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Teasers and rumors! Arguably the biggest news for this comeback? Fans are definitely looking forward to seeing Sungchan and Shotaro show off their skills! So many people, and so much talent! NCTzens, get ready! Two full-group comebacks are headed your way. A new unit, new members, and a new concept?

Hopefully this means that NCT U is here to stay, gifting fans with all kinds of amazing unit performances.

NCT Dream Reaction: Dating An '02 Liner. Requested A/N: We will no longer be requesting NCT Dream Reaction to Dating An Liner requests. Masterlists. Mark: Mark was born in , the oldest of the group, but he's not that far off from your age. the dating game // nctthe dating game // nct '00 liner social media au ? eight rich kids of seoul come together and bet to see who falls in love with one another first part. // next masterlist. Sep 16,   NCT have been really secretive about it, they rarely mention girls and I started to wonder even they even date okay here the tea Johnny is dating .

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New group members Arguably the biggest news for this comeback? Producing power With all of the members of NCT, the group has a huge variety of talents and skills in their arsenal.

Sep 25,   Sungchan is a '01 liner from Korea, and Shotaro is the group's second Japanese member after Yuta and was born in Fans are definitely looking forward to . NCT Dream Reaction: Dating An '01 Liner. Requested If you want to read something similar with all of NCT, I did almost the same for '00 liners here. also you can tell i was lowkey fangirling while writing this lmao it kind of turned into a dating would be like but oh wellll. Masterlists. MASTERLIST. Anon: Nct mtl dating '01 liner pls? Anon: Hey can i have a mtl who would date foreigner who is '01 liner (not literally right now but in general lol) thank you so much, have a wonderful day or night (?) If you want more explanation as to why certain members are where they are, just send it in and I'll tell you. I've got an really in depth MTL for 99 lin.

Group shenanigans If you thought NCT was chaotic before, wait until you see all 23 of them in one room! What are you most excited about for NCT ? Tell us in the comments below!


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NCT The two of you are so? So when you started going out your relationship basically stayed the same just with romantic stuff in the middle. A majority of your relationship consists of jokes and trolling the other members, but Donghyuk can be really, really soft just for you takethatmark.

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He can get shy with you too, especially if you randomly initiate skinship. Originally posted by donghyukslee.

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Your entire relationship is basically just the two of you taking care of each other in really cute and subtle ways. Originally posted by heavynoise.

Mar 21,   NCT Reaction To Dreamie Dating '02 Foreigner. Hellooo Could I request a nct reaction to one of the dreamies dating a foreign 02 Liner? ?. A/N: Sorry this is long over-due but I finally have something posted. Originally posted by leefelixismyreligion.

Needless to say, whenever you visit the oldest member kind of want to duct tape your mouths shut. Dating Chenle would be so much fun- your dates are almost always to amusement parks or zoos and he would try so hard to please you. And PDA would be a thing. Nothing too much, he just likes to be touching you in some way; an arm around your shoulder, holding hands, or just straight up hugging.

NCT DREAM dating a 02 liner. the time is present (now)!! Mark: Mark would feel very responsible for his girl as he and she have a 3 years age gap. He would mostly do everything for her; like he'll always plan the date, he'd buy anything for you, he'll basically spoil you in a good way. NCT Dream reaction to dating/liking an 03 liner Stray Kids reaction to liking/dating an 03 liner Stray Kids reaction to you being shy Just by watching him interact with the other boys I can tell he'd be more then happy with dating an 03 liner. He'd finally be older then someone. (Other then his brothers.) Jeongin is probably insecure as. NCT Dream's Reaction: '01 Liner Crush Looks Older! Request: Hi:3 Could you do a reaction when the dream boys got to know that their crush is 01 liner but y/n looks older? Thank you A/N: I divided this into the different age lines just because I think the '00 line would have the same reaction tbh (and there's four of them so uh writing.

Originally posted by nctinfo. But once he does finally relax around you, the two of you would be adorable together.

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