Idea my daughter isnt dating a black lab sorry, all

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please Help. I have a five month old male lab puppy who was great,so sweet and attentive.

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We just brought home a 3 month old female lab puppy. My male lab has turned into a demon. He will not leave the female lab puppy alone. He is jumping on her, biting her and being very aggressive. I am so afraid he is going to hurt her.

Correctly. my daughter isnt dating a black lab safe answer

Please, any advise will be greatly appreciated. I have a 11 month old chocolate lab female. She bites, if I say no, she just comes back and bite again. I will stand up and leave her a while alone. When I walk out again she is ok, but when I walk and she plays with her toys, she will jump on me and bite anything she can get hold off. Until I go inside the house, she looks at me with a what are you doing face.

She never had a hiding. She eats anything inside and outside the house, she have space allot. Allot of toys.

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We are going for training as well, she walks nicely with the leash until I stop giving her the treats. Then she wants to bite the leash, and walk me not the other way around. She interacts very good with other dogs at the training. I really need her to stop biting and jumping.

Do you have any suggestions on how to train her to her leash. I would love to be able to walk her. This is my third lab and the first one I have not been able to use a leash. Also I am a 76 yr.

Final, my daughter isnt dating a black lab something

Will appreciate any advice you can give me. I an literately covered in bruises and he often draws blood, granted not as much now he has his adult set of teeth, with his puppy teeth I was constantly covered in plasters.

apologise, but

I really am at my wits end and any advise will be gratefully received. Every training video and article. How do I stop this? If you find anything out that helps please let me know.

He was so easily trained with everything else but this.

Sep 28,   The Saturdays' Una Healey and Hunger Games star Sam Claflin are reportedly dating after meeting on a celebrity dating app and "messaging . My 10 mo old lab had a cough so I took her to the vet July 30th and he said she had early signs of Kennel cough. She finished her antibiotics and seemed fine so after 10 days I had her out playing and she was around a lot of dogs since then. My 2 year old black lab has em both on the front paws. Her, 2-week old singleton female puppy has them too. I'm from the Philippines just to give you an idea of the geographic distribution of this trait.

Biting in older puppies is usually associated with over excitement - this article will help you. Do join the forum for help and support as you work through this problem. My lab is a year and a half old and still does this to my hands. I have tried everything and nothing works. I feel it is a sign of affection for the one they see as their guardian and a kind of pacifier. HelpWe have a one year old yellow lab male. When you try to get the item.

He gets very aggressive and growls at my husband 4 childern and me. Please any suggestions are appreciated. I have a gorgeous 6mth old male lab who has started to refuse to want to go on walks. My 14 week old Goldador has been home with us for 7 days. I noticed yesterday that he also has become stubborn and sits or lies down and refuses to budge when he chooses. Yesterday, we were going to walk into the garage to get in the car and he sat at the doorway looking at me and I decided to use another door and he came.

My question is, what is the motivation? At times he just starts staring at me and barks for no reason. I just want to understand.

Funny Black Lab Shirt: Black Lab Gift: My Lab Isnt Spoiled out of 5 stars 5. Labrador Retriever Lover Black Lab Gift T-Shirt Fetch Tee T-Shirt. The product however is very cute and nicely made and I really wish it would fit my daughter as she would love it. /5(4). A Black Labrador Retriever on guard. Photo Credit: OakleyOriginals/Flickr Answers and Views: Answer by La Comtesse De Whippet You need to consult with a trainer who specializes in training guard and protection dogs - doing it yourself, without any real idea of how to go about it, can be dangerous, especially if you train him to accost strangers. Mar 18,   An adult black Lab will weigh anywhere from 55 to 80 lbs, and be from 21 to inches tall at the shoulder. The English black Lab will tend to be closer to the heavier end of the spectrum, and the American nearer to the lower. Black Lab Temperament. Labradors are well known for being friendly. Perhaps sometimes a little too friendly!

Anyone have a clue to this behavior? He is such a soft dog at home as well. My 14 month old lab still eats everything. She recently swallowed a sock, and constantly puts rocks in her mouth. I am hoping she outgrows this along with other bad puppy behavior soon. She also gets out of control at nightevery night barking and nipping.

