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Identifying a vintage Tissot watch is an easy task requiring few tools. Tissot watches are generally well marked with the Tissot logo stamped on the dial and engraved on the movement. Examine the bottom of the dial. A good quality vintage watch features a minimum of 15 jewels. Insert a case blade under the lip of a snap-back Tissot watch and pry it open. Use the loupe to examine the inside of the case back.

A major global brand, Tissot has been the official Timekeeper of the NBA since Following up on its commitment to ambassadors such as the season NBA veteran Tony Parker or Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson, Tissot deeply believes in the positive team values of the 5 on 5 game, and in its universal appeal. Its now possible to have certificate of authenticity! - Simply contact and asks for archive extract a service available on the official Longines website. If you seek more information about Longines' place in the history of watchmaking then read a chapter or two right here. Note: - Use the serial numbers to identify the age and production year of your vintage Longines watch. The Tissot name should be engraved on the bridge, which is flat sheet of metal covering part of the movement. Near the name is a serial number. For example, dates the Tissot to A list of Tissot serial numbers and corresponding dates can be found online or from an authorized Tissot dealer (See References and Author's Expertise).

A magnetized watch will cause the indicator on a compass to move or spin. In certain rare occasions, a watch can become so magnetized that magnetism can only be removed by disassembling the watch and demagnetizing individual components. Though magnetism is in our experience, the most common cause of malfunction, there are a number of other possible causes or explanations, and it is important to remember we are discussing items which are mechanical: everything can be fixed.

At left: A simple and inexpensive small compass can be used to test for magnetism. Just gently and slowly pass your watch over the compass, keeping your watch very close to, but not touching, the compass. If the compass hand moves, your watch has some magnetism in it, which magnetism should ideally be removed.

More modern examples can be purchased inexpensively online. If you plan to store your watch for an extended period of time, make sure it is stored in a dry place ideally high above ground level, as moisture tends to collect at lower levels.

When keeping your watch in a safety deposit box hopefully you have chosen a Safe deposit box located on a higher-levelit is best to wrap the watch in paper towels and place the watch in a resealable plastic bag. Ideally, one should place moisture absorbing silica gel packs with the watches.

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To prolong the life of your leather watch strap, keep it dry as much as possible. Periodic Service of Your Watch. We strongly recommend you continue to bring us your watch for periodic service or repair.

Vintage Watch Definitions, Terminology, and Explanations. What is the difference between sapphire or glass and plastic/acrylic crystals? Sapphire crystals are typically found on newer watches (for Rolex, post-c) and feature greater scratch resistance than plastic/acrylic crystals. These crystals can be identified because they are typically. Jan 18,   Vintage chronograph models produced by Tissot during the s and s included some outstanding designs, such as the superb example shown above. This watch dates to and incorporates a Lemania calibre CHT15, which is a column wheel chronograph movement with single button activation. Tissot Vintage Tissot PR Chronograph Lemania Manual $ 1, Verified Dealer. US. Tissot T-Sport V8 Pre-owned with Box and Papers $ Private Seller. US. Tissot Tradition $ Private Seller. US. Tissot T-Touch II Titanium $ Private Seller. US. Tissot Missing: dating.

Watches, like cars, have oils which over time, dry up, coagulate, or get dirty. A mechanical manual wind or automatic self-winding watch typically should be serviced every years. Malfunction and Troubleshooting.

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Note : The most common cause of a watch operating incorrectly is magnetism, followed by the failure to wind a watch for a sufficient period of time manual movementsor to wear the a watch for a sufficient period of time automatic movements, or due to the watch suffering trauma casuded by banging or dropping of the watch.

Quartz watches should work flawlessly with a fresh battery for an average of 1. If the quartz watch is malfunctioning, it could be a circuit issue - either the problem will be serious and parts will need to be replaced, or it may just be that the circuits need to be cleaned and the watch's internal parts re-oiled.

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In either case, the best way to troubleshoot the watch is to have a new battery installed and to wait for the issue to recur. If a battery dies within months, it typically is indicative of a circuitry issue. Please remember that your non-Quartz vintage watch is mechanical and will not be as accurate as a modern Quartz wristwatch. Small errors in accuracy can occur by the positioning of your watch, even when it is not being worn I.

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If you are wearing an automatic wind wristwatch for eight to ten hours consecutively and moving normally I. If the watch watch is not keeping time and is not accurate there may be a power reserve issue which should be addressed by our watchmaker. Make certain your watch is fully wound until it cannot be wound further manual movements. Try passing it over a compass to determine if it has been affected by magnetism.

If you reset your watch and it runs for a while but then stops repeatedly at specific times, a number of issues are possible. Bring the watch in for inspection as soon as possible, as any number of issues could be the cause.

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Generally this issue is caused by magnetism or that the hairspring may have jumped from its correct position due to the watch being banged or dropped, though any number of issues could be the cause. Bring the watch in for service as soon as possible.

Generally this issue is caused by magnetism. The watch may have a broken balance wheel due to the watch being banged or dropped, though any number of issues could be the cause. Bring it in for service as soon as possible.

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Unlike an automatic self-winding watch, when wound, the crown of a manual-wind watch should eventually come to a stop and not allow any further winding. Mainsprings are a wear-item in a watch and should be replaced periodically. Even a new mainspring can sometimes become faulty.

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If your manual-wind wristwatch has this problem, bring the watch in for service. If your watch cannot physically be wound, or feels abnormal when wound, any number of issues could be the cause, but most likely, your vintage wristwatch was excessively exposed to the elements, or is dirty insode, or was banged or dropped.

