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Most bottle manufacturers molded the year into the glass at the bottom of the bottle in 2-digit format. This will usually tell you-within a year or two-when the whiskey was bottled. Generally the earlier date refers to the year the bottle mold was created, and the latter is the year the bottle was made. Most bourbons and ryes had a tax strip seal over the cap up through Bottled in bond tax strips are green; non bonded tax strips are red and do not show the years. Blue tax strips were for export out of the US only, but not all exports used blue strips.

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I have spent 2 hours online trying to find info like yours. Too many ads. Thank you so much.

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The lead you have to worry about is in the decanters, the bottles should be fine. Hope that helps, cheers!

Jun 26,   Today, Smirnoff serves consumers in + countries and encourages anyone over the legal drinking age to try its smooth vodka. Whether you're hankering after a cosmopolitan or a pre-game sangria, Smirnoff's bottles of vodka offer a variety of refreshing tasting flavors to share with someone special. Serve with confidence and drink responsibly. Smirnoff Vodka is the largest vodka brand in the world. It is an ultra smooth vodka with a classic taste that has inspired other varieties of vodkas worldwide. If you have a bottle of spirits but you don't know how old it is, you can estimate the date of the bottle from a few key clues. Once you've figured out how old the bottle is, consider carefully whether it's safe to drink the contents or not. While most liquors will stay safe indefinitely, some may lose their flavor or become dangerous to drink.

The laws, bottles, etc. I have a Jim Beam bottle that seems to be about judging by your dating guidelines. It has ml contents, no UPC code or medical warning. It has not beeb opened. Is it worth anything or should I just open it and enjoy the bourbon?

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Definitely recommend just opening and enjoying. Cheers Robin! Hi, I have an unopened One Gallon bottle of 86 proof Old Grand-Dad Whiskey with original box, the wooden tilting pouring rack and plastic pourer.

Tax stamp is intact and sealed as well.

Dating smirnoff bottles

Wondering its worth. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search this website. Search this website Hide Search. Josh Peters July 27, Love the style of those old bottles.

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John summers November 16, I need help with bottles may you. Josh Feldman July 31, Josh Peters July 31, Old grand dad bourbon Four roses Hedges and butler Olde bourbon.

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Josh Peters November 30, Andrew G October 14, Josh Peters October 14, Volbourbon October 27, Josh Peters November 2, No problem. Have you opened it? Thelma Wickwere September 11, Josh Peters September 11, Thanks Thelma, glad you found it helpful. Greg Bailey September 19, Josh Peters October 3, Meghan McDonald November 5, Always happy to help : Cheers!

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John September 21, Josh Peters September 24, Hi John, Sorry to hear about your friend, but happy to help. Josh Peters December 12, Gary Smith December 5, Today was a very great day! Maynard Call March 25, Josh Peters April 5, Mary Beth B April 21, Josh Peters May 1, Lynn Ross May 3, Josh Peters May 5, Jason chiu May 30, Josh Peters June 11, Essential Distilling June 2, What does Bottle Codes Means?

The laser codes often found on the side. Steohan July 1, Josh Peters July 11, Travis kerns November 15, David H Buckalew November 16, Josh Peters November 17, Kirk Steer November 23, Josh Peters December 10, John Befort February 18, Josh Peters March 6, Dave Montgomery March 16, Josh Peters March 16, Josh Peters June 25, Tiffany August 13, Josh Peters August 28, John Matusko November 23, Josh Peters November 26, Sue April 14, Sincerely, Sue.

Josh Peters April 19, Hi Sue, Are you trying to figure out what whiskey brand it is? Peter Kuettel June 16, Josh Peters June 16, Hi Peter, Thanks! Michelle July 16, Josh Peters July 20, GlassGirl August 17, Josh Peters August 20, When I first wrote this I was looking for something just like that.

Thank you for sahring! Patricia October 28, Josh Peters November 5, Kym March 14, Using just physical, manufacturing related diagnostic features, most utilitarian bottles can usually only be accurately placed within a date range of years i. There are numerous reasons for this:.

Like many industries making the leap from manual craftsman production to industrialization and automation, technological advances in bottle manufacturing were not immediately accepted by glass manufacturers or their workers. Acceptance often occurred over a period of many years or decades in some cases.

