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I own none of the characters, they all belong to the Duffer Brothers. The main idea for this fanfic was inspired by another Stranger Things fanfic I read. Any feedback you have, I'd love to hear! Time for school, honey! She's my adoptive mom, now.

I've been learning different words, how you're supposed to say things, and other stuff like that. It's been a year since the Snow Ball, the Mind Flayer, and closing the gate. Will chuckles in response. But it's required So let's get going! They're fun to ride.

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It makes me feel like I'm running super fast. I like riding with Mike, though. He races out of the room, me following after him.

1 - El returns to Hawkins for a relaxing 2 weeks at the start of summer break 2 - Mike struggles to write the perfect letter to Eleven' 3 - Mike's anxieties and fears 4 - El's first few days in Illinois 5 - Mike and Max have a heart to heart. However, everything turned out to be less complicated and Mike did end up with Eleven. Yet, it's fun to imagine what it could have been like if Mike and Max became a couple. Both of them have very stubborn personalities, especially Max. They would probably argue a lot but make up in the end nonetheless. 8 Wileven (Will Byers & Eleven). Together, Mike, Eleven, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Max must find a way to help her figure out who she is and to stop the emerging danger in her wake. [All fictional characters and places belong to .

We both hop on our bikes, racing down the road. Everyone jumps out of their seats, racing out the classroom door. I wait for Will and Dustin.

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We walk out of the class together, meeting up with Lucas on the way to the cafeteria. We all sit down at a table. Where's El?

The hallway is quiet except for my footsteps. I walk for a few minutes, wondering where El could be. Then I hear the sound of low voices.

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Who's in the halls? I turn the corner of the hallway, finding El.

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She is standing in the middle of the posse of popular girls. The girls are poking and prodding her.

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She looks between all of them, confused and scared. The bell's just rung. I need to meet Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike for lunch.

I try to walk away, but they corner me.

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I nod slowly. Why does she want to know about Mike? They're all giggling and smiling. Have you had sex?

Oct 22,   Eleven x Mike (Stranger Things) - They Don't Know About Us - Duration: maia isn't aesthetic 24, views. Millie, Finn, Caleb, and Sadie are going on a date together! Eleven's POV: "So, El " I turn to see Stacy and her posse walking towards me. The bell's just rung. I need to meet Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike for lunch. I try to walk away, but they corner me. "Yes?" I reply meekly. "You're dating the Wheeler boy, right? Mike?" Stacy asks me. I nod slowly. Why does she want to know about Mike? "Have you. Eleven chose a movie, one that she though would be nice and Mike put it on to watch. As the movie played Mike and El were cuddled up on the floor with a blanket, their legs slightly intertwined and Eleven's head resting on Mike's shoulder. Mike and El used to do this at least 3 or 4 times a month. It became a tradition for the two.

Stacy glares at the girl, shushing her. Then she turns back to me. I guess Mike's just boring.

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I can tell she doesn't mean it. This just confuses me even more. She shakes her head, looking bored. Then she brightens up again. I walk towards El, Stacy and her posse looking shocked.

Mike and Eleven -- come find me

Stacy and her posse part like the Red Sea. She looks confused and kind of shaken. I hug her, holding her close for a moment. Then I turn to Stacy, glaring. Just Trying to teach her," Stacy replies. She waves and sashays away, her little posse following close behind.

I kiss her softly. When I pull away, her cheeks are red and she's smiling a little.

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Lunch is almost over and Will, Lucas, and Dustin are probably wondering what happened. When we arrive, Lucas, Dustin, and Will all look slightly worried.

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I sit down at the table, El settling done besides me. Stacy and her stupid posse cornered her," I inform them "She says they were just asking her some questions. He looks kind of queasy. I can understand why, though.

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El is like a little sister for him. They disappear around a bend, their whoops and hollers still audible. I guess so," he agrees, somewhat puzzled. After a few minutes, his house comes into view.

Lucas, Dustin, and Will are all by the garage, their bikes lying on the ground. Dustin is lying on the ground face-down, his limbs splayed in all directions. Will is sitting glumly next to his bike.

Mike and eleven dating fanfiction

Lucas is whooping and jumping up and down, a wide grin on his face. We all head inside, to Mike's basement.

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The boys set up everything while I sit on the couch, playing around with Mike's Millenium Falcon. You're our mage! Bye, Lucas! See ya later! Lucas and Dustin zoom off, waving goodbye.

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A minute or so later, Joyce's car pulls up in the driveway. She steps out and comes over to Mike, Will, and me. My eyes widen. Wheeler is okay with it.

Do you need me to bring you anything, honey? With Neil in prison and gone from Max's life, things are supposed to be better When Will and Mike restart their morning alive after fatal incidents, the strangest thing occurs: both go through a seemingly endless repetition of the same morning, but they somehow manage to find each other amongst the midst of the inexplicable.

The two have a goal in mind - find out what is happening to them, and bring everything back to normal as quickly as possible. The exception is for Max, who never realized how violent her stepfather was until he no longer had Billy to unleash it upon. The gate was closed.

The story was over. The demogorgon was destroyed. What more was there to be scared of?

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If only he knew what the future holds. Relationships will be tested, both romantic and parental, new friends will be made, everyone will lie, and a dangerous government unit will threaten to destroy all evidence of the Upside Down ever existing including Eleven and her friends. Can the Party, their families, and the chief of police come together to stop it?

Or will innocent people be erased from the face of the earth? Set before season 3. I wrote this before season 3 was out. AU: The Party has about six months of peace before the world comes crashing down on them again. While Joyce, Hopper, Nancy and Jonathan investigate a conspiracy in the town and the new mall, Steve, Dustin, Will and Robin manage to decode a secret message that Will is terrified may have to do with the Lab they've only just been freed from.

And underneath it all, El, Mike, Lucas and Max discover, to their horror, that the Mind Flayer has a new plan to invade the town and destroy their dimension once and for all- and this time, he knows who Mike is and has a plan to destroy him. Mike is used to having dreams about his friends, but these dreams are Maybe a good different.

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