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These are the relationships Darwin has with the other characters in the series. As evidenced by " The Sidekick ," Gumball looks up to Darwin as a moral guardian, with Darwin being the morale to Gumball's craziness. It is because of this that Darwin can get awfully critical of Gumball when he believes that he has crossed moral line. Despite this criticism, it is all done as an act of love. Like he is towards his other family members, Darwin is very affectionate towards Gumball and can be especially overprotective of him, as seen in " The Safety " when he became overly paranoid. Darwin can be somewhat clingy towards Gumball and does not like being left out most likely deriving from the fact that up until recently, Darwin has always been near Gumball and has not made many independent choices of his own. The fact that Gumball was almost directly responsible for his evolution into his current form is likely another reason.

His heart attempts to prevent it, but he cannot help himself, and Mr. Robinson lets a single tear out. Gumball and Darwin return, and realize that Mr.

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Robinson is so cruel because his heart is afraid of feelings. While annoyed, Robinson realises that he actually loathes the boys slightly less. The three hug, and Mr.

The fact that Gumball was almost directly responsible for his evolution into his current form is likely another reason. When Gumball starts dating Penny after the events of "The Shell," Darwin goes through a brief but intense phase of jealousy directed at Penny; he fears being left alone without his older brother to care for him. Anais. Gumball and Carrie seem to be good friends. Carrie and Gumball are close friends. Although Carrie initially took advantage of the friendship, as seen in "The Ghost," in which she possessed Gumball's body for a junk food spree, the two later become good mcauctionservicellc.com episodes such as "Halloween" and "The Flower," Carrie is quick to goof off with Gumball and his brother.

Robinson lets a tear fall from his eye again, but this time with a smile. Gumball and Leslie have a rocky but close friendship. Leslie appeared very keen to be Gumball and Darwin's friend in " The Thir" but the boys saw him as creepy and weird.

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They did not interact notably again until " The Flower ," where it is Leslie's closeness to Penny that fuels the rise of Jealousy in Gumball's mind. Throughout the episode, Leslie becomes more afraid of Gumball, unaware that it is not him but Jealousy, as he is continuously tortured by him. However, when Gumball realises that Leslie is not in love with Penny but is in fact her cousin, he is apologetic, and the two appear to be on good terms.

Moreover, they engage in a fight in " The Triangle " when Leslie attempts to take out Darwin due to him claiming Leslie's instrument in the marching band.

The boys reconcile when Gumball points out that Leslie is acting like him, and that they should be proud of their friend. In " The Petals ," Gumball is shown to consider Leslie an expert on fashion, as he and Darwin try to consult him on which of them looks worse. They chase him throughout the town, eventually catching up to him in their basement.

When he sees Tobias' dancing skills, he claims that he must have taken out Leslie, as "no-one can match him on the dance floor," indicating that Gumball admires Leslie to some extent. Their friendship is tested once again in " The Awareness ," wherein Gumball insults plants due to not understanding them, and Leslie takes offence.

Leslie takes advantage of this to punish him for insulting plants by exaggerating the activities to dangerous levels. Soon, Gumball reverses the torment by forcing Leslie to perform ridiculous and painful activities such as getting attacked by beesclaiming them to be things that plants do, guessing correctly that Leslie will be unwilling to end the feud and be seen as less knowledgeable about plants, and so will go along with Gumball's commands.

They agree to be friends "'til the end," and embrace. The two separate as better friends than they were previously. Gumball originally saw Sussie as weird and ugly, but soon learned to appreciate her oddities.

Sussie and Gumball have a close, but occasionally tense relationship, with the tension mostly coming from Sussie's odd behaviour and how she can be annoying.

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In " The Ghost ," Gumball makes her puke up her hot chocolate by breathing with his new gross breath. In " The Party ," Gumball considers taking her as a date to the Wilsons' party, but she burps in his face, instantly removing her from the list. In " The Words ," Gumball asks Sussie to quiet down on the bus. Sussie very politely agrees to do so. According to Darwin in " The Skull ," Sussie was Gumball's first kiss, as he once kissed her while on morphine.

Gumball is extremely embarrassed about the encounter. In " The Dream ," Gumball takes advantage of Sussie's weird appearance to abuse Darwin in their shared dream, showing that he views Sussie as ugly.

She also shouts "Names! Their first notable interaction comes in " The Voice ," where the Watterson brothers apologize to her in case she is angry with them. She is not, and claims that she likes them. Gumball, wanting to apologize for something, drums on her head, accidentally knocking one of her eyes off.

