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Why do so many good guys get rejected with women? Is it because women want a bad man? Here are some of the many reasons why good guys get rejected by women:. Making her feel sexually attracted to you is about being confident around her, being masculine and creating a sexual vibe with her by the way that you look at her, talk to her, touch her and also how you behave around her. Example: Imagine a guy who has a crush on one of his female friends.

What would they do if they were? Wear fashionable dresses and heels, style their hair, and put on makeup and perfume. Flow, 1 - those are hardcore butch lesbians sorry for the descriptor. The pretty ones usually on a temporary foray, btw DO wear make-up. Amongst other things. What was it Jimmy Carr non PC extremist, sometimes funny out of sheer gall say?

Straight until wet! Messaged a bit. I had found her biz website and current photo. A 4 second endeavor. Photos showed some resemblance. No more.

Far from truth and misleading advertising. Why are they on OLD seeking men if they do not wish to attract men? Do tell! And there is little they can do about it! If your assertion is true, why do married women engage in this behavior? From my personal experience, women engage in this behavior mostly to compete with their girlfriends. By the way, my daughters exhibited the tendency to enjoy shopping therapy long before boys entered the picture.

I search for women between 50 and And many of them have photos on their profile that are at least 10 to 20 years old. Personally I believe that it is self-delusion.

They want to believe that they still look like that to the world. I actually have dated one of them multiple times, who used a 10 year old photo of themselves on their profile. Before our first date, she sent me an ated current photo, apparently so that I would know what she looked like when we met at the restaurant.

I thought she still looked perfectly fine!

Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and the author of TV show. Why do so many good guys get rejected with women? Is it because women want a bad man? No. Thankfully, women definitely don't reject good men in favor of bad men. Here are some of the many reasons why good guys get rejected by women: 1. He tries to get her to like him. Mar 31,   Dutch dating show where a guy gets to pick a date from 30 girls if they get a good first impression of DeafSubz z. May 10,   Rejection is a normal and healthy part of dating - it implies that people have opinions, preferences and standards. We aren't simply dating each other out of Author: Alex Manley.

Women need to get a grip on reality. If a guy only wants to date 25 year olds, then it is self-defeatist for a 55 year old to put 30 year old photos on their dating profile, the gig will be up on their first meeting in person. And any guy is just going to be turned off by that. I just find it self-defeating in that it turns me off from bothering to message those types of women on the dating sites.

The gig would be up the moment they first met in person. And just what are they competing for? Could it be attention and approval from men? Being considered the prettiest? Because they like the affirmation they get from their husband and other men as well.

Because how much a husband values his wife is in part due to how much he is attracted to her. YAG, my guy is thrilled at my outfits, always something meant to catch his eye. No, it is all for him, nkt for my GFs or sisters. Women do not spend a lot of money and time to look good to compete with their girlfriends, haha. Do they put breast implants and do other invasive procedures for their girlfriends?

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One of my friends told me that his ex girlfriend never had a manicure or used make up. Fake boobs lower my opinion of a woman. I can pick a woman with fake boobs out in a crowd I have seen enough of them in the flesh. I would rather a woman be a natural A-cup than a fake D-cup. It just looks wrong after she removes her bra.

Besides remaining upright when she lies down, the areolas and nipples almost never match the cup size. A woman with large natural breasts usually has larger areolas and nipples, and that is part of makes big boobs sexy. You know, this brings up the question for me: How can I politely, respectfully, appreciatively indicate that I want and expect men to pay the check when they take me out?

My past compromise was to list free activities as possible dates, so that the gentleman in question had no doubt that I was open to non-monetary based dates. I do prefer a man that has enough money for both of us.

It prevents him having to worry about it and money being a bone of contention for us. Quirky and dangerous expectation. On audition, go Dutch! On a date, depends.

There cases of false advertising. Not saying you do that. But why should a guy pay for a disappointment? Keep in mind that double the salary does not equate double the disposable income. And viable pairings should be able to discuss financial matters with ease.

In this day and age, I expect a woman to participate. I state on OLD that I want a woman to be financially independent from me, not wealthy. But after dinner, you might spring for coffee anddessert elsewhere, or drinks not a binge on 21 y. Without coming off as a goldigger. I can relate to not having a huge salary, but I would feel really uncomfortable making no contribution to dates.

