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First, let me congratulate you for giving up smoking. That was the single most important thing you could do for your health. Just by quitting you have reduced your risks of heart disease and lung cancer and added years to your life. Even older smokers who quit will see a benefit in terms of longevity, the Canadian research indicates. It compared them with the records of people with comparable histories who never smoked. The researchers found that individuals who never smoked were about twice as likely to live to age 80 as smokers.

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They might spray perfume all over themselves to try to hide it, but a trail of tobacco smell follows them everywhere they go, even long after their last smoking session. Being exposed to this smell is just part of dating a smoker, and there are very few ways to get around it.

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By the way, the smell won't only get on their things. Whenever they hug you right after they've smoked, it will get on you. Whenever you spend the night at their house, you will leave the next day smelling like an ash tray.

Whenever you stand near them as they puff away, your hair is absorbing the smell, which it will slowly release for the next few minutes or hours or until you wash it.

Health risks of dating a smoker

Eventually, you'll probably get used to the smell yourself if you're dating a smoker. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, it won't bother you anymore. On the other hand, it will occasionally bother other people and you won't realize it.

Most daily smokers need to periodically stop whatever they're doing to smoke. Dates will be interrupted, road trips will be interrupted, and even work will be cut short for the smoker's fix. While they may have taken these breaks at one point because they simply enjoyed them, eventually smoking stops being entirely voluntary because they are addicted.

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If you're dating a smoker, be aware that he or she may get grumpy if you delay their smoke break. They may go through withdrawals as well if you keep them from smoking for too long.

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If you normally don't spend a lot of time outdoors, get ready to frolic in the parking lot if you're dating a smoker. Nowadays, it's considered impolite or often illegal to smoke indoors when in public, so more often than not your partner will have to go outside to put some nails in their coffin. If you want to accompany them, take this as a chance to get in touch with Mother Nature.

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Admire the trees and the grass and the squirrels as you duck away from the clouds of poison gas. Most people smoke outside when they're in public.

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If you've never been around someone who smokes every day, you may not realize what it does to the body. A chronic smoker will eventually damage their lungsoften leading to reduced lung function and excessive amounts of mucus.

Not only that, but smoking can cause poor circulation and other health problems that often get worse over time. This includes renal disease, a higher susceptibility to infection, and gum disease. Even erectile dysfunction is more common in smokers than in non-smokers. If your partner is young, the health effects that you see might be limited to getting a little winded climbing a flight of stairs or healing a bit slower than most people from sicknesses-but as they get older, the problems can become more serious.

First, let me congratulate you for giving up smoking. That was the single most important thing you could do for your health. Just by quitting you have reduced your risks of heart disease and lung cancer and added years to your life. While it has been estimated that smoking cuts at least 10 years off an individual's lifespan, a new study from Canada shows that if you quit smoking before age.

If you live with a partner who smokes, you're more likely to start. Worse still, if you used to smoke and successfully quit, having a partner who smokes will make you much more likely to relapse.

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We tend to pick up the habits of those around us, after all. You may have no interest in smoking right now, but every smoker was once a non-smoker, and it only takes that first curious cigarette to slowly begin the path towards habitual daily smoking.

Social smoking dangers are worse than you think!

If you are genetically predisposed to addictions especially, do yourself a favor and avoid smokers if you can-at least while they're smoking.

Even at six feet awaystanding outdoors, you're still getting a bit of exposure. If you stand a fairly average foot-and-a-half away from your partner while they smoke two cigarettes, you could be getting roughly the same exposure that you would in a smokey bar.

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Unless you avoid your partner altogether while they smoke, you are getting exposed to some degree or another. As an article published in claims, there is no such thing as a "secret smoker".

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Author Tracy Moore clearly explains that "someone, somewhere, always knows you smoke. The question is only how long you can get away with keeping it from the people you actually love.

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It was frustrating as a smoker in a relationship with someone who didn't smoke, as sometimes I would come home exhausted and didn't feel like doing so until the next morning, so we would wind up simply not cuddling that night, which both of us genuinely loved doing.

It created a disconnect and we often felt that lack of closeness when we woke up. Your partner does not want his clothes, sheets or furniture to smell like cigarette smokeand vice versa.

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Even if you used to be a smoker and were previously used to the smell, it's still unappealing to have that scent linger all around you, especially if you've recently quit smoking. Although you could try things like washing your clothes with baking soda, using extra drying sheets or deodorizing spray, unfortunately, it's not always possible to rid your things and your partner's things from third-hand smoke. Either way, it's inconvenient as trips to the laundry room or laundromat become tedious, yet necessary and unpleasant for both of you - and could cause a rift in your relationship with one another.

Dating a Smoker: 7 Things You Should Know | PairedLife. Jul 27,   This is the first time I am dating a smoker. When I kiss him I can taste the cigarette leftovers. It is unpleasant, but more so, I am wondering if kissing a smoker can transfer those chemicals/tobacco residues to me and have long term health effects. Other ways smoking tobacco affects your health. Not all of the health problems related to smoking result in deaths. Smoking affects a smoker's health in many ways, harming nearly every organ of the body and causing many diseases. Here are a few examples of other ways smoking tobacco affects your health: Increased risk of gum disease and tooth.

Obviously, people who smoke have to worry about heart disease, lung disease and other serious issues, but, in general, smokers just plain get sick more often.

While your partner will likely be okay with taking care of you, it's not exactly fun to deal with a person who perpetually gets colds and could likely avoid many of them if only he or she would just quit smoking.

Also, like it or not, smoking around someone who doesn't smoke puts them at a higher risk too.

That risk jumped to a whopping 87for those who smoked an average of one to 10 cigarettes a day - which is still considered lighter smoking. Continued Are You More Hooked Than You Think? Mar 22,   From Essence. Dr. Sherry, I'm a non-smoker who met and began dating a man who smokes. After getting to know him better, I found that smoking was the least of his problems. More significantly, differences emerged related to known health risks of each habit. More than three-quarters of respondents who were opposed to dating smokers cited secondhand smoke and health problems, both for their theoretical partners and themselves. For those opposed to vaping, uncertainty was more common.

According to the American Cancer Society"Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer - even in people who have never smoked. When I was in college, I dated a guy who smoked every day. I wasn't smoking at the time in an attempt to get healthy and was exercising frequently to help that goal.

He also worked out constantly, but because of his smoking, his endurance in the bedroom gradually lessened as he was less able to perform strenuous activities without huffing and puffing and taking breaks. This was noticeably frustrating and decreased our intimate activity, leaving us both unsatisfied.

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You know how birth control commercials always state that women over 25 should not smoke while on the pill, NuvaRing, OrthoEvra patch? That's for a good reason. Don't take a risk with your body like that; stick to the pill, not the pack.

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