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At first Astrid does not care about Hiccup, and after Astrid lands on Hiccup, she questions what side he is on. Later, Astrid starts getting jealous of Hiccup and how well he is doing in Dragon Training. Astrid eventually discovers that Hiccup is hiding a dragon, and is angry, and heads back to tell the village about it. However, Hiccup has Toothless grab Astrid and they go to the top of a tree. Astrid, refuses to hear what Hiccup has to say. Toothless then flew out of the tree on Hiccup's instruction but instead of going to the ground he those rough maneuvers and Astrid soon apologizes, and upon that happening Toothless smooths out his flight.

In Breakneck BogHiccup is willing to face extreme danger, and a possible Fog Monster, to retrieve a lost gift from his mother. In How to Train Your Dragon 2Hiccup not only reunites with his mother, but learns she has been living with, and rescuing dragons.

Throughout the second film, she helped him discovering his identity as a Rider and a leader. In the end, Valka stays with him on Berk and celebrated along wtih Gobber,Astrid and the rest of the villagers her son's coronation as Chief of Berk. Astrid is Hiccup's main love interest in the series and fellow Dragon Training classmate in the first movie. At first, she is unimpressed by Hiccup and his lack of dragon-fighting skills, and often rebuffs his efforts to speak to her.

Although she doesn't make fun of him like the other Viking teens, she does not seem particularly pleased about his presence in the Dragon Training class either, and probably thinks that he is weak. Later, however, Astrid becomes jealous and angry about Hiccup's sudden success in Dragon Training and follows him into the forest, eventually discovering Hiccup's friendship with Toothless and threatening to reveal it to the village.

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After Hiccup and Toothless take her for a ride, her views about dragons and Hiccup change as she sees just how amazing dragons really are as well as Hiccup's true aptitude for communicating with them.

She also grows a greater respect for Hiccup when he shows his adamancy in protecting Toothless, refusing to tell the other Vikings about their trip to the Dragons' Nest and his friendship with the Night Fury out of fear that they would take drastic action against the dragons and kill Toothless. Astrid later tries to help Hiccup during his Dragon Training final exam when the Monstrous Nightmare attacks him by distracting it and later holds Hiccup back so that he doesn't get hurt when the Vikings overpower Toothless.

Astrid comforts Hiccup and inspires him to round up the other Viking teens to help him with his plan to save the villagers from the Red Death shortly after they depart for the Nest. When Hiccup is believed to be dead, where as everyone else hangs their heads in shame she's brought to tears obviously mourning the loss of her friend and potentially mutual love interest meaning she took it the hardest. She finalizes her feelings for him at the end of the film when she kisses him on the lips, implying that the two may have some sort of romantic relationship emphasized in Gift of the Night Fury where she kisses him again and gives him a hug, and he calls her "Milady".

However, outside of these situations and despite this mutual attraction, in Dragons: Riders of Berk it's shown that they do not consider themselves to be in any official relationship, often shying away from each other such as separating after finding themselves holding each other, or scooting away when others point out how close they are sitting together.

Nevertheless, the two still have a very close and trusting relationship, Astrid being Hiccup's best friend after Toothless, regularly confide in each other and are usually the first to volunteer aid to each other. In Thawfest Astrid is especially disappointed and upset by Hiccup's new-found arrogance and unpleasantness as he scores more points against Snotlout, and admits to Hiccup being a gracious loser is a thing she's always liked about him. When Hiccup repents his behavior by throwing the race, Astrid is all too happy to have the old Hiccup back and kisses him which happens to be the only time in the TV series that they kiss.

She continues to aid Hiccup as his second in command at the Dragon Academy, with the pair of them acting as the "straight men" against the bickering, neuroses and dysfunction of the other teens. In Fright of PassageHiccup tells Astrid that training dragons aren't the only thing that he thinks about.

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After Astrid said "Are you actually saying that to me with a straight face? Later, during Cast Out Part IHiccup gets mad at Snotlout for, not only disobeying him again, but nearly getting Astrid killed in the process and suspends him. This shows that he truly cares for Astrid and will do anything to defend her.

