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We are dedicating this page to one of the best pipe brands out there. Selling worldwide for many many years, Peterson Pipes is well known to any pipe smoker. From the patented Standard System pipes to the special occasion pipes like the St. Patricks Day pipes. This will be a continually ated page as we add more and more of these wonderful models and shapes from Peterson. Here we will highlight the many wonderful Peterson pipe shapes and models that Peterson offers in the USA.

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However I do realise that equally there are many people that do like them. Weighing a full 3 ounces, the pipes feel surprisingly light for their size. The pipes are chunky, but are well balanced. They provide a good dry smoke. The pipes have great hand feel and the thick walls prevent them getting to hot to hold. Celtic : In my opinion the Peterson Celtic series of pipes are very handsome pipes. There appears to be two grades of quality.

Taking inspiration from Celtic art, stretching back over years. Peterson have created this series of pipes, the main feature of which, is the unique Celtic Knot design on the hallmarked sterling silver band. It should not be confused with the Rosslare Royal Irish. These special pipes, all of which are silver mounted, are rare and a limited number are available each year.

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I know how scarce these are from having waited months for mine to be made by Peterson, but it turned out to be well worth the wait. Most have the distinctive yellowgold variegated faux amber acrylic stem, all combine to create a striking and unique composition especially in the black sandblast contrast.

I have found that there is a clear dichotomy of opinion on the views of pipe smokers on the Rosslare series,they either 'love 'em or loath them'. Personally I love 'em. These special pipes, all of which are silver mounted, are rare and only a limited number are available each year. Rarely is it mentioned on pipe forums. So as is my wont, I set out to acquire a couple.

I would also place it along with that other higher grade rarity the Celtic series.

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The pipes are not what I would call stand out stunner's. They ooze quality and are reservedly handsome,enhanced by the acrylic Cumberland stem. The Spigot style evolved from the practice of soldiers in earlier centuries who repaired broken pipes by sliding a used cartridge case over the shank and reinserting the mouthpiece.

These are amongst the most attractive and collectable pipes in the Peterson range of pipe issues. They just ooze quality. This is probably the most popular group of modern Peterson pipes for collectors, offering good variety and choice at very fair pricing.

Year Pipes, Commemorative and Limited editions : Each year Peterson's design and produce a select number of pipes in limited numbers to commemorate a particular year,subject or occasion. These products are particularly directed at the pipe connoisseur and collectors who can recognise the characteristics of these particular pipe examples, which are unique in material, workmanship and styling.

The Sherlock Holmes Series : Probably the most popular and successful series of pipes ever produced by Peterson. Including the Meerschaum version of the seven day sets.

Both briar and Meers can be purchased etheir as individual pipes or complete seven day sets and stands. It featured a set of 12 pipes, recreated using original classic designs from the s and s. Each pipe is handmade and mounted with goldplated sterling silver bands. Each Peterson Deluxe is made from carefully selected, age mellowed root briar.

They are available in a wide range of shapes numbered, as follows: 1s,2s,3s,4s,5s,8s,9s,11s, The pipes are well carved and construction,engineering and workmanship,is outstanding. The stems are well drilled and aligned. The design is a very typically Peterson classic shape. Apart from the Darwin,the balance can be stem heavy,the bit is thick and chunky,especially in the larger versions.

I also enjoy the sense of presence they give to the pipe,particularly if smoking in company with friends or strangers. They have a sophistication about them.

The smoking qualities are excellent,dry and cool. The Mark Twains are outstanding in this department. Favourites for me are the 1s,2s,3s,the Mark Twains and the Darwin deluxe.

As a clencher most are very good to hang,except the beautiful Darwin which is more of a 'hand holder. For what it is worth, I reckon the Deluxes are probably the best value range of pipes that Peterson produce, both in terms of functionality and value. There is not a thing wrong with these pipes. Those who malign the brand because they're made by the hundreds using machines, are very wrong, in my opinion. I like them a lot and the bang for the buck is the best I've ever seen for new pipes of this quality.

The Deluxes are all excellent smokers. One particular ct of this pipe that appeals to me most is its physical beauty and presence. They are a pipe like no other.

For me, they also offer a bowl capacity that I like and a balance in the hand that I appreciate. They are well named Deluxe s for giving that special experience. House pipes : Another popular Peterson system pipe variant, is the huge House Pipe. I believe the term house pipe, has come from the fact that they are just too big to carry around for some and too heavy to hold in one's mouth. The pipes are so large that you'll want to smoke them at home, settled into a comfortable chair for a very long session with a good book!

