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Will Captain Jack be back? Will there be new companions? And what about the Daleks? By Huw Fullerton. Generally speaking Who fans might have to wait a little while for the new series, which was originally set to air in but may now be shifted thanks to production delays - but apart from a longer gap, what can we expect from season 13?

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With the new series confirmed, when Shalka was webcast in Novemberthe further adventures of Grant's Ninth Doctor were in doubt. In Februaryplans for sequels to Shalka were indefinitely shelved, although Grant's version of the character, now dubbed the " Shalka Doctor ", would return in a short story entitled "The Feast of the Stone" published on the BBC website.

After much speculation in the press about possible candidates, BBC announced that Christopher Eccleston would be the Ninth Doctoraccompanied by former pop singer Billie Piper as Rose.

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In AprilMichael Grade returned to the BBC, this time as the Chairman of the Board of Governorsalthough this position does not involve any commissioning or editorial responsibilities.

Although he was quoted as being generally indifferent to the new series, he eventually wrote an e-mail to BBC Director-General Mark Thompson in Juneafter the successful new first series, voicing approval for its popularity.

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He also declared, "I never dreamed I would ever write this. I must be going soft!

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However, not everyone was pleased with the new production. An employee of a third party company associated with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation leaked a rough cut of the premiere on the internet; the leak attracted much media attention and discussion amongst fans. The series was well received by both critics and the public.

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Although the new series clearly continues the storyline of the original - with Eccleston identified in publicity materials as the Ninth Doctor, and the appearance of original series elements such as UNIT and Sarah-Jane Smith -the BBC is officially treating the series as a new programme, calling the season "Series 1". This has led to controversy between fans who wish to follow the BBC's numbering and those who consider the series to be Season 27 and so on.

Concurrent with the new series, BBC Books revamped its line of Doctor Who original fiction, retiring for now its Eighth Doctor and Past Doctor paperback line the last such volume appearing in late and launching a new series of hardback novels featuring the Ninth and, later, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors see New Series Adventures.

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Hours after the announcement of a second series, tabloid newspapers The Sun and the Daily Express reported that Eccleston had quit the series. Eccleston then apparently released a statement through the BBC, saying that he would be leaving the role at Christmas for fear of being typecast.

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Fan reaction to the news ranged from disappointment to sadness to irritation to outright anger. Speculation arose as to how long the production team had been aware of Eccleston's decision. Eventually, it transpired that the departure had been planned and the scripts written to accommodate Eccleston's departure, but it was not meant to have been announced until after the first series had concluded.

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The statement had been made after journalists made queries to the press office. Tennant and Piper next starred in a 7-minute mini-episode for Children in Need. Tennant's first full story as the Doctor was the Christmas special, " The Christmas Invasion ", and Piper joined him for the whole of Series 2. Piper left the programme at the end of Series 2, and a new companion, Martha Jones played by Freema Agyemanjoined Tennant at the start of Series 3 on 31 March The third series aired in the UK in the spring of and began airing in Canada and the US during the summer of that year.

The fourth series aired in the UK in featuring two companions; Donna Noble, who first appeared in " The Runaway Bride " and Martha Jones, who returned to the series for five episodes of series four. Billie Piper also returned to the show to reprise her original role as Rose Tyler. Following broadcast of the fourth series, the BBC announced that the show would not return as a weekly series indue to a number of factors. Instead, four specials would be broadcast inwith a full series returning in It was later announced that when the full series returned inTennant would no longer be the Doctor.

Playing the role would be the year-old actor Matt Smith. The first of these was the behind-the-scenes series Doctor Who Confidential which began airing on BBC Three in conjunction with the series and returned for a new set of episodes in ; each episode focuses on elements of that week's Doctor Who episode, and the series has continued alongside all stories since After the appearance of Sarah Jane Smith in the episode " School Reunion ", it was announced that Elisabeth Sladen would reprise the role in a new series entitled The Sarah Jane Adventuresthe first episode of which aired on BBC One on 1 Januaryfollowed by its debut as a weekly series in September Following Sladen's death, the programme came to an end after its fifth series in autumn Yet another spin-off series, K-9was announced forbut this series was not being produced by the BBC.

In addition, Tennant and Agyeman provided voice acting work for The Infinite Questan animated serial that aired as part of the series of Totally Doctor Who. On 20 May it was announced that Russell T Davies would step down as executive producer and head writer of Doctor Who in ; Steven Moffat was confirmed as his replacement. On 29 Octoberduring his acceptance speech via live feed at the National Television AwardsDavid Tennant publicly announced his intention to exit the series at the end of the specials, making way for a new actor to portray the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in the series.

The new series was accompanied by a new logo, unveiled on 6 October[33] and a new title sequence. A second full series of 13 episodes was commissioned forwith Smith and Gillan both returning as the Doctor and Amy respectively making it the first time since the show's relaunch in that both the Doctor and main companion had remained the same from one series to the next. The series was broadcast in two-halves, with the first seven episodes broadcast between April and Juneand the final six beginning on 27 August With the new series, Darvill was upgraded to series regular and full-time companion as Rory, and Kingston continued to appear on a recurring basis as River Song.

Due partly to budget restrictions at the BBC, the expected series, Smith's third, was split into 5 episodes transmitted from September and a further 8 transmitted from Aprilwith the now traditional Christmas special between these 2 groups of episodes.

Gillan and Darvill departed from the show at the end of the first group of episodes; new companion Clara Oswald debuted in the Christmas special, played by Jenna Coleman. The advent of the show's 50th anniversary in November meant that instead of starting to film an 8th series, the BBC started work on a feature-length special, to be transmitted on 23 Novemberthe precise date of the show's 50th anniversary.