I guess otherwise, sugat daddies could be an option. FG, is my springing for coffee and dessert elsewhere fair? Partly because my Dad, who was single late in life, and who often did not know the right thing to do, but always found paying the bill for dinner a source of providing appreciation and showing feelings which he had difficulty expressing verbally. Also, I was married to someone who wanted me to foot the bill for his lifestyle - a big house, several cars, trips, etc.

I know I want a relationship with someone who has enough money to pay for the things he wants, because I know my wants are simple and usually not based on money.

But I will happily bring things to a date that I bought before the date. I like to do things on my dates that DO generate that feeling, but that rarely translates to my paying a bill.

No one has to pay anything. But during that time I am fully present - listening, nodding, smiling, answering questions, getting to know the man in question, with my phone in my pocket where it belongs. Surely that shows my date my interest and valuing of him more than paying a check.

In fact, they often go out of their way to ask for second dates or suggest going more expensive places, buying me things, or going on trips, etc. ScottH, happens all the time. Those who are willing, do. The guy in question texts at 11pm: Wanna come over? She knows that this is a pretext for sex. There are plenty of women who are interested in just sex.

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You find that UNfair? Both parties cover both realms. Have mammoth steak! FG, I said it was fair, not that it was unfair. Those factors actually do make a difference. So I like things precise, and tea cures all ills. When I was married, my husband either paid the bills or handed me the ones he wanted me to pay.

BUT - he paid for every date we ever had - which mostly included meals at Taco Bell or the equivalent. I adored him. For me, it is literally not about the dollars.

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The HUGE thing missing in my marriage was initiative. By taking me on free dates, he can honor his own boundary in a way that costs only time. It shows me he can be a creative problem solver.

Please, TELL me what you want. How can I politely, respectfully, appreciatively indicate that I want and expect women to put out sexually when I take them out. Are you admitting to being a gold-digger? A princess? You think that highly of yourself that you should always and expect always be treated?

I have been on just too many dates in the past 5 years where the women were utter princesses who expected the man to do everything and pay for everything. And there we have it folks gold-digger. Sorry, I would never date you. Or at least no second date once I found out what type of person you are. You may as well lay all of your demands on the line.

That is an interesting point of view. I am what some people refer to as a weak six-footer. Some guys round up, but I always truncate the fraction when declaring my height.

Have you entertained dating taller than average women? That is reasonable. Couple this requirement with the need by a large proper subset of professional women to date a man who holds an advanced degree, and the pools drop to 1 in 50 and 1 in 70, respectively. Half of the men in both pools are married, so women are looking at 1 in and 1 and men, respectively. Add race, religion and pesky little subjective factors such as attractiveness, and the pools decrease in size to around 1 in 1, and 1 in 1, and we have yet to add income to the equation.

A woman has a greater chance of being struck by a moving freight train than finding love in either of these pools. Being a member of either of these pools is an unbelievable advantage when it comes to dating. I have no doubt that you are proud to be a gold-digger. You probably believe that it is your personal right to have and own Mr. And you totally missed the entire point of my comment, which I knew you would.

Had a man posted onto this blog what I extrapolated from your initial post but changed a couple of words, he would have been crucified by most everyone else and ran off of the blog.

But that is our modern world. It is perfectly acceptable for women to be princesses and gold-diggers. But no man had dare say anything that could be construed as sexist or anti-feminist. That is unacceptable of him.

It is the current list or metric than many women are using to determine the quality of a man. Google it. A fun read. Then she still said that I was not tall enough. My point exactly in many of my posts. Their demands in what they seek for a man are totally unreasonable. This is nothing new, it has been documented for centuries. Proverbs was written around BC. And while I do get a decent number of dates, almost all women reject me for height, income, house, etc.

I think when a man always pays, it changes the dynamic of the relationship and I am not looking for that kind of relationship. I want to pay for our entertainment because I also enjoy it. I guess guys are attracted to younger women, women are attracted to guys who pay?

In an LTR context, how much we men value a woman may have much more to do w common history than mere attraction to her. Men age more gracefully than women.

Generally speaking. No, men do not it the wall atwe extend beyond that in staying power. Women do hit A wall at Some manage it very well, mot do not!

Women compete with each other. Over 3M Google pages, but again, likely quite a few irrelevant duds. Bump into the actual winner what are the odds. Come with?

At the restaurant, I sat at the head of the table, my gf on my left, winner on my right, singer next to my gf, others rejoined us.