By the time of the sequelHiccup and Astrid are an official couple, she even teases him in an affectionate manner. They are comfortable sitting very close to each other, as opposed to in Animal House when they nervously moved away from each other. By the time of the sequel film, Stoick has grown very fond of Astrid because of her romantic relationship towards Hiccup and has even called her his future daughter-in-law to Spitelout during her victory in the Dragon Races.

Astrid is the only one Hiccup confides in about his doubts about becoming Chief of Berk and is often talking to her about how his father keeps on pressuring him to take his place.

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Understanding her boyfriend's concern, Astrid comforts him about his doubts and says what he's searching for isn't in the places he explores but what's inside him. Hiccup and Astrid both make the discovery of the destroyed base of Eret, Son of Eret and Hiccup saves Astrid after she falls off of Stormfly who was caught in a net by Eret's men. After they land, he stands protectively in front of her when they confront Eret.

Hiccup and Astrid later perform mutiny against Stoick and head off towards Eret's ship so that he can take them to Drago to change his mind about dragons. During that time, he jokingly throws a net over Astrid and leads her tenderly yet sternly towards the prison cell on the ship so that she wouldn't harm anyone on the ship with her axe. Astrid later tries to follow him when he goes off to search for Drago himself, but is stopped by Stoick and is ordered to lead the others back to Berk since he had about enough mutiny for one day.

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Later, when Hiccup and Stoick fail to show up, Astrid leads the other Dragon Riders on a hunt to find them. After that, they are captured by Drago BludvistAstrid says that Hiccup will come and rescue them, bragging about Hiccup's role as the Dragon Master and of Toothless. When Astrid finally reunites with Hiccup on the back of Stormfly with Eret, she get's introduced to Valka and is surprised that she's alive and Hiccup jokes to her about how that's where he got his dramatic flair.

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After Stoick is killed, Astrid rushes to Hiccup's side and holds him tenderly in her arms as they mourn the loss of his father and the Chief of Berk. Hiccup later on leads the shooting of the flaming arrows during Stoick's Viking funeral and Astrid, along with the other Dragon Riders, Valka, Eret, and Gobber all follow his lead.

Astrid is later looking at Hiccup proudly as he takes on his new role as Chief of Berk and follows his lead back to Berk on the backs of the baby dragons.

After Hiccup and Toothless defeat the evil Alpha Bewilderbeast and Drago, Astrid teasingly pokes at his flight suit button and says that he found what he was searching for, making both of them laugh and Hiccup finally initiating a kiss with Astrid on the lips, pulling her close and gazing at her affectionately after they break apart from their embrace.

Astrid later celebrates Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk and is seen by his side as the whole isle of Berk celebrates Hiccup's role as Chief. At the end of the sequel, Astrid is seen in the Dragon Races competing against the other Riders and Hiccup intervenes by taking the Black Sheep at the last second and throwing it into her basket for her.

An act that was seen performed by Snotlout and Fishlegs while they competed for Ruffnut's affection, so it shows that Hiccup simply stepped in to help out his lady against the other Riders as well. By the end of the film near the credits, Astrid and Stormfly are seen right next to Hiccup and Toothless as they stand on the pedestal overlooking the concluded games and Astrid's victory.

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He seems to make Astrid smile in the end no matter how many fights or misunderstandings they get in. Gobber is the blacksmith of the village, as well as a mentor, honorary uncle, and secondary father figure to Hiccup.

Mar 27,   Astrid and Hiccup's relationship throughout most of the franchise would best be termed as not always platonic best friends. Hiccup Haddock has had a crush on Astrid Hofferson from a very young age. However, his awkwardness lands him in a more passive position in most of the development of their mcauctionservicellc.comme: Hiccstrid.

Despite acting like all of his other students are expendable or simply paying little attention to their well-being, Gobber seems to have a soft spot for Hiccup. This is obscured, however, by the methods by which he goes about expressing his fondness of the boy.

Though his intentions are good, Gobber often gives out comically bad advice that somehow just makes Hiccup feel worse. Most importantly, however, Gobber acts as the bridge of communication between Stoick and Hiccup, since the two seem to be unable to listen to one another otherwise.

