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From House Beautiful. Heather Rae Young is quickly becoming a household name. The year-old's rise to fame started on Netflix's Selling Sunset , a docusoap that follows a group of boss lady real estate agents as they sell some of the most luxurious mansions in Los Angeles. Last month, the couple got engaged and we've never been more excited! But who really is Heather Rae Young? And how did she end up where she is today?

See u at camp :. Throughout Selling SunsetYoung often opts for vegan food. However, she revealed on Twitter that she does make a few exceptions. She's a former pilates instructor. Young revealed on Instagram that she used to teach pilates. She owns a Ferrari. For her 32nd birthday, Tarek El Moussa bought her a Ferrari.

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NBD, right? Young currently co-hosts a podcast called Flashback with radio personality Jessica Hall, who you may recognize from E! In each episode, the ladies unearth some major throwback moments as well as reflect on simpler times like before podcasts were even a thing! Not to mention to celebrity guests join in on the fun. You can listen to Flashbacks here. Young was born on September 16,in Anaheim, California. She is currently 32 years old. She's been a ring girl.

Before studying to become a real estate agent at 27 years old, Young worked a couple of different gigs. It's clear she was destined to be in the spotlight.

She gets along well with El Moussa's kids and ex-wife. She was included in the family's holiday photo and even took Taylor dress shopping before her school dance. Young also has a good relationship with El Moussa's ex-wife, Christina Anstead.

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The ladies occasionally text each other and share recipes. Not to mention to celebrity guests join in on the fun. You can listen to Flashbacks here. Thank u to my amazing friends for making me feel so special on my b day.

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This pic was from an early b day celebration 3 weeks ago. Celebrating all month!!

Hockey players dating

Young was born on September 16,in Anaheim, California. She is currently 32 years old.


Before studying to become a real estate agent at 27 years old, Young worked a couple of different gigs. It's clear she was destined to be in the spotlight.

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Wait for a man that happily wears matching jammies in public with you and the fam. We are having a slow Sunday morning. She was included in the family's holiday photo and even took Taylor dress shopping before her school dance. Young also has a good relationship with El Moussa's ex-wife, Christina Anstead.

The ladies occasionally text each other and share recipes. Scroll through Young's Instagram and you may notice her unique tattoo collection on her wrist, which includes a small paw print, a musical note, and a number. However, this isn't the only ink Young has ever gotten. Been on the go go go.

But we are simply managing girlfriends and helping you avoid the pitfalls of dating a hockey player. The sport makes your spouse the person they are, and understanding life in lower league hockey will make girlfriends all the sweeter for the pair of girlfriends are a breed of their own, so if you're of falling head over heels for one. Aug 09,   She had a long-distance boyfriend when she met Tarek El Moussa. In season one of Selling Sunset, you may recall that Young was dating a hockey player named the time, he had been scouted to play in Sweden, followed by Slovakia, making the relationship extremely hard to maintain (Young was flying back and forth to see him).Author: Kelly Corbett. Aug 10,   In season one of Selling Sunset, you may recall that Young was dating a hockey player named Nick. At the time, he had been scouted to play in Sweden, followed by Occupation: News Writer.

We need some dinner suggestions According to her Twitter, had at least 14 unwanted tattoos removed. Although we're unsure which tattoos she got removed, she notes "think before u get big color tattoos.

Eye on the prize should only be about more.

No pain no gain I made the mistake of getting a few unwanted tattoos In season one of Selling Sunsetyou may recall that Young was dating a hockey player named Nick. The dark circles under my eyes are because a snuggly 3 year old still crawls into my bed at nighttime. My boobs are different from years breastfeeding two boys which I wanted and worked hard to do. And my soft tummy is from two pregnancies that I wanted so badly and prayed for every time I peed on that stick.

Yea there are tough times and there will likely continue to be, but my life is good and full and I am grateful. Keep Reading Show less.

She didn't know who Max truly was and didn't think he had good intentions There were many red flags she was ignoring and trying to turn a blind eye to.

