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The cast iron trend has been heating up for well over a decade. Food used to be for sustenance. There seem to be a million more cooking shows than there were years ago. Many celebrity chefs prefer cooking with cast iron, and even endorse certain brands, so it makes sense people have jumped on the bandwagon, looking for cast iron at estate sales , in flea markets, and online. People are also getting savvier about what they put into their bodies and making healthier decisions.

Look for pieces with crisp, well-defined edges and clear markings that are easy to read. Before purchasing an expensive piece with thick grease buildup, consider consulting a professional about cleaning the cookware so you can more accurately read the markings. Ann Salter began writing professionally in and has worked extensively in the fields of art, architecture and design since Her work has appeared in informative guides on student housing cooperatives and sustainable building alternatives.

Other areas of specialty include technology, health, gardening and cooking. By Ann Salter ated December 15, Compare the pictures in the guidebook with your cookware.

Compare the markings on your cookware to the markings listed in the guidebook. Post pictures of your skillet on the forum for Wagner and Griswold collectors. These collectors will help you identify and date your cookware. If the markings on the bottom of your cookware are unclear, lay a sheet of paper over the skillet and do a pencil rubbing with a soft leaded pencil. The markings should be easier to read on the paper. Cynthia Myers is the author of numerous novels and her nonfiction work has appeared in publications ranging from "Historic Traveler" to "Texas Highways" to "Medical Practice Management.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Wagner cast iron pans are collectables. Step 1. Step 2. Below ERIE no quotes is the number These are at the bottom and the 12 is at the top underside. This prevents the griddle from setting level on a stovetop.

Can you tell me the purpose of this and anything else you may know about this piece would be helpful as well?

It sounds like you have the griddle part of an Erie Gas Griddle. Originally, it would have come with a base which fit together. Properly used to diffuse heat. If you have a chance to go back to where you picked up your griddle and search for the base it could be worthwhile.

From my understanding, they are rare pieces. Your griddle most likely was made between circa I am looking for information on a Griswold No. I am guessing they were manufactured around the 50s and 60s but I am having trouble finding any information on how to date them.

Jul 05,   My "go-to" reference materials for dating and identifying pieces for which I know the manufacturer are two much-used reference books: Smith & Wafford, The Book of Griswold & Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, Sidney Hollow Ware (5 th ed. ) (commonly called the "Blue Book"), and Smith & Wafford, The Book of Wagner & Griswold, Martin, Lodge. Dec 15,   A manufacturer of cast-iron cookware often stamps its name in large text on the underside of the piece. For example, Wagner, Griswold, Lodge, Wapak and Favorite are some common names seen in cast. Your other skillet is harder to identify without but it sounds like a Griswold skillet with a small logo. These skillets have different handles but for a date of manufacture you're looking at circa Hope this helps, enjoy your vintage ironware.

I have seen the item called a pancake pan or a plett pan. On the bottom left hand side of the pan it has the numbers with the letter A beneath it. I am just curious of the date range when this pan was manufactured. Thanks for your question. From your description, your version of the pan was probably manufactured after Which is after the Griswold family sold their interests in the company. Griswold probably manufactured Platt pans in the Erie P.

A foundry from ss. Sounds like quite a few American households were enjoying pancakes on the weekend. Thank- You. Those Griswold slant logo skillets are some good looking pans.

From your description, it sounds like your skillet is without Erie PA. From my understanding, Griswold made this version of the logo around If you are wondering the meaning of the D at the base of your skillet. The is a Griswold No9 skillet and D is the mold used. Hi, my skillet is without the E. It is a different size from other descriptions. They made different styles the same years? I guess there was a lot less waste back in the day and they used molds for as long as they could.

Mark if you can please send a picture to booniehicks gmail. But reading your description again it could be a older Erie logo. If I can see a picture hopefully I can point you in the right direction. I have a Griswold Number 8 Dutch Oven with a glass lid that I inherited from my mother-in-law, who got it second-hand sometime in the mids. Unfortunately, the lid was accidentally broken recently.

I obtained an aluminum lid which fits perfectly that I know nothing about. There are three rings on the inside of the lid. At the bottom of the outer ring it says A C and underneath that is the letter N.