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I remember seeing them referred to as 'systems on steroids'! Extra large bowls. All with sterling silver bands. Finishes include terracotta and oak colours. Over the years there have been a few large System pipes Produced by Peterson which could be considered to be included as 'House' pipes. In the early Peterson catalogues, circa ,they were advertising XXL systems which were similar in size to the modern 'House' pipes. Around Peterson were asked by a large UK retailer, i. Bonds of Oxford St.

London, to commission the making of a special giant classic bent pipe,with dimensions of, length 17cms, bowl height,6. Bonds seem to have an endless source of New Old Stock Peterson pipes. I am always intrigued by these pipes when they arrive by post.

Inevitably they come in their original packaging and to my mind, are a window back in time. I enjoy the box and contents as much as the pipe. I had seen this pipe on many occasions when I had previously visited Bonds E bay site. I am a sucker for large bent Pete's. Just my taste. Yes you heard right I smoked it!

Normally with the newer unsmoked high grades that come into my collection,they remain un smoked.

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However I made an exception with this beauty and boy it was worth it. Darwin Series : The new Darwin series of large,sturdy, stout pipes, feature the same military mount and ingenious moisturetrap found in other Peterson System pipes.

Recently released just in time to celebrate the sesquicentennial of Charles Darwins "On the Origin of the Species". The shape form is the new B42; a handsome and muscular bent apple that appears to have been specially created for the series. I have to admit that I am smitten by this new series from Peterson.

They epitomize my ideal pipe, both in looks and functionality. The Deluxe in particular is a very handsome specimen. I also enjoy how tactile these pipes are,they snuggle in beautifully in the hand. I am a big guy so it may be something to do with scale. With the pipes being so big I would imagine they will not be to everyone's taste. My own view is somewhat biased, the Darwins were probably tailor made with me in mind!! Personally I give them a slight edge over the Mark Twains in that department.

I have managed to source three others, Red, Ebony and Sandblast.

May 05, Approximate dating of a precious-metal mounted pipe made during these 30 years is possible but requires The Peterson Pipe Book or an extensive collection of Peterson catalogs to understand the history of shapes, lines, finishes and stains. Jan 25, His POY ("the Gaslight") was also quite an achievement, one of the high points in the 20+ years of Peterson's Pipe of the Year designs, certainly on a par with most of the pipes Tom released, with a slender, wide acrylic mouthpiece that is the most comfortable acrylic the company has yet released. The oval shank is also amazing, and. Selling worldwide for many many years, Peterson Pipes is well known to any pipe smoker. From the patented Standard System pipes to the special occasion pipes like the St. Patricks Day pipes. This secret recipe is an old Irish recipe dating back to 's. If you like history and mystery, you must try this blend. Signature Flake Blend.

They are a handsome colourful series with a good quality natural stain briar and bright orange Lucite stems and occasionally Cumberland. The stems are mainly military mounts which are secured by sterling silver ferrules to give a well balanced aesthetically pleasing finish.

The two most famous and popular issues probably being the System and the Classic shape pipes. All of the pipes in this group can be purchased for relatively little cost and probably accounts for the majority of Petersons world wide pipe sales.

Made for the US market to celebrate Independence Day. Most years they go with a very Irish colour - a shade of green. The bowl was stamped with the Peterson logo and "Christmas ".

Belgique and Calabash : Two petite and lightweight Peterson shapes crafted with all the care and know how of century old pipe makers. Churchwarden : One of the earliest pipe shapes and it still remains popular.

The overall length of the mouthpiece ensures a pleasant cool smoke, particularly suitable for an evenings relaxation. The original patent was issued in Great Britain and Ireland on Aug.

Indeed, it is on this ground breaking design that the worldwide reputation of Peterson grew. In another of Peterson's innovative pipe inventions became available and was also patented. Generally when pipe smokers get together and discuss the system pipes they are inevitably divided as to whether they like or dislike them,in particular the P lip stem which has many detractors.

The main criticism being that in directing the smoke to the top or roof of the mouth, this can become tender and sore after a while through the concentration of hot smoke.