He is very apologetic, but Sussie claims that she liked that as well. Gumball and Darwin seem endeared by this, and hug her before they move on. Gumball is very honoured, and thanks Sussie, claiming that one should not judge Sussie by her appearance, despite how weird and scary she looks. He calls Sussie a gentleman and a lady, but is grossed out when he sees that her seat is covered in sweat, due to leather making her sweaty.

He tells her to keep the seat, but pretends that he is doing so because she is a fine lady and it would not be gentlemanly to take her seat, proving that he values her feelings and does not want to insult her. The boys take her advice, and decide to simply enjoy themselves rather than trying to find some greater purpose. However, in " The Test ," Sussie is one of the people that Gumball has to stop himself from berating for her annoying habits, implying that he still finds her annoying.

He seems perturbed when he gets one, however: it is a glob of mayonnaise. Sussie explains that it is very precious and useful, implying that she wanted Gumball to get something good.

When the others fail to hide their displeasure, Gumball defends Sussie, telling his classmates to make some effort to spare her feelings. When he sees Julius bullying Sussie, he is enraged and instantly decides to fight the bullies.

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When Darwin dissuades him from doing so, he decides instead to poison the town water supply so that everybody becomes as weird as Sussie, showing that he cares about her a lot. Darwin advises him instead to help her fit in with everybody else. Gumball tells Sussie that she should stop being herself, and asks her how she became so odd-looking.

She provides several unrelated stories, which annoys Gumball. He also refers to her as a "little freak-show," which somewhat upsets Sussie. She is upset even more when they try to massively alter her appearance, and Gumball seems guilty. He accidentally insults her again, however, and she leaves in sadness.

Gumball and Darwin both sigh in sympathy, but Sussie comes back to offer them a chance to see life through her eyes- literally. She gives them each a pair of googly eyes, and they put them on. The three then embark on a whimsical adventure through town, and the boys come to understand that Sussie does not need to change: she is happy, and is not hurting anybody with what she does. From this point on, Sussie and Gumball are closer, although he still sees her as somewhat weird-looking, as shown in " The Inquisition ," where he claims that her appearance as a human is a massive improvement.

Gumball and Tobias have a history of rivalry behind them, although their relationship becomes more positive later down the line. Also, in " The Thir" Tobias becomes Gumball and Darwin's friend for twenty dollars, but he ends up ignoring Gumball and befriending Darwin. He tried his best to make Tobias slap him on the butt but failed. In " The One ," Tobias appears to view Gumball as a good friend, and wants to be his best friend.

He tries to convince Gumball that they are close friends, and is upset when Gumball claims that he is only sixth in line to be his best friend. Tobias is upset, but Gumball comforts him, telling him that he may not be his best friend, but he is still a good friend.

Throughout Season 1, Tina bullied Gumball on occasions like in " The Mustache ," pelting him with dodge balls and even one bowling ball, and in " The Meddler ," insulting him for how he looks with his mum with him at school holding his hand. In " The Fight ," it appeared to be that Tina had been bullying Gumball and had challenged him to a fight, but in the end, she explains that the physical abuse she had inflicted on him was her idea of having fun with him it is presumably her natural instincts as a T-Rex that make her think this wayand so, she had actually always thought of Gumball as her friend.

Since their resolution in " The Fight ," Gumball and Tina have been considered former enemies, but there have still been instances of conflict between the two, like in " The Flakers " where Gumball told Tina that she could not make it as a pianist because she only has 4 fingers only to be honest, which upset her greatly regardless and her retaliation was to stomp him if he did not take it back.

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Another example of the two not getting on is in " The Mess ," where Tina comes to the boys' kissing booth, and refuses to kiss Gumball, asking to kiss Darwin instead. Gumball disapproves of Clayton's compulsive lying, but likes him enough to want to give him a chance to quit as followed in " The Skull ," in which Clayton also states he thinks Gumball is really cool and really just wanted to impress him.

This is explored further in " The Move ," where one hard to believe thing Clayton told him turned out to actually be true, about a martial arts move which temporarily paralyzes its victim. In " The Anybody ," Gumball is mentioned to have told Clayton wild stories in the past of his bravery, causing Clayton to look up to him.

He does not appear to care when Clayton sits his detention for him. However, when Clayton takes the imitation game too far by stealing other people's lives, Gumball is guilty, and realises he is at fault, telling Clayton that he should not have to be somebody else.

