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Loneliness is part of every divorce. Even though those lonely feelings after divorce can be the worst feelings we have ever felt, they are normal. Normal or not, the loneliness can be so painful that we sometimes wonder how long we can survive those crushing feelings of rejection and isolation. In the back of our mind, we worry about becoming a hoarder with dozens of cats who simply disappears into her lonely house. We can help. Feeling lonely after midlife or late-life divorce probably reflects the fact that our children are off and running in their new, more independent lives.

You may experience grief after a job loss, when you lose a physical ability due to an accident, or through the aging process. Often, when people have a child with a disability they grieve the dream of the healthy child they had hoped for.

How to Deal with Loneliness After Divorce. It may feel like loneliness will crush you, but let me assure you it will not. Loneliness is temporary. Like any other kind of healing, feeling connected and happy after divorce takes time. Use the tips above to speed up the healing process and find your new normal. Jun 15,   Divorce What to Do About Deep Loneliness Post-Divorce Three tools to push through the pain and get on the other side. Posted Jun 15, SHARE. TWEET. EMAIL. 26 COMMENTS.

In divorce, one of the most difficult griefs is not the loss of the relationship you had, but the loss of the relationship you dreamed of having. This can be more painful than the loss of what was. When we are grieving, we want to know that we are not alone. Invite a grieving friend to do something like go to a movie, play, or concert. Invite your grieving friend for coffee or lunch. She probably needs to eat; often we lose our appetites during grief.

Understand that sometimes there is nothing you can say to make it better. Sometimes, it is about being with the hurting person.

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Simply being able to be together in a peaceful silence can be incredibly comforting and special to a hurting person. Really listening is one of the most precious gifts you can give. Depression can feel like sadness, but often depression feels more like nothingness.

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It feels like apathy. This nothingness can be somewhat peaceful if the depression is not too severe. Other times, the pain is overwhelming and you feel like you are lost in a deep, dark pit. There is a ladder in that dark place to help you get out, but you are so confused you not only cannot find the ladder, you begin to doubt that one exists.

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Yet other times, the pain of depression is crushing. If this is the type of depression you are feeling, you need to work with a professional counselor. If you are depressed for more than a few days, go see a professional.

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Related: 9 Tips to Overcome Depression. There are different kinds of depression. There are people who struggle with depression that is a chronic illness. Sometimes this type of depression will go away, but other times you need to learn to manage it. Then there is the depression that comes with a huge life stress like divorce. If you do not have a history of persistent depression and this is part of adjusting to divorce and your new life, it will most likely go away.

If it persists for more than a few weeks, get professional help to avoid getting stuck in grief or depression. There are many things you can do to ease the loneliness after divorce. However, the first step is to take charge of your life and make extra efforts to connect. Next, acknowledge that there are different kinds of loneliness. Consider what you are feeling so you can decide what actions to take. I am happy to say that after the initial period of depression and loneliness, I was able to rebuild my support system.

I reconnected with friends, made new friends, and explored new interests. Some of these people and interests may not have come into my life had I stayed married. Watch for the new opportunities that come into your life after divorce. I asked the single moms in our private Facebook group, Empowered Single Mom Tribe for their advice on how to get through the loneliness after divorce.

You can join the group here. They need wholesome adult visits too. The women in the Empowered Single Mom Tribe had some wonderful ideas of new things to try to make new friends. It may feel like loneliness will crush you, but let me assure you it will not.

Loneliness is temporary. Like any other kind of healing, feeling connected and happy after divorce takes time. Use the tips above to speed up the healing process and find your new normal.

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I have a solo private psychotherapy practice where I treat anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. As a member of the Empowered Single Moms community, I believe you can stop carrying the weight of the world alone and build a life you love.

Join my mailing list and get 5 Keys to Single Mom Success. Yes, the grief in the early days of divorce can be overwhelming. An opportunity to rediscover my purpose and learn to really love me again. Other mamas single and married are great for community and support.

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They probably want to connect. The anger fades. They learn marrige is very hard.