Picking up an aluminum lid was a good idea. From my understanding, Griswold used the same pattern for their cast iron and cast aluminum cookware. So it should fit as snugly as an original lid. Your description is very clear. The letter N indicates an individual mold used in production. Unlike modern manufacturers such as Le Creuset, Staub and Vermicular which advertise their tight-fitting lids as a premium product. Because you could cook lower-priced cuts of meat in the oven.

When my mother passed, she left with two Erie Griswold cast iron skillets that are very much alike. On the bottom of each of them there is a number 9 at the top, the Griswold slanted logo in a cross in the center, the word ERIE beneath the logo, the number under Erie, and a raised heat ring, and no numbers on the handle.

The different is as follows. The C has quotations marks. Please, tell me about each of them. It sounds like you have two Griswold skillets known by enthusiasts as the Griswold slant logo without E.

Erie Pennsylvania U. Circa for the larger 3. I have a family Erie P. Griswold number 7 pan also on handleJ, large block letter, no bottom ring. Can you tell me anything about this? Thanks for the question. However vintage pans are hard to date with any certainty another resource places this logo used between so please take dates as an approximation. This could mean more people were using gas or electric ovens instead of wood ranges around this time which is very interesting.

How to identify antique cast iron cookware and skillets

But I would appreciate your opinion on this unit thanks in advance Ed Brown. I think a lot of collectors hesitate to value vintage cast iron, myself included. Also, you hear of stories of people picking up vintage cast iron for next to nothing at flea markets while time and effort of professionally restored pieces need to be considered, making valuing difficult.

There are a few variations of the reinforced X griddle. However, from your description, this type of griddle was made around could present fair value at this price. Although, I would check the sold listings on to find out the current selling prices. Ghost marks are always interesting. Just to confirm:. I recently bought a 12 slant logo ERIE. Other than having it confirmed it is real and factory Griswold made by others and from what I can see face to face I really cant find any other info on it?

Was wondering if u knew any info on it and if they also did this to other sizes with assist handles on top like the 14? Thanks for leaving a message.

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It sounds like you have a loop finger handle. But apparently, Griswold also used the loop handle on a couple of their skillets as well. If I have your description correct, your skillet probably was made in the s later than the slant Erie logo.

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It appears Griswold made this scarce version of the assist handle on their number 12 and 14 skillets. Is this an unusual variation?

Here's why Wapak great: the ironware might have a ghost mark. Wapak ironware tends to have really smooth cooking surfaces. Wapak cast-iron cookware is lighter than modern counterparts. imperfections in the exterior which gives the cookware a real sense of personality. some logos are very scarce and. Dating wapak skillets - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Ghost marks from the Griswold and Wagner companies are a common feature of antique Wapak skillets. Casting flaws are another mark of Wapak cast iron, often reducing the price of the collectible but making it more reasonable for the lover of vintage cast iron.

I had to do a bit of google searching myself. I picked up and number 8 Griswold smooth bottom small center mark, Erie PA. What does the f stand for? Pattern letters were used to identify a mold used in production.

Why did they use pattern letters? For quality control.

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If there was a problem with one of the molds, Okay which mold was it? The workers could look at the pattern letter to identify which mold it was and remove it from production.

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Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Sunday, July 12, Get help. Boonie Hicks. Identify, date your skillet using logos.

Dating wapak skillets

Vintage Cast Iron Cookware. How old is my Griswold Skillet? Well, get your old pans out of the cupboard. Because this article is a guide to identify and date your old skillets. Collectors and enthusiasts look at a few determining factors to tell the age of vintage cast iron. Matthew Griswold founder of the Griswold Manufacturing Company. The company manufactured other ironware but I have only seen waffle iron come up for sale.

Erie cast iron was manufactured between Over the years Griswold made slight changes to the Erie line such as the handle, Erie logo and the pattern number in the center. In total there are six known series of Erie skillets. Erie cast iron skillets are super light and smooth. However, if the skillet was used on coal or wood ranges it may have pitting on the base. It is not uncommon for an Erie skillet to have pitting.