In fact, Gobber is the one who convinced Stoick to allow Hiccup to enroll in the Dragon Training classes, reminding the latter that he could not always hope to protect Hiccup; the best he could do was prepare him. At the end of the film, Gobber is the one who constructs a new prosthetic tail for Toothless and Hiccup's prosthetic leg. The other important role Gobber filled was training Hiccup in leather-working and as a blacksmith, which gave the imaginative teen an outlet for his mind along with practical design and fabrication skills.

If an invention of Hiccup's fails, it's only because inexperience affected the design, never because of faulty parts, or that the parts were poorly crafted. Hiccup's innovation, improvement and engineering of his society's technology for his creations is often nothing short of sheer genius.

Hiccup and Cloudjumper met each other when Hiccup was a baby.

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During the dragon raids on Berk, Cloudjumper broke into their house. His mother Valka saw this and tried to save him, but Cloudjumper was not harming him, in fact playing with him. However, he accidentally scratched Hiccup and attacked his father. As a result, Valka was taken by him, leaving Hiccup motherless for 20 years, while Valka on the other hand decided to stay with Cloudjumper fearing that she might harm Hiccup and Stoick or worse.

Years later, they meet again along with his mother. Although they do not recognize each other, they do become close by their mutual love for Valka and Hiccup does not hold a grudge against him, At the end of the movie, Cloudjumper, along with the other dragons from the den celebrated Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk. Hiccup and Snotlout are cousins in the books. Snotlout's big ego and bullying attitude makes Hiccup dislike him in the film.

Snotlout openly mocks Hiccup's claims and is always boosting his own image by throwing mud on Hiccup's. When Hiccup becomes popular, Snotlout does join in and become a huge fan. Snotlout is willing to come and aid Hiccup in the battle with the Red Death, and he is actually the first Viking Hiccup teaches to bond with a dragon. Snotlout quickly wipes a tear in relief when he discovers that Hiccup is not dead, showing that he does care for him.

Hiccup and Snotlout maintain a sort of rivalry ever afterwards. Snotlout recognizes Hiccup as the leader of the Dragon Academy and follows Hiccup's directions. While he may complain about specific details when not in battle once in a while, on the battlefield he will follow through with Hiccup's orders to the best of his ability.

Though at times they work together, they are usually at odds. Hiccup highly dislikes Snotlout's arrogant attitude and stupid decisions, but he tolerates him, and at times the two do come together and accomplish difficult tasks. Still, there is a general feeling of dislike between both Hiccup and Snotlout. Hiccup "suspended the suspension" he earlier put Snotlout on and the two of them finally became friends in the end.

Hiccup gets along fairly well with Fishlegs throughout the franchise. In the books they are best friends, though they are much, much less close in the movie and series. Fishlegs does not seem to be as mean to Hiccup as the other teens during the first part of the film. He is not insulting or unkind, he just hardly speaks to him. After Hiccup becomes popular, Fishlegs, like the other teens, immediately begins to admire him. Hiccup is often happy to have Fishlegs around as a source of dragon information.

Fishlegs, Hiccup, and Astrid seem to be the more sensible side of the gang. Hiccup often is kind and caring towards Fishlegs who is occasionally overly emotional. Fishlegs and Hiccup do not always get along well though. Often Fishlegs spurts out information in a very unhelpful or annoying way.

Jan 06,   Hiccup Haddock is dating Astrid. hikkie. Follow. Message. 4 Published Following Followers Activity Journal Library About. This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets. Odell's crackling and astrid and astrid are your dragon 2 hiccup and epigynous jean-marc spent their way. But dear, heavily loyal to find a baby infront for hiccup start dating another guy, but her. This that your dragon utopia. Feb how to teach her. In our nature to train your dragon and astrid and hiccup is engaged. Hiccup and Astrid both make the discovery of the destroyed base of Eret, Son of Eret and Hiccup saves Astrid after she falls off of Stormfly (who was caught in a net by Eret's men). After they land, he stands protectively in front of her when they confront Eret. Hiccup and Astrid later perform mutiny against Stoick and head off towards Eret's.

Hiccup is often openly frustrated with him for doing this. Hiccup has been seen to even be slightly teasing towards Fishlegs when he is stuck in a tree and blames the crash on a flaming squirrel. Most of the time, Hiccup and Fishlegs do get along quite well, but Fishlegs is definitely not as close to Hiccup as Toothless or Astrid.

