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Choosing the top INFJ careers that will satisfy all our needs is not easy. We are unique, so not all jobs are suitable for our rare personality. INFJs excel in many areas. INFJs are the perfect negotiators. While searching for our true calling, INFJs face a lot of obstacles. To help you better prepare, here are the three primary issues every INFJ I had the chance to speak with has faced when choosing a career:.

I feel like I jump jobs, jump careers. I always new I needed to make a difference as well, but the descriptions of the INFJ have been so helpful in understanding myself. Great article Marko! I am a philologist and also studied International Relations I never realized I missed the ultimate goal of having a mission with this. The desire to find appreciation from the outside world made me give up who I actually was and made me ignorant of what I was really good at.

Thanks Juls, glad you like the article! I am glad to hear you are looking into the possibility to study Professional Counseling, you got this. Massage therapist. It is marvelous working with them, they are quiet, appreciative, and gentle people.

WOW its amazing how I have went through half of my working life and now just coming across this. I have done a lot of call center roles and i can definitely say it drained me. But thank you for sharing now I can focus on more of what is going to accommodate me and my well being.

You are most welcome, good to hear you will focus more on what is good for your own well being. Thank you for the excellent article and graphic. Every other job has prepared me to do what I do now.

You are most welcome, Marie! I work at a bookstore. While I love it, I do feel just completely drained from it though. Particularly because of always having to be in such a rush and the constant interruptions when trying to complete a long list of prep work while food orders are randomly coming in the whole time. I picked up a 2nd job landscaping, and the lack of mental stress in it compared with cooking is tremendous.

The same way I acquired many of mine. But taking on all that extra debt while also having to cut back on the hours I work does seem a bit daunting. But I am glad to hear you are following your intuition despite all the obstacles, but they are there to guide youand starting to do something that will most surely make the difference and become great and wonderful!

Marko, thanks for a really interesting site. I took a personality test and got INFJ. My situation is kinda strange. The introversion ct of it is obvious - taking a computer problem, developing an algorithmic approach, and writing the coding instructions are all solitary activities.

I had a 2-year contract with a major computer company and have been searching for a position since late March. The industry in many ways has become less INFJ-friendly expecting their workers to sell, to be managers, to live out of a suitcase traveling but there are cts about doing IT work I still take pleasure in. I just wonder if I can find the right place - or, if not, what should I do instead? You are most welcome Charles, glad you liked the article. One huge advantage is that you would be able to learn a lot due to the technology improvements that are coming incredibly fast, and that is like food for the INFJ mind.

Making a difference comes first for me, whatever am doing has to benefit others. I have at least 2 charity organizations that I have registered the domain that I would like to start. My life is to serve and inspire others.

Thanks for this post, Marko. You are awesome! Thank you so much for your kind words Ms Sunday. Marko, I would like to start off by saying I absolutely love your post! I am a 22 year old female still trying to find myself in this huge world. I am currently a college student and I work part time at a radio station. I am a promotional assistant. Although I am an assistant I seem to be more of a therapist for my boss rather than an assistant.

I have many people say that I am a great listener. Through them I feel I learn more about life. I am thinking I would be a great therapist, life coach, or counselor. I will be graduating in December with my Bachelor degree in Mass Communications and I am starting to feel like I wasted my time going into a field that does not suit me.

I feel I would have to go back to school for another 4 years to be a qualified counselor or therapist. Any advice for me? Thank you so much Lilly! Please know, you did not waste anything, what you have been studying was preparing you for the next stage, which is to be therapist, life coach, or counselor. Before I became a certified coach and an INFj writer, I was a journalist, event planner, announcer, and all these jobs prepared me for what I really love doing, which is what I am doing now.

I feel like every. I meet tells me how pretty I am and then follows with how quiet I am. It immediately makes me want to cry because there is so much more to me than being quiet and it is so disappointing that that is all people can perceive.

I have been working in retail for over 6 years and I absolutely hate it. It has taken all my depression and anxiety and magnetized it to be bigger than I am. Thank you so much, Marko. First of all, allow me to commend you on your courage and and bravery, What you did is incredible, hill, please know that.

