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Sonamy is the het ship between Sonic and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. In most canons, Amy is shown to have a crush on Sonic. However, Sonic rarely is shown returning these feelings. Amy usually does many things to win Sonic's heart, but because she is often very impulsive, she ends up embarrassing Sonic and making him feel uncomfortable, causing him to run away from her. When Amy gets angry, she tries to hit him with her hammer. Despite everything, Sonic likes Amy a lot, because she's dedicated to him Sonic Twitter Takeover 2 and he values that deep down. He protects her and cares for her.

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SonicsChilidog Hobbyist Digital Artist. I had a zombie dream but before the zombie part you and me and like everyone for the first week of highschool had to go back to our elementary school and stuff and we had been placed together and then this new principal guy gave me a strike of some sort because he thought I had spit gum on the floor I had had some gum but chewed it up fast and spit it out before class had start because Mrs.

I don't know XD and I didn't wanna so I was like "Mom, I luf youz, and I'll do whatever for you, do whatever you want, just please don't make it hurt too much. I'm afraid of having a dream during a dream. Amy wants to meet Sonic, so she shows up at Little Planet because the tarot cards told her that she had a fated encounter with him there, but she is kidnapped by Metal Sonic. In the end, Sonic saves her and she falls in love with him.

In Sonic AdventureAmy expresses that she feels very bored in the city and that she misses the old days where she spent time with Sonic. She feels like she was having more fun when Sonic was with her. Additionally, she misses adventure, fighting villains and saving the day. Amy promises that she will protect the Flicky. Upon meeting Sonic, he reacts surprised to see her.

Amy asks Sonic to be the bird's bodyguard, to which he refuses, but later defends both.

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Amy is distracted because she sees Twinkle Park and an advertisement that says "cute couples get in for free. Amy is kidnapped when leaving Twinkle Park and Sonic goes to rescue her. She is set free by E Gamma. In the Egg CarrierEggman orders Gamma to fight Sonic and, when Sonic is about to deliver the last blow, Amy interferes by placing herself in the middle of both. Thanks to that, Sonic lets the robot go. At the end of her story, Amy realizes that she is weak and does not want to be a burden to Sonic, so she decides to become stronger, promising that she will do her best, and that she will make Sonic respect her.

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In Sonic BattleAmy thinks that Sonic has adopted Emerl as a test to see if she can be a good mother. Nervous, Sonic asks Tails to explain the situation to Amy.

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Thanks to that, Amy tells them that she saw Blaze minutes before. Later, upon meeting Blaze, Amy makes it clear that she will have no problem with the feline, as long as she does not see Sonic as a boyfriend. Blaze thinks: "She really is open about her emotions Something that I'm not allowed to do In Sonic RidersAmy enters the race to be close to Sonic. In the end, Amy is taken hostage by Eggman.

Sonic rescues her but by creating a tornado in which she was trapped and making her fall to the ground. Amy asks Sonic why he rescued her like that.

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Sonic lowers his eyes and tells her that he thought she wouldn't mind. Amy is enraged and runs after him to hit him with the hammer. In Sonic the HedgehogAmy advises Elise not to give up on her crush, without imagining that they both like the same person. In the end, even after Elise kisses SonicAmy continues to support her. Sonic protects her several times during the game. Although she does not lose sight of defeating Eggman, she says that she will use the trip to steal his heart, for which Sonic is embarrassed.

This is probably due to the lighter and more humorous nature of recent Sonic games. Amy's personality has added more of a humorous factor in games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generationsas she says shameful and silly things because of her love for Sonic. In Sonic Lost Worl Amy begins to act with greater maturity. Sonic communicates with Amy with the Miles Electric throughout the entire game.

In one of the calls, Amy is about to die and wants to confess her love to Sonic, but the call is cut off. Sonic looks very worried. At the end, when Sonic approaches her, she doesn't hug him and lets him rest.

