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This article was originally published on AlterNet. To hear religious apologists tell it, the triumph of atheism would mean a swift descent into selfishness and chaos. The defenders of the faith argue that atheism inevitably leads to selfishness and nihilism, and that only religion can justify charity or compassion, bind people together in community, or inspire a lively and flourishing culture. But this assertion can only be sustained by ignoring the accomplishments of famous nonreligious people throughout history, of which there have been many. To dispel the myth that nonbelievers have never contributed anything of worth or value to human civilization, I want to highlight some who've left their mark in the arts, the sciences, or the humanities. Demonstrating that the godless count distinguished members of the human race among our numbers is a way to fight back against this prejudice and to demonstrate that we, too, have a historical legacy we can be proud of.

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As atheists who see no proof of God, they want religion removed from public policy on abortion and the environment, erased from high school graduation ceremonies, out of presidential campaigns and health care choices. As humanists, who think people possess all they need within themselves to improve their lives and the world, they want others to acknowledge that religion is not a prerequisite for ethical behavior.

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As skeptics, they value reason and science and wish more people would ask "the tough questions. And we're thinking, why is this happening?

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There are more of us than them," said Jan Yarbrough, 53, a Portland telecommunications consultant and humanist. Well, maybe not.

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When Gallup pollsters asked Americans in if they believe in God, 95 percent of those surveyed said yes, a consistent percentage for the past 50 years. Freethinkers point to other surveys that count nonbelievers as 8 percent to 13 percent of the U.

Secularists, Freethinkers Meet, Poke Some Fun at Faith Nonbelievers note progress as they try to carve a niche for themselves in a society awash in God. is a non-profit community for atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, skeptics and others!. Freethinker's Armor is the Zul'Gurub Set. It contains 5 pieces. Has set bonuses at 2, 3, and 5 pieces. An item set from Classic World of Warcraft.

Even in the Northwest, where surveys show church attendance is among the lowest in the nation, nonbelievers are not the norm, said Rodney Stark, a professor of sociology and comparative religions at the University of Washington. You've got a lot of believing nonbelongers. But the region may provide more fertile ground for contrary viewpoints.

Freethinkers challenged the divine right of kings, sought an end to cruel and unusual punishments, and advanced civil and social rights-efforts that reached their peak, and excess, during the French Revolution. Out of that period come such freethinkers as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Denis Diderot, and so many others. Bonjour, j'ai 30 ans, je m'appelle Julie, je travaille, j'ai mon appart' et tout va bien pour moi. Depuis mes premiers flirts, ou plutot depuis mes premiers amours, le Dating Rules From My Future Self Season 2 English Subtitles temps est passe, la vie m'a fait Dating Rules From My Future Self Season 2 English Subtitles grandir et en un. The effect of the Foote and Ramsey imprisonment could not be minimised as their trials and tribulations from prosecution to eventual release were avidly followed by liberal thinkers in the 'Prisoner for Blasphemy' column of the was augmented by a number of later pamphlets which eventually joined the literature feeding into the campaign for the repeal of the blasphemy laws.

About people showed up at the symposium, titled "Toward Rational Living. They said they usually feel outnumbered, even beleaguered, which helps to explain the giddy spirit that pervaded the room.

A few days earlier, at humanists' urging, Portland Mayor Vera Katz had proclaimed the day, June 23, "A Day of Reason," concluding that "most people value reason and appreciate its presence in the community.

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Katz's staff emphasized that it was not an endorsement of the groups involved in the symposium or their views. City policy says proclamations are available to nomcauctionservicellc.comofit organizations that contribute to Portland. Yet to local freethinkers-mostly men, middle-aged and politically liberal-this was progress.

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Noticing a visitor, a clutch of men seized the chance to write on a blank slate, quoting Isaac Asimov's critique of creationism and trying unsuccessfully not to cut each other off. They emphasized what they are not: devil-worshippers, and for the most part, not trying to change any minds.

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Ticking off the unwanted religious messages they see and hear daily-from Christian fish on car bumpers to President Bush's remark that "faith crosses every border and touches every heart"-the nonbelievers sounded like conservative Christians who make the same argument in reverse against the secularization of American society.

Reed Byers, Oregon State University systems analyst: "It's almost better these days to admit you're gay than to admit you're an atheist. FreeThinkers of Fort Worth. Friends in Fort Worth.

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