Know that there is nothing wrong with you, there never was. You have a beautiful personality, and you are not alone. You are wonderful, just the way you are, and I understand and support you, fully. Thanks for this article. Probably not employee of the month material.

I used to write regularly for magazines and newspapers, mostly human interest or art pieces, and thoroughly enjoyed learning and especially helping underdogs. Mentors and apprentices, people with similar interests etc Being responsible for bringing two people together and witnessing the creative result fulfills something deeper in me. Anyway, just some thoughts.

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Thanks Tim! And thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Hello, I appreciated some things you said. I love cars and working on them. I feel the same way. Anyways, I appreciated your thoughts and wanted you to know. Thank you, Shelby.

This tradition of consuming just drives me crazy and the fact that even in my career path its so hard to escape it also overwhelms me. I still have no idea what I should be doing with my life. I work at a sheet metal shop and it drains me so much and I am not happy at all there.

Like you said, doing the same task daily takes a toll on an infj. Ask yourself, what would make you fulfilled? What career would make you happy? Write them down on a piece of paper, just for more clarity and recognition.

There is surely something that you would love to do, and that will make you fulfilled from within. Do you think speech-language pathology is a good career for an INFJ? It involves working with many people though depending on the setting such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, parents, social workers, occupational therapists, etc.

Also, do you think hospitals are good work environments for INFJ people? It sounds like a good career, taking our empathy and desire to make a positive difference into account. Great article! I work in healthcare documentation. The down sides are it is repetitive and there is pressure to meet metrics. If I could relax and not rush, it would be enjoyable. Spot on article. I recently made the switch from Customer Service?

Meaning, innovation, creativity and problem solving. My advice: follow your passion. Money will follow. Not a lot, but enough to live a life you can be proud of. Thanks J Tindall! I used to work as a receptionist for years and I would be drained at the end of the day. My job was boring. I did not fit in anywhere. Deep inside I felt as if I should be doing something meaningful. I am now a successful author. Two books published and I am presently writing my third book.

I live with enthusiasm and purpose for the last 2 years. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am still in the process of trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I have been working as a Registered Nurse for the last 7 years and it is definitely not a good fit for me. I have no passion for what I do, and I get no fulfillment from it. What my soul craves is to make a difference in the world through advocacy, and social justice. You have all the time you need, and you will find what you really want to do. I have been looking for the right job for years. While I was going to college, I was working as a cashier in a grocery store, and I absolutely hated it!

I dreaded going into work every day.

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Sometimes I would come home with tears in my eyes because of how nasty some of the customers were and the constant rush that kept me on my feet for prolonged periods of time. I quit that job three years ago and I felt like it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am currently working part time as a page in a library and I enjoy working in libraries. Even though it requires a bachelors degree, I am considering becoming a librarian.

I know those tears all too well. But I am glad that you are now doing something so amazing, and you have my support to become a librarian.

I also would have been a great nurse or private investigator as my intuition is uncanny. Thanks for listening. Does that make sense? OMG -help! Hi Sallie! You owe that to yourself and to everyone you love to set an example how we should follow our own intuition. Follow what your heart tells you, because the people who love you will understand, and you are not abandoning them. You are finding yourself, and you will be able to help them more in this process.

Follow your own intuition and what you really want to do, write it down if need be. You got this! Thank for your article. The job involves much more time writing reports and administrative work than anything else, which actually came naturally to me, but has variety throughout the week overall. Hi Tom! Oh my gosh Marko. This all rings so true. I have indeed struggled with inspiration in my work.

The worst position I ever had so that of a construction foreman where I was encouraged to discipline workers daily mostly negatively. I believe I have discovered some better vocations now, some of which are listed above.

Having an humanitarian type of job is very important to me as I love to help people. Good luck out there my fellow INFJs.

Like so many others that have commented, I feel I share a similar story. There have been cts that I like, but generally has drained me. Growing up I was always one of the smarter kids and excelled at anything I set out to do.

About to turn 30 years old and I feel lost. I look at my resume and I say who is this person? I know I am happy when I am creating something. Before switching majors in college to business which I so regret I planned to major in photography, but got nervous about what kind of career I could do with this. Just recently I have been looking into doing a coding bootcamp to become a developer.