Clayton decides to save Gumball from a sewer alligator, but Gumball appears annoyed when he is not much help. Clayton rescues him, but Gumball is traumatized from the experience, and despite Clayton's best efforts, he remains that way for the remaining few seconds of the episode, although Clayton does not seem to notice.

Overall, while Clayton sees Gumball as almost an idol, and looks up to him greatly, Gumball does not really seem to care that much about him, seeing him more as someone to boost his ego than a true friend. Because he is very protective of his daughter Penny, Patrick used to view Gumball with suspicion. He first meets Gumball in " The Date ," and initially views him with disdain. Patrick once more keeps a wary eye on Gumball in " The Knights ," where he now seems to be aware of Gumball's crush on Penny.

Patrick's apprehensive attitude towards Gumball only ends in " The Shell ," in which he unintentionally insults his daughter, who has broken out of her shell.

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Gumball finally stands up to Patrick and calls him out on his actions. In the end, Patrick approves of Gumball and Penny's relationship, with continuity prevailing over the status quo for a time. Despite this, their relationship is shown to be on the rocks again in " The Apprentice ," where Gumball seems to view Patrick as a respectable figure and idol not unlike Mr.

Robinson, but Patrick views him as a nuisance, and is afraid of his bad DNA corrupting Penny's if the two have children in the future. Gumball is determined to prove himself to Patrick, and ends up help him in his business affairs with Chanax Inc.

He watches Patrick play the Chanax CEO in a game of golf, and tries to support him, but ends up putting him off his swings, leading to Gumball getting knocked out cold by the ball.

He then has a fever dream, wherein he finally impresses Patrick with the help of a magical wizard frog, and Patrick claims that there is no-one in Elmore more worthy to be his son-in-law, and the two hug, showing that Gumball wants Patrick to respect him. However, in reality, he is being carted off on a stretcher while Patrick watches in concern. Although Alan has nothing against Gumball, Gumball finds him very irritating due to his flawlessness and nobility, feeling envious of him and insecure about his perceived perfection.

In " The Saint ," Alan's saintly behavior got on Gumball's nerves and he decided to break Alan down to his level. But no matter what Gumball did, Alan remained the same. Even though he can not stand his personality, Gumball does try to make up for it in " The Traitor ," only for him succumb back to his former disdain for him.

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Anton and Gumball's friendship is not particularly healthy, but they have occasionally been shown to be friendly. Anton was among the students chasing Gumball down in " The Mystery ," but this was only because he suspected him of attacking Principal Brown.

According to " The Goons ," Gumball considers him one of the dumbest people in town, although this is not necessarily a negative thing to him. He also makes fun of him in " The Meddler ," although he was presumably forced to by Jamie and Tina.

However, they sit next to each other on the bus in " The Words. Their first major interaction comes in " The Recipe. Gumball is horrified when Anton drowns in the pooland desperately tries to revive him. When he fails, he cries out in grief. However, he is very suspicious of Anton when he comes back to life the next day, and decides to discover his secret by killing him. When he changes his plan to simply going to Anton's house and discovers that Anton is just revived by putting a piece of bread in a toaster and turning the dial a certain way, he and Darwin decide to create their own Antonknown as "Ant-One," eventually creating a whole host of clo nes.

He and Darwin try to hide it from the real Anton, but Gumball inadvertently sends Anton straight to the second clone, Ant-Two however, this is one of their few positive interactions: Anton thanks Gumball for telling him he is late for class, which is how Gumball makes him go towards the clone.

Anton mistakes him for an echoing mirror, prompting Gumball to call him dumb when he is out of sight.

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Anton overhears Gumball mention that the 'mirror' is actually a clone, and angrily asks them how many clones they made. However, he apologises to 'Anton' for cloning him at the end of the episode, admitting that we was wrong, and asking Anton if they can still be friends. He seems horrified when he realizes that Anton was killed earlier, not Ant-Two.

However, the two still do not seem to be friends, as Gumball kills him with no remorse in " The Spoiler ," and evidently does not particularly value him. The relationship between Hot Dog Guy and Gumball is weakly considered a friendship, with them considering each other as enemies occasionally.

In Gumball's effort to prove to Darwin that he is umcauctionservicellc.comedictable, he calls out to Hot Dog Guy and hugs him, despite the two not knowing each other before.

This ultimately spirals into multiple awkward moments between them.

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After Hot Dog Guy finally fails to engage in a hug, the rest of the episode is spent on the two trying to break their friendship by being worse friends to each other. Finally, nearing the end, they admit that the two of them never even wanted to be friends in the first place.