Loneliness dating after divorce

Continue to be loving. And wait. My loneliness is overwhelming. I live alone both of my children are on their own and my daughter is moving from Chicago to Portand soon and I live in Indiana. My ex married the woman he cheated on me with. I was married almost 34 years and have been divorced for almost 4 years. I wish I could meet a compatible man and bring love into my life again. I can only take so much aloneness, coming home to an empty house.

Since my ex husband started his affair and moved on to greener pastures, I have been lonely for all the benefits of marriage, especially sexual intimacy. I am afraid of ending up like an old ugly spinster no man would look at twice.

I am tired of coming home to an empty condo with no one to talk to.

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I get by financially, but have to be rather careful with my money. I have no hope. The love of a man is a wonderful and seems entirely out of my reach. I workout regularly and watch my weight. I guess all the good ones are already taken. This is bleak. How are you doing since you wrote this. I live in San Diego, California. My wife abandoned me two years ago. My name is Matt. Hello Helen. It hit me recently how lonely I am again and how much I want to be loved. HI I thought I would add my experiences.

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I do feel an acute loneliness fine when out with others I have lots of activities to try and fill my time but when alone at home I seem stuck to the couch and feed my growing self-pity.

I wanted to share another realization After divorcing I felt I was ready to rebuild my life. Plenty of offers but not anyone I was interested in. Stick a plaster over the wound. The future will be different! My path and future relations will be different, how? Fill your time be flexible with your attitude and get out there with a smile and embrace what comes your way!! Ps That couch of yours is not going to do it for you!

Hi Peter. Thank you for sharing a bit of your world. My ex had been with a woman for about two years that creepily looks a lot like me!

So much so that on his FB page, people thought it was me. What had been amazing for me is writing a daily journal of gratitude. Sometimes only five things but thinking about and focusing on what is good has been the key for me. Granted my children or older now 20 and 22 but they have a relationship with their father so there is still that connection. Scoop up those babies and know how blessed you are to have them safely in your care.

Thank you. I have been experiencing this pity party for far too long. My last child has graduated from high school.

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I put off meeting anyone and now I am so alone. My mom lives miles away from me and my father died a year ago this coming October. There has got to be something positive to look forward to.

I just need to figure out what it is. I am older, not young any more. Thank you! Thanks for the wake up call! Thanks for the post. I watched the videos. They definitely helped and reminded me I need to make choices each day.

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Have this list bookmarked for the future. It was so good to read that I am not the only divorced 61 year old women feeling this way. Thank you for writing this and the tips to overcoming the wretched feeling - it makes a lot of sense! Would love to have a glass of wine with a friend like you. Thanks for your deep honestly. Thanks for your comment. Some newer friends are choosing to stay angry and bitter which I definitely choose not to be. Love to have a glass of wine with you.

California which adds to the lonliness. No wonder you are still having problems!

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Sweetheart you will never heal this way. Your emotional wounds will fester and all you will do is re-experience this pain over and over again. You are not getting yourself feel or experience your emotions. Please seek therapy. All this is well and good but guess what we are still alone no matter how blessed,how long thr gratitude list is or how much exercise we do. Its like la la land - if we ignore it it might go away. This often happens when one partner is keener to end a relationship than the other.

If the relationship is really over, learning to let go is important. Just what i need at exactly the time I need it. Suddenly going home from hospital to my empty house feels like the beginning of something I can create not something I have to dread because of loneliness. My singleness began on October 31,and I became a divorcee in January of I presently, no longer cry daily nor feel the constant ache or numbness, which presented as emotional and physical pain, as I conclude that now I accept that the relationship is to be no more, he is happily with someone else, and I am valuable a whole individual.

The feeling of loneliness has been the most difficult feeling to endure. But, as I focus on inner peace enlightenment and maintaining a peace of mind serenity and calmnesssingleness seeing my self as alone and not lonely is assisting me with doing things that I enjoy, such as taking myself on dates, conducting dinner parties, and taking solo vacations.

Healing after divorce is truly a process. Thanks for your article and interesting comments from everyone.