Personally I am happy being on a computer all day. I like problem solving and again creating things. It seems to blend a lot of the characteristics I like in work into one thing working independently, writing formulas, creative expression, logical but I am nervous.

I am picking up my life and moving to a new place, I would be without income for at least 8 months, and it is going to be a really really hard program. Thank you so much for sharing this Concetta, and know you have my full support in the pursuit of what you want and love to do. Bravo, Marko!!! Thank you for taking the time and putting effort into this article. Everything you stated struck a chord with me. For the last 5 years I have worked in retail.

I started off in merchandising which I loved. I worked on the floor and as a backup cashier for 2 years, the equivalent of customer service. I hated it even though it gave me a full-time schedule. I dreaded going to work and was always stressed, angry and depressed. I felt like I was going to snap or die.

About 6 months ago I went to receiving even though the hours can be extremely limited. While I enjoy what I do in the-back-of-house, I still need to move on because there is no room for growth in the company I work for and I know in my soul I have waaaaaay more to offer. I know she meant well but what she said really discouraged me.

So with all that said, I am trying to re-embrace my creative side. Who knows? I want to help people by uplifting them and encouraging them. Thank you so much Cat for your incredibly kind words, really! I really enjoyed this article and it it hits the nail on the head, honestly. I do see that scientist would be good for an INFJ, though, so I was looking into political scientist. Do you think that would be a better fit than a politician? Hi Jordan!

As for your second question, I think a political scientist does sound like a better position because it covers a broader field of your interests, so go for it! I am an INFJ. I always wear dark clothing or something bland to blend in. Despite all my attempts, people are still attracted to me. This makes everything much harder. Everything I do seems to be more complicated because of my personality. I have worked in customer service for 8 years. I love helping people and solving problems and doing puzzles.

This has been a struggle for a long time. My passion for cars, politics and singing seem to have nothing to do with each other. Hi Shelby! Make a decision, this is what I want to do, no matter what anyone else says. Start again, and again. You know what FAIL means? Hi, I came across this while searching for any new clues to where I am headed.

I feel very lost in life job-wise and feel out of place or like I do not suit any job that I can think of! I did veterinary nursing for a fair few years in between having kids, however that led to emotional burn out from the depressing side of the job and I just reached a point where I felt it was not for me anymore and had no confidence in myself to do the job after working with some horrible people in the industry.

It involved ALOT of reception work and I absolutely hate answering phones all day and constant customer service. I did however enjoy the caring role I had and assisting behind the scenes not at the reception desk. After a separation of a 10yr relationship I took the opportunity to try and build my future for myself and my children and returned to study. I am doing a bachelor of science specialising in environmental science and so far am averaging above a Distinction after my first part-time year.

I am so worried I do not see myself fitting in to any particular job still, and as a single mum I am taking a good yrs with very little money coming in to do this degree as well as getting a big university debt. I wish there was something I could do in a course that is shorter and would lead to immediate work rather than an unknown job prospect but every career I think of, I can think of why it would not suit me.

I am more creative than mathematical, I enjoy doing my own finances but am not great with numbers in my head. I just want to commend on your courage and strength and to tell, you will that career that will fulfill you. Let that be necessary fuel for you to keep moving forward and to follow your heart. Once more, I admire your strength!

I would like to thank you Marko for what you do. I would briefly describe my current situation. Maybe some of people who can understand me can give me an advice? And most of time I see myself being a writer, singer-songwriter or craftsman.

But still it needs time. Currently the problem is that I have debts and I work as a guide with the salary that is too small. If I change the job, most of options are the worst nightmares for me, like customer support or sales.

Education sphere here in Russia is not so well-financed in case of becoming lecturer as well as national parks forester. So, my dear INFJ brothers and sisters, what would you do in my case, when you need to find well-paid job and at the same time not betray yourself? Be patient and not look at a side job as a betrayal of yourself. It will speed up the process for you to work what you really want to do in life.

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Thank you, Marko! You make good work here. I appreciate your advices. I mean, if now I need to find a job it should not necessarily be one of those 10 worst, but maybe something in the middle. I lost my job in healthcare and vowing never to return.

