks of, but none of the candidates fit the description and he pushes one of his subordinates down a well when he tries to convince Jafar that "second" is good enough.

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Jafar wants to convince the Sultan to use their armies to invade the kingdom of Sherabad, which is where Jasmine's mother is from, not because he sees it as a threat, but because he was once imprisoned there for years and he seeks revenge. Not long after, Iago draws Jafar's attention to Aladdin coming into the palace. Aladdin is later caught by Jafar and the guards, but Jafar talks to Aladdin and tries to appeal to him by showing that he was a former street rat himself who rose to power.

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He also tells Aladdin that Jasmine is the princess and that he can help him be rich enough to impress her by finding and giving him the lamp which is located in the Cave of Wonders. Just as Aladdin decides to do Jafar's task this time not disguised as an old beggarhe gives him the warning to avoid touching any treasure inside except the lamp. On their way to get the lamp for Jafar, Abu grabs a nearby ruby which causes the Cave to collapse.

Carpet helps Aladdin and Abu reach the exit, but when he asks for Jafar's help, he only takes the lamp and attempts to kill Aladdin. Abu attacks Jafar before he and Aladdin get trapped in the cave. Jafar thinks he is victorious until he checks his pockets to find that the lamp is gone, and he screams in fury. Aladdin tries to visit Jasmine, but he is caught by Jafar and the guards again. Jafar knows who Prince Ali really is and wants to prove that he has the lamp by pushing him off a ledge and into the ocean to see if Genie will help him survive.

After saving Aladdin, they find Jasmine, Sultan, and Jafar and tries to expose him for his crimes, but Aladdin sees that Jafar is controlling the Sultan with his staff in an attempt to rule Agrabah, so he swipes it and smashes it to show him who Jafar really is. Afterward, Jafar is imprisoned for his crimes, but Iago manages to get the keys to rescue him. Later, as Aladdin is walking through the streets, a disguised Jafar swipes the lamp off of him and now becomes Genie's new master.

By asking him for his first wish, he goes to the palace throne room and uses Genie to become the new Sultan in front of citizens of Agrabah. Jafar uses his second wish to become the world's most powerful sorcerer.

He exposes Aladdin for who he really is before banishing him to a frozen wasteland. He then forces Jasmine to marry him or else he will kill her father and Dalia. Jasmine reluctantly agrees but refuses to let herself be put down.

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As Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet head back to Agrabah, Jasmine is about to go through with the ceremony to marry Jafar until she spots Aladdin and Abu riding on Carpet and steals the lamp from Jafar to join them.

Angered, Jafar uses his powers to turn Iago into a monstrous roc to chase after them and get the lamp back so that he can continue to marry Jasmine, but the Sultan pushes the staff out of Jafar's hand so that Iago goes back to normal, and Abu has the lamp. Feeling enraged about this comeuppance with the Sultan, Jafar manages to overpower everyone and trap them, even destroying Carpet, before boasting about his power, also creating a powerful storm to destroy Agrabah.

However, Aladdin tells Jafar that he will always only be second best to Genie since he gave him his powers and can take them away just as easily. Jafar, refusing to be second best, then decides to use his third wish to become the most powerful being in the universe to become a powerful genie just like him. Genie grants him the final wish, and Jafar tries to use his new power to attack Sherabad, but now that he is also a genie, he is bound to his own lamp and he gets sucked into it.

Iago attempts to escape, but Jafar pulls him in. Genie then banishes Jafar's lamp to the Cave of Wonders for 10, years. Jafar has regularly appeared in various printed media throughout the years. After the release of the original film, he was featured in a sequel story, similar to Return of Jafarwhere he and Iago were freed from the lamp and plotted revenge against Aladdin and friends.

Jafar appears in the fourth and fifth books of the saga. He first appears as a fragile old man but then reveals his true appearance and asks for the "window magic" of the Keepers. He also seems in opposition or in a sub-division of Maleficent's Overtakers.

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After he shows he can turn into a cobra, like in the movie, to threaten them, Willa uses a flute in an exhibition to "charm" Jafar and she and Maybeck run away.