The cleaning and maintenance of the System pipes also appears to be problematic to some pipesters. Often the criticism is in regard to the 'infamous' pipe cleaner test,i. Of course smaller pipes are more problematic than the larger ones,coupled to the stem shape being more angular in full bent examples.

Personally I enjoy my System Pipes, to me they epitomise the true essence of Petersons heritage and style. I suspect that the majority of my weekly pipe smoking activity is with 'Systems',I love em! The Peterson System pipes are the standard bearers of the Peterson pipe family, famous for the excellent smoking pleasure they provide. The heart of the System is the unique graduated bore in the mouthpiece.

This makes the suction applied by the smoker 15 times weaker by the time it reaches the tobacco chamber. This achieves a uniquely even distribution of smoke and virtually eliminates any chance of tonguebite or bitterness. Furthermore, the shape is contoured so that the tongue rests comfortably in the depression under the opening. Each "PLip" mouthpiece is made from Vulcanite. Upon the smoker drawing in smoke, this extension then directs the smoke down and around the sump to dispense a lot of the moisture before the smoke enters the extension and stem.

On the System Standards and other less expensive systems, this extension with be made of Vulcanite turned integrally with the stem. On the more expensive System pipes this extension will be made of metal which screws into the Vulcanite stem.

This extension on the earlier pipes will be of brass and the newer pipes will be of aluminium. Should you have a System pipe with this metal extension, do not remove it for it will make the System function properly and give you a dryer smoke. Another feature of the Peterson System pipe that helps in removing moisture is the stem itself.

It will have a relatively small draft hole entrance at the extension which will open out rapidly and then closes back down near the bit. Of course these varying diameters have smooth transitions. The idea behind this is; the smoke leaving the smaller diameter and entering the larger diameter will expand and slow down, thus dropping more moisture before entering your mouth.

To some people the cleaning of system pipes can appear to be problematic,in fact they are in most cases easy to clean. The sump pit on a system pipe can be cleaned with a QTip swab or piece of rolled up paper towel, likewise preferably dipped in alcohol before use. Most of the standard systems are made from good quality briar.

Nearly all are bent s,except for one straight model, shape reference There is also a higher grade choice in the Premier bowls. Classic Range : The following is a list of the pipes which fall mainly into the Classic Range. The shapes are mainly based on those thirty three examples shown on the main web 's Classic Shape Chart. The list is constantly changing as more new pipes are announced each year.

As previously stated,some of these listed pipes are unique to and only available in Europe or the US.

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Others are simply no longer in production. Why choose a Peterson Pipe,what is so special about them when compared to other well known brands? As a long time smoker of Peterson pipes I have found them totally dependable as basic smoking instruments. I am willing to concede that we are all different in our tastes and choices,mine possibly being an extreme viewpoint of the Peterson brand.

However in defence, my knowledge is based on years of ownership and experience of the myriad selection of pipes that Peterson have produced and are still producing. I have had an extensive collection of other brands,including artisan pipes, in my collections over the years, with which to draw these comparisons. However for me Peterson pipes have a special place and attraction.

Their historical elegance coupled to Celtic charisma and eccentricity adds to a massive world wide following and popularity. As well as being excellent everyday smoking pipes,they are also very collectible. Particularly the Patents, Pre-Republics and original Mark Twain's, all of which command reasonably consistent, estate prices at auction.

It's difficult to understand, but by smoking, or collecting Peterson pipes, a person can identify with times past, a time when quality and craftsmanship, were the norm and not the exception. From my years of ownership,here are some other good solid reasons to choose a Peterson pipe. As I have stated previously, the huge World-wide number of contented Peterson pipe smokers is evidence enough and must be considered a great endorsement of the brand.

I often cringe at some of the negative comments made on popular pipe forums, in regard to the quality and finish of Peterson pipes. Inevitably it is the old story of a lack of knowledge or ownership of the extensive and varied choices in the range of pipes presented by Peterson. Often the negative comments are based on the writers limited experience of owning a basic entry level pipe.

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Thereafter they condemn all Peterson pipes, based on that poor experience. I am privileged in that I have a good variety of both entry and higher grade Peterson Pipes within my collection. In my humble opinion, Peterson have been consistent throughout their production of higher end pipes, in replicating a tradition of Celtic quality, at very reasonable prices. I am confident that the future looks bright for the modern Peterson era of pipe manufacture.