Apr 19,   If there is one thing that most people can't stand, one thing that almost always gets an intense, emotional response, it's rejection. We can't stand rejection. It hurts us. It angers us. And it. Karl R. I may need to grab some popcorn too. I crunched the raw data. They made a few errors going from the raw data to the infographic: #1 They never determined the chance of getting a second date. None of the men in the survey had asked for a second date, so any second date numbers are overstated. #2 61of the men who were just texting (without asking the woman out) got rejected. Dating in the Dark seemed to have its heart in the right place, except for the ending, where they let the woman or man see if they were being rejected by making them watch their potential partner literally walk out the door. Sometimes it did all end well, with the couples deciding to date further, but the potential for rejection based purely on Author: Brittany Rivera.

The winner played footsie. I did not reciprocate. She draped her leg over mine. I ignored it. A woman I meet nowadays could possibly become my everything so to speak. And be beautiful in my eyes and consideration. Women compete. And they are downright mean to one another.

Did the winner actually want me? I rather think she was annoyed my gf had me. I would encourage you to find a new hobby. I totally concur. Over the past few years I have found dating sites to be, for the most part, toxic and depressing.

Probably for both men and women. This makes a lot of sense. But we have to in order to eventually get a relationship. One thing I found invaluable was talking to male friends and brother-in-law about their prior dating experiences. Hearing from them reminded me that there are good men out there too, who also yearn for that connection. In any case, it certainly felt better and made me happier.

Rick and Morty 9. Danaellen wrote a thoughtful post, and had a tone of trying to sppear to be really nice. She is spot-on. None of your 10 points are me. You sound frustrated or bitter. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It was a real wake up call because I had many faulty assumptions.

You sound like a real nice down to earth guy. I wish you well. Yet despite all this rejection they refuse to get help, coachingimprove their online dating skills or god forbi try to. Whatever works well for you! I have seen a handful of article stating exactly the same thing.

The comments from most of the female posters on this thread except for kk just illustrate their utter cluelessness when it comes to the male experience in this area. Better yet, send out messages using those profiles and see which one has an easier time setting up a date. That must be frustrating and I do feel for you guys. I appreciate that you all keep making an effort and approaching despite the rejection. What world are you living in?

Men need to try harder, not quantity over quality. Or should they laugh and dismiss their female counterparts as you do to men? On bumble about 60pc of men if not more never respond to me initiating the chat. Those are the men who already swiped right on me to begin with, so must have thought I was somewhat desirable? If you want to minimize rejection - lower your standards until everybody you approach is ecstatic to date you. If you want to maximize the outcome find the most desirable partner - lots of rejection is inevitable.

It is an odd application of game theory. That said, in convos w an appealing gal who worked in the auto industry, she revealed that in her neck of the woods our initial convo was an oddity in terms of location men message a lot but fail to follow up and meet. There was nothing wrong w her and a lot of things right and she mentioned a handful of foot fetishists and one cross-dresser. Life is a comedy! Did you bother to write well-composed messages that demonstrated that you actually read their profiles?

So I guess I empathize with all of us, male and female, on the online dating scene. Women get rejected. In fact women who do NOT get pursued by single men around them are getting rejected bec.

So, can men apply that same logic? Passive rejection and active rejection are not the same thing. Men who write those types of messages do not receive responses either. I wish I knew how to add a photo of myself to my avatar so you would get my point. My point was when a very attractive woman emails men on a dating site, they reject her, thinking something is wrong.

I had many more dates from real life. Online, I was a wallflower. In my experience Many women do believe they are the same. I have a number of female friends. They even say this often about events when they were younger or in school and some guy they liked was not showing them interest. And if you were to ask the woman if she had asked him out and he said no, I guarantee you will get a blank look of confusion from her, since she will believe that is the same concept to what she just said.

With many women, to them, not acknowledging them is rejecting them. You just have to learn and realize that women think totally differently then men. Over the years that I have had female friends, I have had to dramatically change my viewpoint when I am talking with them, in order to understand and empathize with them when they are discussing things about their life.

But it is a rejection. As a general rule, men still do the pursuing. If, for example, in high school, a young woman really liked a guy and he instead asked her friend out, she will experience rejection.

However, a few years ago a female acquaintance who has had different experiences posed that point of view to me. I have heard some women say this. As an older woman when I hear this, I say nothing bec. I jest. That is all that RickAndMorty is saying. The same is true for men. Call it being overlooked.

