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But how do you know you want to marry someone? Usually, it's when we find someone who makes us ditch our bad habits and become better at being in a relationship than just being solo. That's when you start to realize that your partner is someone you could, and should, spend the rest of your life with. I realized she was marriage material when I found myself giving into her suggestions without putting up a fight. Rarely has it been a bad decision. Everything was about them.

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Positivity also includes being drama-free and veering away from heated arguments and confrontation. She is selfless and compassionate towards others How women treat others is a reflection of how they see themselves.

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Treating others with utmost selflessness simply goes to show that she acknowledges the fact that every single person has his needs and takes these needs into consideration. She lets you take the lead and supports you all the way She knows that letting you take the lead would make you feel more like the man in the relationship.

9 Signs He's Not Boyfriend Material, So Don't Waste Your Time. Having a quiz is attractive. Saving relationship and having a plan is attractive. Instead just let things dating naturally. Because those things matter. The energy you put out there, the things you say, it all reflects what you attract or repel. 1. These are all essential. Marriage material- Is she marriage material? You've been dating this woman for a while now, but you're not sure whether she's "The One."You know she's attentive and affectionate, but what other Author: Andre Cross. Mar 06,   I know what you're thinking and you're totally wrong. About 99of guys think that being "thoughtful" is about telling a woman how pretty she is, or buying her flowers, gifts or lavishing attention on her at obvious moments. But when it comes to whether she'll see you as boyfriend material, thoughtfulness takes on a whole other meaning.

She also knows that all men want significant accomplishments in life to get the feeling of purpose. A woman who is girlfriend material must be the very first person to push you towards your goals, especially in crucial moments where self-doubt seems to prevail. Being with someone who is very caring and nurturing would make you feel special and loved in simple yet very meaningful ways such as cooking for you or taking care of you after a stressful day at work. Read Next: 50 Cute Things to say to your Girlfriend.

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She is responsible Before venturing into a new relationship, you must also see to it that she is dependable and someone that you can count on.

Moreover, she knows how to handle her finances responsibly and manage money well. An ideal partner should not also be materialistic, and knows the importance of being practical versus spending all her savings in activities such as excessive shopping.

She is practical and smart This does not solely pertain to formal education. An ideal partner should be someone who is street-smart and creative enough to come up with solutions, should you encounter hardships and issues during the course of your relationship.

Feb 20,   10 Surefire Ways To Tell If She's Marriage Material. Choosing a mate is one of the most difficult choices a person ever makes, and in today's society, it is more common to get divorced than it is to stay married. Men and women both struggle when it comes to dating and the most common reason to date is to get married. We as humans all. Jun 15,   If she matches eight out of 10 of the items on your list, then you should consider her a potential candidate for a serious relationship. If she doesn't match the items on your list, but you still find her attractive, then feel free to date her casually. If you find a woman who is clean and sober, she is good girlfriend material and you should keep her around. She will not be lying or stealing to get money or get the drugs she wants, and she will be clear minded when it comes to your relationship, your happiness, and your future.

She thinks on a long-term basis Committing to a relationship means making plans not only for the immediate future, but for something concrete and long-term.

Just like you, an ideal partner should also be able to think on a long-term basis and see a future together with you.

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She knows how to take good care of herself How a person takes care of her overall well-being is also a reflection of how well she regards herself. She knows that an ideal partnership should also involve individuals at their best, including their physical health condition. She must also encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well and engage in various physical activities as a couple. Watch your back if she makes too much of an effort with another man in your life.

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For one reason or another, she must never flirt with all men that she meets along the way. She has fully recovered from her past heartbreaks This does not mean that she and her exes are the best of friends.

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Simply put, a woman must be able to be whole and completely healed from all the pain that she experienced in the past before venturing in a new relationship. A mature woman understands that your past led you to who you are now.

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She gives you enough room to breathe A woman who does not cling too much and understands that you both need to spend some time away from each other in order to flourish as individuals and make an even greater contribution to your relationship. What good would it bring to date the same type of people over and over again? If the woman you are dating was able to break the mold, then she is well worth your time. She is brave enough to loosen up and be crazy once in a while Loosening up is a surefire way to determine confidence.

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She should not be overly self-conscious to the point that she will be afraid to try new things, simply because other people might take it against her. She loves deeply Last, but definitely not the least, consider starting a relationship with a woman who is not resentful and forgiving for small mistakes.

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She knows for a fact that no relationship is perfect, and a couple might encounter several bumps along the way and these will make a relationship much stronger. Despite these challenges, she is still grateful that you get to surpass these roadblocks together as a couple. Does your girlfriend fulfill most of these characteristics?

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Check out these romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend and make her a sweet surprise. This article should give you a direction and guide you to finding the perfect match for you. When I started dating my boyfriend, he said he wanted to wait to even have sex until we knew each other well.

We waited for two months to finally do it. What I liked about that was that he proved to me he was serious about this relationship and not just about getting some and then leaving.

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It made our relationship start off on a good foundation of respect and trust. It was almost like they were there to be my accessory. But seriously all of that changed two years ago when I met my girlfriend.

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But I swear, she has this magic spark or something where I fell hard for her and I find that I care about her more than me. I show up and do whatever I can to make her feel better or be happy.

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Maybe I love the chase. Maybe I drama. Whatever it was, right after she dumped me, I campaigned hard to get her back.

I bought a ring, showed up at her door, and told her I wanted her to be my wife. For some reason, the girl who dumped me and broke my heart, said yes, and became my wife.

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Ladies, break up with your man. He laid out the plans he had and I found it sexy. It was a big change meeting someone who took family and finances seriously.

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From that date on I knew he could be the one I settled down with. My therapist kept telling me to open my eyes and not let her go with my usual antics.

I usually push people away and get scared of commitment. Jen Glantz.

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