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There's nothing worse than dating someone that you really like, to suddenly have them go MIA on you. Generally, men love to use whatever excuse they can think of rather than admit they have a fear of confrontation. It's shocking and hurtful to hear crickets after what you thought was a fantastic date. As mentioned before, most men would rather stick needles in their eyes than confront a woman, mostly for fear that she may cry - and he will in turn feel like a bad person. Instead, an empowering action to take to avoid being ghosted is this: Take responsibility or acknowledge whatever you feel like he wants to confront you on yourself, rather than waiting for him to do it. For example, Lola went out with Harry one night for drinks, when they accidentally bumped into her drunk ex. He was hanging all over Lola, telling her how much he missed her, and Lola could tell that Harry was extremely uncomfortable.

So, here's my ghosting story: One month of dating, I fell surprisingly hard for the girl. The interest seemed mutual, the chemistry strong. Not just sparks, fireworks. I asked her to be my girlfriend, she agreed. On the same date, she mentioned how much she . Nov 27,   Ghosting, for those of you who haven't yet experienced it, is having someone that you believe cares about you, whether it be a friend or someone you are dating, disappear from contact without .

I also only went on one date with each guy, no second date," Irina told Mashable. A year-old communications professional - who prefers to remain anonymous - has been ghosted twice; something he feels is becoming increasingly the norm. If anything, I preferred that to some awkward text. When PhD student Akshat hit it off with a guy he met on Grindr, things seemed to be going pretty well. When Akshat showed up at the bar, however, his date was nowhere to be seen.

Akshat ordered a drink as he waited. Once, five minutes after I arrived when I said 'Here! Silence," he continued.

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Akshat isn't sure whether his would-be date walked in the bar, saw him and left, or whether he found a better prospect in the interim. The dead do not text back. The living must proceed with their lives. A year-old digital communications professional - who did not wish to be identified - told Mashable she was ghosted on three separate occasions.

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The times after that, you get used to it and becomes par for the course," she told Mashable. Assistant editor Lindsay has also had her fair share of ghosting experiences and she shared one with Mashable. Business analyst Maher has been ghosted twice.

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He angrily slept over and next morning he left saying he will message me. That was it. I told him not to reach out. Then again he did 3 months later.

I had moved on and told him to leave me alone. A year later he reached out again. Apparently, he was not over his ex with whom he called it off 1. He was miserable and confused and projected his insecurities on to me. Thank goodness he is out of my life. In a way now I thank him for showing me his true colors by ghosting me else I could have been stuck with an insecure person. A sincere, well meaning and mature man would not ghost.

How terrible is that?! Like you said by ghosting they feel they still have the option to pop right back per their convenience. Major lesson learned - if they ghost you, move on and never look back. Such people are really not worth it.

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Sorry to hijak the thread, but if someone ignored your last text that warranted a response and you wanted to stop seeing each other have been seeing each other for several months casuallywould you send a text saying you are no longer interested?

One day he literally pulled the rug from underneath me.

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He stopped responding to my calls and text messages. He never wrote or called back.

The term "ghosting" (sometimes known as the "slow fade") refers to the anecdotally pervasive act where one dater ends a relationship by simply disappearing. The ghost does not give an explanation of any sort, leaving the ghosted wondering where he or she went wrong. Mar 21,   Kyra I was ghosted after 7 months of serious dating. One day he just walked out and disappeared. I texted him and suggested to talk about what's going on but he didn't respond. 2 months later on my birthday he texted me a lengthy message wishing me and saying cutesy things pretending as though things were just the same. Jul 02,   Ghosting comes in all shapes and sizes. It can happen after one date, or after just a few texts, but it can also happen after several months of dating. Mashable asked ghosting victims .

Of course I was crushed but, I blocked him from all avenues that night and went to the road of healing. Ironically there was a thread going on about going no contact. I look back on it and all the signs were there, that a ghosting was to occur.

He had been not so responsive in the days before, distant when we did speak, and just uninterested in meeting up soon.

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After that I was able to weed out flaky guys, time wasters, and whatever other losers out there. I say this all to let any man or woman going through a ghosting, that this will pass. I was seeing this guy a few summers ago. After our first date he would call me every single night while he was out at the bars. Begging to see me and begging to meet up. I was def not getting up at 2am for some guy. One night I invited him over for an adult sleepover.

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It was interrupted because he had an emergency at home. I thought a family member had died, so I told him to take the call.

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Then he sent me a blank snapchat and then deletes from snapchat. I called him out for ghosting. And he goes yea. And I have this feeling, deep in my bones, deep in my soul that I would run into an ex, a guy I was seeing, or an adversary.

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And he blew me off. Minutes later he comes back groveling saying that I look good and that I got a new job. He then tells me to text him. I guess it depends what you call casual dating?

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I had a FWB I was seeing for about 6 months. One day, I called him and he was cold and distant on the phone. I had no idea why.

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After that call, I never heard from him. The thing is, it was casual. I also thought one of the benefits of casual was you can just walk away at any time without any kind of break-up.

Breakups: Dumped via 'Ghosting?' — Susan Winter

Matter of fact I am proud of myself for taking this route. The thing is - the more good I treated him the worst he treated me. Yes I miss him, but I do not envision going back to him or ever subjecting myself to that humiliation of being with a man who treated me with a backhand even though he enjoyed every bit of my grace, care, love and tenderness. Ghosting is a major disrespect to him of which I am well aware and stand by it - decency be damned!

He never invested time to get to know me nor take interest in knowing things that are dear to me which really hurt me badly. So stating that ghosting is cowardly - I respectfully disagree. My feeling is just blank right now.

Mar 14,   This week we have Kelly* who was ghosted by the guy she was exclusive with after being together for six months: I was a few months out of a relationship. The breakup hit me hard, but I . Jul 26,   It's in your power to ask for more next time you are in a relationship. Ghosting hurts because you are looking for someone more mature. Now . The ghosting dating trend is becoming more common, and it's a very painful experience because you're left without the closure you need to move on. The pain of rejection creates confusion in your mind as you search for reasons for why a man who seemed to be genuinely interested in you would stop answering your calls and texts.

I know someone like you will flew out of the air and start waving nonsense moral indignation and making assumptions. So no I am not bitter - matter of fact I feel relieved. Sorry my story does not have the usual phoo phoo feel good element to it - yup I ghosted, he had many warnings but failed to heed to them - I chose to not rent him a space in my emotional and mental well-being any longer at this juncture.

Ghosting after months of dating

There are various reasons why people choose to ghost based on their circumstances and the particular journey they were in. It takes a while to get to such extreme measure.

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Even when I saw him in person. Especially as he never invested time in you in the first place. But ghosting keeps someone as an option. Cut him off now permanently. I had an ex with Narcissistic Personality Disorder who treated me terribly and always blamed me for everything.

It drove me crazy and one day I left to never come back.

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