Or not being considered. Not online, but I think most women have, at some point in their lives, had a huge crush on a male acquaintance in their social circle and watched with horror as he pursued other women.

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Or really liked one of their guy friends and listened to him ramble on about some other woman he is hung up on. Trust me: It hurts, and probably just as much as when a woman declines a date for men. I feel not only empathy but admiration for the men who are sincerely trying. It must be so hard to put yourself out there and get shot down but keep on going, day after day.

I may have to get a second tub of popcorn because what we have here is full-blown female entitlement syndrome on display. Women demand that men approach, plan, and pay, but only if they are the right men. Men do not relish the idea of being rejected; however, rejection is the price a man has to pay to play the game. If anything, women are the gender that is clueless when it comes to SMV. Men have to pursue; therefore, they tend seek women with equal or lower SMVs because it lowers the probability of being rejected.

A woman who is continuously getting pumped and dumped is usually attempting to date men with a higher SMV. I see this dynamic play out on the dating sites all of the time. Guys routinely date down SMV-wise because it makes getting laid much easier.

A guy does not need to be sexually attracted to a woman to pursue her for sex. All he needs to be is horny. Sex is sex to most men. One group thinks their back pain is excruciating and the other group thinks their knee pain is excruciating and they all think they hurt worse than anyone else.

I still believe that women are the more clueless gender when it comes to SMV. I have received messages from a few extremely plump ladies that were WTF moments.

I even posted a non-shirtless gym photo to prove that I am actually athletically-built. Why would a plus-size woman believe that she has chance with a guy who works out at least 5 days a week? Our life styles are radically different. When I inform a larger lady that our lifestyles may not mesh, her response is always along the lines that I can be her personal trainer. Ditto for huge differences in education and income levels, 20 something dudes, guys into redneck or pot-friendly lifestyles.

One truly has to BE the sort of person you want to date, regardless of gender. Who the hell knows why plump or obese women even write to an obviously superior specimen as yourself. What I cannot understand is: why you or Noquay or anyone else even replies back to someone in whom they have no interest.

You do not know the person, you have never met, you owe them nothing. Delete the message and move on if not interested. I am in exactly the same boat. However I have on occasion dated larger women just because the majority of women have over inflated SMVs of themselves. I put on 50 pounds from starting my own firm.

I just recently joined Cross Fit, which is very consistent with the lifestyle of pre-self-employed me. You should look for other things rather than instantly crossing them off your list. I need to be sexually aroused by a women in order to pursue her. Extremely plump women do not invoke that response.

As has been mentioned many times on this blog, there is a lid for every pot. When a woman loses her waist, she loses the ability to attract men because hip-to-waist ratio is a primal trigger to which the majority of men respond. Tracy Reifkind is a prime example of what can be accomplished via lifestyle alteration. Tracy was in her forties when she turned her life around.

She weighed lbs when she started her program. You remembered. Thin but not tall. About my height. That is a statistical anomaly. What gender has the greater grasp of reality? There are women who are entitled, certainly. Are they most of the women in the world - no. Are women in the Congo entitled? Are women working in sweatshops entitled? Are women in abusive relationships entitled? Are the vast majority of women in my family and social circle entitled. No, no and no. There are also some men, on this site, who are very entitled, and have a massive superiority complex, and you are one of the worst offenders.

And rely on statistics, trends and studies to try to make sense of the world. Instead of relating to people in an authentic and vulnerable way. I can assure you that my list of requirements is dwarfed by those of the women I date.

My list is actually not horribly long.

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There are things on which I will not budge such as I will not date a woman who is a grandmother she is at a different point her life or a woman who is not a college graduate been there, done that, have the t-shirt and memories of mind-numbing conversations to prove itbut almost everything is negotiable to a point. Really YAG, no grandmothers and must have a degree? I do not care what a woman looks like if she is a grandmother or does not have degree.

All 8s becomes 6s over time. I desire an educated women whose children are close in age to my own. My children are entering their senior year in high school.

My preference is for a women between the ages of 46 and 51, but that is not cast in stone. Most American men are unattractive to most women but we date them anyway because relationships are most inportant.

In Europe however, I find the majority of men attractive. Meanwhile many Euro women are also more attractive than the average American counterpart.

The same data set shows men accurately rate women, resulting in a bell shaped curve. Does this mean that men feel entitled or are clueless about their own SMV?


