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At an international Antarctic research station, a group of scientists is suffering from extreme cabin fever thanks to their co-worker Kyle who brought along his karaoke machine. As he unashamedly belts out "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, one of the men says he's in disbelief, but it's not over what you might think. As Kyle's whiny solo continues, co-worker Kevin attempts to escape by opening the station door to the blizzard outside only to be pulled back in by some of the other men. Advertiser Profiles. Facebook , Twitter , YouTube.


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Nettleton Shoes Since the late 's, Nettleton has been producing fine handcrafted shoes, known for their Goodyear Welt construction. They are handmade in Belgium with great attention placed on the quality of their leathers, solid constructions, and timeless and classic styles. Nettleton is emerging as one of the premier upper tier shoe brands available today. The story of Nettleton shoes is a classic story of the lifecycle of a shoe brand that was relevant during a time long ago and just as relevant today. In the late 's Nettleton produced the first "loafers" from their factory in Syracuse, NY, and actually patented the phrase "loafers". Their advertising from that era showcased the company motto, that lives on to this day, "Shoes of Worth". This simple phrase captured what their footwear was to both president's and highly respected members of the military, and the working man alike.


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Here are 4 of the biggest red flags of online dating. Part of learning how to write a good online dating profile is learning what not to write. Their profiles are full of rookie mistakes:. At first glance, he seems like a good guy. WHY do you do it? Make it easy for girls to talk to you with these prompts for going deeper with your self-description.

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