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I have been reading the questions by other fig owners and I do not see anybody having my problem. I have a fig tree, several years old, that yields a lot of fruit. However, when it is ripe or even before that, the figs taste fermented kind of alcohol taste. I also have a problem with ants they love my fig tree ; could they be causing the fermentation? I live in Miami, Florida. It rains a lot here in summer and I prune my tree but I am rather shy about it. I hope you can help me.

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Fig cultivation in areas with frequent summer rain is more difficult. Precipitation while the fig fruit is developing and ripening can cause the fruits to split.

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Likewise, it is harder to cultivate figs in cooler regions. Some varieties and cultivars have been developed to allow cultivation in lower hardiness zones.

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Like every other fruit-producing tree, the fig tree produces flowers. However unlike showy apple or citrus flowers, fig tree flowers are not easy to see, according to the California Rare Fruit Growers.

How and Why to Prune Fig Trees

The fig flowers are tiny and hidden inside a green casing that is easy to mistake for a fruit. Technically, the name of this plant part is a synconium. That makes pollination of fig trees quite a challenge.

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One of the advantages of common fig trees is that all of the flowers are female and self-fertile. This means that they do not require any pollination. For that reason, common fig trees are the best selections for home gardeners. There are three other types of fig tree: the caprifig, the Smyrna and the San Pedro fig trees. These trees require pollination by a tiny wasp Blastophaga grossorum that enters the synconium through a tiny hole in one end.

Caprifig trees have both male and female flowers, and pollen must be transferred between them by the wasp in order to produce fruit.

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The Smyrna fig must cross-pollinate with caprifigs for fruit development, while the San Pedro fig tree will bear one crop without pollination, but requires pollination for a second crop. Gardeners in cold-winter climates are used to growing frost-intolerant plants in containers. Whether the plant is a flowering ornamental or a fruit tree, this procedure allows the gardener to transfer the plant to a protected location for the winter. The location can be an enclosed patio or garage as long as the plant is not exposed to any too-cold temperatures or icy winds.

Given that most figs can grow only in USDA zones 8 or above, this eliminates outdoor cultivation in many regions. One way to get around that issue is by growing fig trees in containers.

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According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, this is a good choice if your temperature drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. To grow a fig tree in a pot, you need a container and soil-based potting mix.

Fig trees need good drainage, so you might add fine bark chips or sand to allow the free flow of water. Be sure the pot has adequate drainage holes as well.

Jun 25,   Figs have been popular for longer than you might think, with fig fruit fossils excavated in Neolithic sites dating from 5, B.C. Today, the fruit of the fig tree (Ficus carica) remains extremely. Sumerian stone tablets dating back to B.C. record culinary use of figs, and remains of fig trees were found during excavations of Neolithic sites from B.C. Some historians consider it the first of the domesticated crops. Sep 30,   Common name: Common Fig - Adriatic Fig - Symrna Fig Family: Moraceae (same family as the Mulberry) Native Range. A temperate species native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region (from Afghanistan to Portugal). Description. A tall deciduous shrub or small tree reaching a height of about 10 m. Single or multi-stemmed. Uses.

Fig tree roots will rot if they sit in wet soil. Move the container fig into a full sun location in summer, feeding the plant with a high-nitrogen fertilizer every month during the growing season.

Dendrochronology (or tree-ring dating) is the scientific method of dating tree rings (also called growth rings) to the exact year they were formed. As well as dating them this can give data for dendroclimatology, the study of climate and atmospheric conditions during different periods in history from mcauctionservicellc.comchronology derives from Ancient Greek dendron (???????), meaning "tree. Plant fig trees outdoors in the early spring or late fall, when the tree is dormant. For container fig trees, grow them in a soil-based potting mix and add fine bark chips to improve drainage. Keep the tree in full sun in the summer. Be sure to add a high-nitrogen fertilizer every 4 weeks in the spring and summer and water the tree moderately.

Fig trees don't need excessive amounts of water, but they do need some, so irrigate the tree when the top inches of soil are dry. During the winter, you'll need to transfer the tree to a protected location and water every few weeks.

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Because of the need to move the tree, Stark Brothers suggests that you start with a small pot and transplant as necessary, never picking heavy ornamental containers. You might even opt for a container with built-in wheels to make moving it easier. She earned a BA from U. Santa Cruz, a law degree from U.

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The prophet Mohammed reportedly identified the fig as the one fruit he would most wish to see in paradise. The deciduous fig tree can live as long as years and grow to 50 feet tall, though they more typically stay between 10 to 30 feet.

The twisty branches spread wider than the tree height. Figs flourish in hot, dry climates and the fruit requires the all-day sun to ripen. Botanically, the fig isn't actually a fruit but a syconium. It's a portion of the stem that expanded into a sac containing flowers that grow internally.

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The common fig contains only female flowers and propagates without pollination. Other cultivars require pollination. California and Texas produce most of the country's commercial crop, and fresh figs appear in grocery stores throughout the summer months.

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Oval or pear-shaped figs may be white, green, red or purplish-black and can be eaten raw and whole or grilled. Figs ground into a paste and incorporated into cakescookies and other baked goods add moisture and sweetness.

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