No, it is simply about rejection. Guys are acutely aware of where they fall in the pecking order. They have to pursue.

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It is a lot easier to accept being rejected by a pretty woman than an average one. There is nothing more humbling than being rejected by a woman with an equal or lower SMV. One thing I would like to know is if this messaging behavior is age dependent. I cannot imagine an older man who is seriously looking for a partner shooting for the stars unless he is equally attractive or well-heeled.

It is just not worth the hassle. For example, I was liked by yet another very attractive woman, and I passed because I associate beautiful women with debt. I spent my twenties with high-maintenance Barbies. Those years were filled with chemical romances that burned white hot and extinguished almost as fast as they caught fire. However, their lasting effect was that I found myself in quite a bit of credit card debt that took several years to pay down.

It was not all that much compared to the credit card debt that people have today, but it was hard-learned lesson. Besides teaching me to never run a credit card balance if it can be avoided, that experience left an indelible mark on my psyche that equates beautiful woman with living beyond my means. That is something I am no longer willing to entertain, so I now only date women in the 5 to 7 range who are girly, but are otherwise modest in their needs.

We were very good financial partners. The thing about women who the 5 to 7 range who are girly is that huge part of their attractiveness cannot be ascertained until a man meets them because their feminine energy is a huge part of what makes them so desirable. It comes through in how she communicates, her word choice, how she pauses, her tone and inflection. It is a beautiful thing. I have posted that link before on this blog as well. I feel that this is simply one of the problems with online dating sites in general.

YAG, you said you will not date anyone unless they have a college degree. Well I have a doctorate of jurisprudence degree. He knows three languages, also. He is only 5 foot 9 inches tall, with a hand wave to DeeGee.

Not necessarily, but I think this study really illustrates that dating is hard for both genders, just for different reasons. I really feel a lot of empathy for the guys who try very hard and get rejected. And I hope they find enough success to keep their spirits up. But I also think there is a subset of guys who would do better if they cast their nets a little wider. Maybe message someone they find average looking but witty on a few occasions?

Or a woman with an interesting job? After all, their personality is what makes a long term relationship work in the end. No one is entitled to anything and certainly never entitled to dates or even finding love. And reread what you wrote. You said a woman who continually gets pumped and dumped is usually attempting to date men above her SMVokay, same for menthat is my point.

Men are the gatekeepers of relationships, remember? If a man experiences consistent rejection, I would argue that it is because of this same issue.

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Now tell me why on earth would I have empathy for this? Funny how somehow a simple acknowledgment that men need to change their mindset to achieve better second date results means I am bitter.

I also had some really great dates. The guys who actually looked like their pictures, were respectful, and wanted to actually know about me all got second dates. I honestly believe that your myopia on this issue is so thick you could cut it with a knife. On a different thread you stated that your online profile was extremely short and generic and that you still received over fifty messages a week, despite the fact that you would ignore any man with a similar profile. Which benefits us all!

And I put it into practice if I can. Unfortunately there are too many people on here men and women who are here just to point the finger and are breathtakingly blind to their own biases, flaws, hypocrisy and shortsightedness.

Any woman who claims women get rejected more than men is clearly hurting from some recent rejection or has a badly written profile or is terrible at flirting. And at least offer to pay occasionally. And men, come to Sydney and tell women they are beautiful and ask for our phone numbers.

So why should I feel empathy for something that a man can change by learning to be a better man in this regard. That is no credit to men being more mature or any of that bullshit. So of course I will get tons of messages because many men at first tend to think with their dicks.

Not my fault. It is actually not the same issue. I have been rejected by women with equal and lower SMVs. I have had much more attractive women ask me why asked these women out. Women are more selective and much more critical than men. A women will reject a man for host of things other than looks. While woman are liberated, dating is not. Women still hold onto the anachronistic belief that a man should pursue, plan, and pay if he is interested, but all a woman has to do to demonstrate her interest is show up.

The unwillingness of women to liberate dating means that men have deal with rejection. It is also the reason why men are the gatekeepers to relationships. I have been out with with 5s, and I have been out with 10s. I am a reasonably attractive man for my age. While Brad Pitt may have nothing to worry about, every women that I have met since re-entering the dating pool has told me that I do not look my age.

Many of these women are ten years my junior. I do not have a problem getting dates. I dated over fifty women the year I was separated, all of which came from online dating sites.