I barely recognized any even though In the pit of my stomach, I knew something was wrong. Yet even after 4 years of a toxic, long-term relationship, I thought it would all work out.

He would change, this had to work - spoiler alert, I'm thrilled it didn't. It would be a waste of time and energy to give him all her love for zilch in return.

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Demi is so much more than any relationship, and so am I. So are you. This is her time to heal and address her pain through music.

How will you move on?

Hockey players dating celebrities Previously married to Greg Fahlman, Nolin divorced him in and married Hulse in Phoenix three years later in, during the lockout-cancelled NHL season. These days, they live in Phoenix, where Hulse works in the front office for the Arizona Coyotes, the team he played for in, while Nolin continues acting part. Dating a hockey player is exciting, to say the least. There is something unique about them. Maybe it's the hair that they refuse to cut? Whatever it is, they definitely have a way of stealing hearts. If you are dating a hockey player, there are some things you need to know. First of all, get ready to be runner-up to his teammates. Hockey Singles - The Only dating site for hockey lovers and hockey players! Hockey Singles is a singles website that offers you a confidential and free method of being matched with other single men and women that are interested in the sport of hockey or who may well be players themselves.

I'm an empath and with every breakup, heartbreak, and goodbye, I felt as though a piece of me was lost forever. I felt broken. I felt lost. I couldn't talk without crying, eat without my stomach twisting and turning, and look at anything without thinking of him, but I was still passionate about all the things I love to do.

I was still me and I had a new story, too. Once you realize that you're the most important person in your own life, you will find your whole world and nothing or no one can take that from you. For all of my favorites, they have always had dairy and meat-free alternatives.

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In fact, Trader Joe's became my favorite grocery store because it had more options in a smaller space - I can get everything I need without having to scan a large, warehouse-like store. Cashew is the base of a lot of the best dairy-free alternative foods. Because it is such a fatty nut, it ends up having a really creamy taste.

This also a bit of coconut cream added to it, which adds to its super creamy texture. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I tend to favor the vanilla flavor, which tastes amazing mixed in with some granola.

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While sometimes dark chocolate can be a little hard, this is extra creamy. The cups are super indulgent. In the summertime, I'll pop them in the fridge as my favorite treat after a long, hot day out. The ingredient list is a lot more clean and understandable than the standard instant ramen noodles you can get from other grocery stores. I don't know what the actual serving size is, but I'll finish the tub in about three to four sittings. I'll dip just about anything in this - plantain chips, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, tortilla chips, and more.

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I even made a taco salad the other day and topped it with a bit of this dip. The dip is super creamy, just as the name says, and my cheese-loving sister loves this just as much as I do. Being Indian, it's always been an essential part of my diet. Cauliflower rice is not my thing. It doesn't taste like rice at all to me, and it has never felt nearly as satisfying. Plus, the tahini and onions in it add a nice flavor that makes it so the cauliflower rice is a nice addition rather than the star of the dish.

I warm up a pan with a small amount of coconut oil on medium heat, frying each side for about 8 minutes.

They came out perfectly. I have had this several ways. I'll either just top it with some simple marinara sauce, or just some olive oil and mix of seasonings.

I picked it up next time I hit Trader Joe's, and honestly, it's delicious. I didn't think I could love butter, but the texture of this is creamier than any other butter I've tried before. The two chocolate cookies are standard, and the creamy center has little crunchy peppermint pieces in it.

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I'll put these out at every holiday party, and people always love them. I've never tried this, but I've also seen people make chocolate peppermint pie crusts out of this. I like to top salads with something warm and hearty, so a veggie burger is usually a quick, easy go-to.

What I appreciate most about these burgers is that they actually taste good and don't have the mushy, bean-like texture a lot of other veggie burgers can. It gets crunchy on the outside and has a bit of a meaty texture on the inside. The warm crunch totally upgrades my boring salads, but be careful not to overcook this as if it dries out too much, it can get a bit crumbly and break easily.

