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By lilpingki , June 15, in soompi hangout. Any good suggestions? I am thinking of getting him a necklace I also want to hear how you all spend the holiday together and what you've exchanged? Its been a long time since I've done this kinda stuff. Personally, I wouldn't mind a dollar for every day a girl and I have been together. To the point.

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Traditionally, we hold several special milestone birthday parties for children and older people, such as baek-il, tol, hwan-gap, and gohee. Baek-il is celebrated on the th day after a child's birth.

Jun 24,   Last Valentine's Day, my boyfriend bought me a teddy bear and candy and I made him sprinkled sugar cookies. Guys love food, so satisfy their stomach You shouldn't worry too much over th day. You could just say happy th day and, like the person before me said, just a .

Long ago in Korea, childhood diseases were common and the survival rate for children was very low. To protect their children, parents refrained from taking the baby outdoors until the th day after his or her birth. It is not until baek-il that the baby was introduced to neighbors, friends and relatives.

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One of the baek-il's special events is the parents providing rice cakes, called baekseolgi, to at least people. They believe this event helps to protect the child's life.

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They also pray for the child's continued good health. A child's first birthday party, or tol, is a big celebration.

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The child is dressed in traditional Korean clothing and a special menu is prepared for the day. One special tol event is toljabee.

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These parties are becoming more and more lavish and the first birthday, or "Doljanchi", is now an event where affluent parents in one of the world's biggest economies flaunt their wealth. Long ago in Korea childhood diseases were common and the survival rate for new born babies was very low.

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The high death rate was due to a lack of medical information, poor hygiene, Korea's harsh winters and humid summers, and many other childhood related diseases. To protect their children and to give the best chance of survival, parents refrained from taking the baby outdoors until the th day after the birth.

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On that th day, a family would traditionally pray and give food offerings to thank the Shaman spirit of childbirth for the child having survived this difficult period. By Admin Started May 5, Search In.

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Posted June 15, Its been a long time since I've done this kinda stuff Thanks for your feedback! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Gifts under $30 Shop this gift guide Ready to ship Shop this gift guide Gift Guides Shop this gift guide Red Egg - Korean Day - Laser Cut LettersToYou. From shop LettersToYou. 5 out of 5 stars (2,) 2, reviews $ FREE shipping Add to Favorites More colors Days Cake Topper Baby, th Day Party, Happy Days, th Day. Day Anniversary I'm new to the whole dating in Korea thing and my day anniversary is coming up which I've heard is a bit of a deal, so I was wondering if anyone had any gift ideas. Granted different girls like different things but any general ideas are always helpful:). Feb 19,   The First Days: Traditional Korean Birthday Celebrations Baek-il is celebrated on the th day after a child's birth. Long ago in Korea, childhood diseases were common and .

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Posted June 16, Guest Flicksityy. Just say happy days, a hug and a date night would do wouldn't it?

Jun 14,   I recently started dating a Korean girl about a week now. I've heard from some of my friends that they don't really celebrate the 1/2/3 month thing, rather they do // days. However, they don't buy gifts- I'm supposed to do something creative and thoughtful instead. Interestingly, the th day is equally important to lovebirds in modern-day Korea. When a couple starts dating, they are obliged to count down until the th day since they got together. Couples usually celebrate the big day by exchanging gifts. There is a protocol in picking gifts and the ultimate gift is probably a "couple ring.". Another important and celebrated day in the life of a Korean infant is "Baek-il", and is held on the th day after the child's birth. In Korea, "Baek-il" carries less significance than "Dol", but a look back into Korea's past reveals that this was not always the case. Long ago in Korea .

Posted June 17, Posted June 18, Guest longhairdude. Cook sushi or something. Guest sweetsunshine Posted June 19, Guest Siweonn.

Guest Daisuki-Suki. Posted June 24, I just gave him flowers from sobeys. He thought it was gay.

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