What I Learned About Loneliness After A Divorce In My 50s. Carolina Gonzalez. Photo by Jen Pollack Bianco/EyeEm. At one of the loneliest points in my life, I joined a friend and her daughter for a. Loneliness. Loneliness sucks. It's a horrible feeling to think you have nobody in the world to turn to as you are trying to make sense of your divorce and your new identity. But like all of these emotions we are dealing with, there are mindful strategies that you can use to help you start feeling better, even when you think you cannot be. Nov 19,   Living alone after divorce and how to cope with it. Loneliness after breakup is expected. Every person feels divorce sadness after being divorced. Finding yourself after divorce seems to be divesting. Divorce ³¾ n³thr ¾hmful nr n ³nd³tr tht l³f ³¾ vr.

He will not only mutilate his body with surgeries, but will mutilate our future together. Divorce is now the only way. After the new year we will start the process. Our kids are still in high school and starting college. Our kids are also pretty freaked out, but still living at home. They are so busy anyway at their age. Sometimes I find it hard to breathe with the grief rising high in my chest. I do hope that 1 year from now, things will look brighter.

Carolyn Sue, I can see this is a dreadful time for you. And yes, as a divorce coach, I can say that 1 year from now things will look brighter. However, right now, things look pretty bleak. Your whole life seems to be crumbling in front of your eyes. For you, know that you are not alone - others have gone before you in the same situation and have come out the other side with a new life. Yes, it will happen, but first you must get through the agony you feel.

The most critical element for you right now is to get professional help and support so you can think clearly. Also, find a support group.

You need someone who can see the big picture, and who will help you with the pain and anger you feel without castigating the entire transgendered community.

Feb 04,   The loneliness of divorce can contain the seeds of positive change in it, if we consider this time in the wilderness as a time for personal growth. The Loneliness Of Divorce And The Grief Of Divorce. Dealing with the loneliness after divorce is tied up with the grief of divorce. Any kind of grief work is a solitary journey. Loneliness after a divorce or break-up can be common and even expected. You were sharing a life with your spouse or partner, maybe raising kids, and likely making plans for a future together. Divorce and break-ups stir up strong emotions, many of which can lead to feelings of loneliness. Jun 23,   Break-ups are hard on everyone, but more so on a man surviving divorce and loneliness. Interestingly studies have shown that while women are considered emotional and having "nesting urges", it is actually the men who find it harder to recoup after a divorce and land on their feet. They feel very alone after divorce.

Surround yourself with people you love: girl friends who will let you cry, scream, talk - and they will listen. This is very raw for you right now. Anyone still on here? I was left by my wife a couple months ago and I struggle every day Counseling 3 times a week for 3 hrs. Church 3 to 4 days a week. I felt I was married to my soulmate and that I would never ever be without her. Then 1 day just gone. We worked together as a business, traveling together for years.

This is the worst thing I have ever experienced. Does anyone out there want to exchange numbers for maybe just talking on the phone when feeling down about things?

Hello Josh!

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Myles Monroe. The book truly explains the heart break, process of healing, and wholeness. God bless you! Yes, the pain is excruciating. Your feelings of confusion, sadness, anger are all normal, and to be expected - even though it hurts like crazy.

It means that you have a deep sense of commitment that has been broken. Does knowing that make moving forward easier? Heck, no. The pain is still palpable. That said, I want you to know, and believe, that you will heal from this. It may not seem like it right now, but you will. There are some practical steps to take, in the meantime, while your healing occurs. Most important, I detect thoughts of suicide, which I, as a therapist and divorce coach take very seriously. First, know that ending your life is not the answer.

A new life will emerge over time.

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Tell them you are suicidal and need to talk to someone. They will help you. I see that you are turning to your spiritual tradition for help, and I encourage you to continue going to your church for support. Consider medications. Often our belief system needs a little help so we can think clearly.

Proper anti-depression medication can do that when prescribed accurately. They were developed to help people in your situation. Talk to your doctor. It may give you the level head and calmness you need to proceed. Know that you are loved - by your friends, your family, your church. Three practical tips: laugh at least once every day.

Second tip: get lots of exercise and fresh air. Get outside. Endorphins feel-good hormones happen when you walk or exercise briskly. Third tip: Tell yourself that you will get through this.

Eventually, you will. Life goes on, Josh, and so will yours, but it will take time. You can do this!

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Wow, until I came across this site I really thought I was alone in my feelings. After 6 years of marriage I have been living without him for 7 months.

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