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In Team Sonic Racingfor the first time in a canon video game, Sonic and Amy showed a more open relationship. The two interact without making Sonic feel awkward. Amy no longer just tries to hug and kiss Sonic when she's with him. Amy's character began to be developed further.

In the early Shogakukan manga, Nicky Sonic's alter ego is dating a brown hedgehog called Eimi an early version of Amy Rose. Eimi also has feelings for Sonic and both Nicky and Eimi are unaware of the fact that Sonic is in fact Nicky.

Sonamy, Sonic stuff,or sonic couples by qazwsdxedc. Flash and Icons by PrincessShannon sonic by animecat You Might Like Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. sonicthehedggie1 Artist. Da game is awesome. Reply. Sep 04,   sonamy-fans. SxA-SxLOVExR-SxB. TrueSonamyFans. shadamybadromance. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Baron-von-Blau Hobbyist Writer. I've got to say, this was very well done, and it's sad that most of the comments are either complaints, threats, or unrelated spam. I really feel for you.

Eimi is also the target of the bully Anton Veruca. Every time Eimi was kidnapped by Anton or someone else, Nicky wanted to be much stronger. That's why he transformed into Sonic. When he returned to normal, he did not remember the things he did during his transformation and became jealous of himself, as Eimi spoke too highly of Sonic. The comics started as a promotion for the animated seriesso Sonic has a relationship with Sally Acorn from the beginning. For this reason, Amy starts out as an 8-year-old girl who is Sonic's pen pal and not his love interest.

Amy is devoted to Sonic and is always trying to help him.

After the release of Sonic Adventurethe writers had to adapt the character to her redesign of 12 years old. For this reason, Amy started to be like in the games, but Sonic was still interested in Sally and other girls.

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Despite everything, Amy supported Sonic and Sally's relationship, even defending them from paparazzi and letting them go on dates. However, she never gave up and kept thinking that one day Sonic would fall in love with her. At one point, Sonic and Amy start dating but their relationship does not last long in fact, it's shorter than most of Sonic's relationships and it turns back into the one-sided relationship it used to be.

In the reboot Sega rewrote the mandatesso Sally no longer had a relationship with Sonic. Nevertheless, Sonic and Amy's relationship continued as in the games. There are small moments between the two from time to time.

For example, when Sonic The Werehog learned that Amy was leaving with Knuckles in issuethe echidna asked him if he was jealous in a joking manner.

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Tails tease Sonic by asking if she is his girlfriend. Sonic tells him "no," and that he already has too many people following him. At the beginning, Sonic does not want her to accompany them, because he thinks that she will be kidnapped again, but Amy shows him that she is no longer defenseless. Tails asks Sonic if she can come, and Sonic agrees. It is an unofficial comic that narrates the beginning of the friendship between Sonic, TailsAmy, and Knuckles.

Amy was initially arrested by Dr. Robotnik, as she claimed to be Sonic's girlfriend.

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Sonic rescues her and learns of the lie, which annoys him. To Sonic's horror, he realizes that Amy is now a fugitive and has nowhere to go, so she has to be part of the resistance. This version of Amy managed to kiss Sonic twice. She mostly teased Sonic on purpose, making the others think they were both dating.

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This irritated Sonic to such an extent that once, when he was trapped with her on Miracle Planethe pretended to be lost for two days. Although Amy was caught several times by the enemy and rescued by Sonic, she never whimpered and never asked for mercy.

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In fact, she encouraged Sonic to keep fighting even when she was in danger and even kept bothering Sonic while she was saved.

Amy is much more mature and is the one who organizes the resistance. When Amy tells Sonic that she loves him just the way he is, Sonic seems far more interested in being with her than in the in official video games, and even invites her to come with him on his journey.

She does not accept the invitation because of her work in the resistance. In the following issues it seems that Sonic wants to spend much more time with her. Their relationship is similar to the games but there are also scenes where Sonic might return the feelings.

