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Knowing how to date a bottle is something every bourbon sipper should know how to do. But cracking the codes from each distillery over many generations can be a little bit of a headache, so we compiled the information for you. Below are general tips you can use to determine the age of your bottle. Be sure to bookmark this link as we will be adding more information for various distilleries over time. On the bottom of many glass bottles, you will find a two-digit embossed number which corresponds to the ending two digits in the four digit year 99 would be , 01 would be

To wit, psychics and mediums across the country are reporting a sizable uptick in clientele. But when I recently sought out a soothsayer of my own, I arrived with an entirely different set of priorities.

And who better to speak to spirits than a psychic?

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When I asked her to make some predictions about my favorite category of liquor, she agreed, despite knowing next to nothing about the industry and its associated terminology. DeYoung, a former Playboy Bunny, has spent a fair share of her adult life hobnobbing with A-listers. In the months ahead, she envisions country singers and chefs shuffling into the whiskey category. Over the past decade, Japan, Taiwan and - most recently - Australia have emerged as unexpected epicenters of brown spirit assembly.

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DeYoung senses an especially unlikely player in South America. I also see something from islands: New Zealand and maybe the British Virgin. An ongoing trade war between the U. Currently, the tax sits at 25 percent on scotch and Irish imports here in the States, with a similar figure added to American whiskey that arrives on European shores. Places like Lost Spirits in Los Angeles and Cleveland Whiskey out of Ohio are subjecting their liquids to innovative techniques ranging from high pressure treatment to ultrasonic bombardment.

But nobody is holding their breath for a breakthrough: connoisseurs remain unimpressed with the results. When I brought this up with DeYoung - whose dad was a chemical scientist - she nearly leaped with excitement.

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You should invest as soon as you hear of it! Through the years, DeYoung has shared bar tabs with enough legendary artists to fill an awards show auditorium.

A few years later, it happened. In the meantime, she expects the return of speakeasies - not the trendy facsimiles of the modern era, but bonafide Prohibition-style bar-rooms reserved exclusively for those in the know.

After my session wrapped up, I had nearly as many questions as answers.

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Can they even grow grain in Venezuela? You can see here this Wild Turkey was bottled in Other distilleries use date codes that are more cryptic.

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See the timelines for distillery- and brand-specific information. Search for:. How old is my bottle? Photo Libraries A. Harper J. Have whiskey to sell? How to Date Your Vintage Whiskey There are several clues to assist in identifying the year and distillery of whiskey bottles.

I am seeking the value of a sealed bottle of White Horse Blended Scotch Whiskey bottled in Scotland and imported to Maryland based on tax stamps between Hey Mayanrd. You need to go back to the 50s for White Horse prices to start going up.

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Also a state of Ohio department of liquor control stamp. Back of bottle - near the neck reads Federal Law Forbids sale or re-use if this bottle. Bottom of bottle stamp is: D Any any the age of this fine whiskey?

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Just found out, it is a bottle. It has separate words on stamp of Distilled on one side and spirits on the other. I have an unopened bottle of reserve Giblin blended whiskey.

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Red bottle stamp across top of bottle. Says Bureau of ATF. Label on back says Seal of assured Excellence Barton whiskey. Number on bottom is DC Looking for age. Thank you for any information.

Jul 24,   Filed Under: Whiskey Tagged With: Bourbon, dating bourbon, dating whiskey, tax strips, Whiskey. 76 Comments. Jack July 27, I found a bourbon bottle on the shore of Lake Arrowhead, California. Thick glass with a cork top. The words Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of This Bottle are just below the neck. Looks like the bottle is dated Whiskey ID is a great source of information if you can't find enough info about your whiskey bottle dates here. Glass dates: On the bottom of many glass bottles, you will find a two-digit embossed number which corresponds to the ending two digits in the four digit year 99 would be , 01 would be Have whiskey to sell? Welcome to, a resource for identifying vintage bottles of bourbon and rye. The site features images of vintage bottles as well as specific info and timelines to assist in dating and verifying authenticity.

If you can send me photos of bottom, front and back of the bottle I could help more. Found a bottle of something special de luxe and trying to pinpoint the dating. Could use some help.