According to him, Maleficent had promised him the lamp, something which he has not yet received. He also despises signing autograph, something he finds "an insult to my dignity". He also seems to be on good terms with Tia Dalma, as he says to her "Go in peace", to which she responds in kind.

Here it is revealed that his Cobra staff can transform into a real cobra and into a wooden stick, which he uses to protect the surrounding areas.

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The Liz Braswell novel tells an alternate story in which Jafar successfully retrieves the lamp after tricking Aladdin into entering the Cave of Wonders. Having made his canonical first two wishes, only learning of the three things the genie cannot do after he attempts to make his third wish to make Jasmine fall in love with him, he subsequently seizes control of Agrabah, becoming a tyrant and forcing the kingdom's citizens into living in crippling fear of his rule.

Aladdin and Jasmine, meanwhile, form a rebellion against Jafar, teamed with various street rats from Agrabah's underworld. In the course of the novel, Jafar acquires various magic books and artifacts that allow him to create an army of ghouls, as well as sacrificing Iago for additional power and unraveling the Carpet so that some of the threads can be used to make key soldiers fly.

Reference is also made to his childhood, where he states that he was sold as a child and does not even remember his family name, stating that all his original parents left him was his first name and he had to work his way into power.

He is finally defeated in the last confrontation when Jasmine's makeshift army distracts his ghoul forces, as he lacks any tactical skills. However, his final wish is that all magic will die with him, turning the genie into a human and causing his army to collapse.

Jafar has also appeared in books centering the Disney Villains franchise such as The Villain Filesand some centering the Disney Princessessuch as Kilala Princess. Jafar is a primary focus in the game where his villainous sister Nasira plots on gaining revenge on Aladdin for the murder of her brother, and plans on bringing Jafar back from the dead in the process.

She succeeds in turning the kingdom of Agrabah against Aladdin through magic, imprisons the Sultan, Genie, and Jasmine, and nearly succeeds in her plot until Aladdin reaches her lair then's foils her, killing Jafar once again. Jafar is a recurring villain in four installments of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. He is a member of Maleficent 's group and appears to be her second-in-command. His eventual genie form returns in this game series, but for some reason, the snake form he obtains before even becoming a genie does not.

In Kingdom Heartshe uses the Heartless courtesy of Maleficent to successfully take over Agrabah; however, he was unable to find the Keyhole to his world as well as Jasminethe sixth Princess of Heartwho had managed to escape the takeover.

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By the time Aladdin is rescued by SoraDonal and GoofyJafar manages to kidnap Jasmine and steals the lamp from Aladdin before he can save her, forcing Genie to work for him. In the Cave of Wonders, he wishes for the Keyhole to be revealed, and then uses his second wish for Genie to crush Sora and friends when they arrive as they engage Jafar and Genie in battle.

However, despite his mastery of fire and ice spells he uses against them, the group is able to defeat Jafar. Losing, Jafar uses his last wish to become a genie himself out of desperation. But even with his newfound power, Jafar ends up getting sucked into his lamp after Sora and the others manage to retrieve it from Iago when he drops it after passing out from exhaustion. Jafar returns in Chain of Memories as a figment of Sora's memory.

In order to get the lamp, he tricked Aladdin to get the lamp in an attempt to make Jasmine marry him. When Jafar stole the lamp from Aladdin, his first wish was to have Jasmine in his clutches, his second being for Genie to protect him from a sneak attack led by Sora and Aladdin, and his third wish was to become an all-powerful Genie.

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He teleported Sora and his friends to the center of the earth and attacked them. His attacks were similar to that seen in the first game, except ice could not damage him. Instead of attacking Jafar directly, Sora attacks Iago, grabbing the lamp, and trapped Jafar inside like the previous encounter. He also appeared in Riku 's story representing Riku's dark memories. Eventually, the Peddler finds the lamp, but Pete later steals it so that Jafar can be released and turned into a Heartless. While chasing the Peddler, Iago intervenes and snatches the lamp, enabling the group to seal Jafar's lamp away.

Unfortunately, the Peddler was later manipulated and found Jafar's lamp again, releasing him. Jafar then forces Iago to keep Sora occupied while Jafar kidnapped Jasmine. Once Sora and Aladdin discover the ruse, they return to the Palace to find Jafar with an incarcerated Jasmine. Upon discovery, Jafar attacks Aladdin, but hits Iago instead, who falls unconscious. Jafar then turns into his genie form to finish off Sora once and for all, but he is defeated and explodes while his lamp dissolves into darkness.