The work I did in the end was mundane and boring. The ability to recruit, train, and develop employees is at the heart of who I am, an encourager; modern day Barnabas. I fully understand you when you speak about meaningful result through your work Ryan.

I worked in HR area for some time, and looking the way how you described, I think you will do great!

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I think you forgot teacher! It meets all 3 conditions! It is very meaningful to help people learn and have more confidence. You only stagnate if you allow yourself. With s new class every semester or year you get a fresh start and a chance to try something new. You also have new challenges with each class 3. Being in front of a group is hard for those who lack confidence but after doing it a while you get far more comfortable and confident. Hi Marko, Reading this made methoughtful.

I really am an INFJ. Anyway, the problem is my 17 year long carreer in building engineering. First as a kind of designer, then at the contracter. On the way I got tasks that I liked most, the responsibilty for the employees. Of course I care about the money, but not like it is the money that keeps me motivated.

So, what to to? I am 40 years old, married, house, kids and so on. Its not the best time to make the change. And change to what? I think I now, must be something that helps peoples lives forward. HR for example. Some kind of consulting. Maybe work as the building expert at a hospital?. Anyway - loved this blogg.

Hi Sid, it is never too late to make a change that will make you happy. The number of years in your birth certificate is just that, a number. Ask yourself, what you make you feel fulfilled in your career? Marko, Thank you so much for this article. I went to school for business and then pursued an emphasis in Accounting because I had no idea what I wanted to do.

I was good at it and excelled in my Accounting classes. I had a professor who told me I should do it - so I did. So accounting and finance is where I landed. I find myself procrastinating because I am so miserable and overwhelmed. What I really want to do is write or be a trainer. I actually went through a very detailed Meyer-Briggs training with my team a few years ago and remember thinking it would be so fascinating to lead something like that training someday.

Something where I can help others, feel fulfilled and be more creative! Your article has helped me to see why I am feeling the way I do.

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But this article has given me some hope and understanding! I hate feeling this way and I hate how it affects my family and my whole outlook on life.

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A career change is definitely needed! There is no need to apologize Angela, I am deeply humbled to read your words. Please know, you are not alone, you can do this! I have not actually even been able to land a full time job since i graduated uni and I have no idea how to expand my skillset without that experience and I have no idea what I should be doing to begin with.

But I have been unable to find any other work. I have considered human resources, counselling and youth work but would need to go back to university for all those things and I definitely do not have the money for that. Nothing seems to come to my mind. Let me just say this. You are not what you do, saira. This opens up a world of possibilities for you! You can choose whatever you want to do! Again Saira.

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Still no? You have everything you need within and you will find what you really want to do. Start by making a decision. Dedicate your full being on finding it.

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I believe in you. Busy and exhausted but happy and fulfilled! I am still trying to find what brings meaning to my soul. I am currently a stay-at-home mum, but I used to be a makeup-artist in a retail store sales and competition more than anything else and have worked A LOT in customer services.

Soul sucking central. I enjoy your site and thank you for writing this article. I would like to save others from experiencing the misery that I am our current healthcare system is set up in the interest of one thing and one thing only - money. It directly and powerfully impacts the daily service delivery of healthcare workers and contributes to a high stakes, fast paced work environment in which you are constantly juggling 28 things and interacting with other people non stop.

I truly feel healthcare is demanding of all my weaknesses and dismissive of all of my strengths as an INFJ. Thanks, Angel! Glad you like the article, and so happy to hear you like what the founder of Introvert Spring, Michaela Chung created here.

I used to work as a Security Guard for 5 years. It all depends on the location one works in. My duty was guarding the entire building alone. Great to hear Oliver your work gave you so many great opportunities, and chances to be with your own thoughts as an INFJ.

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Hi Marko I am currently working as a front desk and am really not happy with the job,am always depressed and worried,reading your post described me leaving nothing behind. Follow that calling and remember, the feeling you have right now will pass, and it will be replaced with the one you wrote here. Hi Marco, Thank you for writing this article. I am currently in 9th grade and right now everyone is starting to talk about their futures.