Additionally, they continue being paired together in " The Awkwardness " and " The Cringe.

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This episode reveals that the two have had repressed childhood memories of cringe, which they decide to destroy those memories. Sarah has a crush on Gumball as shown in " The Comic ," though he does not reciprocate her feelings.

Although he is generally on friendly terms with her, he does find her irritating as a result of her stalking, as seen in " The Fan. In " The Fan ," even though Gumball is pretty upset with the fact Sarah has been stalking him for years, he still decides to act out her erotic - mcauctionservicellc.com as an act of friendship.

As of late, the two appear to be on much friendlier terms, as they work together in " The Potato " to help Darwin, and Gumball even considers her his third best friend after Carrie and Darwinaccording to " The One.

Before season 3Rob used to be friendly towards Gumball.

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His evil plan was to blow everybody up in the hijacked school bus with an explosive suitcase, but his plan was foiled and got arrested by the police for his crimes. In " The Disaster ," he purchased the Universal Remote from the magic vangiving him new powers to control the universe.

He was responsible for ruining Gumball's life by taking away his family and nearly killing his girlfriend, Penny. Gumball confronts his nemesis in a battle, but Rob defeats him by banishing him to the Void, but Gumball was able to save himself by rewinding himself back to the beginning of the disastrous day. In " The Rerun ," after saving Rob, Gumball tries to befriend him, but the circumstances makes their friendship short-lived as Rob has to rewind back to the beginning of the day.

Gumball later tries to become friends with him, but inadvertently saves Banana Joe from his trap, causing him to snap, saying that he is the most insufferable, annoying, selfish person that he had ever met, making Gumball happy.

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However, once Gumball accepts to visit him, he shows his true psychotic nature and makes Gumball put on toddler clothes. But when Darwin notices Carrie's heartbroken tear, the spell breaks and he approaches the former and the two finally build up the courage to kiss.

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It is confirmed in later episodes that, as of the end of " The Matchmaker ," they are officially dating. Their relationship is expanded in " The Drama ," where, not unlike the relationship between Alan and Carmenit is shown to be near perfect.

While Gumball is concerned that she is cheating on him with Azrael thanks to Leslie and Masami sowing doubt in his mind, Darwin is completely unbothered, only being slightly worried at first that he may not be as good of as a partner to Carrie as Azrael was due to the latter going out with her for much longer.

The couple's relationship is not at all strained throughout the episode. Darwin and Penny share a friendly, yet platonic relationship. As seen in episodes such as " The Storm " and " The Flower ," Darwin and Penny hang out in a very friendly manner, often making small talk and goofing off.

Darwin is generally very supportive of Gumball's relationship with Penny. However, after Gumball and Penny began dating " The Shell "Darwin became jealous about how much more time his best friend is spending with his girlfriend. Although he does want Gumball and Penny to be happy, he could not help but feel threatened by their relationship, fearing that he would be alone. This causes Penny to briefly break up with Gumball, but Darwin regrets his actions and helps get them back together later.

Nonetheless, it is still hinted that he seems to generally be at odds with being the third wheel. However, it seems that Darwin has gotten over these feelings, as he did not show any hostility when he assumed Gumball was inviting Penny over in " The Traitor " and he helped the former setting up a romantic quest for Penny in " The Romantic. Penny is also amused when Darwin mentioned his own nemesis.

For the most part, Darwin and Banana Joe seem to share a very good friendship; however, in earlier episodes, Banana Joe does not seem to be as friendly with Darwin as he is in later seasons. In " The Gi ," he maliciously made fun of Darwin's karate outfit, without any remorse whatsoever. Later, though, when he sees Joe trashed his desk and homework, he goes through a rampage through Joe's stuff in hatred and revenge.

Later, still, when Joe offers him a new pen, Darwin feels remorse for what he has done. When Joe reaches his locker, he attacks Gumball and Darwin, but accidentally knocks himself out. Finally, Gumball and Darwin beat themselves up in an effort to make up with Joe, which succeeds, and they become good friends again at the end of the episode.

In " The Promise ," it is revealed that Darwin cares a lot about his relationship with Banana Joe - when Joe gets mad at him, he does everything in his power to restore their friendship, to the point of breaking his promise with Gumball to play The Tale of Zelmore.