In " Cracking Knuckles ", Amy invites him to come for a picnic. Sonic refuses. In the English version, Sonic tells her that he has already gone to Silver Valleywhile the original Japanese has Amy saying that she found a "beautiful place for a picnic. Sonic rescues them, and when the hedgehog goes to help Amy up, she hugs him. Sonic seems somewhat uncomfortable at first, but when she pulls away a bit, he looks at her with a softer expression.

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However, he becomes uncomfortable again when she hugs him one more time. Eggman's robot gets up and attacks them, but Sonic never let go of Amy's waist, not even when they start to take cover from Eggman's missiles. He only let go of her when he goes to save Knuckles. At the end, Amy hugs him again, asking if he's okay. Sonic looks less uncomfortable and replies with a smile that "he's fine.

She falls into the sea after fighting Dr. Eggman for breaking the bracelet. Sonic goes to save her, still not knowing how to swim.

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In the end, Sonic fixes the bracelet and places it on his arm. In the original Japanese it is mentioned that the bracelet is an omamori that Amy made with the intention of bringing good luck to Sonic and protecting him from water.

sonamy sonic amyrose sonicthehedgehog amy silvaze shadowthehedgehog tails shadamy sonicboom knuckles knuxouge shadow taiream tailsthefox sonic- rougethebat knucklestheechidna silverthehedgehog sega. K Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New #1. Sonamy . Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Story) 53K K 51 Amy Rose, a girl that was secretly in love with the hero of mobius Sonic the hedgehog and a freedome fighter, hears accidently that everyone in the freedome fighter team is laughing at her behind her back. May 12,   Enjoy Sonamy guys.

They all scream, but Sonic says, "Sounds like Amy. Although she is scared, Amy goes to rescue him. King Boom Boo tries to trick Amy and pretends to be Sonic. The ghost says nice things to her, while giving Amy some instructions. She blushes and does every single thing the voice tells her.

Still pretending to be Sonic, the ghost tells Amy that he "loves her," to which she shyly responds that [he] not declare his love in front of Chris. When Amy discovers that she was tricked, she tries to fight, but cannot and is possessed by one of the ghosts.

Sonic is freed and the first thing he does is free Amy. Sonic asks her if she's okay, and Amy hugs him. In " Cruise Blues ", Amy wants to spend time with Sonic, but she can't because he can't stop moving from the anxiety of being on a cruise ship.

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As he doesn't stop running, Amy tells him to act mature. At another point, Sonic devises a plan to get out of the ship, but to do so he flirts with Amy in private and asks her to move her hammer from one side to the other, because he likes to see her use the hammer.

Amy finds out that he lied to her and angrily begins to chase him with the hammer, but when she finally catches him, she only sits on his back as punishment. In " Fast Friends ", Amy greets Sonic at the finish line of the race.

Sonic tells her to let go of him, but he makes no effort to detach himself. They both fall into a haystack and lie down to admire the landscape. Amy starts talking to Sonic, but he doesn't listen to her because he has a chip stuck in his ear.

Sonic can't control his speed and Amy regrets it because she thought he wasn't really paying attention to her. The episode has a scene of her looking at the moon, wondering where he is. Sonic manages to remove the chip from his ear after saving Amy.

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The episode ends with both falling back into the haystack, where they lie down again to relax. Eggman's ship. Amy starts saying Sonic's name in her mind. Sonic, who is on top of the X Tornadohears Amy calling out to him in his thoughts. This was cut from the English version, as was a scene where Amy tells Lily that she wanted to make Sonic dinner and that she wished he was the one to chase her from now on. In " Heads Up, Tails!

Sonic arrives to save Amy, but Dr. Eggman discovers her before she can leave. Gamma and Sonic begin to fight, while Amy tries to stop them. When Sonic is about to give the robot the last blow, Amy gets in the way. Sonic tells her to get out of the way, but she asks him to stop because the robot is not bad.

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