All the jobs seem boring and pointless to me. I want to make a difference in the world. Everyday I see the terrible things that are happening to this world and the humans selfishness.

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The way humans treat animals I am vegannature and other things. I want to start my own company or invent something that will help. This dream seem so impossible to reach, but it also seems like the only job or career I could ever see a purpose in having. Do yo have any advice for me or what I could study in university to reach my goals? I know that I still have 3 and a halfe years of school to go but the teachers are already stressing us about universities.

Thank you so much for writing this comment, Emma! I can tell you one thing. What activity makes you feel so fulfilled that you loose track of time? You have a founding block already, now slowly focus on upgrading it.

Pursue it, because on this road, your purpose lies. Hi Marko, After 10 years in corporate, I quit my job and am in nursing school happier than ever.

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Thanks for this post!!! Apryl INFJ personality. Even on good days, it does feel like a challenge. But I do feel that I have to continue working at this temporarily to support the other things I love, like practicing of Kyudo and dance. But for now, just waiting for the right opportunity and time to make that move. You have my full support Jeremy when that opportunity comes! You got this, and you are most welcome! I am a business systems analyst and hate it, but it helps support my family.

I started down the path to Christian ministry and left it due to financial struggles and feelings of inadequacy. Now I have a mountain of debt in a job I hate. Hello Marko, thank you for this amazing article. I am currently 18 years old and I am a refugee living in Lebanon.

I am at my first year of college studying Chemical Engineers. Homestly I was the first in my classes at school and I was a valedictorian and scoring high on every exam no matter what subject it was. I was advised by my family and teachers to do engineers as I was good in math and sciences but I was vulnerable at that time so I went for it.

Since the beggining of my college year, I was always doubting my career but what kept me continueing was the thought that a Chemical emgineer can make a difference in this world. I also had a 4. The thing is the doubt never stopped. After I got to know more about the field, I found out that a chemical engineer just calculates variables to increase the amounts of products.

I found out that this is just not me. My parents will be disappointed in me and confused because my grades are high but the thing is you can get good grades if u work hard but that does not mean you will be happy doing it. I still have a month untill my first year ends and I cant focus to stidy for any of my exams which are next week. The purpose of life is not just to live but its to find something worth living for, the problem is I dont know exactly what it is right now.

You will make a difference, Elie. You are already making a difference. Just by writing all this, you are already making such a difference! I want you to remember what I;m about to say.

There is nothing wrong with you, you are enough, you matter, and you are amazing, just the way you are!

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Follow your heart and what it tells you, even if your loved ones don;t agree with it. I would also add that I think being a chemical engineer is super exciting, as you have the skills and knowledge to transform products to be much more environmentally friendly, and you can be a part of helping to directly counteract global warming as well.

Yes, you could help some corporation make more profits, but you could also find a company or policy thinktank or government agency and apply your knowledge to making the world a better place for everyone - human, plant, and animal! I live in Honduras and the career opportunities are very limited they are mostly administrative or in health, living in a third world country as Honduras makes it even hrder to persue a career in social work, or phsychology because there are not so many opportunities of growth.

Hi Gabriela, follow your intuition. If Nutrition is something you want to do, go for it. Programming was my childhood dream. I was so passionate about it that I left the military job to be a programmer at the age of Now it gives me the peace and motivation I need - that I can change the world or at least help someone sitting in my desk. This is has been a great read!

Do you have any recommendations for INFJ with an accounting background? Thanks so much Sandi! I would love to be a writer, novelist, blogger, etc. I love deep, expressive thinking - especially when I can inspire people and interact with them in meaningful, life-giving, authentic ways.

Hi Vincent! Ask yourself, what is the one thing you are really good at? Anything at all, then write a couple of sentences about it. This will give you a starting point on what can you start writing about.

You can make this like a side job until it starts paying the bills and enable you to make it a priority. Can you give me some advice? Thank you so much for your reply,I really appreciate your support. I hope someday we can meet and talk. My spouse and I had separated and decided to divorce. In hindsight, I am surprised - and heartened, I guess - that I have slowly been circling in on perceptions and worldviews that, near as I could tell, were things I decided upon and created in ways that sound very much like INFJ, LOL!

