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You overanalyze every little thing. Does he secretly want to jump out that window rather than keep talking to me? Everyone feels this way sometimes. It takes time to build good communication, so chill out. You justify bad situations.

Most people are like you at 26 or older. However, you are a sign there are people like you. Most people your age don't consider marriage or their futures much past tomorrow.

I take dating too seriously

Most date around for a couple of years to have sex with multiple people and don't consider settling down until about four years into their careers. This of course is leading to an increased divorce rate and failed families. Studies prove virgin marriages last longest and are happier as God intended it.

It doesn't have to be like this, but unfortunately people date just to mess around. You can't start a relationship expecting things to work out, that will only hurt you. I view dating as a method for getting to know someone better, if you spend time with a person, and like spending time with them, it is only natural you'll spend more time together. Spend enough time with someone and you will be close, if you both feel you are close enough for marriage, then marry. Teyfet Xper 5. Just, understand that most guys your age may not have those same ideas.

There will be some who do, but finding them may be like searching for a gold nugget. Xper 6. In the end you have to decide what you want, but dating should be a happy affair. I'm not saying to go and sleep around but maybe a casual relationship with a weird line can help you find what you like and are looking for.

One of my friends fiance started as a fun date person and now he is married to him. Maybe that got canceled because of coronavirus. Less of friend and more of colleague.

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You may never know what you find. LeroyJenkins Xper 1.

Every type of dating app is downloaded to your phone. In fear of missing out on a certain dating pool, you've decided to use all of the dating apps you can. But instead of helping, it could be overwhelming you and ruining the experience. It shows that you're probably too focused on dating, so start cutting the number of apps you use down. Why Do I Take Things Too Seriously? - Health Guidance. Dating is supposed to be fun; sometimes it sucks but it's definitely not a life or death situation. If you feel like looking for love is a full-time job that's leaving you totally drained, chances are you might be taking it too seriously.

Just be yourself no matter what that be. No I don't, i just think that it's how it should be.

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You should really do what you want in this case. Sure it can be nice having fun but if that's not desirable for you there is literally no reason for it.

Follow your own path and don't compare it to others. Thanks Chris! Glad you feel the same way :. I don't know that you could say you're taking dating "too seriously" if you've never done it before.

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Based on that standard I take "piloting an airplane" and "performing open heart surgery" too seriously. You need to do it first-otherwise you're no where. Just start small. Go out for a coffee. Have a conversation. I'm sure that's what your friends who have dated did too.

You have to start somewhere. If it's actually important to you, you'll figure out a way to start.

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Show All Show Less. Yeah-I'd suggest trying to date someone locally first. No, not at all. What you are doing is right.

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You should be serious about dating. You are doing your job well. Yes and no. You're 17 years bloody old! Just take a chill pill and have some fun. There's always a balance, be safe but have some fun! Lest, you turn into the kind of old man who looks upon his youth, his opportunities, and realised he squandered them! I am in the same boat. I feel like my potential partner should be someone i am prepared to invest time and many commitments. Be yourself. Good to know- glad we are in the same place.

Thanks :. How do you expect to make an informed choice of partner by limiting your range of experience.

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Dating is the process of exploring possibilities before committing. However carefully you sample an apple, you will never taste orange.

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Keep that mind set. Saves you heartache from playing around.


Yes, I'd rather not be heart broken too many times Xper 5. I'm 33 myself and the things that anyone would get to know about me would need to be satiated before even being able to date.

No that's how it should be in my opinion. But to each his own in this society. It's good to know there are others who think like I do :. Don't be immature just because everyone else around you is. See present generation is we have to experience what are going to face in future.

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Dating is not unnecessary thing. My vote for you. At 17, you should be dating unseriously. SparklyMop7 Xper 4. If you aren't dating for marriage, then you're dating for heartbreak.

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Dont date for fun. I dont know why thats a thing. Related myTakes. Show All. The Supermarket's "Dollar Store".

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Nov 06,   Getting too serious too quickly might mean you are looking for something in relationships that you ought to be finding elsewhere, especially within your own self: perhaps acceptance, or love, or validation, etc. Or, maybe you just haven't had eno. I'm sorry to hear that you feel different than your friends for taking dating too seriously compares to them. However because people get into relationships for different reasons, we grew up in a different kind of family and environment = that means we all value relationships at a different level, hence why some people don't really care, and for some people, it matters a lot. Jan 04,   By taking dating too seriously, I've shot myself in the foot, spent too much time in my head, and ended up standing in my own way. But after making some serious changes in my dating life, I've realized that loosening up and taking dating a little less seriously can yield better and, surprisingly, far more serious results.

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