Griswold Erie Diamond Logo often found on griddles rather than skillets circa Great logo and is a little harder to find. You can see this is missing the words Erie PA.

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A under the logo. Does your slant logo pre-E. If you know why Griswold did this please let me know in the comments. Griswold slant logo skillets without EPU mostly do not have a number on the handle. Griswold slant logo with EPU.

A which is seen under the Griswold logo. Note the heat rings in the number 8 skillets tend to be more rounded. Note the size number is now stamped on the handle. It lacks the Erie marking under the circle cross logo. The Erie is missing underneath the logo. Circa Beautiful skillet with large block logo. This skillet was made Circa Small block logo. You can probably see why the Griswold Small Logo is less collectible than other logos.

However, these pans are still great cookers. You might be able to pick up a skillet with a small logo at a great price. Victor cast iron skillet were intact made by Griswold Manufacturing Co. Circa ss. Here is an Iron Mountain skillet.

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Note the 4 digit pattern number and the unusual shaped handle. Puritan Cast iron skillet made by Griswold Manufacturing Company. To Identify Puritans Skillets thats were made made Griswold look for the 4 digit pattern number below the size number. Long life skillet however were made by Wagner Manufacturing.

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Do you have a Merit skillet? Yes Merit skillets were made by Griswold as well. How much is my Griswold Skillet worth? How much should I pay for an Griswold skillet? How old is my Griswold cast iron skillet? Marion cast iron: Learn about your antique ironware. Griswold cast iron Learn about the Griswold Manufacturing Co. Good luck and have fun with your restoration project.

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Hello Kate Thanks for your question and it a great one too. Cheers for your question, enjoy your Griswold. Hope this helps, enjoy your vintage ironware. So great spotting, I hope this helps and enjoy your vintage Griswold.

Identify and date your Wagner cast iron cookware using logos. Also learn the fascinating history of Wagner Manufacturing. Wagner cast iron cookware is regarded by many as some of the finest examples 19 th and 20 th century cast iron. This could be due to the fact, much of the cast iron is over years old and still very usable today. The Wagner Manufacturing company began making cookware in in Sidney, Ohio. Today, collectors prize Wagner cast iron frying pans, Dutch ovens and bakeware for both its beauty and durability. You can find Wagner cookware at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and from online dealers. Rare vintage Wapak Indian head medallion cast iron skillets at the O'Neil Cast Iron Museum. Photo by S. Lamb Photography, courtesy of The Pan Handler LLC. The Reasoning Behind Seasoning. Spend five minutes around cast iron lovers, and you'll hear about seasoning. What the heck is it? Isn't seasoning the process of adding flavor to food?

Hi Sabra Thanks for the question and kind words. Cheers, I hope this helps. Hi Bryan Thanks for the getting in touch. Hope this helps and have fun with your restoration project.

Hi Vince Thanks for getting in touch. Hope this points you in the right direction and enjoy your vintage Griswold. Hi Denise Thanks for your question. Cheers, happy cooking. Cheers, hope this helps.

Thank you again and have a great day Regards Jason. Hi Jason Thanks for your question.

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It sounds like your friend knows their stuff about vintage cast iron. What a great resource! Hi Todd Thanks for adding to the conversation and giving a detailed description of your skillet. Any thoughts? Hi John Thank for the question. Happy cooking. Hope this helps and enjoy using your family heirloom. Hi Doc Thanks for getting in contact. Griswold Manufacturing made the chicken pan in both large and small logo. Hope this helps. Hi Paul Thanks for sending in a question. Thanks for getting in touch and enjoy your vintage pan.

I hope this helps and enjoy using your vintage ironware. Hello Bill Thanks for your question.

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Thanks again Bill, I hope this helps. Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope this helps with your research. Have a great Christmas in old Blighty. Best wishes Brett a. Hi Greg Thanks for getting in touch. Hall It sounds like you have a Wagner made pan which is known as the dual logo in the cast iron community. Cheers for getting in contact, enjoy your vintage ironware.

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Thanks for reaching out, enjoy your skillets. Hello- I have few Griswold skillets, and I just love how versatile they are. Hi Denis Thanks for the question.

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Good luck.

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