I actually got a lot of my non-vegan friends hooked on it, too. I'll even add it to pizzas and put it in wraps to add a fresh flavor to it. Recently, I've even been putting it in sandwiches to add some extra flavor, too. I don't eat this alone, but I keep it in my freezer to mix in with the Thai takeout I inevitably order several times a month. In an effort to decrease my carb intake, I'll either go half and half with some real rice and this cauliflower rice or replace it completely.

For the days I was just craving something quick, delicious, and carb-filled, this totally hit the spot. I used to add some extra edamame, greens, and tofu to this if I wanted it to feel like a more complete meal.

They're almost a little too sweet for me, so I'll mix this with regular, unflavored popcorn. I use it as a base to make a Caesar-esque dressing by whipping it up with apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and cracked black pepper. It's become an essential at all family barbecues for the fact that it has a less oily taste than non-vegan mayo.

So, inevitably, I was a little judgmental about this at first. I wouldn't call it chai, but it happens to be delicious. It's a bit sweet, so I don't like to indulge in this often, but it is absolutely delicious and I appreciate the fact that the addition of pea protein in it makes it extra filling.

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Soup isn't always filling, but this leaves me satisfied for hours after. Carrot soups can sometimes be a little sweet, but the ginger in this sets that off. For the times I'm craving something gummy, this has been great. I've been picking up a bag of these for movie night for many years, and it'll always be a standby for me. I'll buy several bottles at a time. It has the luxurious taste of a Caesar salad dressing without any cheese or dairy actually being in it.

I'll put it in wraps, on sandwiches, salads, and use it as a dip for vegetables. It's become almost as essential on my spice rack as cayenne, salt, and pepper. But, it's my favorite dairy-free milk because it is one of the creamiest, and it does not have any flavor.

However, a lot of oat milks have a high water content in them. Why do women get their period? You want to go hiking 'oh, I'm on my period' you want to go swimming, 'I'm on my period'. But a period could start from a plethora of reasons like stress anxiety paranoia rough sex after a long period of time etc.

When do women get their period? I say normally because many women have irregular periods and it varies for every woman. The IUD. I can't remember if the IUD is the one in your arm and if it is the one that is placed inside the vagina. I forget the name. Plan B - I saw a list of many.

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I didn't know of somewhere. How many months are women pregnant for? What are some fertility treatments? I also think there are vitamins. Some common ones are intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, freezing one's eggs, and surrogates. What does the birth control pill do? I'm assuming it prevents the egg and sperm from being viable. Not sure how though. What does it mean when a pregnant woman is "X cm dilated?

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Yeah, I know, scary but beautiful. What does it mean when women get their tubes tied? JK not sure the process but the result prevents the woman from being able to get pregnant. What is polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS? From the name it sounds like many cyst along the ovaries possibly benign or harmful. Like I said I don't know.

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Who can be affected by PCOS? What does it mean when a woman is ovulating? Yes, this is when they're most fertile. When do women start experiencing menopause? Fredericksburg, VA. Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash. There is no universal fix for these situations. Although it may seem as if we've snapped back from the situation, that is not always the case. There are good days and bad days - good hours and bad hours.

Yes, this still applies after seeking and receiving professional care and guidance. Thoughts can't be turned off like a light switch. Part of recovery and overall coping is acknowledging that this may happen and understanding it does not take the place of any progress made.

Not letting the thoughts win is a part of the battle and it's tough. Please do not show anger or frustration if we spend the day in bed or have a slight relapse. Don't give up on us. The journey to the establishment of healthy coping mechanisms, self-understanding, and acceptance is a long, bumpy ride. You see someone for a reason! We are very aware of the professionals we may or may not have the privilege of being in contact with. Yes, occasionally some of these words are fitting.

Most of the time, however, they are hurtful and dismissive blows. Sometimes we want to talk to a parent or friend about what's bothering us, just like everyone else.

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