He serves as the second boss in the story, having been given a room in the castle by Mizrabel, who claimed to have turned him into the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Jasmine was even given to him. After being beaten in his cobra form, Jafar reverts and realizes that Mizrabel was just using him. Much like Hook before him, Jafar abides by Mickey's request to stay in his room and not bother the non-villainous characters that need to be saved.

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When sent home to reunite with his cartoon self, Jafar is told taking care of his friends is more important than power by Jiminy Cricket.

Not really getting the cricket's message, Jafar says he's right as it's good to have friends in high places; he needed to get back and help the Sultan, who's helpless without him. A not-entirely false statement. In the Aladdin story, Jafar escapes his lamp. The laws of the Kingdom strips away his genie powers, however, forcing him to find an alternative source of power in his quest to eliminate Aladdin.

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He eventually decides to consume the magic within the Kingdom and use it to create a curse that will destroy the Kingdom. Aladdin and his allies team up to stop Jafar, and successfully foil his plot. Afterward, he laments his defeat but nevertheless swears to have his revenge eventually. In the Broadway adaptation of the film, Jafar is notably portrayed by his voice actor Jonathan Freeman and plays out a role fairly similar to that of the animated film, but with a few key differences.

In this version, Iago is no longer a parrot, but instead Jafar's diminutive human assistant. Along with this, the vizier is given several new musical numbers to accompany his original reprise of " Prince Ali " including "Diamond in the Rough" and " Why Me?

His three wishes differed in the musical than the film; his first wish was to make Jasmine his prisoner, the second was to become sultan though not to rule high, so the palace stayed where it was and the third, like the film, was to become a genie.

Also notable, during the climax, Jafar doesn't turn into a snake, though he retains his transformation into a genie via Aladdin's quick-thinking. Jafar appears occasionally in the Disney theme parks as a meetable character. Jafar appeared as the main antagonist of the Broadway-style adaptation of the original film, Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular in Disney California Adventure. One notable moment includes time taken from the show's plot to focus on the Genie's various remarks at Jafar's expense.

In the rendition of World of ColorJafar was featured during the brief montage celebrating villains. In the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic! In the show, Jafar turns into his snake form in an attempt to eat Mickey. When the villains get the upper hand, Jafar becomes a Genie.

Soon Mickey saves the day and Jafar is killed off along with everyone else. In the show, Jafar and the villains celebrate Halloween with music and mingling. As ofJafar no longer appears, having been replaced by Frollo, with Dr. Facilier becoming the host. In Sorcerers of the Magic KingdomJafar appears in Adventureland and is released from his lamp by Hades referring to himself as Prince Azure to be recruited to help find the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom.

Secretly however Jafar plans on stealing back his lamp from Hades so that he can wish him free and may answer to no one, and trap Hades in the Cave of Wonders. Jafar uses a diamond ring from Iago to locate the crystal. Before he can retrieve it, Merlin the Wizard interferes. Hades orders Jafar to eliminate Merlin but the villain himself finds Merlin to be elusive.

Jafar meets the heroic park guests set to abolish Hades' plans.

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Jafar sends a snake to battle the guests. While the guests were in battle, Jafar managed to kidnap Merlin and imprison him in a lamp. Together, Genie and the guests travel to the Cave of Wonders, where Jafar and the crystal are found.

A battle follows, ending with Jafar being sucked back into his lamp by Merlin. Jafar, like a genie, is summoned by Hades at the final battle against the park guests. However, when the villains meet their defeat, Jafar and the others were all sucked into Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. During the finale of the show, Jafar and the others joined the sisters in singing " I Put a Spell on You ".

Like the other villains, Jafar was only seen through water projectors. Jafar was also one of the featured villains during the resort's Halloween celebration.

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He also appears as his normal self in the "Prince Ali"-inspired display. Jafar took part of the park's Halloween event, Villains Night Out! Jafar can also be seen turning into a genie during the final scene of The Nightmare Experiment.

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