Sep 22,   Show me the way to the next whiskey bar Through the years, DeYoung has shared bar tabs with enough legendary artists to fill an awards show auditorium. She's sipped on Scotch with Tony Curtis and James Caan; she tipped back countless cocktails with Hugh Hefner - who "always had highballs" - and met Johnny Depp at the counter of a. Apr 04,   Mike Jasinski knows old whiskey: he's amassed a collection of hundreds of bottles dating from pre-Prohibition to the s and ' it comes to determining a whiskey's age, "There's all kinds of bottle clues that you can use to figure it out," Jasinski states. This will usually tell you-within a year or two-when the whiskey was bottled. Sometimes you'll find two different 2-digit dates in the same bottle. Generally the earlier date refers to the year the bottle mold was created, and the latter is the year the bottle was made.

No upc. No surgeon generals warning. Bears red internal revenue seal series Has additional numbers I and number Still sealed and never opened redundant I know. By appointment to her majesty the queen scotch whiskey distillers. No mention of Queen Anne like I saw on other labels. Imported by summit marketing companypark avenue, New Yorkny There is some numbers etched into the bottle, not sure how tobdecipher.

Probably valuable huh? It was a mediocre blend. I have an unopened bottle of Guckenheimer Reserve around American Distilling Co.

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Does this have any monetary value or historical value to a museum? Hey Kirk, hate to say it, but no. Some of them tasted ok, but most of them, even from back then, tasted awful. Best option is to open it up and see how it is. I have a bottle of Inver House green plaid scotch whiskey. It is one gallon and un-opened. The IRS stamp is a series Is there a market for this stuff, and is it worth anything? It was found in a trash can after an estate auction.

It is full with a red tax strip that has a number, New York NewYork. US Treasury.

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It has a Ca. A red ribbon on the front.

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Any idea? I have acquired many bottles in an estate sale and I was wondering the cost. The are all in great condition, unopened with labels in pristine condition.

So long as the wines were kept in ideal conditions they might be worth a bit, but none of them seem to be from sought-after producers.

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Have bottle of Johnnnie walker black label. Botteled in Scotland. Good Evening. Thank You! Before my frustrations reach the levels of drinking the entire dam bottle was hoping you could help me out.

Ive got an old bottle of whiskey that is sealed w the red tax strip.

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Both ends of this strip are no longer there. Front label only has lower right portion of label left. Back label is extremely worn but do see it was bottled by: Greensbrier Bottling Co in Lawrenceburg IND 3 letter abbreviation changednto 2 in Below backside label reads all caps ; federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle. Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Are you trying to figure out what whiskey brand it is?

Sounds like you have most of the info there already.

I just read your article. I found it while I was trying to determine the age of a bottle of I. It has a beige tax strip with U. A on both sides, and a five pointed star with five little stars in the middle of the strip which sits directly on top of the bottle. And to answer your question, yes. The numbers on the bottom provide a lot of clues to the date.

The bottle date code two digits can tell us an approximate bottle age.

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What can you tell me about consuming whiskey from these older bottles? Thank you for any help you can offer. The only ones to be weary of are the decanters which might have lead paint. Depending on the time frame, the embossed numbers on the base of 20th-century American liquor bottles actually can be useful. The number corresponds to a license issued to a particular company, permitting them to sell liquor in that bottle.

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D-1, on the subsequent photo, belonged to National Distillers. There were multiple brand names associated with the D-1 permit Old Crow, Old Taylor, Old Grandad but they were all owned by National Distillers if they were bottled under the D-1 permit. There will also be information about when the bottle itself was manufactured, and who made it.

In order to use a mold for more than one year, they had to physically alter the year code on the mold to make it accurate. Some manufacturers continued to emboss this information on their bottles even after the law no longer required it, so you may get date codes in this format into the s or possibly even later. In the first example, there are four numbers other than the D-code. The four-digit number is unrelated to the date.

The remaining three numbers are a little difficult to read, but the triangular symbol is the logo for Thatcher Glass. That particular version of their mark was in use from ca to caso the date code should be a double-digit number within that range - looks like maybe 76?

Thatcher had bottle-maker permit 2, which probably accounts for the single-digit number 2 directly over the logo. In the second example, the logo below the number 22 is the mark for Glass Containers Corp. Owens-Illinois, for example, put a two-digit date code on almost everything they made from until at least the late 20th century.

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This is incredible info. Thank you so much for sharing. I have a challenge for you if you are up for it?

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