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Most separated men are lucky to land one date off an online dating site because being separated as a man is akin to having the relationship equivalent of leprosy. Because I have had way more women than the average man. It used to be a sore point with my ex. As I have written several times on this blog, the men who get the most women get rejected by the most women.

The vast majority of men are not talking about dick pics and anal sex on the first date. I think so too, Shaukat. Your typical first date is fine, nothing scary, but either some deal breakers, boring or no chemistry. Dating is a skill. I needed to learn to date better. Which is a really dangerous attitude for either gender. Please visit my gofundme page. Search for ScottH, middle aged wreck, and donate generously.

God Bless! I hope things will get better for you. I, for one, will take a women who is a 5 or a 6 facially as long as she has a yoga or Pilates hottie body. Women generally cannot do anything about their looks other than apply tons of makeup or undergo plastic surgery, but a hottie body is within the reach of almost every women who is motivated to seek it.

Not morbidly obsese but I do love curvy as well as in shape. Based on my experience, I can totally say that - Yes. Men have standards too.

Aged Well established, witty and is also looking for a serious relationship. Educated and with a good career in retail. Or head office management.

Still on the floor? There is NO bad job, per say.

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In fact, a career and a JOB are 2 different things, and most people willingly ignore or prefer to be blind to that fact. Educated is also becoming a fallacy. Getting a degree in the past years is FAR from testimony to an education. Yes, in fact, men DO know how to read. Not in terms of looks, but certainly in terms of accumulated life-experience. Offspring management? I would rate them as out of Emotional intelligence?

Many women my age never took their lives in hand, waiting for Wallet Charming to cover them. On a post-date convo, one really pretty gal, then From an 8 for looks, her life achievements were a 5?

Maybe 6. Longest relationship? Still on the dating site. Are you SURE? Some guys specifically seek a casual or NSA encounter, but many want more than that. They finally end up in the sack, getting to know the gal better, and find to their dismay that there is little or no contents!?! Or talent in bed or elsewhere!?! Or common ground. The list goes on. Men may be at fault some of the time. The momentary object of their affections also. Hot and heavy turns to naked.

Got the lady off 3 times not bad for first foray. But here is a constant, with usual caveats about generalizations: in almost ALL cases, the women seriously overvalued their SMV whether S is for sexual or social; both apply by points on In most cases, they would do well to let the reader be the judge of that.

I have several friends who could not be bothered. Not their thing! Not to nail anyone! Gives men pause. At 52, 53, bang. And weight piles on very often. Some miraculously escape. I always have hours of phone conversations before meeting. The sooner, the better. Throngs of people multi generation assembling at her place. I could see how her marriage failed.

The guy got fed up! Not so much disastrous as challenging schedule wise. The 52 y. And buy lottery tickets, too? The so far women who look nothing like their photo. But that I hear is common. Often a refusal to face a new reality.

Cute, but mildly dysfunctional.

Guy Gets Rejected On National Television - The Graham Norton Show

A few wanting pre-date lyrical romance. Nor seen? Surely sensible and normal! Include pets in that category.


Cats are not so bad: a whole day or even long w-e is workable. When no nearby person can dogsit? Very constraining. But they will tell you they like or want to travel. I unfortunately regularly encounter cognitive dissonance. Some of that is perhaps needed to face life, and our choices. Too much of it makes us dysfunctional.

No such thing.

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Pertinent comment and observations or experiences on the state of relationships and dating. Or easily triggered by fact, whether such facts are the fruit of anecdotal experience or wider statistical sampling. As a rule, if you areyou are in the sweet spot.

Life has taken shape, you should know who you are, and who you meet. Have enough experience to discard the nut cases. And be able to meet a proper partner and build together. Past 35, the numbers drop drastically! A critical question. Being a man, I of course look at women. Where personal choices are mentioned, fair enough, this is what YOU wanted to do! And the interface reality with another person may show that is not something they want!

One brilliant clinical psychologist stated he dealt with real troubled patients. Mentally afflicted. But there are FAR more men than women on dating sites.

Some stats suggest a ratio on normal sites, whereas on Ashely Maddison, 1, or 5, or more to one was reportedly more like it. WHO are the rejects? I am not that young, and am soberingly aware of the cold, hard facts of life particularly in dating. Analyzing before and after pics to note her plummeting appeal? Your assumption seems to be that my dating life might NEED quality improvement. I forge ahead and separate the wheat from the chaff. For someone like me, it just so happens that there is a lot of chaff and little actual wheat.