Since Tom Palmer took over the business in he has continued to create a much more efficient production cycle of the pipes being manufactured at their premises in Dublin. His emphasis has been very much on employing good skilled staff and quality traditional methods.

At the same time they continue to evolve,providing the modern pipe smoker with modern choices and trends in pipe design and shapes. Peterson had been around for over years before he got involved so he decided to tread carefully before making any changes. On looking back over the yearsTom considered that most changes came, in the very large extension to the pipe range and the constant issuing of new shapes and series.

He considered that at the end of the day, a pipe is a consumer led product,loosely defined and the consumer wants something new every so often. Given the modern social and political climate for smoking there is hope that in spite of these turbulent times, that Peterson pipes can continue to succeed against the various global issues facing the production of quality classical pipes.

Flying in the face of the condemnation of smoking on health grounds,the pipe appears to be going through a gradual upturn in popularity. No longer considered the province of older middle aged males,it appears to be gaining in popularity,particularly with significant numbers of younger people. Rising pipe tobacco sales suggest that pipe-smoking is making an unlikely comeback. Many old things eventually become trendy again and the latest yesteryear fashion making a comeback, appears to be pipe smoking.

No one tracks how many young people smoke pipe tobacco. But the evidence, at least in the US, is of a renaissance. This modest increase is credited by many to retro-loving students. Facebook and MySpace have thousands of members signed up to various pipe smoking enthusiast groups. Let us hope that Peterson continue to flourish in this new groundswell of optimism and the hope for the increased demand for quality classic pipes.

The former well known Peterson pipe shop on Grafton Street,Dublin has now closed and has been replaced by another, which is located a short distance away at 48 Nassau Street,Dublin 2.

The new shop, formerly the John Morton Jewellers and Silversmiths,first opened its doors in The same year date as the origin of Kapp and Peterson. This firm featured in the news when a Celtic salver with the special commemorative hallmark of 'An Claidheamh Soluis' Sword of Light to mark the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising of ,went for sale on.

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The shop has seen a lot of history,it was located just around the corner from the end of Grafton St. James Joyce would have often walked by there.

The old shop on Grafton Street, which was all on one level and had limited space to accommodate large amounts of display stock. The new premises is on four levels, plus a tasteful basement lounge area dedicated to large displays of Cigars and walk in humidor.

The first floor is currently the main pipe display area and is breathtaking for Pete nuts such as I. I was like a kid in a candy store when I visited it later in the day. Tom explained his planed development for the other shop levels,which included housing a display area dedicated to the Peterson heritage and history, hopefully transferring the small 'museum' historical display items from Sallynoggin and enhancing it considerably at the new premises.

Knowing Tom and his dedication to his company image and promotion, I am sure that all will be completed and up and running for the celebration of the company's year anniversary celebrations in Jim Lilley probably has one of the largest collections of Kapp and Peterson pipes that we know of. On a recent visit to Dublin Jim was given a presentation of an engraved Silver Spigot wind cap "Baskerville' pipe by Tom Palmer and the staff at Sallynoggin.

Jim was informed that this was in recognition of his research of the company's history and the development and promotion of the brand through his collecting activities. Tom stated that,"Your knowledge and feeling for our pipes, heritage and history is deep and unique and I would like to personally thank you for this dedication".

Jim was very moved by this surprise event and was more than proud and grateful to accept the gifts given to him, stating that "I will treasure these always". As an obsessive collector it was inevitable that storing my ever increasing collection of Peterson pipes would prove problematic,especially with my good lady wife!!

In the early days there was no system as such,I would in fact say it was somewhat chaotic! I was told in no uncertain fashion that I had to adopt a more systematic approach! I tailored my approach to our own environment,which involved limited space. After some investigation I decided on a system of storage using a large number of Peterson 12 pipe display cassettes enough to house my burgeoning collection,now around pipes. Jump to: navigationsearch. An example of a repair to the damaged Patent Amber stem with a Silver lip protector.

An excellent selection of Peterson pipes is available at Pipedia Underwriter, lepipe. The Shannon is only offered in smooth finish with vulcanite stems and fishtail bit.