From this point forward, Darwin and Banana Joe seem to be very close, often hanging out and going for ice creams, as seen in " The Roots. Darwin also helps Joe look for his mother in " The Future ," doing everything in his power to help him. He works with Banana Joe in the fight against Rob by using him as a weapon, which does not appear to upset Joe. Darwin and Bobert appear to be quite friendly towards one another despite their initial rocky start.

In " The Bet ," Gumball and Darwin feel sorry for Bobert having no one to play with, so allow him to play with them; however, when one of their games involve Bobert entering slave mode, Darwin calls Gumball out, believing that Bobert needs to be treated with care due to his circumstances.

In " The Upgrade ," Gumball and Darwin convinced him to upgrade into a new version. During the same episode, Darwin along with his brother come to the realization that they much prefer the original Bobert as they have come to know the original Bobert as their friend, and not a product. In " The Love ," both him and Gumball were shocked to discover that Bobert did not understand the concept of love, and the two were eager to teach their friend the joys of love.

Although they differ in age quite a bit, Rocky is a decent friend to both Gumball and Darwin. In " The Boss ," both Darwin and Gumball help Rocky out by finding him a traditional office job so that he may once again connect with his dying father.

Although Ocho's relationship with Gumball is complicated, Darwin himself is on decent terms with Ocho. In " The Phone ," Ocho is one of the first kids Darwin gives his new phone number to, and from there, Darwin is addicted to texting and calling Ocho.

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Later in the episode, Ocho's temper leads to a brief conflict between the two, but it is quickly resolved. Darwin and his brother have a weird idolizing relationship with their neighbor, Mr. Robinson is somewhat an idol to both Darwin and Gumball. Robinson despises both Gumball and Darwin for irritating him all the time.

Robinson selling his house. Darwin and Masami have no feelings towards each other, but are still on decent terms. Darwin has no romantic feelings for Masami, as seen in " The Pressure. When they were about to kiss, Banana Joe cuts down the tree, and Darwin slides away and ends up kissing Gumball, who was about to kiss Penny.

This temporarily causes Darwin to actually develop feelings for Masami due to enjoying the kiss, although this is never brought up again.

Later in the series, it is shown that Masami and Darwin are on decent terms. Darwin, along with Gumball both try to get Masami the best birthday possible in " The Gift " though this act was more likely done out of fear rather than friendshipand they talk casually in " The Fury. Despite her over-infatuation for the boys, Darwin tries to stay on friendly terms with Sarah. Sarah has a huge crush on Darwin and Gumball and cannot help but stalk him.

But unlike Gumball, Darwin is much more patient with Sarah, such as in " The Fan ," when Gumball and Darwin hurt her feelings and sent her away, Darwin immediately regretted his actions and wanted to make it up to her. In " The Comic ," Darwin speaks to Sarah as if she were a friend; he expresses his disdain for comic book heroes, only to dress up as a LaserHeart's sidekick, Smooch when Sarah mentions Darwin's inclusion in her fan-comic.

In " The Test ," the two seem to be very casual towards each other, often exchanging jokes and tomfoolery with each other. In " The Potato ," Sarah, along with Gumball, is more than happy to help Darwin stop his obsession with potatoes.

She is also worried for him when Idaho comes to his house while he is trying to overcome the obsession. Tobias and Darwin's relationship has never been too prominent. The two quickly became close friends, due to Tobias being athletic and rich, leaving Gumball out.

By the end of the day, Darwin and Gumball had reunited, from then, Darwin, along with Gumball refused Tobias to join in with them any further. It is shown in " The Words " that Darwin finds Tobias annoying because he constantly gestures something known as "chunking the deuce.

Darwin finds even more annoyance with Tobias in " The Slap ," finding his new greeting to be very invasive and demeaning. William and Darwin do not have a very good relationship, although they are occasionally shown to harbor some goodwill towards one another.

In " The Voice ," William wants to be friends with Darwin and Gumballbut this brief amity is broken when Darwin only shows confusion and, later, fear towards William due to the latter's short temper and inability to talk.

William is extremely guilty when he realizes he has overreacted and that Gumball and Darwin simply cannot understand him, but the boys then attack him with a tennis racket. They are shown to still be enemies in " The Agent ," where Darwin appears afraid of him.

However, he does seem to be concerned when Gumball hurts William's feelings, whether out of fear of William or out of genuine sympathy. However, he appears to do this mostly to lure Gumball to him. However, Darwin does not appear to hold much of a grudge against William anymore, as in " The Inquisition " he is driven almost to tears when William injures himself while trying to open a door without telekinesis, calling him "so brave.

Darwin did not interact with Mrs.

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