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Remember Me? Eddie Sheehy - Jan, pm. Last Number YEAR No information available Year Where is the serial number found.

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We steam and bend our violin grade maple rim and install a fiberskyn head over Vega Little Wonder Banjo When you step up to a Little Wonder you get a banjo featuring a durable ebony fingerboard that gives you the look and feel of a professional instrument.

Both the comfortable neck and quality rim are stained with a deep warm brown. The peghead of the maple neck is overla Vega 2 Banjo The tubaphone tone ring creates that unique Vega tone in this professional quality maple banjo.

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The Vega No. The dimensions of the neck are quite similar to the early Vega banjos - full, yet fast and comfortable.

From to Fairbanks (later Vega) made Fred Bacon banjos. Between and Vega made some S.S. Stewart banjos. The years matched to the serial numbers are an educated approximation; they are accurate within a year or two, and even the dates of introduction of major improvements are based on ads, catalogs, and contemporary news releases. In , Martin sold the Vega brand to the Asian conglomerate Galaxy. Vega banjos were then marketed in the USA by TMC (Targ & Dinner Music Company). Your instrument is a tenor arch top 4-stringer made in the early 's. The Vega banjos in the TMC catalogue were identified by serial numbers only with no model titles or nicknames. Make Offer - Vega Tu-Ba-Phone Style M 4-String Tenor Banjo with Original Case Vintage Banjo Rim assembly with dowel, s Vega Regent/16" 30 bracket $

We make genuine Vega Tubaphone tone rings of brass to create a beautiful quality of tone an Vega Dragon Star Banjo A dramatic dragon is exquisitely inlayed in mother of pearl and abalone shell in the peghead of the Vega Dragon Star. The many scaled, fire breathing dragon's tail and claws are entwined around a bold Vega star amid vividly engraved in the classical tradition. The solid brass bracket band is hand fitted to the violin grade three-ply rim.

Dating vega banjos

This pot design gives the Vega Long Neck Banjo a round full tone that sustains with a pure and clear sparkle.

Pete Seeger invented the long neck banjo when he decided to have a luthier cut his neck and insert Featuring a violin grade maple rim without a tone ring, you get a warm, round note that is great for singing along Greg Deering re-created the process for making the pie back resonator of the excellent professional grade Tenor banjo.

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Made with a Tubaphone tone ring, it has the punch, crack, snap, whatever you call it, that quick response and brilliant clarity that perfect tenor sound that is the heart of D I have been studying early Fairbanks banjos for quite a while, both my own and what pictures I have of others, and have come to the conclusion that our current numbering models start a year off. Here is why.

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I own Fairbanks Electric 67, my buddy Harry Sparks owns 67 and I have photographs of 45, which sold on a year or so ago.

All of these banjos have the Electric patent stamp on the inside of the rim. The stamp contains the date Dec 30, This means that these three banjos could not have been produced before Dec 30,when the patent was granted.

Sep 22,   Here is the ated dating chart for the Fairbank&Cole, A.C Fairbanks & Vega banjos. Much work has been done in the last year to clean up the timelines. Such as: Dec. Patent Columbian Fire Consalvi Departure to Italy & Return Consalvi's departure from company. Dec 22,   If memory serves me correctly, Bill Camp in Minneapolis, now deceased, had a Vega stamp made and actually stamped a few dowel sticks for Bart Reiter. That might explain some of these odd Vega banjos. Several Vega banjos have passed through my hands over the years and I recorded info on 50+ of them. Founded in , Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. Over 40 years later, we've grown into one of the world's most respected sellers .

I doubt seriously that they went out and had a stamp made on Dec 30, stamped these banjos and produced another banjos on New Years Eve. More likely, they probably began their new numbering scheme sometime inonce they had the patent stamp in hand.

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It's possible that these banjos and the other 44 before them were produced in and sat around and waited for the patent stamp, but I doubt it. They still couldn't have been released before the end of Taking this a step farther, and expanding on what Dr.

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It is possible that this is the point at which they stopped using the old numbering system and started the new one. There is no way to tell for sure.

The story of how Greg Deering came to own the year-old Vega trademark is one of childhood dreams and an unmissable opportunity. Since that day in , Deering has breathed new life into the Vega name, blending over a century of tradition with Deering's banjo building expertise, to create a range of heritage rich open back and longneck banjos that are as integral to the modern folk sounds. VEGA Banjos. 22 items found from international sellers. Martin Vega Nickel wound Tenor Banjo strings V 4-String $ $ shipping. or Best Offer. See more like this. BANJO VEGA FAIRBANKS IMPERIAL ELECTRIC $2, $ shipping. Martin Vega Banjo Strings Tenor Nickelwound 4 Strings V String Set. Oct 01,   But it has a typical Vega engraved pearl star in peg head with the word "Vega" engraved in the star. My guess from looking at lots of photos of Vega mandolins, banjos, and mandolin banjos is that the word "Vega" was not engraved in the stars until the late s.

If anyone has an Electric banjo with a stamp before 45, it would be helpful to have that information. I have more to say on this subject, but I think this is enough for now. Agreed Harry is a bit of a mystery and your insights will factor into this period as we revise.

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Please do share any other of your thoughts, they are very welcome. Another thing that I believe might help us narrow down the dates a little more is the Columbian Exposition. It was a landmark event that only lasted for 6 months, May 1, to October 30,although President Harrison proclaimed the anniversary of the discovery of America on Oct.

The Vega name has been part of banjo history since the late 's. Deering has owned the trademark since and taken into the 21st century with the advantages of modern technology but with careful attention to the historical base producing powerful, folk and early style banjos that are as much at home in today's music as they were in years past.

I think it is reasonable to assume that the Fairbanks Columbian banjos were produced around this time to capitalize on the popularity of the fair, at least the earlier group. Here are the numbers for Columbian banjos that I have:. I would think that through would have been in the group produced in mid to late I would love to know of other Columbian serial numbers, particularly in this range.

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I'm not sure what to think about the later Columbians. Maybe it was just a model that they kept in their catalog and produced on special order. Maybe they had a stamp and felt compelled to use it.

New Banjo! Vega Senator

So do we think that a 7 with a serial number of is unlikely to be Consalvi? I appears that Consalvi's work was there for that period until XX.

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I have an S. Thompson branded fairbanks with the number on it, I have been told by various experts and can see from the construction that this is an a. Does anyone know if they would have used the same numbering system on the banjos they made for other brands?

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If so is it safe to date this to ?

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