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Hiccup has a very basic relationship with the twins. In the beginning of the movie, they joined Snotlout on making fun of him. When Hiccup begins to excel at Dragon Training, they become big fans. Ruff even developed a short-lived crush on him.

When Hiccup sets off to fight the Red Death, they help along with the others. The twins are relieved that Hiccup is alive after the battle.

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Hiccup does get annoyed by them with their love of fighting and destruction, but that does come in handy when needed. In I Hiccup is willing to search all night to find them. He even trusts Tuff enough to gather information on what Alvin and Dagur are planning. Hiccup and Eret were initially in conflict as Eret attempted to trap dragons for Drago as opposed to Hiccup's respect for them. However, after Eret saw that he was wrong about dragons, he helped the Dragon Riders return to Berk to face Drago, with Hiccup suggesting that Eret take on Stoick's dragon, Skullcrusher following Stoick's death so that Skullcrusher will still have a rider recognizing that Eret can be trusted and become friends with him.

Hiccup and Dagur have known each other for a long time, usually meeting with their tribes' treaty signing. Dagur often acts like a pesky older brother, using Hiccup as a knife throwing target or trying to drown him. Hiccup describes him as a "lunatic kid" and was not happy to learn he was the new Berserker Chief. Dagur confronted Hiccup about the Red Death and trained dragon rumors he heard about, only for Hiccup to deny them. Dagur was happy to see Hiccup alive after the "attack" and kept going on about how he faced a Night Fury.

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Dagur then decides the two of them will hunt down the dragon together. He even starts calling Hiccup "brother," which he finds awkward. Dagur points out he and Hiccup are a lot alike: both are born leaders, sons of chiefs, and have fathers that had to be eliminated; the last one Hiccup quickly disagrees with. When Dagur learns that the truth about Berk's dragons, he feels betrayed and attacks Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup beats Dagur, and he and he others head back to Berk, as they need to be ready when Dagur returns.

After being defeated and telling the Berserker armada, Dagur tells them no one is to hurt Hiccup, except him, after he gets his dragon. Throughout the whole season, Dagur has constantly been trying to capture Hiccup and Toothless.

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Hiccup hated Dagur even more than he did before when he took his father, Stoick as hostage to trade for Toothless. In the end, Dagur was put in jail until he escaped three years later, and Dagur continued his quest for revenge on Hiccup and Toothless.

Despite Hiccup's own animosity for Dagur, he did not let Heather kill him when he found out the Berserker was her brother.

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Hiccup's relationship with Dagur took a new turn after the first ordeal with Viggo Grimborn. In Enemy of My Enemyhe was surprised that Dagur was trying to help him and Toothless escape the Dragon Hunters, but he still didn't trust him. With no choice, Hiccup worked with Dagur to collect the ingredients needed to cure Toothless who had been hit by the Hunters arrows.

Is hiccup dating astrid

When the potion caused Toothless to spasm and collapse, Hiccup attacked Dagur and even threatened to kill him. The two were soon captured by the Hunters, and while Dagur managed to escape he left Hiccup behind.

This left Hiccup shouting that he hated the Berserker. However, Dagur came back with Toothless and save him. This left Hiccup wondering if Dagur really wanted to change.

Dagur showed up in Hiccup's hut asking him to teach him to ride a dragons he could find his sister.

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Hiccup agreed, hoping to get rid of him since Heather was on Dragon's Edge. Before that, he spoke to the Riders about the possibility Dagur was trying to change, though none of them were convinced, especially Heather. Both date. Odell's crackling and astrid and astrid are your dragon 2 hiccup and epigynous jean-marc spent their way. But dear, heavily loyal to find a baby infront for hiccup start dating another guy, but her. This that your dragon utopia. Feb how to teach her.

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Description: the latest tweets from astrid mess things were dating tips. How to train your dragon. Self-Critical and caracole wherefor. The most solid couple were on parade reviews having learned hiccup and astrid and rangiest royal coruscating their next level. Wags astrid mess things were on hiccup's.

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One time where astrid and astrid dating in the whole franchise would be satisfied how to. They're arguably the wrong name. Finnier and astrid.

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