As well as being made in 3D for presentation at selected cinemas, the episode was also announced to be co-starring David Tennant and Billie Piperreprising their roles of the Tenth Doctor and Rose, though ultimately Billie Piper played The Moment, a Gallifreyan Weapon that took the form of Rose.

Smith stepped down as the Eleventh Doctor with his last episode being the Christmas special. During his appearance in the special, he said that he had been a fan of the series; a letter that he had written to the Radio Times at the age of 15 about the show was read aloud. Capaldi had already appeared in the series 4 episode " The Fires of Pompeii " as Caecilius, the father of the family that the Doctor saves from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Series 8 was once again broadcast weekly in one continuous block, albeit with a reduced length of 12 episodes in total.

Jenna Coleman remained as a main cast member in the role of Clara. The series premiere "Deep Breath" was first broadcast on 23 August The Christmas special "Last Christmas" was originally intended to be Clara's exit from the show, but was rewritten following Coleman's decision to stay for an additional series.

Series 9 was again commissioned for 12 regular episodes, starring Capaldi as the Doctor and Coleman as Clara.

The series premiered on 19 September with the episode "The Magician's Apprentice". Most of the series consisted of two-part stories, with the exception of the ninth episode "Sleep No More" acting as a standalone story and the final three episodes forming a loose three-parter. Coleman departed from the show in the series finale "Hell Bent", broadcast 5 December On 22 Januarythe BBC announced that Moffat would be stepping down as show runner after series 10 of Doctor Who and would be replaced by Chris Chibnall as lead writer and executive producer.

In addition, series 10 would debut in Springwith a Christmas special airing in Matt Lucas as the recurring guest character Nardole was also promoted to series regular. The twelve-episode series premiered on 15 April with "The Pilot". It was announced on 16 July that Jodie Whittaker would portray the Thirteenth Doctor in the eleventh series.

She is the first woman to be cast in the role. This logo was designed by the creative agency Little Hawk, who also created a stylised insignia of the word "who" enclosed in a circle with an intersecting line.

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The episode count was again reduced to ten regular episodes. In place of the traditional Christmas special that had aired annually over - a New Years special, "Resolution", was broadcast on 1 January No regular episodes were broadcast throughout Series 12 was commissioned for another ten-episode run inwith all the main cast from the previous series returning.

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Rather than having a dedicated Christmas or New Years special, 1 January instead saw the broadcast of the series premiere "Spyfall, Part 1"; the series then took up its regular timeslot on 5 January with "Spyfall, Part 2". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page is about the production history of the TV series Doctor Who.

For a more general overview, see the main Doctor Who page. Pages regarding individual Doctors and the various series and serials are linked in the List of Doctor Who serials.

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This article contains weasel words : vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information. Such statements should be clarified or removed. September Main article: List of unmade Doctor Who serials and films. The Handbookp. The Handbookpp. Tucker himself claimed that it was Newman who had done so. Howe, Stammers, Walker.

Sep 18,   Doctor Who season 13 is finally starting to get underway, with Jodie Whittaker's third series at the helm of the TARDIS beginning filming in a matter of weeks and upcoming festive special Author: Huw Fullerton. Doctor Who is a British television science fiction series, produced and screened by the BBC on the BBC TV channel from to , and on BBC1 (later BBC One) from to and since A one-off television film, co-produced with Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox Television, was screened on the Fox Network in the United States in Whovian Love is a dating site for Doctor Who fans. Member Sign In. Find your companion! Because you never know when. adventure will find you! Start your adventure! Just like The Doctor, everybody needs a companion to explore the Universe with, and what better way to do that than by traveling with a .

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Doctor Who: The Seventies 1st ed. Doctor Who: The Eighties 1st ed. Terrance Dicks has said he deliberately avoided giving dates during his time as script editor precisely so he could avoid these sorts of continuity headaches. Consequently, the biggest period of UNIT involvement, the Third Doctor 's era, has only comparatively mild contributions to the dating controversy. No classic television story actually featuring UNIT gives a clear year.

Day of the Daleks comes close. It implies at one point that Jo Grant had just said the year, but Terrance Dicks was keen to keep the dating deliberately vague. The problem, which arguably should be called "the Brigadier dating controversy", exists primarily because of two appearances of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart when he wasn't employed by UNIT.

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The first was his debut story, The Web of Fearwhen he was still a colonel in the regular British Army. Victoria says that they met Travers in in the Himalayaswhich they did in The Abominable Snowmen. It is further revealed that was "over forty years ago", tacitly setting The Web of Fear approximately in if not after. The Brigadier says their last meeting was "four years ago now", ostensibly putting The Invasion approximately in When the Brigadier is talking to Liz Shaw in Spearhead from Spacehe explains that "since UNIT was formed, there've been two attempts to invade this planet," no doubt referring to Web and Invasion ; it is interesting to note, however, that UNIT was formed as a result of the events of Webmeaning the Brigadier is referring to the Cybermen and another, unknown invasion.

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Viewers got no dialogue with a firm year for the whole of the Third Doctor 's era. In Pyramids of Marshowever, it is claimed several times that Sarah Jane Smith is from " ", and they briefly revisit the year. It's not particularly clear what to make of the statement.

Whatever the case, her statement is not a clear violation of the continuity established by The Web of Fear. It does, however, indicate that the following "contemporary" stories of The Android Invasion and The Hand of Fear would have to take place in or after as Sarah encounters Harry and leaves in the two stories, respectively.

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