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We all know the honeymoon phase well. You know you're in it when you've just started dating someone new, your stomach fills up with butterflies, and every single thing you do together feels exciting. If you find yourself smiling all the time for no reason, you're definitely in it - and that new relationship glow is quite the feeling. And you might find yourself wondering, " How long does the honeymoon phase last? The answer is that it's different for everyone. Essentially, the honeymoon phase is over when the infatuation takes a back seat to facing life's little realities together.

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Post honeymoon phase, after you practically have the layout of his penis memorized, you become comfortable with not having sex every day. And while this might seem like an unwanted downside, the upside is that your roommates will start liking you again.

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Remember that one about idolizing your partner see 3? We all want to take up permanent residence in the land of love, but alas, the honeymoon phase has an expiration date.

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By Elite Daily Staff. You have the utmost support of family and friends Remember how Mom used to serve shrimp cocktail and fawn over your new boyfriend? Nothing annoys you The honeymoon phase might not be eternal, but true love is.

So you could have up to two years of fresh and exciting romance where you and partner continue to discover more about each other and share first experiences. The honeymoon phase ends or rather fizzles out when your relationship no longer feels as new or exciting.

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You may even be a little bored with spending so much time with them. The end of the honeymoon phase is just something every couple has to overcome - nothing can feel new and thrilling forever. Different factors can affect how long the honeymoon romance lasts for you and your partner.

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And this means there are certain things you can both do to make the novelty of your relationship last a little longer. During your honeymoon phase, you might feel like you want to spend every waking moment with your partner.

Relationships: The Honeymoon Phase

But the reality is, the more time you spend together, the sooner the thrill of the new romance is likely to wear off. See friends as well as each other, and schedule in some alone time too.

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Remember the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder - spending time away from your partner can intensify the romance and keep the flame of passion burning for longer. Enjoying new experiences with your partner can keep the relationship exciting and give you a chance to learn more about each other.

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You could go for dinner at a new restaurant and get dressed up, or plan a romantic experience or trip away. Or you try an adventurous date, like a self-defense class or a visit to a rock-climbing wall.

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Keep your home clean and tidyso when you spend time together, you can relax together without worrying about anything. And consider doing things in and around your home to make your partner happy - cook them their favorite meal, decorate with their favorite colors, or surprise your partner with a fresh bunch of flowers.

In HONEYMOON, players explore a dating relationship through the experiences of a student, Charlie, who is beginning their very first romantic relationship with Mickey, a non-player character (NPC). The player selects dialogue choices for Charlie to advance the storyline as it follows Charlie and Mickey through the fun and exciting "honeymoon" phase of their relationship. The honeymoon period describes the early stages of a relationship, when everything is new and exciting. It can include butterflies in your belly before a date, goosebumps when your new partner calls, constant text messaging and social media activity between the two of you and hours spent fantasizing about your blissful future together. Sep 08,   There's no one answer to how long honeymoon romance lasts because every couple is different. Most couples enjoy the thrill of the honeymoon phase for anywhere from six months to two years. So you could have up to two years of fresh and exciting romance where you and partner continue to discover more about each other and share first experiences.

What happens next can be just as exciting - the make-or-break stage. It can feel like the rose-tinted glasses have come off. But if you still feel as strongly for your partner despite their flaws, you may have found lasting love.

With the initial novelty of the relationship gone, it can start to feel more real.

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And what no one tells you about the honeymoon phase is it can come and go. And each time, you might just fall a little harder.

Sep 18,   According to experts, the average time the honeymoon phase lasts is around three months, but it can absolutely be longer or shorter depending on the relationship. Some say the honeymoon phase is. Dec 17,   Call it drunk in love or seeing stars, the honeymoon phase is a real phenomenon that's so powerful, it can't be replicated. Enjoy the sex three times per day and happy-for . Jul 22,   "The honeymoon period is the sugar rush of new love - the golden time early in a relationship when you can do no wrong in each other's eyes," says New York City-based dating coach Connell Alex Manley.

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