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Not everyone responds to emotional stimuli in the same way, but, in some, there may be no response at all. This lack of reaction is called flat affect and can be a symptom of a psychiatric disorder or a side effect of another medical condition. Those with flat affect do not lack emotion, but rather their emotions are thought to be unexpressed. This visual or verbal absent can be caused by conditions that include schizophrenia , autism , depression , and traumatic brain injury. Emotions to stimuli that are not expressed by people with flat affect include facial, voice and body language changes. Typically, a particular experience or situation will produce an emotional response in someone, such as elation, fear, sadness, or anger.

The treatment for inappropriate affect depends on the underlying cause. Receiving proper treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis, which is why it is so important to visit a healthcare professional if you or someone you know is living with these types of symptoms.

Most types of inappropriate affect will be treated with some form of medication depending on the severity of the symptoms. Even if psychotherapy is used, it is usually as an add-on to medication, because therapy alone often will not help to remediate the problem. Medications that may be used include antipsychotics in the case of schizophrenia or psychosisantidepressants or mood stabilizers in the case of mood disorders or related issuesas well as a specific medication approved by the U.

Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of pseudobulbar affect a combination of dextromethorphan and quinidine.

If you are a caregiver to a person experiencing inappropriate affect, it can be hard on you too. You may react negatively or defensively to the other person's behaviors, which can make the situation worse. You might also be confused by their behavior and not know how to react.

It's important as a caregiver that you take time to get help for yourself as well. Support groups or other avenues for connecting with other people going through the same issues may be helpful.

You could also consider talk therapy for yourself to learn best how to manage the situation and your own needs and emotions. If you are living with inappropriate affect, it may be hard to know how to cope. Below are some suggestions on ways to minimize the impact of inappropriate affect on your life.

Visit a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause of your inappropriate affect.

Dating someone with blunted affect

This person will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment for your situation. If you have a neurological condition that causes you to react in inappropriate ways, it may be helpful to share this with those who are closest to you so that they can understand better what is happening.

If you have schizophrenia or a related condition, it's important to seek social support such as though a schizophrenia or PTSD support group.

Is Mental Illness a Deal Breaker for Romantic Relationships?

According to a study in Cardiovascular Psychiatry and Neurology, reducing daily stress and depression can help lessen the onset of inappropriate effect. Are you or someone you know living with inappropriate affect? While this can be a debilitating condition because it affects every area of your life from work to social relationships, with the help of a healthcare professional, it is possible to reduce the impact on your life.

Sep 11,   Blunted affect is commonly seen in those with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. When an event causes a person to experience or witness physical harm or violence, they can go on to . Dating is a chance - a chance to meet someone new, a chance for them to introduce you to people, places and things that you never knew that you'd love. It's the chance that you won't like them and that they won't like you. And it's the chance that they will and that you will too. affect [af?ekt] the external expression of emotion attached to ideas or mental representations of objects. see also mood. blunted affect severe reduction in the intensity of affect; a common symptom of schizophrenic disorders. constricted affect restricted affect. flat affect lack of emotional expression. inappropriate affect affect that is incongruent with the situation or with the.

Once you have your symptoms under control, all areas of your life should improve and your sense of control will increase. Remember that even if you are feeling better, most conditions that require medication will involve taking this medication for the long-term.

For this reason, you should always follow your doctor's advice and never make treatment decisions on your own. Ever wonder what your personality type means?

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View All. Mental Disorders Major depressive disorder Schizophrenia Schizoid personality disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder Schizoaffective disorder Psychopathy Depersonalization Borderline personality disorder.

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May 23,   Blunted affect is the failure of a person to display emotion in a culturally-appropriate way. While it is not considered to be a psychiatric disorder in and of itself, it can be a symptom of several known disorders, including post-traumatic stress syndrome, schizophrenia, depression, and various autistic spectrum a psychological evaluation, an observed blunted affect can help. Flat affect (diminished emotional expression) is a hallmark symptom of schizophrenia, although it may also affect those with other is a lack of showing emotion characterized by an apathetic and unchanging facial expression and little or no change in the strength, tone, or pitch of the voice. Jan 09,   I think back in the day, dating was more loosely going on dates with one or many people, but now dating is the past's equivalent of 'going steady.' - Drew, 24 It means you are in a relationship.

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