This technology lag makes some diagnostic characteristics better than others for dating. This will be noted where known. As a corollary to 1, consider the following quote: "Treat terminal dates with care.

We can always have some indication of a starting date for a technique if we can find who first put the idea into practice.

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But any technique, once developed, can be used right up to the present - as many collectors know who have been so unfortunate as to rely too heavily on a popular termination date as sure evidence of true antiquity In short, there was and is nothing to stop a glassmaker from using an obsolete method in the production of a bottle.

Some technological changes were expensive and not adopted by glass makers until it became an "adapt or perish" issue and many glass factories simply perished.

The shift to the fully automated bottle machine from mouth-blown and some semi-automatic methods in the early 20th century is the classic example Toulousea.

If you are attempting to estimate the approximate manufacturing date - or age - of a particular bottle (or significant sized fragment) the first page to visit would be the Bottle Dating page and its related sub-pages. These pages lead a user through a series of questions about the physical/morphological characteristics of historic bottles which help to narrow down the age of an item.

The same bottle could have been recycled and reused many times for many years before finally being discarded - entire or broken Busch ; see link below. This was almost universal with many beverage bottle types e. The two products were from separate companies which were cross-town [Sacramento, CA.

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The author has also seen Star Bitters labels on Wait's bottles as well as both labels on the immensely period popular Hostetter's Stomach Bitters bottles! Reuse, of course, does not change the manufacturing date of the bottle itself, but care must be exercised when using the known date of one or a few bottles to date other items found from the same context.

When a likely or known "older" item is found in a known "newer" site it is referred to as deposition lag. An example of this is the finding of a few pontil scarred utilitarian bottles among otherwise late 19th or early 20th century refuse. It is unlikely that this bottle was made during the same era, but instead was reused for a lengthy period or otherwise retained until broken or discarded.

Pontiled base fragments could also be from later produced "specialty" bottles which are described below. Other diagnostic tools must be used to date these items. Shape is more indicative of function, i. All this adds to the fascination with bottle making, but makes systematic dating similar to solving Rubik's cube - ostensibly simple on the surface but complex in practice.

That is the point of this website. A yet a few more factors to keep in mind in the dating of bottles Utilitarian items makes up the bulk of the bottles produced during the 19th century and first half of the 20th century.

Bottles intended to be used once to dispense the contained product without much hope of return; 2. Those produced during the era where all bottles were an relatively rare and cherished commodity to be discarded only when broken i. Click canning jar to view the typology page section devoted to that category.

The heavy glass beer bottle pictured to the above left is a classic example of a utilitarian bottle from the late 19th century which was typically reused but follows the dating guidelines on this and the related dating pages.

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The dating guidelines found on these Dating Pages and the entire website do not always work well with what the author calls "specialty" bottles click for more information. For example, some bottle types which were intended to be kept indefinitely like the early 20th century barber bottle pictured to the right were produced with the use of pontil or punty rods leaving telltale pontil scars on bottles into at least the early 20th century.

The base image below left is of an late 19th to early 20th century barber bottle base with a very distinct blowpipe pontil scar with a little residual iron from the pontil rod. Another exception example is that the bottles for expensive, limited production liquors e.

Many specialty bottles were imported from Europe, though that fact may be at times hard to impossible to ascertain. Specialty bottles can be, of course, occasionally found on historic sites usually fragments, but occasionally intact but can rarely be used to help date the site because of the diagnostic problems and deposition lag issues noted above.

Jul 24,   I have a bottle that has been in the family since early 60s. It has a metal (pewter I think) label. The neck of the bottle had metal lines down to the label. The label itself has a horse and rider jumping a fence.(doesn't look like the Hunter label). The bottle is . Used in mouth blown bottles such as wine bottles, the push-up base has an easily recognizable center which is pushed-up into the bottle's base that allows wine sediment to collect in the ridge that continues around the perimeter of the bottle base. The Bottle Top or Lip. The bottle top or lip of a bottle . Apr 12,   Determine if you have an old medicine, poison or household cleaning agent bottle by color and design. Cobalt blue is a color often used in these types of bottles, dating from the s through the s. Many poison bottles from the late s through the early s feature a quilted or spiked pattern and, sometimes, included the word "poison.".

Having stated the above, there are still many diagnostic features or characteristics that provide a high probability of both dating and typing a bottle with some precision.