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Rust or dirt are typical causes. Alternatively, the oils in the watch may be completely dry or dirty. Whatever the case, bring the watch in for inspection. When a watch is dropped, banged, or receives some kind of impact, the hands of a watch can break or fall off. Our watchmaker should be able to fix this issue relatively quickly, and in a worst case scenario, new correct replacement hands can usually be obtained for the watch.

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Because this is generally an indication of impact, there may be further complications or damage to the mechanism of a watch. Be very careful not to excessively shake a watch in this condition, as the loose hands could scratch the dial of your watch. Pressure cracks almost always occur within a very short period of time following installation, but the vast majority of cracks occur due to impact, and may appear beneath the bezel of a timepiece where they are not visible.

A cracked crystal should be immediately replaced to prevent moisture and to insure the integrity of the watch.

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Light scratches on a plastic or acrylic crystal can be very easily buffed out via a polishing machine, but deep scratches may be permanent and require replacement of the crystal. Scratches on Glass and Sapphire crystal cannot be polished out. REMEMBER: These are vintage mechanical watches, and everything mechanical can be fixed - it is simply a matter of time, energy, and sourcing the correct parts. A watch should be cared for and looked after, but most importantly, all of the watches we sell are made to be worn and enjoyed.

Do not panic if you are experiencing issues with your vintage wristwatch: we have never encountered a problem which could not be fixed or reversed given sufficient time.

As with case shapes, there are limitless variations in hand styles, but the vast majority will fall under one of the following categories:.

Sapphire crystals are typically found on newer watches for Rolex, post-c. These crystals can be identified because they are typically flatter and more flush with the case than the more bulbous or curved plastic crystals. Though more scratch resistant, there are several drawbacks to sapphire crystals: 1 When a sapphire crystal is scratched, the scratch cannot be buffed out, and the crystal must be replaced.

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If a crystal shatters, shards can scratch a dial, or potentially enter a movement and cause havoc in the gears. In any case, some people prefer the vintage aesthetics of a more curved, plastic crystal, to the more flat sapphire material. To remove scratches from the case of a watch, it must be polished, which will typically remove metal. That said, if requested, a polish is complimentary with any full service from Second Time Around Watch Company.

A movement is the mechanical workings of a watch, excluding the case and dial. Typically in the case of vintage wrist and pocket watches, the movement will not be visible. A complication is an additional function, added to a wristwatch, beyond the standard time keeping of hours, minutes, and seconds. Some examples of complications include a calendar function, a chronograph function, or a moonphase complication.

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A chronograph is a wristwatch with an additional complication which allows for the timing of events. Time is typically recorded through a center-sweep seconds hand and one or more subdials that maesures minutes and hours. Typically these watches were only meant to time events of short duration, and leaving them running can cause unnecessary wear to the mechanism.

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A perpetual calendar complication is a very advanced version of the typical date window display on a standard wristwatch. These watches account even for leap years. A watch with a triple date complication tracks the date numeralday of the week Monday-Sundayand the month of the year.

Unlike a perpetual calendar, these watches will need to be manually adjusted at the end of every month with fewer than 31 days.

A moonphase is a watch with an additional complication which displays the daily phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes over the period of its monthly cycle. A tourbillion was initially developed for pocket watches to balance out the effects of gravity.

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It involves placing the escape wheel, escape lever, and balance wheel in a cage which rotates as part of the escapement process. Under these circumstances, the escapement of the watch movement never spends a significant amount of time in any one position. A repeater is a watch which chimes a specific number of times to aidibily tell the time when activated typically by sliding a lever or pushing a button.

There are several varieties of repeater, named by the smallest unit of time which their chimes indicate: quarter of an hourhalf-quarter of an hourfive-minute, or minute. This technique predates electroplating, and results in a thicker layer of gold than most other plating methods.

It is not typically used with watches today. Insert the case blade under the lip of a snap-back vintage pocket watch and pry it open.

Use the loupe to examine the movement. Below or near the name is a serial number usually five to nine digits long.

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Record the number. A smaller number, ranging from two to four digits, may also be engraved. The serial number will help identify the year of manufacture. The smaller number is the caliber, or size, of the movement. Examine the inside of the case back. For example, a Waltham pocket watch with serial numbers between 29, and 29, was manufactured in The caliber of movement could be used over several years or even decades.

Many watch repairpersons keep pocket watch data to order parts. Lists from many pocket watch manufacturers, even those no longer existing, are published online. Not all pocket watch manufacturers are consistent in developing a coherent serial numbering system or keeping records. Gruen, for example, destroyed many of its records in You may damage it.

Rolex Serial Numbers with Production Dates The Rolex serial numbers are found between the lugs on the side of the case at the 6 o'clock side, behind the bracelet. This digit number is engraved by Rolex on every watch and it can be used to determine its production date. How to Identify Your Old Tissot Watch. Learn More > Identifying a vintage pocket watch, with few exceptions, is easy and requires few or no tools. Vintage pocket watches from the late 19th century through the s are well marked with the watchmaker's logo embossed on the dial and engraved on the movement. Often the watchmaker's name. 29 rows  Dating back your vintage Tissot watch by using the serial number is the most exact way to identify your watch. NOTE: Note that the Tissot serial numbers always are engraved on actual movement or in- & out-side of the case back Use the Tissot serial numbers to identify the age and production year of your vintage watch.

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