As the oldest continuously operating briar pipe factory in the world, we at Peterson have a certain tradition to uphold, a legacy of craftsmanship dating back over years. The "Made in Ireland" block format (above) can be another headache in dating Peterson pipes since this stamp was used in the late Patent Era as well as the late s. So for a guide we must take into consideration the style of lettering Peterson used on their pipes. During the "Patent era" Peterson's pipes hadn't any Country of Manufacture stamped. Despite worn hallmarks (see enlarged view) this pipe nevertheless may be dated. The shield shape of the three escutcheons indicates a pre pipe. The year letter can only be a "Z" making this pipe to reach back to

The smooth finish has a black and tan stain which really highlights the grain in the briar. The Tankard series are a great sitting pipe. These well balanced Poker's are offered in three variants. The Smooth has a nice finish that is able to show of the grain of the briar.

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The Rustic has a reddish brown rusticated finish. The last is the Ebony which has a black matte finish. All three models have have silver bands and come with the PLIP mouthpiece. Peterson offers many tobacco choices in different sizes to go with their pipes. Many are named similar to a pipe model, such as the Sherlock Holmes series. Every year, they will also put out a few special limited blends only for that occasion or year.

Throughout the year, they also release special blends for different occasions. Patricks's Day and Summertime. This English has a tolerable room note and not a lot of traces of flavoring. This aromatic blend is cut using the plug style. The Aran Mixture tobacco is an aromatic with a vanilla and and light fruit flavoring.

This has a full taste to it with a pleasant room note. This ribbon cut is an English blend with a tolerable room note.

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No flavoring is detected in this blend. This has a great flavor of c herry with a very full taste. If you enjoy cherry tobacco, this is one to try!

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It has a medium taste and a pleasant room for others to enjoy the aroma. This ribbon cut is a great medium tasting smoke in any Peterson pipe! In the Peterson Gold Blend tobacco blend you will taste hints of cinnamon, hickory nut and vanilla. The Hyde Park tobacco has an excellent flavor from the rum and maple sugars pressed in the tobacco.

This English blend is a broken flake cut and is known to have a tolerable room note.

Peterson pipe dating

The Irish Dew Mixture has whiskey and blossom fruit undertones and hints of vanilla and chocolate from the Burley. This is a Ready Rubbed tobacco with a pleasant room note. The Irish Flake is recommended by Peterson for experienced pipe smokers. This is a very strong bold smoke. The full-bodied blend made of equal amounts of air-cured, flue cured and dark fired.

The "Made in Ireland" block format (above) can be another headache in dating Peterson pipes since this stamp was used in the late Patent Era as well as the late s. So for a guide we must take into consideration the style of lettering Peterson used on their pipes. Jul 25, The Peterson Pipe Chronicles written primarily by Jim Lilley which follows is now dated and contains inaccurate information. We hope to engage Mark Irwin, who co-authored along with Gary Malmberg the definitive tomb on the subject of Peterson Pipes and their rich heritage and history entitled The Peterson Pipe, the story of Kapp & Peterson. Nov 15, on July 9, I have a Peterson pipe marked: 31 Peterson System, MADE IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. It is a straight stemmed sandblasted briar with a nickel ring marked K & P Peterson. I do not see such a model lisrted in yor Peterson Shape Chart.

Zimbabwean orange smoking grades and aromatic Thailand Burley smooth the bold Irish Oak tobacco out. This is a popular Peterson tobacco that many enjoy. This is a stronger blend and the room note is tolerable. This smooth mix of Burley, Cavendish and Virginias make this Aromatic a great smoke.

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Rum, coconut and macadamia nuts make up the flavor of the Nutty Cut tobacco. These flavors give this an awesome pleasant room note. This doesn't have any flavoring and has a tolerable room note. This secret recipe is an old Irish recipe dating back to 's.

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If you like history and mystery, you must try this blend. This has a pleasant room note so others can enjoy the sweet smell.

Sunset Breeze tobacco is a ribbon cut, aromatic blend. This tobacco has a phenomenal taste to it. The c ream caramel flavoring provides a smooth smoke. Burley and Virginia make up the Peterson University Flake tobacco. Being a flake, you can rub this out to the desired consistency for your preferred smoke. This English is ribbon cut to allow you to easily fill your bowl for an enjoyable smoke.

Every year, throughout the year, Peterson releases several special blends for the season or a special occasion. One of the blends they release is the Summertime blend. These are produced in limited quantities so get yours while you can!

Patrick's Day tobacco goes hand-in-hand with the Irish Peterson brand. Pair it with a St. Patrick's Day pipe and you got yourself a perfect match.

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