A key concept in historic bottle dating is the high probability i. The general probability estimates noted on this website are based on a merging of reliable references with empirical observations made by this site's affiliated consulting experts see the About This Site page and the author all of whom have been students of historic bottle dating and identification for many years.

N otes on embossing, labeling, and existing research. Raised embossing and when present, paper labeling on a bottle can frequently provide important details to refine the probable manufacturing date range if information exists for the company that either manufactured the bottle i.

For example, the early San Francisco mineral water bottle pictured here is known to date between based on the information provided by the embossing company name embossed on the pictured side and the glass maker - Union Glass Works - embossed on the reverse and research done by collectors Markota Researched historical information of variable depth and quality exists for thousands of different - typically embossed - bottles.

Published works generally cover either a particular city, region, or category of bottles. See the References page for more information.

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For a large majority of embossed and unembossed bottles, however, there is little or nothing formally published on the details of their origins. Only a relative few geographic areas or areas of collecting interest have received more than cursory historical treatment and the majority of this is due to the efforts of collectors. Time has taken its toll on records, of course, but much of what happened in the past was simply not documented well or at all as with most endeavors of common people in the past.

As noted in Munsey's book, " When it comes to methods of dating bottles As Munsey also notes - " Most of what is used today to date bottles Still all true today. This body of information will be utilized and extrapolated to make dating and typing estimates for the majority of bottles for which there is either no specific company or glass maker information available or such is not possible to determine because the bottles are unmarked i.

Stell Newman Newman Newman's key made a noble attempt at simplifying bottle dating, but is weakened by the fact that the subject is much too complex to be conducive to such a simple approach by itself. Also, the format and space constraints of a journal article do not allow for the elaboration and illustrations necessary to make a key function fully Jones b.

Newman wryly recognized all this with his reworking of an old saying: "This bottle dating key is for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools.

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This website is designed to have the informational depth, pictures, and illustrations necessary to solve the problems of the Newman key though his warning still holds, although hopefully less so. This entire website is essentially a key to the dating and typing of bottles. However, the author of this site still recommends Dr. Before jumping into the key, it must again be emphasized that no single key can get a user to an absolutely precise date for any bottle.

The best the following key can do is get a user to a reliably close dating range estimate. This service is provided as an information and advice resource.

Judgments and decisions made by subscribers are the responsibility of each subscriber. Masterpiece Technologies Inc. Values and related information provided are based on current market conditions at the time of the request. Actual sales record s are part of the Online Appraisal document that Dr. Lori prepares. This information alerts you to locations where people have bought similar items like yours. This is our Online Appraisal agreement.

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If you are interested in an Online Appraisal, you must read and agree to the appraisal terms below. After we receive your information on the item, we will contact you at the email address that you provided concerning our acceptance to proceed and regarding payment methods.

This is our proposal for an Online Appraisal which includes actual sales records when agreed to by the client, It will constitute a binding agreement between Masterpiece Technologies Inc.

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The appraisal report will take no more than ten 10 days from the date of the receipt of your payment to be delivered. We will email the report to you at the email address you provided no more than ten 10 days from the date of the receipt of your payment.

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This proposal is subject to the following conditions, which are expressly made a part of the agreement for appraisal services:. The appraiser has no present or contemplated future interest in the property being appraised and neither the employment of the appraiser nor the compensation paid to the appraiser is contingent upon the appraisal value of said item.

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Get the best deals on vintage smirnoff bottle when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Starting January 1, all bottles were required to use metric measurements (ml, 1 liter, etc.). Some bottles produced during the transition will show both metric and ounces. Incidentally, the term "fifth" for a bottle of liquor comes from the fact that the standard size for many years was 1/5 gallon. Government Warnings. HOME: Bottle Dating. INTRODUCTION. This page and associated sub-pages allows a user to run an American produced utilitarian bottle or a significantly sized bottle fragment(s) through a series of questions based primarily on diagnostic physical, manufacturing related characteristics or features to determine the approximate manufacturing age range of the item.

Information, estimates, and opinions furnished to the appraiser and contained in the report were obtained from sources considered reliable and believed to be true and correct. No responsibility for the accuracy of items furnished to the appraiser by other parties may be assumed by the appraiser. Neither all, nor any part of the content of the report, or copy thereof, shall be used for any purposes by anyone but the client specified in the report without previous written consent of the appraiser.

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