So, what brought me to this page is career struggle. I am very well educated two masters degreesbut chronically underemployed. I get to read a ton of stuff, and help tease apart really complicated, complex problems - which is a ton of fun. Nursing homes are a really tough industry, but there are such great opportunities for leadership and innovation.

But, it would double or triple my income, and it would give me a team and the direct responsibility to solve problems and make things better for residents and staff. I appreciate anyone who has made it this far.

I excel at untangling big picture threads and strategizing the future - how do I do it? Hi Fjord! The big picture you are looking for will find you, but you have to trust in your own path, where it leads you. Just don;t allow this to stop you.

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Innovation and culture? You have a starting point, now add what would you love to do which includes that, anything at all. Give your mind a breather by writing it down. You got this. I appreciate this article so much Marko, thank you. Does anyone have job suggestions for me while I go back to school?

I have an associates degree in graphic design. I am a perfectionist - even with things I know are either a waste of time or out of my control. Thank you so much Stephani, and you are most welcome! From what I read here, you have everything that it takes to do it. You can start wit ha part time one, just to examine is it a right fit, and so that you have more time to think about it, and then slowly expand.

But the field of art would be my first choice.

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I have been trying for years to find a career that is right for me. Do you have any suggestions, wisdom or things I could potentially look into? This article was very helpful to me in understanding why I have had so many jobs and am always looking. And yes, I too heard that. You can. And yes, you can do it.

How did you find a particular area to write about? Thank you for the encouragement. It helps a lot.

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Do you think that having a college degree is a must? No, college degree is not a must. I know so many writers without college who are making such a beautiful difference, and expressing themselves in an amazing way, so definitely not.

I am 25 and working as an Administration Assistant for an Engineering, very stagnant and boring. I am INFJ and have this need and want to help people, I really hate boring repetitive work, and I do agree with your article the work needs to be fulfilling.

In my current work place I have gone through bullying and nothing was done to fix the situation, even though the bullying is being caused by Team Leader so this is making me question whether I want to be stuck in just an Admin Position. Do you think undertaking a Bachelor of Business specialisation - Human Resources and being Human Resources position is satisfying and helping? I was an HR manager few years back, and it was too much for me. It all depends is that something you would really like to do, but if so, you got my support.

Hi Alena! Multitasking was the worst, and I had to be constantly on guard, basically doing 5 things at once. Hi Saeed! You can follow this link and sign for a INFJ Skype complimentary breakthrough session with so that we can see how could I help you:.

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Hi Marko! Thanks a lot for this post, it is a first step for me in my attempts to understand what I should do in my life. I would really appreciate your advice.

Because of this frustration I am more and more thinking if my education was a right choice, and maybe I should change a path - but have no clue to which one. Many thanks and hoping to hear from you soon. Hi Alina! You are so welcome! Wonderful question! So a form of community management for sure. Or a form of administration, working with documentation as a VR assistant. Hope this helps. Thank you:. Love this question Jashan! Diplomacy is fitted for an INFJ because we are peacemakers and focused on resolving conflicts.

In politics, you can easily get into heated arguments and face a public humiliation, which is something we avoid at all costs. INFJs thrive on making peaceful arguments, which is why diplomacy career is preferred. Hi Marko. I literally loved this article.

It fits so well in all areas of my personality that im speechless. Its frustrating because you cant make someone hire you bc you are passionate about something. And on top of that my family which never gets me thinks these are just dreams and will pass so i might just settle for a desk job in order to make a living. And i was also diagnosed with anxiety last year. All this is overwhelming. What should i do. Glad you liked the article Donna!

As an INFJ, I had a 35 year career as a lead automotive collision repair technician and loved nearly every bit of it. Because of an accident at work, I am now looking at my options. Thank you for you article. I appreciate your insight and suggestions. My happiest job was as a civilian federal employee making sure military members were getting paid correctly and credited properly for military time served in another branch. I spent all day helping people and loved it.

Unfortunately my husband is military and we had to move. Have not been able to hold down a job since because they all stress me. I can understand you about changing jobs, Luna. I believe so, yes. I recently retired from a 17 year career underwriting commercial insurance so I can pursue my passion - The Arts! Everything you described is on point in how I felt at that job. I felt dead in insurance. Helping people and being creative with different mediums is what makes me feel alive.