Good for them! My perceptions are not erroneous. My attitude, here laid out quite rationally and bluntly, may not please you. Are you daft? It is a minimum. A small to large condo depending on market locationa car, a little IRA or kreasonable savings, and even a few objects of worth. Nothing ming boggling. Does that shock you? I expect a woman to have somethign to show for it! Retirement looms. Would be nice to not enter a negative drag relationship. Back to quality issues: best have quality control on the person before you attempt to build something worthwhile and lasting.

My current gal is 11 years younger, green-eyed, bright, and savvy. Fun, uncomplicated, and generally content. In spite of her earlier twisted experiences.

And that reinforces my take on avoiding BS. Or unmanageable, irrational, life damaging choices. They all appear to have one thing in common a clean diet usually semi-vegetarian to full-blown vegan and a lifestyle that includes regular exercise other than just walking usually a combination yoga or Pilates with cycling.

With that said, while some men win the genetic lottery, most of guys experience the male equivalent of menopause known as andropause as they round age fifty. Andropause is marked by a significant reduction in testosterone production coupled with an increase in sex hormone binding globulin SHBG. The result is significantly lower free testosterone level because SHBG binds to testosterone making it unavailable for use by cells.

Male weight gain creates a double whammy situation because the hormone estradiol E2 is aromatized from testosterone by an enzyme known as aromatase E2 is the hormone that we commonly refer to as estrogen. Aromatase activity increases as a man packs on fat cells; therefore, it becomes even more difficult to maintain a healthy testosterone to E2 balance.

The result is feminization of male features. Men start putting on weight in their hips and chest i. In the end, aging is tough on men and women. Those who fail to make significant changes after age fifty are going to age more rapidly than those who adopt significantly healthier lifestyles. As a whole, women undergo less appearance altering effects than men. How many times have you run into a guy that you knew when you were younger that you could not recognize because he is bald, gray, and forty to fifty-plus pounds heavier?

Nothing that happens to women naturally compares to male pattern baldness. Luckily, my maternal grandfather had a full head of hair until the day that he passed. My father was not so fortunate. Your 1st paragraph holds much truth.

Again, anecdotally and seen up close and personalmy FwB hit the proverbial wall. And she did Pilates, and yoga. Het thing was running. She upped her regimen. Nothing worked: 2 pounds a month! Those explain why Kathleen Turner, the once sultry darling of America, bloated uncontrollably. Ever traveled with one?

But if a guy is just a selfish lover, putting his own pleasure before hers, then he will have only himself to blame when she stops answering his calls.

Sometimes, a guy is just not what a woman is looking for. Again, rejection happens. If you approach her in a gentlemanly way, she will be polite about it.

Rejected dating show

You should be, too. Knowing how to accept rejection is part of being self-confident enough to approach a woman in the first place. This might be the most common reason of all that women reject men. It will be a richly deserved rejection. But if you can avoid these common mistakes, it will be something you have to deal with less and less frequently.

Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Have you been shot down recently? It was probably for one of these 9 reasons. Find out why you got rejected, and learn how to stay in the game! Be confident. And they wonder why guys just wait to be asked out? I know I may sound cocky by saying this but I shut down a man for being cocky.

Too cocky. He tried so much to impress me with his accomplishments. I felt that every time we went on dates he would always brag about something he did.

I hate men who are full of themselves and try to get a girl they want by acting like they own the world. Gold diggers might want you guys but women like us; you gotta do better than that. They just see how a guy looks and what he says and does. If you want hipster girls, start smoking weed and get some tattoos and piercings.

If you want to date classy girls, get a good paying job and start dressing in type clothes, etc. Work on your approach if it needs working on. Are you showing your interest enough? Are you expecting love at first sight, or are you being more patient for feelings to develop. Are you taking chances and making moves, or waiting for the girl to make all the moves?

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Eli Walton. Share Tweet Pin It. By Eli Walton There are a number of reasons why a woman might reject a man.

Feb 19,   In my last post, I discussed the DOs and DON'Ts of handling rejection in mcauctionservicellc.comion is an unavoidable part of dating, and the sooner you learn to put it in perspective, the better. However, that article dealt with rejection in general, the kind of rejection that happens to every person who's single and out there making an effort.

Eli Walton I'm a freelance writer dividing my time between the beaches of Thailand and my hometown of Chicago Don't Miss this!

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