What age do I worry this is not something she will outgrow.? Yes, thank you, I have read that many times and keep hoping she outgrows it.

I appreciate your help. Hi Joan - My lab is like this too, but only outside. It seems to worsen when he is around other dogs. We have had to go the emergency once already, he made himself so sick doing this. Luckily, in the home, he is not like this and has never so much as chewed a shoe since we got him. I too, am hoping he outgrows it fully.

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We have been working on trade command which is helping. I also have been throwing ice cubes outside so she chews on them rather than rocks. MY ten year old Lab has become very demanding especially where food is concerned. I cannot eat anything without her constantly barking at me, I have tried putting her in another room, but she scratches the floor and door until I open it, any tips please.

Not just a walk around the block. I have a 2year old chocolate lab. I take her to the park to chase the ball run around for a good hour or two. Never had any issues. I have a 2 year old chocolate lab.

Oct 12,   My female black lab (Shadow) has just recently started to show aggression towards stray dogs and now it's the occasional passerby she will lunge at no growling, just up from sitting lunge at the perceived threat. She is now 3 and a half years old and this started about 6 months ago. Ten Years Later3rd PERSONNearly ten years had passed since the mysterious woman with the black labrador retriever and polecat had come to the hill in the dead of night, holding the basket with the sleeping girl inside. Almost nothing had changed - the large house atop the hill still stood, and not too far away so did the very same cabins in a horseshoe formation, fields of strawberry crops. Help please, my 7 month old yellow lab bites me all the time, but he only bites me, he doesn't bite any other member of my family or strangers. With strangers he's a little angle. But with me, even I'm sitting there gently stroking him and he's all came one minute, next minute my arms in his mouth.

I just brought an 8 week old lab pup home to my 8 yr old lab. My older dog is not very tolerant of the pup.

What can we do? He has the habit of taking his hind legs and will chew on them. What if anything can I do to stop this behavior?

I have the same exact issue with our 1 yr old choc lab. I have a 11 month old female Chocolate Lab. I have had heard her since she was 3 weeks old, she was taken from her litter, due to an abscess and drain tube and I bottle fed her.

My only issue with her now is she has became food aggressive. I have tried several things from hand feeding, and sitting with her, holding her food bowl while she eats. Adding treats to her food. She in the beginning stages of this behavior was worse when my husband fed, and better with me.

Now she growls at me, tries to place herself between me and her food. I also tried tried making her sit and stay while filling her bowl and not eating until I gave her the command to do so. However, her aggressive tendency are becoming more frequent and I need some advice on what to try. Thanks for any help!

Help my lab is so attached to me he about to be 4 but still only wants me around to eat or even go to the bathroom. I have tried to have him go outside and he will just sit by the door till I walk outside with him.

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Our beautiful black lab is four years old and pretty well behaved - except, he chases cats. He lives with a cat, who he does chase when the cat runs, but generally they get on well. The problem is when he sees a strange cat, he is off the lead and the cat can run.


I think he would kill the cat if he caught it, which would be intolerable. In your experience do Labradors catch and eat cats? Thank you.

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I have a 9 year old female, sweet as can be, but about 8 months ago she started peeing in the house, in the same spot. We did the whole vet thing and she was fine. I re arranged the furnishings and it stopped for about 1 week, then she started on a rug. My 3 year lab has started winning and off her food she only whinnes with toys it only been two days she is drinking and will only play at the park.

My daughter isnt dating a black lab

Hi Brendan, The best thing to do is to take her to your vet for a thorough check-up. I hope she is feeling better soon. Hi i have a 1yr old lab puppy and he is so sweet and adorable. He is really vicious towards other dogs, its gotton to the point where i have just bought a bark collar for him to wear whilst walking havent tested it yet.

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I have just finished obedience school with him but it was a flop cause i spent most of the time away from everyone else as he just wouldnt settle. He is trained to sit, wait etc, and when i walk him he is fine, untill he sees another dog, then he just goes to run and attack!

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