Very grateful!! I am so happy to read this article helped you Serina! Thank you so much for sharing this, you have my full support! I just began working as a car salesman at a local dealership.

I have been working in sales for about 3 years now, and have excelled at my last two positions. I have always found it fascinating that I can be so good at something yet dislike it so much at the same time. Looking at the list of ideal careers put a smile on my face as I have had hunches that I would enjoy almost all of those careers at one point or another.

My new job has an extremely corporate feel with very rigidly define roles, much more so than my last job. I would love to be a writer, a counselor or psychologist or possibly a scientist. I constantly think of the current state of the world and how change is desperately needed. I find I have this strong idea of what society wants me to be vs. My greatest fear is that I will not make enough money to be comfortable and provide for those close to me if I follow my passions, as most of them would involve a lot of education.

I am scared to take the leap but everyday especially at this new job is draining me and it feels as though the longer I stay, the more I lose who I really am. Thank you so much for sharing this with me Max! You got this, and you have my full support! Purebred INFJ here.

I am currently studying for my life insurance licence and I am ecstatic about getting into this field because it hits close to home. We need a purpose in all we do.

When my grandfather, best friend and love, passed away 4 years ago, my family went through turmoil because his life insurance was not ated. Debt was incurred and family was divided just go give him a proper burial. While studying the objective is to maintain integrity and get the best product for the client.

That means a lot to me. I also wrote my first book of poetry, working on getting it self-published. Be proud of yourself, Dee! It took a lot of strength to go through what you did, and you are doing amazingly!

So I started thinking about studying for a master in social business or international management in order to work for an international organization that help people. Do you have some advice? Greetings from Italy! Hi Kri! You chose great fields of study! Both of them are a good choice for an INFJ. Let this also help you with making that choice. I now realise I made a big mistake of choosing a career. When I was let go from my last job that meant to be permanent after just 4 months!

I started to study Web Design and Web Development, learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, fundamentals of graphic design, typography, colour theory etc. I was studying like crazy. I also built my portfolio website. Learning JavaScript now, as well as Entrepreneurship. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to make use of my newly acquired skills.

I totally enjoyed it, once I figured out whose life I was making a difference in! In fact, it got quite exciting, because I kind of got addicted to solving problems for the clients and creating a welcoming space for my coworkers. I have been in law school for 8 years now. Sadly I have just got the courage to admit to myself, it was never ever what I have wanted for my career to be.

It was more of what my parents both imigrants wanted their child to be in the new world. I really look forward to write. That is what I have always done and loved. But it seems so scary to start from zero. I am at a crossroad at the moment. I study urban planning but here in my country Architects do that job. I been accepted to do an MBA with a top univesity.

final, sorry

But not sure which pass to follow. I can study for 3 years and become and architect but not sure if it will match my INFJ personality. Also, the MBA has a social specialisation that may suite me.

Job dating hotellerie

Also I have a geology degree which I hated with a passion, that is why i change to urban planning with a strong emphasis in sustainability. Absolutely amazing article. I have recently discovered that I have this type of personality and it has blown my MIND of how much I can relate to your story. I am looking for a job right now after jumping from job to job for years! I worked for a long time in the restaurant industry and I hate it!

This explains so much of why I have felt so miserable my whole career. Every career that you listed to avoid, I tried to go towards, or worked in, but it never worked out. The key is to find the right web page to meet the needs you have. You can search for these and there is many sites that are not only trying to find singles but people who are interested in getting true love.

In factthis is the best way for most people to meet up with someone that they will have the kind of relationship with. Sohow can online dating do the job? Basically, you can find thousands of people just who are just as serious about finding true love when you are. If you use the internet for online dating, then you should be able to meet others from around the globe who are trying to find the same type of relationship.

You will find individuals who are going out for your casual date or they can be looking for a even more committed marriage. There are various dating sites that cater to many different types of relationships. Obtaining someone who is normally interested in working with a serious romance can be easy when you use internet dating. Nom obligatoire. Email ne sera pas visible obligatoire. Site web.

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