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Baby Soul Facts: - She had been a trainee for around years. A witty person who is outstanding in their career. As of celebrities, she chose Crush. Show more Baby Soul fun facts. The members said it was kind of serious. Someone who is hardworking and can always take care of her. Show more Jiae fun facts.

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However, Mijoo teased him more and said, "Aren't you a man? The production team made it worse by adding the caption, "Where are you looking? Mijoo's staring at Mijoo and the production crew faced immense backlash.

Lovelyz Members Profile: Lovelyz Facts and Ideal Types Lovelyz (????) is a South Korean girl group that consists of 8 members: Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong, and Yein. They debuted in November 12, under Woollim Entertainment. Lovelyz Fandom Name: Lovelinus Lovelyz Fan Color: Pinkish-Purple Lovelyz Official Accounts: Official Website: Lovelyz Twitter: @official. Sep 08,   On September 8, Lovelyz's Mijoo released an official apology following controversy surrounding comments she made on her web variety show.

This happened months ago, but in September, it went viral again. Mijoo already posted her apology letter in public.

Mijoo (Lovelyz) Profile and Facts; Mijoo's Ideal Type Stage Name: Mijoo (??) Birth Name: Lee Mi Joo (???), but legally changed her name to Lee Seungah (???) Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist Place Of Birth: Okcheon Country, North Chungcheong, South Korea Birthday: September 23, Zodiac sign: Libra Official Height: cm (5'6?) / Real Height: [ ]. Sep 08,   After Lovelyz Mijoo's sexual harassment remarks came under fire, Mijoo and the production team made an official apology. Recently, the video posted on "MIJOO PICKCHU" YouTube channel in June stirred up a heated debate on online communities. Sep 17,   On an episode of "South Korean Foreigner" that aired on September 16, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and Sunny gave senior idol advice to hoobaes Lovelyz's Kei and Mijoo. There, they advised the.

In April, Jaejoong got cancelled by netizens and even by his own fans for making a huge inappropriate joke.

Several people prayed and hoped for his fast recovery.

Sep 08,   Lovelyz's Mijoo released an official apology statement in regards to her behavior on her video that was posted online. Mijoo realized that her video became the center of controversy and delivered her apologies to the appropriate party through the production team. Sep 08,   Lovelyz's Mijoo appeared on JTBC's "Ask Us Anything" and explained how she earned her title of "Ruler of Arrival Photos." Mijoo had everyone laughing with her energetic introduction as. Sep 08,   Lovelyz's Mijoo apologized for her previous comments. A previous episode of 'Mijoo Picchu', revealed in late June, had become an issue. During the episode, she was talking to Author: Jennywill.

However, just a few hours later, the male icon confessed that it was just a prank and apologized to everyone who got worried. But it is not easy to accept his apologies for several people are dying due to the virus, and it is insensitive to prank people involving the silent but fatal enemy.

During an interview, Kangnam and Kyungri were seen teasing each other; but several Korean netizens were uncomfortable and cancelled Kangnam for suggesting violence.

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In the interview, Kyungri, who is a friend of Kangnam teased him for his accent, and in response, Kangnam jokingly expressed his annoyance and asked, "Can I hit her? On an episode of the show "Video Star," Johyun described Mijoo's body as chopsticks which eventually caught her up in a controversy.

Despite knowing that it is only a joke, netizens think it is inappropriate to disrespect her senior, especially the idea of body shaming.

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Mijoo got one of the nicest bodies in the K-pop scene, which is expressed by lots of her fans. They both are also often seen wearing the same clothes, such as a thick red jacket with long sleeves with white and blue stripes.

Lovelyz Mijoo being a mess for 20 minutes ?? (Lovelyz Diary Cut)

Previously, this news had come up due to their photos being mixed into one, and they looked similar. In addition, netizens said that they stared at each other by hiding.

People have a drawn the wrong conclusions about them.

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Shindong represented the Super Junior Team, while Yein was the representative for her group for a spinning game. Shindong got to the first turn for the game, and when all of the Super Junior members were counting how many times Shindong spun, Yein suddenly felt they were counting wrong. Then, Donghae realized it and he looked very angry as he approached her.

When he got closer to her, though, Donghae stared at her like he had feelings for Yein, and they looked really cute.

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Their closeness at the time did look like they were having a relationship, but their status is only as a Junior and Senior. However, does she also have an ideal type for someone who could be her boyfriend?

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In other words, Yein likes a man who is confident and is comfortable being himself. But is Jungkook her ideal type?

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Besides her work as a singer, Yein started her career as actress two years ago, on August 9, The web-drama tells the story of a mysterious young man who lost his memory.

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